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Smokers are about to get help kicking the tobacco habit: an interactive computer game that aims to "coach" cigarette users away from their addiction.Based on the successful "Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking" method which reportedly has helped more than 10 million smokers to stub out their cigarettes once and for all, the game, designed for Nintendo DS, will be developed by the Quebec bureau of California-headquartered Ubisoft.In the smoking cessation game, players enter a brief personal smoking history and their tobacco habits and choose a personal coach to guide them through the process of quitting, according to a press release issued by Ubisoft.Fifteen mini-games help to "dispel the illusions about nicotine addiction" and players can track their progress in kicking the habit using the "Path to Freedom" meter."And even after that last cigarette butt has sullied the ashtray, you can still play the game and measure the daily benefits you get from your new life without cigarettes," Ubisoft promises."The player experiences a truly interactive engagement with the game, through which he or she learns that it can actually be enjoyable to quit smoking," said Christian Salomon, vice president of worldwide licensing at Ubisoft. /200812/58754济南人流去哪个医院做最好Over 14,000 Santas march for world recordMore than 14,000 people dressed as Santa Clauses paraded in Portugal's city of Porto on Sunday to try to set a new world record for the largest gathering of Santas and raise money for charity.Despite cold weather and drizzling rain, the crowd in red-and-white hats and jackets, including scores of women and children with fake white beards, strolled through the city streets singing songs and dancing in the annual parade that started in the afternoon and continued after dark."It's not just a gathering of people at the time of the year when people normally get together, but it is also a social event to bring the warmth of Christmas to those who don't always have it," Vitor Ferreira, one of the organizers of the event, told reporters.Every Santa, or Pai Natal (Father Christmas) as he is known in Portugal, who took part in the parade donated 1 euro to buy presents for the needy children in Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, Ferreira said.He said 17,400 people had signed up to take part, although bad weather prevented some from parading. Still, over 14,200 showed up in the end, which organisers claimed to be record, according to RTP national television channel.According to the Guinness World Records web site (http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com), the previous world record for the largest gathering of Santas was set last year in Derry City, Northern Ireland, where a total of 12,965 people took part dressed up as Santa or Santa's helpers. /200812/58913济南千佛山医院正规的吗Karaoke most irritating gadget in Britain: govt surveyTimeless, classic songs wrecked by tuneless, howling drunks: the karaoke machine is the most annoying gadget in Britain, a survey for the government found.A TNS Omnibus poll for the Department for Communities found that the Japanese invention topped a list of gadgets that people wished had never been invented.Nearly a quarter (22 percent) of those surveyed chose the karaoke machine. 17 percent said 24-hour sports channels, 12 percent chose games consoles, while 11 percent said mobile phones and seven percent said alarm clocks."Seeing the karaoke machine at the top of that list made me smile," said Kane Kramer, a director of the British Inventors Society."When people are singing karaoke they are enjoying themselves, but as a member of the audience you are just watching somebody who can't perform -- and isn't particularly pleasant to listen to -- for as long as you can bear it."It is anti-social. You might have 10 people who want to sing some karaoke, which means 