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Japanese film-makers have created a robot movie star - by casting an android actress in a lead role.日本电影制片商选用机器人作为领衔女主演,塑造了一位机器人电影明星The robot co-stars alongside a human in the film ayonara set in the aftermath of a deadly nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan.影片《再见(Sayonara)中,机器人与人类演员同台演出影片故事发生于日本核电站事故的余波中The android, called Geminoid F, was designed to look and act like a human with rubber kin and a woman face - but it is unable to walk and is wheeled around in the film.机器人名叫Geminoid F,有着橡胶“皮肤”和女性外貌,设计初衷是为了能有人类的行为举止但影片中,Geminoid F饰演的角色无法行走,只能坐在轮椅上Geminoid F - or Leona in the film - is referred to by director Koji Fukada as an actress, and the android is even listed as a member of the cast in the end credits.影片中,Geminoid F名叫Leona,导演深田晃司(Koji Fukada)叫她“女演员”电影的片尾滚幕中也将这个机器人列为剧组成员While robots have featured prominently in many films, most are played by real actors or created using visual effects.虽然很多电影都有大量机器人的戏份,但绝大多数“机器人”都是由真人来扮演的,或是运用视觉特效进行塑造Geminoid F was produced by Hiroshi Ishiguro, a renowned robot designer at Osaka University in western Japan, whose androids come with a #3;776,000 price tag.Geminoid F出自大阪大学的著名机器人设计师石黑浩(Hiroshi Ishiguro)之手他设计的机器人标价曾高达77.6万英镑Geminoid F was cheaper - just #3;7,000, which Ishiguro hopes may take the technology closer to the mainstream.但这个机器人的价格稍低,只要7.万英镑而石黑浩也希望这个价格能让机器人技术向主流更进一步She can smile, furrow her brows and move her mouth. It can also talk and sing - playing recordings, or mouthing other people voices.Geminoid F可以微笑、皱眉、张嘴,还能说话、唱歌,当然指的是放音乐或别人说过的话The robot is equipped with motorised actuators, powered by air pressure, which allow her to copy human facial expressions. In the film, it is controlled remotely from a laptop.Geminoid F配有机械制动器,以气压驱动,用来模仿人类的面部表情电影中,机器人的表情是用笔记本电脑远距离遥控的Prof Ishiguro has designed several robots made to look like humans in the past - even building one in his own image. The professor has said that one day robots could fool us into believing they are human.石黑浩教授制造了好几个有着已故名人外貌的机器人,他还制出了一个与自己长相一样的机器人他认为,总有一天机器人的外貌逼真程度会让人们真假难辨In the film, shown in the competition section of the Tokyo International Film Festival, the robot stays loyal to its owner - played by Bryerly Long - as the nation evacuates following a nuclear disaster.这部影片现身于东京国际电影节的竞赛单元影片中,核事故导致全国居民疏散,期间机器人却一直对主人(Bryerly Long饰)不离不弃Fukada said working with the android was easier than directing people, although he said laugh he had to watch to not break the robot as its repairs would come with a million yen bill.导演深田晃司称,与机器人合作比指导演员简单他还戏称必须要好好保管机器人,因为修理费高达00万日元(约5.7万人民币)The android doesnt complain, never gets hungry and doesnt need to sleep at all, he said at the film festival office.深田晃司在电影节会场说道:“机器人从不抱怨,不用吃东西,还完全不用睡觉”Sayonara opens in Japan on November 1. Overseas screenings are undecided.电影《再见将于月1日在日本上映海外上映时间待定 35

1. "I don't have time to date."  我没时间去约会  Many people who are single say their jobs don't leave them with enough time to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. You may have made a consciousdecision to make career your No. 1 priority. Or it may be that pursuing your dream job is easier than pursuing your dream partner. Whatever the reason, dedicating too much of your time and energy to your career will cause your dating life to flounder  很多单身的人都说自己的工作忙得没有足够的时间去认识真命天子(天女)你可能下意识的将工作当成第一优先事项也可能是因为找到梦想中的工作比找到梦中情人更容易不管理由如何,如果你在工作中花费太多的时间和精力的话,就会使得你的约会生活毫无进展  Solution: Make dating your work. Approach your social life with the same determination and commitmentyou apply to your career. You wouldn't expect to get ahead at work if you didn't put in the time. Make an investment in your coupled future by setting dating goals, like committing a certain number of hours a week to dating  解决之道:将约会当成工作将你在工作中的决心和果断同样应用到你的社交生活中在工作中如果不花时间的话就无法取得进步设立约会的目标(比如每周哪些固定的时间去约会),为未来的二人世界投资

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