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济南省妇幼保健做彩超B超价格泰安妇幼保健医院联系电话Everyday English每日会话:Pop Singer 流行歌手 -01-7 19::36 来源: Bobby: Do you prefer music your feet or music your head? Kelly: I like both but at different times. Kelly: I like dance music in the morning but songs with nice lyrics at night. Bobby: We are the same then. I love to put some loud funky music on in the morning as I am getting y work. Kelly: And at night I like to sing along with my favorite love songs. Bobby: Music really does have the power to alter your moods then? Kelly: It sure does! Music can make me melancholy or ecstatic! Bobby: I hope that you listened to music that makes you ecstatic bee work and not songs that made you sad. Kelly: My job makes me sad anyway! 鲍比:你喜欢舞曲还是抒情歌曲? 凯丽:我都喜欢只是时间不同 凯丽:我喜欢早晨听舞曲,晚上听词曲优美的歌儿 鲍比:那么我们俩一样我喜欢在早晨准备上班的时候大声放一些节奏强烈的音乐 凯丽:而晚上的时候我喜欢跟唱我最喜欢的爱情歌曲 鲍比:这么说音乐确实能改变你的情绪了? 剀丽:没错!音乐能让我变得伤感或者兴奋! 鲍比:我希望你在上班前能听一些让你兴奋的音乐,而不是让你伤感的歌 凯丽:可我的工作让我很不开心!----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Lyrics: the words of a song 歌词 My memory is not good so I prefer songs with simple words. 我的记忆不是很好,所以我喜欢歌词简单的歌 ) Mood: the way you feel 心情 Some days I am in a good mood but on other days my mood is so bad that even my friends run away. 有的日子我心情很好,可其他日子我心情糟糕得连我的朋友都躲开了 3) Melancholy: feeling very sad 伤感的 When I feel melancholy, I get some chocolate and curl up in bed alone. 心情不好的时候我就去拿一些巧克力然后一个人呆在床上 ) Ecstatic: feeling very very happy 感觉很非常非常高兴 I was ecstatic when I heard that I had won a scholarship to study music. 听到我获得了学习音乐的奖学金我万分雀跃 Dialogue(对话) Tina: Jessie! Have you seen the Kylie Minogue's new song? Jessie: I think so. Why do you ask? Tina: I am worried that if my boyfriend sees it, he will fall in love with her. Jessie: Do you trust your boyfriend? Tina: I do, but he gets infatuations singers so easily. Jessie: What is infatuation? Tina: It's like love at first sight. Jessie: I think the only person he is infatuated with is you! Tina: I hope so but just to be sure, I am going to hide the remote control the TV! 蒂娜:杰茜!你看过剀丽·米诺格新歌的录影带吗? 杰茜:看过,为什么问这个? 蒂娜:我担心如果我的男朋友看到,他会爱上她的 杰茜:你信任你的男朋友吗? 蒂娜:信任,可是他太容易迷恋上歌星 杰茜:什么是迷恋? 蒂娜:就像是一见钟情 杰茜:我想他唯一迷恋的人是你 蒂娜:希望如此,可为了安全起见我要把电视遥控器藏起来 流行 歌手 每日 nbsp天桥区中医院门诊怎么 一个懂得生活的人,必然是一个内心世界丰富充实的人一个内心世界丰富的人才能在黑暗中看到光明,才能欣赏生长在荆棘丛中艳丽的花朵,才能在纷繁的外部表象中寻到事物的本质构建强大的内心世界是一生的事业Abundance is a Life Style Abundanceis a life style, a way of living your life. It isn’t something you buy now and then or pull down from the cupboard, dust off and use once or twice, and then return to the cupboard. Abundance is a philosophy; it appears in yourphysiology, your value system, and carries its own set of beliefs. You walk with it, sleep with it, bath with it, feel with it, and need to maintain and take care of it as well. Abundance doesn’t always require money. Many people live with all that money can buy yet live empty inside. Abundance begins inside with some main self-ingredients, like love, care, kindness and gentleness, thoughtfulness and compassion. Abundance is a state of being. Itradiatesoutward. It shines like the sun among the many moons in the world. Being from the brightness of abundance doesn’t allow the darkness to appear or be in the path unless a choice to allow it to. The true state of abundance doesn’t have room lies or games normally played. The space is too full of abundance. This may be a challenge because we still need to shine other to see.Abundance is seeing people their gifts and not what they lack or could be. Seeing all things their gifts and not what they lack. Start by knowing what your abundances are, fill that space with you, and be fully present from that state of being. Your profession of choice is telling you this