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11. Being Set Free 11. 被释放 A: Given the evidence that has just been provided, the court releases you.A:鉴于刚刚提供的据,法院释放你。B: Im free to go, Your Honour?B:我自由了,可以走了吗,法官大人?A: You are free to go.A:你可以走了。B: Thank you. I am happy justice has been served.B:谢谢你!我很高兴正义被伸张。A: The court is pleased as well.A:法院也高兴。B: I dont ever plan to be back in this courtroom, Your Honour.B:我永远不打算再回到这个法庭,法官大人。A: I sure hope not.A:我当然希望你别回来。B: Your Honour, I didnt commit the crime I was accused of.B:法官大人,我没有犯我被指控的罪。A: Do you know how many times I have heard that?A:你知道我听到过多少次这句话吗?B: Im sure many times, but I mean it.B:我确定一定有很多次,但我说的是真的。A: Many people say they mean it, and I still see them before me.A:很多人说他们是认真的,但我仍然看见他们在我面前。B: I wont be one of those people. B:我不会是那些人中的一个。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201602/423043。

unit 299 买钢笔dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can I help you?A:你要买点什么?B:How much is this pen?B:这钢笔多少钱?A:Ten Yuan.A:10元。B:And how much is this pencil?B:这铅笔多少钱?A:One Yuan.A:1元。B:Heres fifteen Yuan.B:这是15元。A:And heres your change. Please check if it is correct.A:这是找你的钱。请核对是否正确。B:OK, thats right.B:嗯,没错。A:Welcome to come again.A:欢迎下次光临。B:OK.B:好的。 /201601/420737。

only to 结果却only too非常The police hurried to the spot,only tofind that the damaged car had been taken away.警察急忙赶到现场,结果发现被毁的汽车已经被人拖走了。He got to the station,only tofind the bus had gone.他到了车站,结果发现汽车开走了。I was only toopleased to help.我很乐意帮忙。A child are difficult as we know only toowell.小孩子都很难对付,就像我们知道的。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:SmethilyFM /201604/434955。

1.惯用口语句子:Im sorry. Im so sorry.我感到很难过。Im sorry to hear that.听到这个我感到很难过。You have my deepest sympathy.向你表示我最深切的慰问。Please accept my sympathy.请接受我的慰问,sympathy n. 同情,慰问Were filled with deep sorrow.我们感到很悲痛。I share your sorrow.我跟你一样悲痛。sorrow n. 悲痛,悲哀Youre in our prayers.我们为你祈祷。prayer n. 祈祷(其动词是pray)What a pity! Thats a pity!真遗憾啊!It must be tough for you. It must be hard on you.你肯定很难受。tough a. 难忍受的,困苦的I understand how you feel. I know the way you feel. I know how you feel.我理解你的感受。I understand/know.我理解。It couldve happened to anybody.这事谁都珂能发生。It happens.这种事常发生。Many people have had this kind of trouble.许多人都遇到过这样的麻烦。You cant let it bother you too much.你不能为这件事过度烦恼。Dont worry about it too much.不要过于担忧了。We will find a way out.我们会找到解决办法的。Things will get better.会好起来的。I feel relieved to hear that. I feel much better after hearing that.这么说我就放心了。relieved a. 放心的Thats a weight off my mind.心里一块石头总算落地了。off ones mind“不再挂念”Glad its all over.很高兴一切都结束了。Forget about it.忘了这事吧。 /201503/366830。

上个周末,我给园艺俱乐部烤了一盘曲奇饼干。把它们晾凉的时候,我出去买了趟东西。但等我回来的时候,发现有六块曲奇饼干不翼而飞了。我爸妈和弟弟都都一口否认说自己没吃。可等到晚饭时,丈夫终于觉得愧疚,告诉我饼干是他吃的,让我哭笑不得。这让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是:come clean.大家都知道,clean意思是“干净的”。Come clean字面意思是“变得干净”,实际上它是“坦白承认,说出一切”的意思。我弟弟就是这样,这谎再也撒不下去了,he had to come clean. 不得不坦白交待了偷吃饼干的事情。在下面的例子里,这位妈妈最开始不愿意告诉女儿一件事儿,但后来她改变了想法,和盘托出。我们来听一听:例句-1:Mom came out of the doctors office like everything was fine. Later, I overheard her on the phone talking about going to the hospital. When she realized Id been listening, she came clean. She admitted that she was going to need heart surgery, and didnt want me to worry.这段话是说:妈妈从诊所出来的时候看起来跟平常没什么两样。可是后来,我听到她在电话上说什么她要去住院。她发现我听到了,就索性把一切都坦白地告诉了我。她说她需要进行心脏手术,但是不想让我担心。父母都一样,出了什么健康问题都不告诉子女,生怕子女担心。我上次就因为类似的事情跟我爸好好谈了一次。我问他,如果我要做手术不告诉他,结果出了问题,他会怎样想?所以说,不管遇到什么为难的事,不管是经济方面的,健康上的,还是吃了官司,都不能隐瞒家人。Its always best to come clean. 你都应该坦白说出来。******说起come clean坦白,很容易让人想到犯罪和案件的审理。下面例子里就提到了一起案件,案件嫌疑人正在接受调查人员的讯问。让我们来听听看:例句-2:The interrogator had doubts that the suspect would talk. But now that she understands she risks going to jail for many years, shes coming clean. Shes confessing everything: how she planned the burglary and got her friends to help her carry it out.这段话是说:审问人员开始并不知道嫌疑人会不会交代。但是如今,她明白,不老实交代就可能会面临多年监禁,所以她把一切都说了,从她怎样策划这次入室抢劫,到她的朋友如何帮助她实施,交代得一清二楚。她这是正确决定。如果现在不坦白,之后被查出来,被判处的刑罚会重得多。就我来说,我觉得我想犯罪都没那个本事!我根本不知道怎么骗人,更别说帮别人骗人了!Im the type of person who comes clean rather quickly. 我如果做错了什么事情,我肯定很快就招了。 /201701/488479。

小咖实用英语口语 第53期:万圣节halloween /201505/360527。