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webtrovert:害羞的人一上网就外向? -- 19::7 来源:chinadaily 网络的盛行给了很多内向的人表达自己的机会,既然不用面对面交流,那么也就少了很多束缚于是就出现了这样一类人,他们平时不喜也不善与人交往,但一到网上就好像变了个人,诙谐幽默,热情奔放我们可以叫这类人webtrovert A webtrovertis someone who is a shy introvert in real life, but turns into a full-on extroverted party animal on Internet ums and social media sites. 有的人在实际生活中内向害羞,但在论坛和社交网站中则表现得像一个不折不扣的豪放派对狂我们可以称这类人为webtrovert(网上外向派) 我们来看看一个人对webtrovert的描述: She was on Facebook flirting with everyone and talking about all her wild parties, but when we met in person she just stared at the floor and mumbled everytime I asked her something. 她在Facebook上到处跟人调情,大谈特谈她的狂野派对但是我们真的见面的时候,她一直盯着地板每次我问她什么问题,她都答得含含糊糊的世上最高龄夫妇共庆生日 合为岁! -- :9:58 来源:   A husband and wife who claim to be the world's oldest married couple have celebrated their joint birthdays - with a combined age of .  自称是世界上最年迈的夫妇庆祝了二人年龄合为岁的共同的生日  Karam Chand celebrated reaching 1 on the same day his wife of nearly 90 years, Kartari, turned 1.  卡拉姆·昌德和他结婚近90年的妻子卡塔莉在同一天庆祝了生日卡拉姆已经1岁了,而他的妻子也有1岁了  The couple celebrated their birthdays with four generations of their family at their home in Bradd, West Yorkshire, on Sunday.  周日,这对夫妇和他们的四代子孙在西约克郡布拉德福德的家里庆祝了生日  They claim to be the world's oldest married couple, tying the knot 89 years ago in December 195 after meeting in India as teenagers.  他们声称是世界上最年迈的夫妇,在195年月的时候,还是青少年的他们在印度一见钟情并喜结连理,至今已有89年之久  Their son Paul Chand said he was proud to see his parents celebrate almost a century of married life.  他们的儿子保罗·昌德说他为见他的父母庆祝一个世纪之久的婚姻感到自豪  He said: 'It has been a special day my family and us all to be able to come together like this.  他说:“对于我的家人来说,今天是特别的一天,也我们可以像这样团聚在一起  'Relatives have flown in from India to be with us.“  亲戚们从印度远道而来陪伴我们  'People are so impressed by my parents. They always ask me: "What do they eat? What are you feeding them and how do they stay so healthy?"  “大家对我的父母印象太深刻了他们总是问我:“他们吃什么?你给他们吃什么?他们怎么身体还是这么棒?”  'I tell them, "If I knew that I would be eating the same thing myself!"  “我告诉他们,‘如果我知道的话,我自己也和他们吃的一样了!'”  'Everybody asks how they keep healthy and my answer is that the last years we have given them a stress-free life.'  “每个人都来问,他们是怎么保持健康的体魄的,而我的回答就是:在过去的年里我们从来不给他们施加压力”  Mr Chand, who moved to the UK in 1965, has said in the past: 'Eat and drink what you want but in moderation. I have never held back from enjoying my life.'  昌德先生已在1965年移居英国,他在过去说过:“吃你想吃的,喝你想喝的,不过要注意调节我们从不阻止自己享受生活”  The retired mill worker smokes one cigarette a day bee his evening meal and also drinks a tot of whiskey or brandy three to four times a week.  这位退休厂工人在晚饭前都会抽根烟,而且一周会喝四五次很多威士忌或者白兰地  Mrs Chand said: 'We have always eaten good wholesome food, there's nothing artificial in our diet but things like butter, milk and fresh yoghurt are what we like.  昌德夫人说道:“我们总是吃一些很健康的食物,除了我们爱的黄油、牛奶和新鲜的酸奶,我们不吃任何人工的东西”  'We know that being married 86 years is a blessing, but equally we will be y to go when it's time.  “我们知道结婚86年是值得祝福的,但是同时我们有随时离世的心理准备  'It's all up to the will of God, but we really have lived a good life.  “这全由上帝抉择,不过我们的一生真的过得很幸福  'We just get along with each other and we are family focused, its simple really.'  “我们同彼此和谐相处,我们的重心都在家人身上,这很简单”  Mr and Mrs Chand moved to England 50 years ago with Bradd being their home more than seven decades.  昌德夫妇在50年前移居英国,布拉德福德成为他们的家已有0多年之久  The couple have eight children, 7 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.  这对夫妇有8个孩子,7个孙子和很多优秀的孙子说唱视频向外国人展示“真正的中国” --01 ::9 来源: 日前网络上流传着一首由中国人演唱的英文说唱歌曲,它向外国人展示了什么是“真正的中国” This is China was posted onto micro-blogging site Weibo on Tuesday by China’s Communist Youth League and has been shared more than 0,000 times.本周二,中国共产主义青年团在微上发布了这首歌曲,目前已经被分享了超过万次It features a mix of traditional Chinese elements against modern rap.这首歌曲混合了传统中国元素和现代说唱风格It says China has "terrible problems" but is peace-loving, affluent and at the efront of scientific research.这首歌曲指出,中国面临“严重的问题”,但是同样爱好和平、人民富足、走在科学研究的前沿The song opens by saying that it wants to "restore the impression you have on my country, China", saying a false image had been fabricated by the international media.在这首歌曲的开头,它说想要“重塑你们对我国家--中国--的印象”,还说国际媒体编造了一个虚假的中国形象It then explains that China is a "developing country and is really hard to manage", and acknowledges the many incidences the country has gone through, such as the Chinese milk scandal, where dairy products were found tainted with melamine.后来,这首歌曲还说道中国是一个“发展中国家、很难管理”,还指出了中国经历的许多事件,例如年中国的毒牛奶事件,奶制品中被发现含有有毒的三聚氰胺However, its chorus concludes that its people still "love the country".但是,歌曲中唱到人民们依然“热爱这个国家”"This is a song Westerners to understand China," Wang Zixin of CD Rev, a rap group from Chengdu who collaborated with the Youth League to produce the , told news outlet Sixth Tone.来自成都的一个说唱乐团(CD Rev)和中国青年团合作制作了这个视频,该乐团一名成员王子鑫(音)对“第六音”新闻说道:“这首歌的目的是为了让西方人了解中国”"We want Westerners to know that Chinese know our problems and we are trying to make a change."“我们想让西方人知道,中国人知道自己的问题所在,而且我们目前正在试图做出改变”The music also mentions the political status of Taiwan, saying " normal citizens, we just want to be ed as one, cause we think we are from one family".这部MV还提到了台湾的政治现状,说“对于一般市民来说,我们只想合二为一,因为我们认为大陆和台湾同是一家人”Issues like gun control are also referenced in the lyrics.这首歌还提到了“控”等问题Last year, CD Rev released a music - The ce of Red - which commented strongly on the independence of Hong Kong and Taiwan.去年,CD Rev发布了一首MV《红色力量,严厉地批评了台湾和香港的独立问题China officially considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province, which will eventually be reed with China, by ce if necessary.中国政府在官方上的表示认为台湾是一个叛逃省份,最终将再次和大陆统一,如有必要的话还将使用武力The rap has received mostly positive feedback on Weibo, with comments ranging from users saying how much they loved the country, to others saying they had been reduced to tears.在微上对这首歌的评价大多都是积极肯定的,一些人在中表达了自己的爱国之情,还有人说这首歌让他们热泪盈眶"Although we have many shortcomings, little by little, we can make our country stronger and our lives better," said one such comment.一个写道:“尽管我们有许多缺点,但是一点一点的,我们能够使我们的祖国越来越富强,我们的生活也会变得越来越好”However, others questioned why the song wasn’t in Mandarin, saying that they were unable to understand parts of it.但是,也有的人质疑为什么这首歌不是用普通话唱出来的,有些地方歌词他们听不懂

