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Canada.com: Do you fancy yourself a foodie? If so, youre in good company.A new Gusto TV – Nanos Research Foodie Nation Survey checked in with Canadians about their love of food, and 70 per cent of those surveyed confess to being foodies.Of this legion of avid food-enthusiasts, one in four identify as having ;serious culinary cred.; As the top foodie provinces, three regions are neck and neck: Quebec(6.5 per cent),British Columbia(6 per cent) andOntario(5.6 per cent). 5。

19 The Stay-at-home Mom第19单元 全职妈妈Nellie had a baby boy in . She always knew that when she had children she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. However, in this day and age it is almost impossible to live well off on one person salary.奈莉年生了个男孩,她一直想说如果哪天她有了小孩,她就要待在家里带小孩,可是在这个年代,光靠一个人的薪水,根本不可能过得很充裕To solve this problem, she decided to start a business she could do from home. Her husband supported the idea one hundred percent and helped her learn the tools she needed to be successful.为了解决这个问题,她决定创业,在家里工作她的丈夫百分之一百持她的决定,并帮助她学习成功所需的所有工具Nellie designed a website moms. It teaches and gives strategy points to people on how to start a successful online business. Nellie first priority is her child, so she works on the business when her baby is sleeping or dosent need sttention. So far her business is doing great.奈莉为所有的母亲设计了一个网站,教导她们如何在线上成功创业,并提供策略重点奈莉的首要考量还是她的孩子,所以她挑孩子睡觉或不需要注意时工作Her plan is to gross ,000 a year by the year . With the sucess, she has had so far and her amart business sense her goal seems very likely.她的事业到目前为止做得有声有色,她计划到年,能有六万美元的税前净收入,从她目前的成功和她的精明的生意头脑看来,这个目标似乎非常有可能实现Her piece of advice is to do what makes you happy and do it well.她给大家的建议是,做自己想做的事情,并尽力做好 19668。

7 Niece and Nephew第7单元 外甥女和外甥There was a woman who was pregnant with twins, and shortly bee they were due, she had an accident and went into a coma.有名妇女怀了双胞胎,结果在小孩要出生前不久,因为发生意外而陷入昏迷She was a single woman so there was no children father around to take care of her. While in the coma, her brother came to visit her.她还是单身,所以小孩父亲没有在身边照顾她陷入昏迷期间,弟弟有来探望她During one of his visits the woman went into labor. She gave birth to her twins, and the only person around to name her children was her brother.在探望期间,她刚好那时分娩,生下了一对双胞胎;当时她身边唯一一个可以替小孩取名的人就是她弟弟When the mother came out of her coma to find she had given birth and that her brother had named the twins, she became very worried, because he wasnt a very smart guy. She was sure he had named them something absurd or stupid.这位妈妈从昏迷中苏醒过来,发现自己已经生了,而且弟弟还帮小孩取了名字她很担心,因为弟弟不是很聪明,肯定帮小孩取了些可笑或愚蠢的名字When she saw her brother she asked him about the twins.她一见到弟弟,便问他有关双胞胎的事He said, “The first one was a girl.” The mother said, “What did you name her!?”弟弟说:“先生出来的是女孩”这位妈妈说:“那你帮她取了什么名字?”Her brother said, “Denise!”弟弟说:“丹妮丝!”The mother said, “Oh, wow, that not bad! What about the second one? ”Her brother said, “The second one was a boy.”这位妈妈说:“哦,不错啊,取得还真不赖!那第二个呢?”弟弟说:“后生出来的是男孩”The mother said, “Oh, and what did you name him?”这位妈妈说:“哦,那你帮他取了什么名字?”Her brother said, “Denephew.”弟弟说:“丹乃夫”(注:这是英文的双关语,niece 和nephew 刚好是她弟弟的外甥女和外甥,前面加个de 就变成了名字) Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版 7。

地点:中央公园咖啡馆人物:菲比,钱德勒,罗斯,迈克事件:谈论到婚礼所需的巨大花费,菲比决定索性把办婚礼的钱捐出去Phoebe: The hall, the dress, the food... I-I had no idea how expensive this stuff was!菲比:场地、礼、食物……我,我完全不知道这些东西有这么贵!Chandler: Yeah it is really pricey. I mean, I freaked when I first heard the numbers.钱德勒:没错,确实很贵我是说,我第一次听到那个数字的时候都吓傻了Phoebe: So what did you two do about it?菲比:那你们是怎么做的?Chandler: It was pretty simple actually. I came up with a couple of cost-cutting solutions, wrote out a list and Monica told me to go to hell.钱德勒:实际上很简单,我想出了一些缩减预算的办法,写了个单子,莫妮卡让我去死Ross: There no way around it Pheebs, you just gonna have to accept the fact that this is gonna cost you a lot of money.罗斯:没办法逃避的,菲,你得接受事实,结婚确实会花掉一大笔钱Mike: I heard that weddings are like a 0 billion dollar a year industry.迈克:我听说每年花在婚礼上的钱能有00亿呢Ross: Yeah, and Im responsible just like half of that.罗斯:嗯,这里面有我一半的功劳Phoebe: But really, it does seem like this money could be put to better use.菲比:但是,说真的,这钱似乎能用在更有意义的事情上Mike: Are you serious?迈克:你是认真的吗?Phoebe: Yeah! Now, how would you feel if we gave all the wedding money to charity and we just got married at City Hall?菲比:没错!现在咱们来说说,你说咱们要是把所有的钱都捐给慈善机构,然后在市政厅登记结婚,怎么样?Mike: I think it would make me wanna marry you even more.迈克:我觉得这让我更想娶你了Ross: Ive got to say you guys, that an incredible gesture!罗斯:我得承认,二位,这可真是高姿态啊!Chandler: Maybe you do that next time you get married!钱德勒:或者你下次结婚的时候也可以这么做!Ross: No, no, no. The next time it gonna be a Hawaii at sunset. But maybe the time after that!罗斯:不,不,不下一次结婚得是在日落时分的夏威夷但下下次或许可以! 830。