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A Catholic marriage now was not something that could be taken for granted.如今 与天主教徒联姻 不再被认为是理所当然It now seemed a bad match. It seemed a foreign idea.这是糟糕的结合 这是其他国家的入侵The Queen is a Spaniard at heart, it was said,and loves another realm better than this.有传言女王心向西班牙 热爱他国胜过英国When Thomas Wyatt, the son of Anne Boleyns old poetical admirer,led an army to the gates of London,当崇拜安妮·林的诗人 之子托马斯·怀亚特 将敌军带到伦敦城门前时 he cast himself as a patriot,pledged, as he said, ;To the avoidance of strangers;.他将自己化身为爱国者 立誓攘夷Xenophobia was not enough to dethrone Queen Mary.Wyatts army melted away.但人们不会仅因仇外就废黜玛丽女王 怀亚特的大军溃散了Ecstatic that for the first time in her lonely life,she had someone she could rely on, a Spanish consort,欣喜若狂地获得了孤独的一生中 唯一可以依靠的西班牙配偶之后Mary set about the zealous work of cleansing her realm of the Protestant heresy,玛丽充满热情地展开了 清理国土上新教异端的行动undoing Edwards reformation as completely as she could.竭力将爱德华推行的 宗教变革抹杀殆尽By fire, if thats what it took to do the job properly, and it did.若有需要 她不惜动用火刑 后来这演变为事实In three years, 220 men and 60 women were burned on Marys bonfires.三年中 220名男子 和60名女子死于火刑Some, like Archbishop Cranmer,were high-profile victims,被处刑的有 克兰麦大主教等位极人臣者but most were ordinary people, cloth workers and cutlers.但更多的是普通民众 如织妇和农民And it wasnt just the literate who died.死者不仅有受过良好教育的人Rawlings White, a fisherman,paid for his son to go to school and learn to ,还有渔夫罗林斯·怀特 他花钱让孩子去学校读书so the boy could then the Bible to him each night after supper.他的孩子学会后每天晚饭后 读《圣经》给他听Joan Waist of Derby, a poor blind woman,saved up for a New Testament and then paid people to it to her.德比郡贫穷的盲女 琼·韦斯特 她攒钱买了一本《新约圣经》 花钱请人为她朗诵 /201701/489073。

  • As fighting broke out, many of those inside the Abbey,smelling smoke, rushed outside.冲突发生后 教堂里面的人 闻到了烟味 冲出了教堂The ceremony was completed in a half empty interior,with William, for the first time in his life,seen to be shaking like a leaf.最终加冕仪式在半空的教堂中冷清地结束了 威廉有生以来第一次 吓得魂不附体When he emerged from the smoke and chaos of the coronation,当他穿过烟雾 从混乱的加冕礼中走出just what kind of king did the surviving remnant of the old governing class imagine they had?那些幸存下来的贵族阶级 认为他们辅佐了以为什么样的君主Did they fondly suppose he was going to be another Canute,他们会天真地以为他会成为下一个卡纽特吗who now that hed won his round,would disband his army and send them home?现在已得偿所愿的他 会解散他的军队 任其归乡吗If they did, they were in for a very nasty shock,如果真这么想 他们就大错特错了because even if William had wanted to do this, it was quite impossible.因为即便威廉想要这么做 他也做不到His whole campaign had been based on the promise of the lure of land,他得到持是因为他曾许诺给予土地the pledge to hand over Saxon land on a golden plate of conquest.他曾许诺以撒克逊的土地 换取头顶的王冠So there was never the remotest chance that William was going to be another Canute所以说威廉根本就没有机会 成为下一个卡纽特and assimilate himself into the world of Anglo-Saxon England.也无法融入盎格鲁撒克逊英格兰His conquest turned the country around.他的征行动改变了这个国家Englands orientation now was south,away from Scandinavia and towards continental Europe.彼时的英格兰转向了南方 脱离斯堪的纳维亚 投入了欧洲大陆的怀抱The part of the country offering most resistance was the north of England,which still retained strong Viking sympathies.英格兰北部做出了最大规模的抵抗 这里依然残留着对维京人深厚的留恋Just three years into Williams reign,York opened its gates to King Swein of Denmark,在威廉统治的三年间 约克郡地区一直持丹麦国王斯万hailing him as a liberator from the new king of England.把他当做拯救他们于威廉魔爪的解放者 /201608/460383。