150 people have to suffer it."But the crazy thing is that people still do go just to be a spectator at other people's inability to sing."After a short while -- unless they're very drunk -- they're going to find that listening to performers failing to perform for two hours is not the best way to spend the evening."Karaoke has turned into a multibillion-dollar industry since being invented in 1971 by Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese club keyboardist looking to provide music for a customer who wanted to sing on a company trip.Asked which gadgets people would like to see invented in the future, 18 percent said a robot cleaner, 16 percent said a time machine and 12 percent said a teleporter.Asked what the most important safety gadgets were, 69 percent said the smoke alarm, 64 percent said seat belts and 29 percent said baby seats.Pollsters TNS Omnibus surveyed 2,584 adults in England online. /200901/60930Sports 美式运动 In many parts of the world, there are four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. In the U.S., there are only three: football, basketball and baseball. That's not completely true, but almost. In every season, Americans have a ball. If you want to know what season it is, just look at what people are playing. For many Americans, sports do not just occupy the sidelines. They take center court. 世界上的许多地方,一年有四季:春、夏、秋、冬。美国,却只有三季:足球、篮球和棒球季。这并非完全正确,但也差得不远了。每一个季节,美国人都有乐趣。若你想知道此季为何,看看人们正在打什么球就行了。对于多数美国人而言,运动并非只是一旁站的小消遣,它是生活中很重要的一环。 Besides "the big three" sports, Americans play a variety of other sports. In warm weather, people enjoy water sports. Lovers of surfing, sailing and scuba diving flock to the ocean. Swimmers and water skiers also revel in the wet stuff. Fishermen try their luck in ponds, lakes and rivers. In winter sportsmen delight in freezing fun. From the first snowfall, skiers hit the slopes. Frozen ponds and ice rinks become playgrounds for skating and hockey. People play indoor sports whatever the weather. Racquetball, weightlifting and bowling are year-round activities. 除了这「三大运动」,美国人还做许多其它的运动。天热时,他们喜欢水上运动。冲浪、驾帆船和潜水的爱好者群集于海中。游泳和滑水者,也纵情于水中。渔夫在池塘、湖泊和河川里试他们的运气。冬季,运动员在冰天雪地里也玩得很开心。从下雪的头一天起,滑雪者便登上雪坡。结了冰的池塘和溜冰场成了溜冰和冰上曲棍球的场地。不论气候如何,人们都从事户内运动。回力球、举重和保龄球都是全年性的活动。 For many people in the U.S., sports are not just for fun. They're almost a religion. Thousands of sports fans buy expensive tickets to watch their favorite teams and athletes play in person. Other fans watch the games at home, glued to their TV sets. The most devoted sports buffs never miss a game. Many a wife becomes a "sports widow" during her husband's favorite season. America's devotion to athletics has created a new class of wealthy people: professional athletes. Sports stars often receive million-dollar salaries. Some even make big money appearing in advertisements for soft drinks, shoes and even toiletries. 对许多的美国人而言,运动不只是为了好玩。它几乎成了一种宗教崇拜,数以千计的运动迷会为了能亲眼目睹他们喜爱的球队或运动员比赛而出高价购买门票。其它的球迷则守在家里寸步不离地收看电视转播。那些最热衷的运动迷 ,从不错过任何一场比赛。而当先生们最热衷的运动季节到了的时候,他们的太太们都变成了「运动寡妇」。美国人对于运动的投入形成了一个新的富有阶级:职业运动员。运动明星通常会收到上百万元的薪水。其中有些人甚至是因为替饮料、鞋,甚至个人化妆用品拍广告而赚了一大笔钱。 Not all Americans worship sports, but athletics are an important part of their culture. Throughout their school life, Americans learn to play many sports. All students take physical education classes in school. Some try out for the school teams, while others join intramural sports leagues. Athletic events at universities attract scores of fans and benefit the whole community. Many people also enjoy non-competitive activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping or hunting. To communicate with American sports nuts, it helps if you can talk sports.并非所有的美国人都崇拜运动,但运动的确是他们文化当中极为重要的一部份。在他们的学校生活当中,美国人学习许多运动。所有的学生都必须在学校修体育课。有些人参加校队的选拔;有的则加入校内的运动联盟。在大学中举办的运动比赛通常吸引众多的运动迷,并且造福整个社区。许多人也喜欢从事一些非竞争性的活动像健行、骑单车、骑马、露营或打猎。要和美国运动迷沟通,最好是能畅谈运动。