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成都新都区治疗尿道炎多少钱When it comes to bugs like bacteria and parasites, we#39;ve been trained to think that less is better. But there are some good guys in the microbial world — bugs that do the unglamorous work of keeping us regular and helping to relieve a range of disorders from diarrhea to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Now, a new study suggests that the same microbes may even help us stay slim.当谈到细菌和寄生虫的时候,我们习惯性的都认为越少越好。 实际上在微生物界中有一些好虫子的,它们做着枯燥无聊的工作来维持我们的身体正常运转,还能预防从腹泻到肠道紊乱综合症的病症。 现在新的研究发现这些微生物甚至帮助我们保持苗条。In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, researchers at the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic in Arizona report a very small study of nine individuals — three of normal weight, three who were morbidly obese and three who underwent gastric bypass surgery. The team found that each group harbored a different intestinal zoo of microbes, and that following their surgery, the gastric bypass patients#39; gut bugs ended up looking much more similar to those of the normal weight patients.在一项美国国家科学院亚利桑那州大学和马奥诊所的研究者们进行的小范围试验中,有9个被观测者,三个正常体重,三个肥胖症,还有三个要做胃旁路手术的病人。 研究团队发现不同组的人体肠道中的菌群是完全不同的。在手术后,那三个有胃病的人最后的肠道菌群变的和正常体重的病人相近了。While these results are only preliminary, they do point to an entirely new way that doctors and patients might be able to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. ;This study suggests that the differences in the organisms may play at least some role in why people lose the weight they do, ; says Dr. John DiBaise, a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic and one of study#39;s authors. ;Ultimately, we may not only be able to manipulate the microbes of obese individuals to look like those of normal weight people, but we might also potentially be able to predict a person#39;s susceptibility to obesity.;虽然这些结论只是初级的,但它确实为医生和病人降低美国日益增长的肥胖症比率打开了一扇新的大门。作为这项研究的主要研究员,马奥诊所的胃肠病学家约翰.迪拜瑟医生说:“这项研究说明这些微生物肯定在在人们的减肥过程中扮演了什么角色。如果弄得好,我们可能不仅让胖子们的肠道菌群和正常人的一样,还可以预测一个人会不会变胖。”What might be happening, suspects DiBaise, is that each person#39;s ability to extract energy and store fat from food changes depending on which combination of bugs are living in the gut. Those who are morbidly obese, it seems, tend to nurture bugs that promote the fat storage process, which might be a factor in their excessive weight gain. The bypass patients appeared to follow a similar pattern but in the opposite direction, eating less first and then developing bugs appropriate to that diet. It#39;s not clear how the physical act of reducing food intake drives that change, nor how long-lasting the possible slimming effects of the new bug population will be.拜瑟医生怀疑,每个人吸收营养、存储脂肪的能力和自己的肠道菌群的种类组合息息相关。胖子们的似乎在肠道内饲养了一群会提高脂肪存储的微生物才造成了他们的肥胖。而那些胃旁路患者也走了相同的路,不过方向刚好相反,吃的少,也就养成了适合节食的菌群。对于运动和减少食物摄入如何影响这种变化和这些减肥效果能减肥的新菌群能坚持多久还不是很清楚。