  • I...我……Um...唉……You just went right for it, you know. Bam! The first questions about this.这么直接,你知道。碰!第一个问题就问这个。Should Women Pay for the First Date?第一次约会,女生应该付钱吗?First date, who pays? The guy pays, obviously.第一次约会,谁付钱?男人啊,很显然。The guy pays.男人付。I always pay.我都会付。The guy always pays. Unless—Id say the only exception is that if...but otherwise, the guy pays.男人永远付帐。除非——我会说唯一的例外是如果……不然的话,男人付。Why?为什么?I dont know. I dont—I actually dont have a good reason for that.我不知道。我不——我其实没一个好理由解释为什么。I wanna say its instinct, but that makes no f**king sense.我想说这是直觉,不过那根本天杀地说不通。Thats just the way I was raised.那就只是我被带大的方式。Its been ingrained in us that were supposed to be the provider.我们应该当供应者的观念已经根深蒂固。Culture, movies, music, media...文化、电影、音乐、媒体……I mean, keep in mind, those traditional roles were kind of implanted and set, like, in the 40s and 50s.我的意思是,记着,那些传统的角色有点算在 40 和 50 年代就被灌输和订定了。Would You Let a Woman Pay for You on a First Date?你会让女人在第一次约会时替你付钱吗?Would I ever let a woman pay for a first date?我会不会让女人付第一次约会的钱?If she...如果她……...absolutely insisted, like she held a gun to my head.……非常坚持的话,像是她拿一把抵住我的头。I would feel uncomfortable.我会觉得不自在。Not so much uncomfortable, but it would be kind of like, Come on, man, whatre you doing? Like, be a man; pay the bill, you know.不太算不自在,而是会有点像,拜托老兄,你在干嘛啊?像是,当个男子汉;去买单,你知道。What Do Women Think?女生怎么想?If I go out to dinner with someone, I expect to pay for what Im going to eat.如果我和某人出去吃晚餐,我会指望自己付自己吃的东西。I think it should always be down the middle.我觉得应该永远要平分。I dont mind paying.我不介意付钱。Like, to me, it really doesnt matter at all.像是,对我来说,这真的一点都不重要。I think if I did offer to pay for the entire bill, the date would feel emasculated. He shouldnt, but I understand that I cant discredit all of how society makes a man feel.我觉得如果我真的表示要付所有钱,约会对象会感到失去男子气概。他不该那样觉得,但我了解我不能推翻所有这社会使男人产生的感觉。So...?所以...?I sort of like the rule that whoever asked the person out, like, if youre the person that suggested the date, you should pay.我有点比较喜欢谁邀人出去谁就付钱的那种规则,像是,如果你是提议约会的那个人,你就该付钱。At the very least, split the bill.最起码,平分帐单。Splitting a meal—totally fine!共享食物——完全没问题!I think it gets romantic later when youre in a relationship, where, like, you dont even talk about it, and someone will be like, ;I got this one,; and youll be like, ;I got the next one,; because you just know that youre in it to win it, and, like, youll pay each other back later...sexually.我认为这后来在恋爱时会变得浪漫,恋爱中,像是,你根本不会讨论谁付钱,而某人会说:“这顿我付”,然后你会说:“下一餐换我”,因为你就是知道要得到好处就得先付出,就像,你们之后会回报彼此……用那档事。Who Do You Think Should Pay on a First Date?你觉得第一次约会应该谁付钱呢?Fifty years from now, that will be a thing where, like, on a first date, you wont know if the man or woman is supposed to pay, you know? I hope that happens.五十年后,那会是件,像是,第一次约会时,你不会知道是男人还是女人必须要付钱,你知道?我希望那会发生。201605/445212。
  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451734。