Sports in America represent the international heritage of the people who play. Many sports were imported from other countries. European immigrants brought tennis, golf, bowling and boxing to America. Football and baseball came from other Old World games. Only basketball has a truly American origin. Even today some formerly "foreign" sports like soccer are gaining American fans. In 1994 the U.S. hosted the World Cup for the first time ever. 美国的运动代表着从事这些运动的人的国际遗产。许多的运动是从外国引 进来的。欧洲移民把网球、高尔夫、保龄球和拳击带进了美国。足球和棒球则源自其它的欧洲传统比赛。只有篮球是唯一真正源自美国本土,即使在今日,一些原本是外来的运动例如英式足球也吸引了许多的美国运动迷。在一九九四年,美国首次负责举办世界杯足球赛。 Not only do Americans import sports, but they export sports fever, as well. Satellites broadcast games to sports fans around the globe. The World Series, the U.S. professional baseball championship, has begun to live up to its name. The names of American superstars like basketball great Michael Jordan have become household words the world over. Who knows? Sports seasons may even change world weather patterns.美国人不只是「进口」运动,他们同样地也「出口」运动狂热。他们对全球的运动迷作卫星转播。世界系列的美国职业棒球锦标赛,也已渐趋名符其实。一些美国的超级明星,像是篮球巨人麦可乔登已经成了全世界家喻户晓的人了。谁知道呢?运动季节甚至可能会改变全世界的气象型态呢。 /200803/32920济南第一人民医院好不好

山东省第八医院做人流好吗肥城市治疗早孕哪家医院最好的Do women cheat as much as men do?by Erin Flaherty, Shine stafThat's the first question the latest infidelity studies point to. The second is: If you cheated on your spouse, would you even admit it to a researcher?Historically, the male sex gets most of the flak when it comes to infidelity among spouses. But that could be due to those tired old gender roles we're cast in. A recent New York Times report implies that women may simply be more likely to lie about it for that very reason. Research professor of anthropology at Rutgers Helen E. Fisher suggests that, “Men want to think women don’t cheat, and women want men to think they don’t cheat, and therefore the sexes have been playing a little psychological game with each other.” Fun!“Is it that men are bragging about it and women are lying to everybody including themselves?” she asks. Makes sense. After all, it's no secret that the widely held double standard that men who cheat are "studs" while women are "sluts" is still disturbingly prevalent.Still, the changes in the landscape of cheating have surprised researchers who have found that infidelity is on the rise and "women appear to be closing the adultery gap: younger women appear to be cheating on their spouses nearly as often as men."That's not to say that the guys are entirely off the hook. Medical advances like Viagra and erectile dysfunction remedies ensure that those with XY chromosomes can cheat longer and um, stronger. But when it comes to the younger set, women may be finding more opportunities to cheat via interoffice affairs and the good 'ole World Wide Web. While men might be content to "stray" by looking at porn--a relatively benign form of infidelity in the grand scheme of things--Atlanta psychiatrist Dr. Frank Pittman notes that he's observed more women acknowledging sexual affairs that began with electronic contact born out of the desire to emotionally connect with someone on a more intimate (and therefore stereotypically "feminine") level.So yes, it would appear that women certainly cheat more than they're usually given credit for. (Of course, who wants to take credit for something as damaging as an extramarital affair?) But when it comes to our original second question pertaining to the idea that the fairer sex is more likely to lie about it due to societal double standards, one wonders if the modern woman has just become more open about her transgressions than in the past?In the absence of hard and fast numbers--as opposed to all this admittedly speculative research--when it comes to adultery, here's the real question for the ladies out there: Have you ever cheated and well, kept mum about the damn thing? (As opposed to say, bragging about your conquests in the locker room or whatever?) 这是最新背信研究所指向的第一个问题:是否女人和男人一样爱说谎?第二个问题是:如果你对你的配偶不忠,你是否会向研究员承认。从以前的观点来看,当提到配偶之间背叛的事男性都会大大的吹嘘一番。