aly. Example coaches have an abundance of knowing and possibilities. That is their gift. Consultants and customer service professionals have the abundance of success, practicality, in common. Administrative assistants andvirtualassistants have an abundance of coordination and time management.Abundance is all around you, and all within. See what it is, love yourself what it is, not what you’re missing, or what that can be better, but what it is at this present moment.Be in a state of abundance of what you aly have. I guarantee they are there; it always is buried but there. Breathe them in as if they are the air you breathe because they are yours. Let go of anything that isn’t abundant the time being. Name the shoe boxes in your closet with your gifts of abundance; pull from them every morning if needed. Know they are there.Learning to trust in your own abundance is required. When you begin to be within your own space of abundance, whatever you need will appear whenever you need it. That’s just the way the higher powers set this universe up to work. Trust the universal energy. The knowing of it all willhumbleyou to its power yet let the brightness of you shine everywhere it needs to. Just by being from a state of abundance, it is being you.读完这篇哲理短文,你有什么感受呢?欢迎在下面的留言框内说出你的想法,也欢迎您给我们的栏目提出宝贵的意见和建议 68876A基础英语对话:讨论食物、死亡及平等 -01-7 19::19 来源: Dario: What is your favorite food, Brian?Brian: That's a tough question Dario! You know that I am a food machine.Dario: Does that mean you will eat anything?Brian: Within reason! My motto is try everything once and eat the things you like often.Dario: I prefer my food hot and spicy.Brian: I remember the chili chicken dish you made at your place. It had so much chili that I cried.Dario: I got that. I did feel a little guilty when I saw how much pain people's mouths were in!Brian: I like ice-cream.Dario: Maybe we could make a chili ice-cream. We would both be happy that way.Brian: That sounds disgusting! Neither of us would eat that!达里奥:你最喜欢的食物是什么,布莱恩?布莱恩:这可是个难题,达里奥!你知道我是一台食物机器达里奥:你是说你什么都吃吗?布莱恩:只要在情理之中!我的座右铭是每样东西都尝试一次,常吃你喜欢的东西达里奥:我更喜欢热乎乎、很辛辣的食物布莱恩:我记得你在你家做的辣子鸡块,里面放有那么多辣椒,我眼泪都出来了达里奥:我忘了当我看到人们的嘴在受罪时我确实感到有点愧疚布莱恩:我喜欢冰激淋达里奥:也许我们可以做辣椒冰激淋这样我们俩都高兴布莱恩:听起来很恶心!我们谁也不会去吃它的! NEW WORDS 新单词 1) Hassle: trouble, problem 烦恼:麻烦,问题 Managing my homework is such a hassle, I would rather be out playing with my friends. 做家庭作业可真烦人,我更愿意出去和伙伴们玩 ) Decade: period of years 十年:十年的时期 By the time I was I had lived through three decades, the seventies, the eighties and the nineties. 到我岁的时候我跨越了三个十年时期:七十年代、八十年代和九十年代 3) Goofing: not taking things seriously 愚蠢地行事;乱搞:对待事物不认真 The teacher threw the student out of the class because he was always goofing off. 老师把那个学生赶出课堂,因为他老在瞎闹 ) Anarchist: someone who believes in having no rules 无政府主义者:不遵循规则的人 I never really understood how anarchists work - how do they get people to follow the rules? 我一直都不太明白无政府主义者是怎么工作的-他们怎么让人们遵循规则? Dialogue-对话 Jessie: What do you think happens when you die? Tina: I know that all of my family and friends will be so upset that they will cry a year. Jessie: But what happens to your body and bones? Tina: They go to dust I guess. Jessie: I have heard that line bee I think. Tina: It is from one of my favorite songs. Jessie: What is the name of the band who sings it? Tina: The Smashing Pumpkins. Jessie: They sound like farmers! Tina: Settle in and I will sing their song "1979" you. 杰西:你认为你死的时候会发生什么事情? 蒂娜:我知道我所有的家人和朋友会很伤心,他们要哭上一年 杰西:可是你的身体和骨头呢? 蒂娜:我猜想它们要尘归尘,土归土 杰西:我觉得我以前听过这句话 蒂娜:它是我最喜欢的一首歌的歌词 杰西:演唱这首歌的乐队叫什么名字? 蒂娜:碎南瓜乐队 杰西:他们听起来像农民! 蒂娜:坐好,我要唱他们那首《1979给你听 New Words 生词 1) Long face: saying used to describe someone unhappy or sad 拉长了脸:用来描述一个人不高兴或忧愁的说法 When he came into work this morning I could tell that he was unhappy from his long face. 