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成都市生殖专业医院看妇科四川省成都市第四医院门诊的开门时间崇州市妇女医院网上预约电话 William: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im William Kremer.威廉:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是威廉·克莱默。Yang Li: And Im Yang Li.杨莉:我是杨莉。William: So this Sunday is Fathers Day here in the UK and in many countries around the world.威廉:这周日是父亲节,是英国和全世界许多国家都会过的节日。Yang Li: William, I know you are married but you are not a father yet, right?杨莉:威廉,我知道你已经结婚了,不过你还没有当爸爸,对吧?William: Yes, thats right.威廉:对,没错。Yang Li: Well in that case, I dont think you are well qualified to talk about this topic, William!杨莉:好,那这样的话,威廉,我认为你还不够资格谈论这个话题。William: Well, I disagree. All that matters is that we can speak English! So today I thought we could look at a couple of very common phrases relating to fatherhood. Lets listen to this clip of a woman talking to her friend about her son. Try and hear a phrase relating to fatherhood.威廉:我不同意。真正重要的是我们要说英语!所以今天,我想我们要来说一些与父亲身份有关的短语。我们来听下面这个例子,一个女士正在和朋友谈论她的儿子。试着听出和父亲身份有关的短语。Woman: And hows Jonathan?女:乔纳森最近怎么样?Woman 2: Good question–Id like to know the answer! Hes ever so quiet and I never know what hes thinking...女2:真是好问题,我也想知道!他太安静了,我从来都不知道他在想什么……Woman: Oh yeah.女:哦,好吧。Woman 2: Mind you, his dads exactly the same. Like father, like son.女2:对了,他爸爸和他完全一样。有其父,必有其子。Yang Li: Like father, like son. So that means that the son is just like the father, is that right?杨莉:有其父必有其子。意思是儿子和爸爸一样,对吧?William: Exactly, yes.威廉:完全正确。Yang Li: So, William, can you say like mother, like daughter?杨莉:那威廉,可以说有其母,必有其女吗?William: Well, you could say that but its not really a phrase in English. Like father, like son is quite a common phrase. And you have to use those exact words, you cant say Like his father, like my son–it has to be like father, like son.威廉:可以这么说,不过这并不是英语中的短语。而“有其父必有其子”是一个很常用的短语。而且你要使用准确的词,不能说Like his father, like my son,必须说like father, like son。Yang Li: So are you like your father, William?杨莉:那威廉,你和你父亲像吗?William: Thats a good question. What do you think, Dad?威廉:这是一个好问题。爸爸,你怎么看呢?Williams Dad: Oh, thats a difficult question–威廉的爸爸:哦,那是一个难以回答的问题。Yang Li: Wow, I didnt know–I didnt realise you were here, Mr Kremer! Its very nice to meet you! Very nice to meet you.杨莉:哇,我不知道,我没有意识到您在这里,克莱默先生!很高兴见到您!很高兴见到您。Williams Dad: Nice to meet you too. I always like to keep an eye on William, make sure hes being a good son. And I think I was a good son to my father, so in that way, I think he is like me.威廉:我也很高兴见到你。我一直都在留意威廉,确保他做一个好儿子。我想我对我爸爸来说是好儿子,所以我想他应该像我。Li: I think you look quite alike, except that William is much taller than you–he is a giant!莉:我认为你们看起来非常像,只不过威廉比您高一些,他简直是个巨人!Williams Dad: I have to carry a chair with me wherever I go just to keep up with him!威廉的爸爸:无论我去哪儿我都必须要带把椅子,就为了要赶上他的高度!William: Alright, Dad. So, before we finish today, lets have a look at another phrase connected with fatherhood. And this phrase means a long time before you were born. In this clip a woman is talking to her uncle. Try and hear the phrase.威廉:好了,爸爸。在我们结束节目前,再来看一个和父亲身份有关的短语。这个短语的意思是在你还没有出生之前。这是一名女性和她叔叔的对话。试着听出这个词组。Woman: I didnt know you used to have a motorbike!女:我不知道你原来有辆托车!Man: Oh yes. I had one for a couple of years... it must have been in the sixties; before you were even a twinkle in your fathers eye!男:哦,是的。几年前我有一辆托车……那应该是60年代;那时你还没出生呢!Yang Li: Wow that was quite a long phrase–Before you were even a twinkle in your fathers eye.杨莉:哇,那真是一个很长的短语,在你还没有出生之前。William: Yeah, or you could say, You werent even a twinkle in your fathers eye. A twinkle is something that shines brightly, like a star. So its quite a romantic word. Maybe the phrase means: before your father ever looked at your mother in a romantic way; so, long before you were born.威廉:没错,或者你也可以说You werent even a twinkle in your fathers eye。twinkle是闪闪发光的东西,比如星星。所以这是一个非常浪漫的词。可能这个短语的意思是,在你爸爸和你妈妈谈恋爱之前;其实意思就是远远在你出生之前。Yang Li: Well, we hope that these English phrases might be useful to you this Sunday. Happy Fathers Day!杨莉:嗯,我们希望周日你们能用到这些英语短语。父亲节快乐!William: Happy Fathers Day!威廉:父亲节快乐!Williams Dad: Oh thanks guys!威廉的爸爸:哦,谢谢你们! /201407/310864四川成都治疗性病哪家好