  • 【新闻精讲】The sharing economy was hardly inspired by the needs of the rich. But in some ways it suits them perfectly. The whole idea depends on people having spare assets that they are willing to rent out to total strangers. Who has more idle assets than the super-rich? And who loves extra income more than people who have spent their lives accumulating money?分享经济并非由富人的需求所催生,但在某些方面,这一经济模式却完全贴合其需求。这一模式的整体理念是基于人们拥有空闲资产且愿意出租给陌生人。谁能比超级富豪拥有更多闲置资产?谁又会比这些终生金钱挂帅的人更爱额外收入?suit v.适合spare adj.空闲的idle adj.空闲的accumulate v.积累On the other side of the market, bustling plutocrats are an ever-present source of demand for temporary accommodation and bursts of luxury. The system can even have a strange public-relations benefit. A wealthy boss who makes use of NetJets won’t need to explain to his shareholders why he bought a jet, even as he treats the one he flies on as though it were his own.在市场的另一边,在商界忙碌的小富豪们对临时租用住所和时不时的豪奢生活总有需求。分享经济甚至能带来一种奇特的公关效益。豪阔的老板们可以通过NetJets享用如同自有私人飞机的务,而无须向股东解释为何斥资购买私人飞机。bustling adj.繁忙的- bustle v.忙碌plutocrat n.富豪- plutocracy 财阀统治accommodation n.住宿burst n.爆发- a burst of speed- the burst of a bubbleUber, a ride-hailing firm, and Airbnb, an accommodation-sharing service, are prominent in the luxury market as well as the mass market. Uber offers yacht trips in Dubai (UberYacht) and helicopter commutes in S#227;o Paulo (UberCopter). Airbnb does a booming trade in luxury apartments in London, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. There are providers in almost every cranny of the luxury landscape.网约车公司优步及住宿分享务公司Airbnb除了在大众市场大行其道,在奢侈品市场的务也很突出。优步在迪拜提供游艇旅行务(优步游艇),在圣保罗推出直升机接送务(优步直升机)。Airbnb在伦敦、香港、加勒比海的豪华公寓业务兴旺。富豪生活的方方面面几乎都有公司在提供务。hail v.呼叫- hail a taxi- ride-hailing 一键叫车 (a person who hails a car and is immediately picked up and driven to their destination for a time and distance-based fee.accomodation n.住宿commute n./v.通勤往返booming adj.繁荣增长的cranny n.缝隙landscape n.地形,领域GetMyBoat, a San Francisco-based company, gives customers access to motorboats, luxury houseboats, yachts and jet skis in 7,100 places around the world. Stratajet sells tickets on empty legs on private jets for the price of a business-class ticket or even less. Staller, which describes itself as the “Airbnb for horses”, helps horse-owners rent stalls near equestrian competitions. A home-sharing club called ThirdHome.com allows people with just a couple of homes to live as if they have a dozen.总部位于旧金山的GetMyBoat在全球7,100个地方向顾客出租托艇、豪华船屋、游艇及水上托。Stratajet以等同甚至低于商务舱的票价出售私人飞机的空驶航段机票。Staller自称是“务马匹的Airbnb”,帮助马主在马术竞赛场地附近租借马厩。名为“ThirdHome.com”的房屋共享俱乐部让仅拥有三两套房子的人们像是十多套房子的主人那样到处旅行居住。empty leg 空腿/空驶包机 (因客户“单程包机”产生“空驶包机”机会)stall n.马厩equestrian adj.马术的The same constraints that affect the wider sharing economy—NIMBY pressure groups who put their interests above the common good and regulators who fail to adapt to new technology—find echoes in the luxury market. With its helicopter service from Manhattan to the Hamptons, Blade has immeasurably improved the life of those New Yorkers who weekend on Long Island. That hasn’t prevented curmudgeons in Battery Park and Brooklyn Heights from complaining about the occasional whump-whump-whump over their heads.但奢侈市场同样面临更大范围共享经济所面对的制约——将自己利益置于大众利益之上的邻避压力群体及无法适应新技术的监管者。Blade提供从曼哈顿到汉普顿的直升机务,大大方便了到长岛度周末的纽约人,但无法阻止炮台公园和布鲁克林高地的倔老头们抱怨头顶偶尔出现的直升机轰鸣声。constraint n.限制NIMBY 邻避症 反对 (an acronym for the phrase ;Not In My Back Yard;)echo n.共鸣immeasurably adv.无限制地weekend v.度过周末- The family weekends in Beijing.curmudgeon n.坏脾气的人occasional adj.偶尔的whump-whump-whump n.轰隆声201703/498338。
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