But none of this means that downing the latest probiotic yogurts, which contain certain strains of good gut bacteria, should be the next weight loss craze. For one, says DiBaise, the strains that were dominant in the normal weight people are not the same as those promoted in the popular probiotic yogurts. Second, there is no evidence that probiotic products can do anything about weight loss; the latest scientific studies have shown only that probiotics can relieve antibiotic-related diarrhea, as well as alleviating IBS and aiding regularity. ;It is interesting to look at microbial flora, ; says Lynne McFarland, an epidemiologist at the Puget Sound Veterans Administration Medical Center, who was not affiliated with the study. ;But I would not run out and eat a lot of yogurt because of this.;但是这些结果不意味着喝含有一些良性菌的最新酸牛乳会成为下一个减肥风潮。拜瑟医生说,首先,人体肠道中的菌群和算牛乳的菌群是不一样的。其次,这些产品和能不能减肥基本没啥关系。最新的研究也只是发现这些饮料可以缓解抗生素相关的腹泻,减轻肠道综合症和稳定肠道。没有参与本研究的皮热老兵健康管理医疗中心的流行病学家林恩.马克弗兰说:“观察微生物菌从是很有意思的,那我也不能因此跑出去吃一大堆酸乳酪啊!”At least, not yet. More studies are needed to follow the same people as they lose weight through diet and exercise, to see if the composition of their gut flora changes — as it did with the gastric bypass patients. What#39;s more, notwithstanding the seemingly cause-and-effect link between gut flora and weight, that relationship can be deceiving; a third factor entirely may be causing both — a diet of highly processed foods, for instance, suggests Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale Prevention Research Center. What#39;s more, says Katz: ;Regardless of the variation of gut flora in the population, the entire population is getting heavy. So probiotics might tweak one#39;s personal vulnerability to obesity, but they would not much move the big dial [on the obesity epidemic], ; he says. Still, as anyone fighting the numbers on the scale knows, every little bit helps — even something a little as a bacterium.至少,现在还不行。还需要做更多的试验。观察同一些人在节食和锻炼后他们的肠道菌群组合变化是否和那些胃旁路手术的病人的一样。 还有,尽管肠道菌群和减肥之间看似有因果关系,但这种关系也许具有欺骗性。耶鲁预防研究中心的大卫.卡茨说,可能有第三种因素同时导致了前二者,比如一份对都是高杀菌处理食物的食谱。他还说,“无视人们肠道菌群的种类变化,人们还是在变重,就算它们能减弱人对肥胖趋势,还是改变不了大趋势。”但那些和秤上表针战斗的胖子们还是要抓紧最后的稻草-哪怕这稻草只有细菌那么小。 /201307/247392自贡市治疗龟头炎多少钱Fighting a battle with Amazon.com Inc. to be the preferred entry point for Internet shopping, Google Inc. last year retooled its lucrative search page. Its strategy is showing signs of progress.在与亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)争夺首选网络购物入口地位的大战中,谷歌(Google Inc.)去年改造了其颇为赚钱的搜索页面。它的战略如今开始显示出取得进展的迹象。The change allowed retailers to post pictures, descriptions and prices of products at the top of search results, both on desktop computers and, later, mobile devices. For example, a Google search for #39;microwave oven#39; shows a grid of photos for specific models, sold online by retailers like Macy#39;s Inc. and Target Corp., with prices clearly marked. The ads more closely resemble what Amazon shows shoppers than Google#39;s typical text-based ads. The same search on an iPhone shows a carousel of such ads that users can swipe through.谷歌的调整使零售商可以在搜索结果的顶部发布商品照片、产品描述和价格,先是台式电脑可以利用这一功能,随后推广至移动设备。举个例子,用谷歌搜索“微波炉”,会显示梅西百货(Macy#39;s Inc.)和Target Corp.等零售商在网上销售的具体款型的照片,并明确标明价格。这种广告更像亚马逊面向购物者投放的广告,而非谷歌那种典型的基于文字的广告。用谷歌搜索iPhone,会显示一系列相关广告,用户可以滑动屏幕进行查看。By directly helping searchers who know what they want, Google#39;s #39;product-listing ads,#39; as they are called, reduce the number of clicks before users get to the #39;buy#39; button. Searchers click on product ads 34% more frequently than regular text ads, according to Adobe Systems Inc.