脸书克隆网站在朝鲜昙花一现 -- :51: 来源: 朝鲜克隆脸书的社交媒体网站在短暂出现后又迅速下线 A clone of the Facebook social media site has briefly appeared in North Korea bee quickly going offline.一个克隆脸书的社交媒体网站在朝鲜短暂出现后迅速下线Hosted on the StarCon.net.kp address in North Korea it had many of the features of other social networks.托管在朝鲜网站StarCon.net.kp地址下,这个网站拥有许多其他社交网络的功能It is not clear who created StarCon but it is thought to be a test project a future service to be offered by the nation’s telecoms operator.还不清楚谁开发了StarCon,但人们认为这是一个由国家电信运营商提供的未来务的一个测试项目Soon after being discovered, the site was hacked and it is now not accessible.被发现不久后,这个网站就被黑客黑了,现在已无法登陆The site was spotted by Doug Madory, a researcher at network management firm Dyn, who said it was rare to see any websites hosted in the secretive nation.该网站被网络管理公司Dyn的研究员Doug Madory发现,他说任何网站托管在这个诡秘的国家都是很少见的The site’s name suggested it was linked to North Korea’s Star telecom service, he said.该网站的名字显示其和朝鲜的Star电信务相关,他说StarCon was built around a commercial software package called phpDolphin and had many of the features, including newsfeeds, messaging systems and personal spaces, seen on other social sites.StarCon是由一系列被称为phpDolphin的商业软件包组成的,拥有许多功能,包括其他社交网站所拥有的新闻订阅,短信系统和个人空间However, many of the site’s pages were unfinished and were filled with placeholder text.然而,该网站的许多页面都未完成,还有许多占位符文本"I don’t believe it was intended to be accessible from outside North Korea," Mr Madory told the B.“我认为这个网站本不打算在朝鲜以外被登陆的,”Madory先生告诉BHowever, he said, Dyn’s mention of StarCon on its Twitter feed led people to set up personal pages on the site and start using it to swap messages.他说,然而,Dyn公司对StarCon在推特上的提及导致人们在该网站上创立了个人页面并开始互换信息One of the first s created parodied North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.最先创立的账号之一是嘲弄朝鲜领导人金正恩的账号Outsiders created about 300 s on StarCon during its brief existence.在其短暂出现的一段时间内,国外的人在StarCon上创建了大约300个账号"There were a lot of people signing up that, based on their comments, appeared to genuinely think they could reach the North Korean people through the website," he said.“许多人注册了该网站,根据他们的,他们真的认为能够通过该网站与朝鲜人民沟通,”他说"I’m quite sure that no North Koreans ever really used it a social network website despite the fact that it was hosted in North Korea."“我很肯定朝鲜人并没有真正地把它作为社交网站使用,虽然这是在朝鲜国内托管的”A day after being discovered, the site was hacked to re-direct every visitor to a YouTube . Soon after, it went offline completely.在其被发现一天后,该网站被黑客攻击并跳转到一个Youtube视频其后,又很快地完全下线了