青羊区儿童医院可以做引产吗13. What seems to be a trouble?哪里不舒?还能这样说:Whats the trouble with you?What ails you?应用:give sb. trouble 麻烦人家;go to the trouble 不怕麻烦;meet trouble halfway 自寻烦恼14. I have decreased hearing.我听力下降了。还能这样说:My hearing ability dropped.I am lacking in hearing ability.应用:decrease in number 数目减少;on the decrease 在减少中,在下降中;decrease to 减少到15. I feel light-headed.我觉得头晕。还能这样说:My head is turning.I feel dizzy.应用:as light as a feather 轻如鸿毛;light weight 不足重量;a light frost 薄雾;light clothing 轻装;单薄的衣;light food 易于消化的食物16. I feel weak in my limbs.我觉得四肢无力。还能这样说:I feel listless all over.I feel wobby.应用:weak in the head 愚蠢的;weak moment 易被说或诱惑的时刻;weak at the knees 一时两腿发软站立不住17. I suffer from a little anaemia.我有点贫血。还能这样说:I am lack of blood.I am anemic.谚语:He that lives long suffers much.长短的人多忧虑。 /201305/239875四川省成都市第一医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗 经典句型:Its the most marvelous stadium I have ever seen. 这是我见过的最宏伟的体育场。A:So this is the Birds Nest,the National Stadium,the main track and field stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics.甲:这是鸟巢,也就是国家体育场,是2008夏季奥运会的田径主会场。B:Its the most marvelous stadium I have ever seen.乙:这是我见过的最宏伟的体育场。经典句型:Who do you think will win the race? 你认为谁能贏得比赛?A:Who do you think will win the race?甲:你认为谁能贏得比赛?B:I think it must be Track 6.乙:我想一定是第六道的运动员。A:He won the race in the last Olympics.甲:他是上届奥运会的冠军。B:Look! He is so confident.乙:你看!他很自信。A:But Track 4 may be a black horse.甲:但是第四道的运动员可能会是一匹黑马。句型讲解:marvelous引起惊异的,不可思议的,非凡的。其近义词还有astounding,extraordinary, glorious,magnificent,miraculous, remarkable, superb, wonderful等。 /201411/343098成都儿童医院客服咨询

双流县妇幼保健院的费用Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Jack:This is a great bar. It’s really hopping。这酒吧真不错,他们可真忙。Alice:Yes, this was a great idea to come here. I’m glad we came out tonight。是的,咱们来这儿可真是个好主意。我很高兴今晚出来了。Jack:Where would you like to sit?你想坐哪儿?Alice:By the window。窗户旁边吧。Jack:Ah, great minds think alike。呵呵,英雄所见略同。Bartender:How are you tonight? What can I get you to drink?今晚过得怎么样啊?想要喝点什么?Jack:Please give me a few minutes。请稍等几分钟。Bartender:Certainly, I’ll be right back to take your order。好的,我稍后回来为您点餐。Jack:Alice, what do you want?爱丽丝,你想喝点什么?Alice:Just a glass of juice, please。一杯果汁就好,谢谢。Bartender:Have you decided?你们决定了吗?Jack:Yes, I’ll have a beer and my friend will have an orange juice。是的,我来一杯啤酒,我朋友要一杯橙子。Bartender:I’ll be right back with those。马上给你们拿上来。重点句子:这个座位有人吗?Is this seat taken?我能请你喝一杯吗?Can I buy you a drink?你们这里有什么啤酒?What kinds of beer do you have?我想来瓶啤酒。I’ll have a beer。我想来点香槟。I’ll take some champagne。我想要杯葡萄酒。I’d like a glass of wine。我要冰的。Make it a cold one。请来两个橄榄。Two olives, please。再给我来一杯。Give me another。我来给你倒。Let me pour this for you。我想敬杯酒。I’d like to propose a toast。再喝一点儿吗?Would you like more?想再喝一圈吗?Would you like another round?我现在酒喝得少了。I’m a light drinker now。你喝醉了。You’re drunk。我要借酒消愁。I’m going to drown my sorrows。干杯!Cheers!喝干喽。Drink up。为你的健康干杯!Here’s to your health!该打烊了。It’s closing time。我想你已经喝得差不多了。I think you’ve had enough。我们再喝一杯就回家吧。Let’s have one more for the road。 /201501/351662 成都妇女儿童中心医院治妇科靠谱吗?蒲江县妇幼保健院产科



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