#39;s research arm.对于那些知道自己想要什么的搜索者,谷歌所谓的“产品列表广告”可以减少用户抵达“购买”按钮之前的点击次数。据奥多比系统公司(Adobe Systems Inc.)旗下的研究公司说,相比常规的文字广告,搜索者对这类产品广告的点击量要高出34%。Recent data suggest that such product-listing ads are attracting advertisers and revenue-generating clicks. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and eBay Inc. are the top buyers of Google#39;s product ads, according to AdGooroo, a search-advertising research firm. Marin Software Inc. says that its advertising clients more than doubled spending on Black Friday product ads, compared with last year.最近的数据显示,这类产品列表广告开始吸引广告客户,还能带来可以创造收入的点击量。据搜索广告研究公司AdGooroo说,沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)和eBay Inc.是谷歌产品广告的最大买家。Marin Software Inc.说,其广告客户在今年黑色星期五的广告出较去年增加了一倍以上。One happy advertiser using Google#39;s new ads is John James, chief executive of Acumen Brands, which owns retailer CountryOutfitter.com. The product-listing ads #39;perform very well,#39; he says, particularly when searchers know what they are seeking, like the Ariat Rambler Cowboy Boots his company advertises on Google. #39;They are definitely a way to unlock value compared to old text ads,#39; Mr. James says.约翰#12539;詹姆斯(John James)就是一位使用谷歌新广告并感到满意的广告客户。他是Acumen Brands的首席执行长,该公司旗下拥有零售商CountryOutfitter.com。詹姆斯说,产品列表广告表现非常好,尤其是当搜索者知道自己想要什么的时候,比如他的公司在谷歌打了广告的Ariat Rambler牛仔靴。詹姆斯说,相比过去的文字广告,这种产品列表广告毫无疑问是释放价值的一种途径。At stake is supremacy in the U.S. e-commerce market, which comScore expects to grow 14% to around 0 billion this year. While many think of Amazon and Google as being in separate businesses, the two are locked in fierce competition to be the first search box shoppers turn to when they are browsing products online. As more Internet users begin searches on Amazon#39;s marketplace--which comprises an array of vendors besides itself--Google loses an opportunity to show them ads.广告客户争夺的是美国电子商务市场的霸主地位。comScore预计,美国电子商务市场的规模今年将增长14%,至约2,100亿美元。尽管很多人认为亚马逊和谷歌业务不同,但这两家公司却在激烈竞争成为购物者在网上浏览产品时首选的搜索提供商。随着更多的网络用户开始在亚马逊的集市上搜索产品――亚马逊的集市上除了亚马逊本身外还有很多零售商――谷歌失去了一个向这些用户显示广告的机会。In a recent survey, analytics and software firm SDL asked people the top three places they intend to research gift purchases this holiday season. #39;Online search#39; registered 45%, down from 49% a year ago. Meantime, the channel growing the most in popularity was the one that includes Amazon, jumping to 37% from 31%.在最近的一项调查中,分析及软件公司SDL请受访者列出这个假日季首选的三个搜索网购礼物的地方。“网络搜索”占了45%,低于上年的49%。与此同时,人气增长最快的是包括亚马逊在内的渠道,从31%增至37%。Many e-commerce experts say Google has a long way to catch up to Amazon when it comes to online-shopping searches. Jeff Jordan, a former eBay executive who is now a partner at venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, contends that Amazon thrives by offering a better shopping experience than Google. He says the formula of selection, price and convenience is #39;radically in Amazon#39;s favor,#39; with its large network of merchants, consistent low prices, one-click ordering and fast shipping.很多电子商务专家说,在网络购物搜索方面,谷歌要赶上亚马逊还有很长一段距离。前eBay高管、现为风投公司Andreessen Horowitz合伙人的杰夫#12539;乔丹(Jeff Jordan)承认,亚马逊通过提供比谷歌更好的购物体验而兴旺起来。他说,将商品选择、价格和便利性综合起来看,亚马逊占了明显优势,亚马逊拥有庞大的商户网络,一贯的低价格、一键点击下单和快速的发货。