致信香港停售纸扎包惹议 古驰改口道歉 -- :56:19 来源: 上月,意大利奢侈品牌古驰发函警告香港纸扎店,不要售卖祭祀用的带古驰商标的纸扎名牌包今天,古驰对此表示歉意Italian luxury goods maker Gucci has apologised sending warning letters to Hong Kong shops selling paper versions of its products as offerings to the dead.上月,意大利奢侈品牌古驰发函警告香港纸扎店,不要售卖祭祀用的带古驰商标的纸扎名牌包今天,古驰对此表示歉意Paper replicas of items like mansions, cars, iPads and luxury bags are burned in the belief that deceased relatives can use them in the afterlife.中国人将高楼大厦、小车、平板以及奢侈包包等纸质仿真祭品焚烧给已故的亲人,因为人们相信,他们在阴间能使用这些东西Demand is highest during Aprilrsquo;s Qingming ;tomb-sweeping; festival.一年一度的清明节期间,这类商品的需求会达到顶峰On Friday, Gucci said it would not pursue legal action.星期五,古驰表示它不会采取法律行动A letter sent by Guccirsquo;s Chinese parent company Kering said they trusted the shops were not trying to infringe on Guccirsquo;s trademark.古驰中国母公司开云集团表示,它相信涉事的丧葬品商店无意侵犯古驰商标;We regret any misunderstandings that may have been caused and sincerely apologise to anyone we may have offended through our action,; the letter said.道歉信说,;我们对于可能造成的误会感到遗憾,如事件冒犯了任何人士,Gucci深表歉意;The company had ;utmost respect; the funeral rites, it said.声明还强调,古驰非常尊重当地的祭祀传统The Brsquo;s Juliana Liu, in Hong Kong, said relatives traditionally used to bring fruit and gourmet food to graves.B驻香港记者Juliana Liu称,传统上,亲人们在上坟时会带去水果和美食These days, however, relatives offer items that many were never able to enjoy while still alive, such as fake brand-name clothing or luxury cars with European drivers. Another offering is a mock-up villa, complete with swimming pool and luxury cars.然而,近年来,亲人们流行给祖先烧一些他们在世时未曾享受过的东西,如名牌装和欧洲进口的豪车再就是带有游泳池和豪车的豪华别墅After the original warning letters were sent, some of the Hong Kong shops had removed their Gucci wares - but other brands, including Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and New Balance were still on sale.据报道,在古驰发出警告信后,部分香港的丧葬品商店撤去了古驰的仿制品,不过,像路易.威登,圣罗兰,巴宝利和新百伦等仿品仍在出售中The warning letters had attracted amusement and scorn on social media in Hong Kong, with one resident joking: ;Does Gucci want to open branches in the underworld?;古驰的警告信引起了香港市民在社交网络上的调侃,一人开玩笑说,;难道古驰想在地府开分店?;

北京最古老地铁一号线安装屏蔽门(双语) -- 18::50 来源:sohu 北京地铁一号线作为全国、甚至全世界最繁忙的地铁线路,是中国最古老的一条地铁线随着城市的不断发展,地铁线路范围不断扩大,新建成的地铁线路都配有金属玻璃的整体站台保护门;而一号线由于兴建时间较早,站台旁边并没有任何的防护措施,所以乘客掉下站台,或跳下站台的意外时有发生 7月18日,北京地铁一号线永安里站正式安装了站台屏蔽门,以此来保障广大乘客的人身安全 Platm screen doors were installed at Yong'anli Station on Beijing's subway Line 1 on July 18th to protect passengers of one of the world's busiest metro networks. 目前为止,永安里站的站台门是一号线自1971年建成发车以来的首个站台屏蔽门,站台门为金属玻璃材质,高1.5米 The 1.5 m-tall metal and glass doors are the first barriers China's oldest subway line, which started operations in 1971. 在安装站台门之前,建设者对站台进行了加固和整修预计至年底,北京地铁一号线其余个站台都将安装站台保护门 Builders reinced the platm bee installing the doors. By the end of , the remaining stations on the line will all have screen doors. 目前为止,在北京已有的18条地铁线路之中,只有一号线和二号线没有站台保护措施出于对时有发生的自杀行为和由于拥挤而掉下站台等安全隐患的考虑,广大群众都在呼吁为一,二号线安装屏蔽门 Currently, only Line 1 and Line of Beijing's 18 subway routes have no protective barriers. The public has called screen doors as occasional suicides and accidents have raised safety concerns. 版权所有: CRI NEWSPlus 英语环球广播

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