今天上午他来工作的时候他的脸拉得长长的,我就知道他不高兴 ) Discrimination: to make judgments and treat people based on the color of their skin, their age, their culture or religion 歧视:根据一个人的肤色、年龄、文化或宗教来评判和对待他人 If everyone knows that discrimination is wrong, why do so many people still do it? 如果每个人都知道歧视是不对的,为什么那么多人还这么做? 3) Fogey: a person with old-fashioned ideas, usually used with 'old' 老顽固,守旧者:思想保守的人,“Fogey”通常和“old”连用 Some old fogeys are OK but I cannot relate to their ideas very well. 一些老顽固还可以,不过我不能将自己与他们的想法很好地联系起来 ) Bargain: very cheap 便宜货:很便宜 The round of drinks I bought at the nightclub was a real bargain because it was two--one! 我在夜总会给每个人买的一轮酒水可真便宜,买一送一! Lesson: 课文 Discrimination means treating someone unfavorably or unfairly because of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, physicalmental handicap or sexual orientation. 歧视是指因种族、性别、肤色、宗教、原国籍、年龄、身体、精神障碍或性别倾向而不利地或不公平地对待某人 Discrimination has been happening hundreds, if not thousands of years, but slowly countries are making laws and policies to stamp it out. The next step is to make all people aware of discriminatory behaviors and to convince them that the world will be a better place when they stop. 如果说歧视存在的年头还没有几千年之久,那么也有好几百年的时间了不过很多国家正在逐步制订法律法规以消除歧视接下来是让所有人都意识到歧视行为,并使人们确信当他们停止歧视他人,这个世界将会变得更美好 One of the most effective ways to help people stop discriminating against other people, is them to actually experience discrimination themselves. Once you have been really discriminated against, it is highly unlikely that you will ever do it to others again because you have a real understanding of how it made you feel. 帮助人们停止歧视他人最行之有效的方法之一是让他们亲身体会被他人歧视一旦你真正受到歧视,很有可能你就不会再去歧视他人了,因为你真正明白了歧视带给了你什么样的感受 Another good way to prevent discrimination, is to actively teach children the right way to treat people and to stop them when they treat people simply based on the way someone looks or speaks. Children who get a good education in non-discriminatory behavior will be able to teach others including their own children and eventually stop it all together. 另一种预防歧视的好方法是积极地教导孩子正确地接人待物当孩子对待别人的方式仅仅基于他们的相貌或言语时要加以阻止在非歧视行为上受到良好教育的孩子能够教导其他人,包括他们自己的孩子,这样最终人们就一起停止歧视他人 What should you do if you think you have been discriminated against? First tell the person who discriminated against you why you think their behavior was wrong. If they don't make an eft to change, most companies and countries have strong laws against discrimination, see your human resources manager or a lawyer to find out if you have a claim or legal case. 如果你认为你受到了歧视,那么你应该怎么做?首先,告诉歧视你的人为什么你认为他们的行为是错误的如果他们不努力去改变,多数公司和国家有针对歧视的强硬法律法规,向人事资源经理或律师咨询看看你是否可以得到赔偿或通过法律手段来解决 Ending discrimination is in the interests of all human beings. We must all work together to stop this evil practice. All men (and women of course) are created, and born, equal. Discrimination, of any type, is simply the result of ignorance and envy. 消除歧视是全人类的利益所在我们必须一起努力停止这种有害的做法所有人出生平等任何形式的歧视均是无知与嫉妒的产物 Dialogue Jeff: Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world without discrimination? Joan: That sounds like a dream to me, Jeff. Jeff: Do you know a man by the name of Martin Luther King? Joan: I have heard of him. He was shot in America in the 1960s, wasn't he? Jeff: That's right. He said that he dreamed that one day all people could live together and treat each other equally. Joan: Is his dream coming true? Jeff: I think so but it is a very slow process. Joan: As long as we all do our small part, eventually Mr King's dream will come true. 杰夫:生活在一个没有歧视的世界难道不是很美好吗? 琼:在我听来那是个梦想,杰夫 杰夫:你知道一个叫马丁·路德·金的人吗? 琼:我听说过他他于二十世纪60年代在美国被杀了,不是吗? 杰夫:没错他说他梦想有一天所有人能在一起生活,彼此平等相待 琼:他的梦想实现了吗? 杰夫:我想是吧,不过那是个相当漫长的过程 琼:只要我们人人都做自己份内的小事,金先生的梦想总会实现的 食物 死亡 平等 讨论淄博妇幼保健院预约时间表