ChannelAdvisor, which manages e-commerce efforts for retailers, says its clients#39; sales via Amazon increased about 25% in the third quarter, compared with a year earlier. Sales to users who arrived via search engines like Google increased about 1%.为零售商管理电子商务活动的ChannelAdvisor说,第三季度其客户通过亚马逊实现的销售额较上年同期增加了约25%,对通过谷歌等搜索引擎而来的用户的销售额增长了约1%。 /201312/269920Blackberry#39;s decision to make its free messaging service, BBM, available on other mobile phone platforms is a Hail Mary play for a damaged company that pretty much has nothing to lose at this point. By giving away the stickiest feature available to Blackberry#39;s dwindling consumer base to Android and iOS users for free, the company is hoping that it will be able to expand, or at the very least maintain, its once lucrative ecosystem.黑莓(Blackberry)决定在其他手机平台上提供其免费短信务BBM,对于一家已经没有什么可以失去的公司来说,此举是其背水一战的“绝望之举”。BBM是在黑莓日益减少的用户群体中用户粘性最高的功能。公司希望通过将该功能免费提供给安卓(Android)和iOS用户,扩大或至少维持一度利润丰厚的生态系统。It is extremely easy to bash on Blackberry (BBRY) these days. The bunglings of its former management team over the last five years will probably be studied in business schools for generations as how not to do just about everything. But Blackberry is on an upswing of sorts at the moment. Its stock has more than doubled from its lows hit last year, and after two years of development (light years in the tech world) the company is ;back in the game; with the launch of its new operating system, Blackberry 10, and a few new handsets, the Z10, Q10, and the recently announced Q5.如今,指摘黑莓非常容易。过去五年,公司前一个管理团队的拙劣表现,或许将成为商学院课堂上的经典负面教材,被一届又一届的学生们用来研究一家公司在面临竞争时是如何坐以待毙的。但无论如何,现在的黑莓正处于上升期。公司股票比去年的最低点上涨了超过一倍,而且,经过两年的发展(在科技界已经是很长时间)后,公司凭借最新推出的操作系统 Blackberry 10以及Z10、Q10和最近发布的Q5等几款新手机,终于重回正轨。Yet despite the recent optimism over the launch of the Blackberry 10 series, the company will almost certainly continue to lose market share in the crowded consumer hardware space to rivals that use Google#39;s (GOOG) Android platform. Phones shipped with the Blackberry operating system made up just 2.9% of mobile phones sold in the first quarter of this year, down 35% from last year, according to new sale numbers released by IDC on Thursday. Phones running Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) Windows operating system outsold Blackberry for what appears to be the first time, capturing 3.2% of the market. But phones running either Android or Apple#39;s (AAPL) iOS, captured 92% of all mobile sales -- with Android garnering 59% of the total market, an 80% increase from the same time last year. With that, Android now runs on 75% of the world#39;s smartphones.然而,尽管Blackberry 10系列的发布在近期引发了一些乐观情绪,但在竞争激烈的消费类硬件领域,公司的市场份额仍在被使用谷歌(Google)安卓平台的竞争对手不断蚕食。据IDC周四公布的最新销售数据显示,今年第一季度,搭载黑莓操作系统的手机出货量仅占市场份额的2.9%,比去年减少了35%。运行微软Windows操作系统的手机首次超越黑莓,市场份额达到3.2%。而安卓与苹果(Apple)iOS则联手拿下了92%的市场份额,其中安卓的市场份额达到59%,比去年同期增长了80%。全球智能手机中,运行安卓系统的比例占75%。To be fair, those first-quarter sales numbers just reflect eight days of sales for the new Blackberry phones in the U.S. and just a couple of months of sales in Canada. Nevertheless, the public#39;s lukewarm reception to the product -- no one was camping out for the new Z10 -- isn#39;t encouraging. The phone has reportedly passed the 1 million shipped mark in its first quarter of launch, which isn#39;t bad, but isn#39;t great for a company with such huge brand recognition. By contrast, nearly 5 million iPhones were sold in the first week of its launch back in September.