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Desiree: Hey, what happened to the lights?德西蕾:嘿,这些灯怎么了?Chris: I think you have a short or maybe a loose wire.克里斯:我觉得可能是哪里短路了或者电线松弛了Desiree: My guests are going to arrive any minute. What am I going to do?德西蕾:我的客人随时会来我该怎么办?Chris: Don’t worry. In an emergency, I’m your man. Whatever the problem is, I can probably find a stopgap solution.克里斯:别担心紧急情况下,我就是你的急救员不管是什么问题,我都可以找到应急之法Desiree: Are you sure? I don’t want you to get electrocuted.德西蕾:你确定吗?我可不想让你触电身亡Chris: When I was growing up, we lived in the middle of nowhere and my parents had to make do. They improvised all the time, using what was on hand to make repairs.克里斯:小时候,我们一家生活在一个不知名的小镇,父母需要自己动手做事他们一直是临场发挥的,随意拿手上的东西来修理东西Desiree: They both sound very handy.德西蕾:听起来他们都是能工巧匠啊Chris: They did what they had to do. Whatever the problem was, they were able to cobble together something, even if it was a little makeshift. I like to think I learned a thing or two from them.克里斯:他们只是做应该做的事情无论是什么问题,他们总能拼凑出什么东西,即使只是一些权宜之计我觉得我多少继承了他们一些技能Desiree: So do you think you can fix this?德西蕾:所以你觉得你能修好灯?Chris: Well, it’s not going to be done properly, but I’ll jury-rig something so the lights will work temporarily until you can get it repaired professionally.克里斯:嗯,虽然我的修补不是很专业,但是我会做一些应急装置让灯可以暂时正常使用,直到得到专业的修理Desiree: That’s great, but just in case, I think I’ll run to the store some candles.德西蕾:太好了,不过为了以防万一,我还是去商店买些蜡烛回来吧译文属 8Item Five.Vocabulary. communicable, SARS, Vietnam-France Hospital, Hanoi, Carlo Urbani.On February th, , the Vietnam-France Hospital in Hanoi asked Carlo Urbani help.The Italian doctor was an expert on communicable diseases.He was based in Vietnam the world Health Organization.The Hospital asked Dr Urbani to help identify an unusual infection.He recognized it as a new threat.He made sure other hospitals increased their infection-control measures.On March th, Dr Urbani developed signs of severe acute respiratory syndrome.Four days later, the World Health Organization declared it a worldwide health threat.Carlo Urbani was the first doctor to warn the world of the disease that became known as SARS.He died of it on March 9th, .He was 6 years old. 353653B. Keywords. mothers, child, balance, early years, concrete support, peripheral vision, one-track mind.Vocabulary. oftentimes, proposition, inclined, meditation, peripheral, airheads, one-track mind.Beth Saavedra, author of Meditations New Mothers, is being interviewed by Irene Rawlings on her perspective on working mothers. Listen carefully and answer the following questions briefly.It a big challenge mothers today, because oftentimes mothers feel like it an either or proposition that they have to work or have a child.And the reality is more women are choosing to do both, and also not be superwomen.So it a tricky, it a tricky line to balance.But I do have a e that says ;to choose to have a child is to choose ever to have your heart walk outside your body;, which means, just as weve been talking about that you are constantly attached to your child, not matter how old they get.But youll learn to walk those lines. and youll learn to create balance and harmony in your life, and youll realize that not everything you do is going to send your child to a therapist. And that wonderful.Yes, yes. Ive just always felt that if you loved them hard enough, and that you had...your heart kind of in the right place, which obviously is outside your body, that there was very little that...that you could do wrong. I mean you...Yes, I think that true. I think if you build a solid foundation with your child, especially in the early years, and...How early are we talking ;early years?; I mean by what point is the child personality med aly?Well, you know there a lot of inmation on that that definitely is conflicting. 5053

Jess:[Handing an espresso to Fro] Just as purity is what makes your motor oil better than the rest!Fro:I suppose so.Jess:And there is our campaign! “Fro Brand: The Espresso of Motor Oil.”Fro:[Sipping his espresso] I like it!Jess:The coffee or the campaign?Fro:Both! Maybe I should get into the coffee business, too!参考译文:洁丝:(把浓缩咖啡递给法洛)光是「纯」这一点,你的机油就胜过其它的对手了法洛:我想也是吧洁丝:而这就是我们的活动诉求!「法洛牌:机油中的浓缩咖啡」法洛:(啜饮他的浓缩咖啡)我喜欢!洁丝:是咖啡还是活动诉求?法洛:两个都喜欢或许我也该进军咖啡业了呢!重点词汇:rest (n.)其余Give me the rest of your breakfast--Im hungry!给我你吃剩的早餐——我好饿!get into进入,从事于I can really get into this music.我真的可以投身于这种音乐 359391

tuck大口地吃,cor老天爷,Two ApplesHarry was given two apples, a small one and a large one, by his mum. "Share them with your sister," she said.So Harry handed over the small one to his little sister and started tucking into the large one."Cor!" Grumbled his sister . "If mum had given them to me, I'd have given you the large one and had the small one myself.""Well," said Harry. "That’s what you've got, so what are you worrying about?"两个苹果妈妈给了哈里两只苹果,一个小的,一个大的“跟分着吃,”她说于是,哈里就把小的给了,自己狼吞虎咽地吃着那只大的“啊!”他的说,“要是妈妈给我两只苹果,我就会把大的给你,小的留给我自己”“噢,”哈里说“你拿到的不就是小的嘛,所以你还担心什么?”1.share分享,分担share responsibility分担责任;share sb.’s troubles as well as sb.’s joys与某人同甘共苦;share a flat with sb.与某人合用一套公寓They shared a laugh.他们一起大笑起来share one’s conclusion with sb.把自己的结论告诉某人“分开”:a cake shared into fragments分成小块的蛋糕.hand over递给还有“移交”的意思:The thief was handed over to the police.小偷已经移交给警方3.tuck大吃tuck away a big meal大吃一餐tuck有很多含义,比如“把…折起”:She tucked up her skirt fro wading.她撩起裙子以便涉水“塞进”:His mother tucked up his quilt.他的母亲给他把被子掖好塞紧.cor老天爷,是God的变体表示这类感叹的词或短语还有:My gosh! Good Lord! Jesus! 5.grumble抱怨,发牢骚grumble about the quality of goods埋怨商品质量不行“发出轰隆声”:Thunder grumbled in the distance.远处雷声隆隆The high cost of living was his daily grumble.生活费用高昂是他一天到晚抱怨的原因 6881

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