槐荫区妇幼保健站开展无痛人流吗交响乐是生命的一种符号,在团体中尤其如此每种乐器的差异性混合在一起,使得交响乐的声音具有唯一和独特性,我们的生命和我们生活的这个世界都是如此每个个体带来各自的不同,而这些不同又影响着其他个体 The auditorium is full of people conversing in the audience. On the stage the permers are shuffling their music and tuning their instruments as they prepare the permance. The conductor enters, takes a bow, and all is silent. He raises his baton and the symphony begins to play. All of the instruments have different sounds, and the parts they play blend and harmonize with one another. The music would not be as exciting if every part were the same. The symphony is a symbol life, especially in a commy. Diversity and the coming together of each instrument is what gives the symphony its unique and special sound. This is also true in life and the world we live in. Individuals bring in their own input that influences others. A symphony orchestra is composed of a variety of brass, woodwind, percussion and stringed instruments. Each of these instruments has its own unique sound but when played together they complement each other. Like a symphony and its instruments, the world is composed of many races and cultures. They are uniquely different but can have an influence on each other even if it is not intentional. If you are walking down the street, example, and move out of the way so as not to bump into someone, they are influencing your actions when you move inside. Individuality is an important part of the symphony. Each player has his or her own part to perm. These parts can be played on their own but do not have the same effect as when they are combined with the other parts of the orchestra. They blend into a harmonious piece of music. In other words, you can hear what each person has to contribute and how each permer works together. In life, each person has a talent that they are particularly good at. When they work together, it accentuates their talent. A surgeon can be very gifted but is more capable of saving a life if he has a team of medical personnel assisting him. In an essay called "The Gospel of Wealth," Andrew Carnegie discussed his views on wealth, the public good, and individualism. He described individualism as "a nobler ideal that man should labor, not himself alone, but in and a brotherhood of his fellows, and share with them all in common." Carnegie felt that individuality was important, but should not be taken so far that it separates everyone from each other. Each person should contribute their own ideas that better help the commy as a whole. Another similarity between life and the symphony is that a permer may not always have the melody but will accompany someone who does. Or in another case, a permer will not always have a solo and the chance to be in the spotlight. In life, everybody has their moments of glory although they may go unnoticed like the accompanist. This does not mean, however, that they are any less important than anyone else. The melody does not stay with one instrument the whole song but moves throughout the orchestra. As in life, everyone eventually has their moment to shine and their chance to be in the spotlight. When preparing a concert, the musicians are reminded by their conductor to stagger their breathing. They can, of course, breathe when they need to but they have to try not to breathe at the same time as the person sitting next to them. If everyone breathed at the same time, there would be a noticeable moment of silence in the song. This is yet another example that can be applied to life. People have to breathe when they need to breathe and to do what they want to do. They have to be an individual and know that someone will be there to cover them. The orchestra continues to play. It moves together as a group yet separately, with each person contributing their own part. Each musician is an active member of the symphony. We more together in life, contributing what we have to offer from day to day as active members in our commy. The orchestra plays their last note and the song is over. There is a moment of silence that is broken by the applause of the audience.