公平地说,第一季度的销售数据仅反映了新黑莓手机在美国八天的销量和在加拿大两个月的销量。但消费者对于黑莓产品的冷淡反应令人沮丧。比如没有任何人彻夜排队购买新Z1O。据报道,Z10手机在发布一个季度后,出货量终于突破了100万台,这算不错的表现,但对于一家拥有如此巨大的品牌认知度的公司而言,这并不值得庆贺。相反,去年九月,iPhone手机在发布后仅仅一周时间内的销量便接近500万台。There really isn#39;t much you can do on a Blackberry that you can#39;t do on an Android phone these days. There aren#39;t a bunch of must-have apps that run exclusively on Blackberry, for example. Indeed, Blackberry seems to have surrendered the app development space to Google as it considers the new Blackberry 10#39;s ability to run Android app clones as a major selling point.如今,黑莓手机能做的,在安卓手机上都能实现。没有多少必备应用是仅在黑莓手机上运行的。实际上,黑莓似乎把应用开发空间拱手送给了谷歌,甚至它把Blackberry 10能够运行安卓应用作为一个重大的卖点。But there is one consumer-focused feature that Blackberry offers that no other handset maker or mobile platform has -- its Blackberry Messaging Service (BBM). The service allows Blackberry users to send and receive messages, share files, and even exchange music with other Blackberry users without incurring special messaging charges from their wireless carrier. It has proven to be very sticky in places like Indonesia, Haiti, and Nigeria where wireless service is unreliable.不过,黑莓有一个消费者导向的功能,是其他设备制造商或移动平台无法提供的——黑莓信息务(BBM)。该务允许黑莓用户之间发送和接收信息,共享软件,甚至交换音乐,而无线运营商不会对此收费。事实明,在印尼、海地和尼日利亚等无线务不太可靠的地区,该功能具有很高的用户粘度。So imagine the confusion when Blackberry announced this week it was opening up BBM to both iOS and Android users through a free app that will be made available this summer. It seems odd that Blackberry would give up its only truly sticky consumer-focused feature. Some in the geek media called it ;surrender,; while others saw it as a great move by the company to open itself up to the rest of the mobile community.然而,本周黑莓却宣布,公司将在今年夏天以免费应用形式,将BBM向iOS和安卓用户开放,此举引发的混乱可想而知。黑莓竟然放弃其唯一一个真正有粘性的消费者导向功能,这似乎是非常奇怪的一个举动。在极客媒体中,有人称此举等于“投降”,而也有人认为,公司向其他移动社区开放,是非常有力的举措。The move seems more akin to a company spinning off one of its divisions than anything else. BBM, with its 60 million users, is arguably the most buoyant thing in Blackberry#39;s sinking consumer mobile division. If it remained attached to the ship it would surely drown. But allowed to roam free, BBM could possibly survive as a separate entity -- a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. Survive as what? If BBM attracts enough iOS and Android users it could eventually become a sweet advertising portal for the company -- launching Blackberry as a player in the mobile advertising market. It could also possibly morph into a premier messaging app for companies who want to monitor employee communications.此举更像是公司剥离了一个部门。BBM约有6,000万用户,在黑莓日渐衰退的消费者移动部门,BBM无疑最有前途。如果继续与整个部门捆绑在一起,最终也难逃一同沉没的命运。但如果让其自由发展,BBM或许能够以一个独立实体的形式存活下来——虽然机会很小,但总算还有希望。以什么样的形式存活下来呢?如果BBM能吸引足够多的iOS和安卓用户,其将成为公司非常可靠的广告平台——帮助黑莓进军移动广告市场。此外,其也可能成为希望监督员工通信的公司首选的消息应用。