这种背叛或许是因为厌倦了古老的性别角色。最近《纽约时报》报道暗示女人在配偶背叛问题上更趋向于说谎。罗格斯大学的人类学研究教授海伦-费希尔建议说:amp;ldo?quo;男人都想着女人不会说谎,女人也希望男人如此认为,因此男女之间开始在相互之间玩一些心理游戏。”非常有趣!她问:amp;ldo?quo;是否男人爱在这事上吹牛而女人却对任何人都说谎甚至是自己。”有意思。毕竟,这没有任何秘密,有两种标准在评判男女背叛的事,当男人背叛的时候就比较“缄默” 而女性“放荡”却邻人不安的广为传扬。在背叛上的变化令研究人员很吃惊,他们发现背叛呈现上升的趋势,同时女性似乎在缩小这种差距:年轻的女性背叛配偶的频率和男人是一样的。这并不是说男人都摆脱了这种背叛的困境。医学方面的进步像“伟哥”等药物能让XY染色体的男性背叛的更为长久和强烈。但是到比较年轻的一代,女性更容易找到背叛的机会,比如说在办公室之间,还有网络。同时男性过于沉迷色情文学--在这一大类事上算一种相对良好的行为--亚特兰大精神病医生弗兰克-皮特曼指出他发现大多女性起初知道性事是通过网络的接触,继而希望与某人在感情接触上发展到更加亲密的程度。是的,显然女性的背叛行为比他们承认的多。(当然,谁都不想分享这种只会带来损害的事)但是当我们回到最初的第二个问题,女性更趋向于说谎是因为社会的双重标准,有人就想是否现代女性对于自己的背叛会更加的开放?由于缺少严格的数据--作为反对这些无可否认的投机的研究---当遭遇到通奸行为的时候,各位女士的问题就出现了:你是否有背叛行为,是否对这该死的事保持沉默。(把这些都隐藏起来,藏在一个上锁的房子或者其他地方) /200811/55460We are more dependent on technology now than ever before –and for good reason. Our cell phones have more capabilities than laptops did 5 years ago. Technology is quickly becoming faster, more reliable, and yes, more portable.Because of this, now is a great time to look into purchasing a laptop. Laptops now have the same computing power as desktops and are the least expensive they’ve ever been. If you’re constantly on the go, it makes sense to have one.We feature a lot of hot tech deals here at MakeUseOf, but if you’re in the market for a laptop, I’ve compiled this list of the top ten laptop computers for you.Criteria for the ListMy criteria for this list was pretty basic. I only looked at laptops priced under ,000 that had at least 4GB of RAM, a dual-core processor, and came with Windows 7. I felt that these specifications would generate a list of great laptops for the practical user that doesn’t have thousands to spend. Let’s see what we came up with!现在我们比以往任何时候更依赖技术了。5年前我们的手机比笔记本电脑更实用,有更多功能。现在技术的进步,使笔记本迅速变得更快,更可靠,更加便携。正因为如此,我才选择现在这个时间来研究买一台笔记本电脑。现在笔记本电脑已经有了和台式机相同的计算能力,并且价格更便宜了。他们曾经去过。 如果您在旅途中不断,是有意义的一个。MakeUseOf客里有很多关于笔记本的hot-tech-deals。但如果你想在市场上买一台笔记本电脑,我编撰的这篇文章为你列出了目前前十名的笔记本电脑。榜单标准这个榜单的标准都是最基本的的。我只选择了1000美元以下,至少4GB内存,双核处理器,附带Windows 7的笔记本。我认为,这些规则将会为用户过滤并评选出最优秀的笔记本电脑。让我们看看我都想出什么来了! /201005/105027济南齐鲁医院引产多少钱Have you ever fallen asleep with the television on and then had a dream that you were part of the show? Or gone to sleep after a big fight with your significant other and then had a dream where you were being chased? Or played the slumber party game where you put one girl’s hand in a cup of warm water and tried to make her wet the bed? Scientists have known for a long time that there’s some kind of relationship between our dreams and the sounds and sensations happening around us and most of us have had a dream where some external stimulus—a sight, a sound, a memory—seemed to be an influence. What if different smells can influence our dreams, too?你有看着电视睡着,然后梦见自己成了剧中人的经历吗?你有和爱人大吵一架,然后梦见自己在梦里被追打的经历吗?你有在玩睡眠派对游戏的时候,把女生的手放到温水里让她尿床的经历吗?科学家在很久以前就发现睡眠和声音及其他感觉有关,看到的、听到的或者记忆中的某些外部刺激会对大多数人的梦境产生影响。那么,气味是否也能影响我们的梦境呢?Rotten Eggs Rotten Dreams?臭鸡蛋噩梦?They just might be able to. In a recent German study at the University Hospital, Mannheim, two sleep researchers did an experiment where they wafted different smells under the noses of fifteen women sleeping in a lab (women are ideal for studies on smell, since research has shown that their olfactory senses are notably keener than men’s).这一等式可以成立。近期在德国曼海姆的一所大学附属医院里进行了这样一项研究:两名睡眠研究人员在实验室里对15位女性进行了研究(对女性进行气味研究更为理想,因为研究明她们的嗅觉器官比男性灵敏得多)。实验中,研究人员让不同的气味飘进熟睡女性的鼻子。While in REM sleep, the phase where dreams are most likely to occur, each woman in the study was tested three times—once with phenyl ethyl alcohol, a scent resembling roses; once with hydrogen sulfide, which mimics the sulfurous stench of rotten eggs; and once with a neutral scent. A minute after being exposed to the odor, they were woken up and interviewed about their dreams.在眼球急速转动的睡眠初期,梦境最容易产生。研究人员对每位女性进行了三次测试——第一次用了苯乙烯醇,一种类似玫瑰的香味;第二次用硫化氢来模拟臭鸡蛋里的硫化物恶臭;最后一次用了中性的气味。体验一分钟以后,她们被叫醒,询问实验过程中的梦境。 /201101/123115济南看妇科哪医院好

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