济南阳光医院妇科咨询 "I tell you I must go!" I retorted, roused to something like passion. "Do you think I can stay to become nothing to you? Do you think I am an automaton?--a machine without feelings? and can bear to have my morsel of b snatched from my lips, and my drop of living water dashed from my cup? Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am souless and heartless? You think wrong!--I have as much soul as you,--and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard you to leave me, as it is now me to leave you. I am not talking to you now through the medium of custom, conventionalities, nor evern of mortal flesh;--it is my spirit that adresses your spirit; just as if both has passed through the grave, and we stood at God's feet, equal,--as we are!"Excerpt from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 0190济南阳光妇科医院做人流

济南阳光妇科医院妇科挂号电话英语:接电话时对方说话太快怎么办 -- ::00 来源: 说话沟通主要的一个问题是语速说母语的人,尤其是商务人士,打电话的时候说话语速都很快下面是一些实用的小贴士可以让母语是英语的人放慢说话的速度One of the biggest problems is speed. Native speakers, especially business people, tend to speak very quickly on the telephone. Here are some practical tips to get native speakers of English to slow down!主要的一个问题是语速说母语的人,尤其是商务人士,打电话的时候说话语速都很快下面是一些实用的小贴士可以让母语是英语的人放慢说话的速度* Immediately ask the person to speak slowly.* 直接请这个人慢点说* When taking note of a name or important inmation, repeat each piece of inmation as the person speaks.* 记录一个名字或者重要信息的时候,打电话的人说一句你就重复一句This is an especially effective tool. By repeating each important piece of inmation or each number or letter as the spell or give you a telephone number you automatically slow the speaker down.这是一个很有效的策略通过重复每一个重要的信息、每一个数字、每一个字母的时候都会让说话人的语速自动放慢* Do not say you have understood if you have not. Ask the person to repeat until you have understood. Remember that the other person needs to make himselfherself understood and it is in hisher interest to make sure that you have understood. If you ask a person to explain more than twice they will usually slow down.记住别人需要自己的话被听懂确保你能听懂关系到他或她的利益如果你请一个人解释两次以上,通常这个人会放慢语速* If the person does not slow down begin speaking your own language!* 如果这个人还不放慢语速你就开始说你的母语(这招狠!)A sentence or two of another language spoken quickly will remind the person that they are tunate because THEY do not need to speak a different language to communicate. Used carefully, this exercise in humbling the other speaker can be very effective. Just be sure to use it with colleagues and not with a boss !快速的说一两个句子会提醒打电话的人他们是很幸运的因为他们不用使用不同的语言来交流不过用这招要小心点,这种方法羞辱别人很有效,所以要确定你这么做的对象是你同事而不是你老板! 电话 怎么办 说话 对方 大千世界中,万物皆有时节,一切自有深意:有诞生,也有死亡的时候有种植也有采摘的时候There is a time everything there is a season and the time every purpose under the heaven-a time to be born and a time to die;A time to plant and a time to pick up what is planted;A time to kill and a time to heal;A time to break down and a time to build up;A time to weep and a time to laugh;A time to mourn and a time to dance;A time to cast with steals and a time to gather steal together;A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;A time to get and a time to lose;A time to keep and a time to cast away;A time to ramp and a time to soul;A time to keep silient and a time to speak;A time to love and a time to hate;A time of war and a time of peace; 7538肥城市人民医院诊疗山东中医药大学附属医院做人流好吗



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