But in order for that to happen, Blackberry will need to overcome an aly saturated messenger app market. Here, scale and location matter. Texting and data plan prices in the U.S. have dropped so low you will be hard pressed to find anyone using a messaging app just to save on domestic text messaging fees. That may not be the case in other countries, but there, people are aly using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. BBM touts its ability to set up Group chats of up to 30 people, but WhatsApp can do that and so can GroupMe, which is all the rage on college campuses these days. Most of these third-party messaging apps on all mobile platforms so they are ahead of the game with hundreds of millions of users. Unlike BBM, these apps don#39;t require clumsy ;pin; numbers to talk with other people; rather they just sync up easily to your phone#39;s contacts and seek out those who have aly downloaded the app. Unless Blackberry introduces some amazing new features, it will be tough, if not impossible, to get people to switch to BBM.要将这些期望变成现实,黑莓必须征已经饱和的短信应用市场。在这一市场,规模与位置至关重要。美国短信与数据方案的价格大幅下降,现在已经很难找到有人会单纯为了节省国内短信费而去使用短信应用。虽然其他国家的情况可能与美国不同,但目前市场上已经有WhatsApp、Viber和Skyper等短信应用。BBM的卖点之一是能够持最多30人的群组聊天,WhatsApp和GroupMe同样能够做到。GroupMe目前在大学校园非常流行。目前大多数第三方短信应用均持所有手机平台,因此它们已经积累了数以百万计的用户基础,遥遥领先BBM。而且,这些应用并不需要像BBM一样,必须有笨拙的识别码才能聊天;用户只需要将应用与手机联系人同步,找出已经下载应用的联系人便可以开始聊天。除非黑莓能推出其他更神奇的新功能,否则,其很难说消费者转而使用BBM。Nevertheless, BBM does have a couple things going for it that other messaging apps don#39;t. First it has scale in the third world, which is the fastest growing market for smartphones. Blackberry could leverage its scale to totally dominate the messaging space in certain key markets, such as in West Africa and Indonesia. Secondly, BBMs are sent through Blackberry#39;s own proprietary global data network, which encrypts incoming and outgoing messages and is thus considered ;safer; than messages sent through other data networks. Blackberry has confirmed to Fortunethat BBMs sent through the iOS and Android apps will travel through its servers and thus will have the same security perks as BBM messages sent between Blackberry users.不过,BBM确实有几项其他短信应用无法媲美的优势。首先,BBM在第三世界有庞大的用户基础,而第三世界是智能手机增长最快的市场。黑莓可以利用其规模来占领某个关键市场的短信应用领域,例如西非和印尼等。其次,BBM通过黑莓自有的专用全球数据网络收发信息,该网络对接收和发送的信息进行加密,因此被认为比通过其他数据网络发送的信息“更安全”。黑莓已向《财富》杂志(Fortune)确认,通过iOS与安卓版BBM应用发送的信息也将经由其务器发送,因此与黑莓用户发送的BBM信息同样安全。It is unclear what the future holds for Blackberry, but the company clearly feels that the potential benefits gained from allowing BBM to grow outside its own platform make up for any potential loss in handset sales. That#39;s a good bet because while Blackberry#39;s flagship phone, the Z10, has received praise from some tech geeks, it is hardly the game-changing product the company needed if it wanted to become a major player in the consumer handset market again. But even if Blackberry folds up its front-facing consumer division, it will remain a player behind the scenes as companies and governments remain dependent on Blackberry servers to keep their data safe. So by letting BBM go, Blackberry#39;s new management may be saving it from a sad and quiet death.黑莓的未来并不明朗,但很明显,公司认为,允许BBM在其自有平台之外发展可能带来的好处,足以弥补硬件设备销售的减少。这是一个很好的选择,因为虽然黑莓的旗舰手机Z10获得了科技发烧友的好评,但对于希望重新成为消费者手机市场主要力量之一的黑莓公司而言,Z10并不足以改变市场格局。但如果黑莓放弃竞争激烈的消费部门,依然可以隐居幕后,因为公司和政府仍依赖黑莓务器来保数据安全。因此,黑莓新管理团队开放BBM的目的,或许是为了帮助它摆脱安静死去的悲惨命运。 /201306/242654凉山州怀孕检测多少钱


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