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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201503/365768One in ten skeletons from early farming folk十分之一的早期农耕民族的遗骨上Show signs of violence.可以看出其曾受到暴力损伤A farmer can expect to die一个农民的寿命Five years before our hunter-gatherer ancestors.大约比我们以狩猎为生的祖先少五年With farming life comes another leap for mankind:农耕让人类文明向前迈进了一大步New ways of mourning and the beginnings of organized religion.新的哀悼方式和有组织的宗教起源于此On a plain in Southern England,在南英格兰的平原上A monument to those we have lost:有一个为逝者而建的古迹Stonehenge.巨石阵Belief in the afterlife对于来世的信仰Inspires some of mankind#39;s greatest engineering projects.是人类某些最伟大的建筑工程的灵感来源And at the same time as stonehenge, 2200 miles away,在距离巨石阵2200英里外的地方Another extraordinary monument to the dead takes shape.另一座为逝者而建的古迹也在逐渐成形The greatest building on earth for another 4,000 years.它是之后四千年历史中 地球上最伟大建筑 Article/201508/395081栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201510/401325

在TEDGlobal2010的演讲中,作家马特-瑞德里认为,纵观人类的历史,人类进步的引擎是如何运转?不同想法是如何碰撞出新的想法?他认为,个人有多聪明不是很重要,协同合作的大脑能发挥多少才是至关重要的。 Article/201502/357523

Send Christmas wishes by making friends and family a holiday food basket.为家人和朋友制作一个精美的节日食品篮,传达圣诞的美好祝愿。You Will Need你需要Basket篮子Fruits水果Candy糖果Crackers薄脆饼干Herbal tea凉茶Homemade foods家庭自制食品Red gift boxes红色礼物盒Festive napkins节日餐巾Wine葡萄酒Corkscrew开塞钻Cashews腰果Cheeses奶酪2 mugs2个马克杯Cocoa mix可可粉Bows蝴蝶结Cellophane bags玻璃纸包装袋Christmas cards圣诞卡片Picnic basket (optional)野餐篮子(可选)Blanket (optional)毯子(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Give a healthy basket1.赠送健康的食品篮Give a healthy basket filled with juicy oranges, red delicious apples, yogurt-covered almonds, organic crackers, and herbal tea. This is a great basket for a whole family.赠送一篮子健康的食品,装上多汁的橙子,又红又美味的苹果,抹有酸奶的杏仁,有机薄脆饼和凉茶。对全家人来说,这是非常好的礼品篮。STEP 2 Make homemade foods2.家庭自制食品Make a basket filled with homemade foods from your kitchen. Homemade chocolates, bs, and brownies are great choices. Package them in red boxes or in a basket lined with a festive napkin.装一篮子家庭自制的食品。自己制作的巧克力,面包和巧克力蛋糕。用红色的盒子或者篮子和一些节日餐巾装在一起。STEP 3 Give wine3.送葡萄酒Give the wine lover in the family a basket with an array of red and white wines. Add a corkscrew, cashews, crackers, and delicious cheeses.Place all the items in a picnic basket and add a blanket.给喜欢红酒的人送一篮子各种各样的红葡萄酒和白葡萄酒。加入一把开塞钻,腰果,薄脆饼和美味的奶酪。把所有物品放入野餐篮中,加入一条毯子。STEP 4 Please everyone with chocolate4.用巧克力取悦每一个人Please everyone on your list with a basket filled with chocolate. Add a chocolate Santa, double chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate-covered almonds, and two mugs with cocoa mix.用一个装满巧克力的礼物篮取悦名单上的每一个人。加入一个巧克力的圣诞老人,两份巧克力曲奇饼干,抹有巧克力的浆果和杏仁,两杯可可粉。STEP 5 Decorate5.装饰Decorate any of these baskets with a simple red bow, or wrap in a clear or festive cellophane bag. Add the finishing touch by attaching a candy cane and a Christmas card. Merry Christmas.每个篮子都用一个简单的蝴蝶结装饰,或者用透明的或节日风格的玻璃纸包装。在加一个糖果棒和一张圣诞贺卡就可以了。圣诞快乐。Over 1.8 billion candy canes are made during the holiday season.圣诞节期间全美国会制作超过18亿个糖果棒。 Article/201412/349694

It sits a million miles away from the Earth它位于距地球一百万里处的at the Lagrangian point拉格朗日点where the gravitational pull from the Earth and the sun is equal.此处地球和太阳的引力相等Fixed in space it has an uninterrupted这具固定在太空中的卫星可不受任何阻碍地view of the sun and its tantrums.观察太阳及其狂暴行为It has completely transformed our understanding这完全颠复了我们既有的观念you can essentially see right from inside the sun,因为我们可以从太阳内部开始right through to the coronal mass ejections一路看到离开太阳的as they#39;re leaving the sun,日冕物质抛射so you#39;re seeing way out to 30 solar radii.即30倍于太阳半径的距离Soho has played a key role in understandingSOHO大大增进了我们the explosive power of the sun.对太阳爆炸性威力的了解By blocking out the discit simulates an eclipse,它可以遮住日面模拟日蚀现象revealing the outer atmosphere and呈现太阳的外气层和the true scale of the sun#39;s largest eruptions.大型喷发的真实规模These are solar flares and coronal mass ejections这些是喷发自太阳黑子核心的and they erupt from the heart of sunspots.太阳闪焰和日冕物质抛射The temperatures in a solar flare will be tens of太阳闪焰内的温度高达数千万度millions of degrees so it#39;s an extremely hot,所以是温度在短时间内very dramatic change in temperature over a short period of time.发生高热、剧烈的改变When they erupt completely you can get masses完全喷发时,可以看到which are roughly the mass of Mount Everest质量相当于圣母峰的团块being flung out into the solar system.被抛射进入太阳系At solar minimum,flares are infrequent.在太阳活动极小期间,闪焰并不常见But every 11 years when the cycle peaks, at solar max,但每隔11年周期到达顶峰,即太阳活动极大期the sun puts on the best firework display in the solar system.太阳会出现太阳系中最壮观的烟火戏码Solar astronomers are now beginning to太阳天文学家正逐渐开始understand the cause of these explosions.了解这种爆炸事件的起因They are not caused by the power of fusion.它们并非肇因于核融合的能量There is another force at work.而是另一种力量的运作It is the force of magnetism.这种力量就是磁力The sun is covered in a complex network magnetic fields.太阳复盖着由磁场组成的复杂网路A magnetic map shows a familiar patchwork太阳表面的磁场分布on the face of the sun.看来十分眼熟The areas of the strongest fields coincide exactly磁场最强的部位with the position of sunspots.正好就是太阳黑子的位置Here the magnetic field strength can be amplified 10,000 times.磁场的力量在这里可以放大一万倍It turns out that the regions of the strongest magnetic field原来太阳磁场最强的区域on the sun are in the sunspots.就是太阳黑子And in the units that we use sunspot magnetic fields我们测量到的磁场强度are roughly a thousand,约为一千two thousand,maybe three thousand gauss.两千,或许到三千高斯But if you look at magnets like the ones I#39;m playing with here,但是我手上这个磁铁the magnetic field in these magnets的磁场约为一千is about a thousand to 1500 gauss.到一千五百高斯So these have roughly the same所以磁场强度magnetic field strength as a sunspot.和太阳黑子差不多 Article/201504/369438

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