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一直以来人们都认为男人更擅长做体力活,使用一些笨重的工具,比如说锤子等。但是,研究表明,在某些需要使用锤子的时候,女性会更擅长一些。We might think women are not as adept as men at wielding heavy tools, like say, hammers, according to popular stereotypes.Turns out that women may have a leg up when it comes to hammering in certain situations. This was announced at the recent Experimental Biology annual meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.Scientists measured the accuracy and force of men and women's blows to a metal plate. They also tested their hammer style in rooms that were either brightly lit or pitch dark. (Glow-in-the-dark stickers marked the targets.)Indeed they found that men struck twice as hard as the women. But women were 25 percent more accurate than men in well-lit conditions. Surprisingly both sexes were better than expected at hammering in the dark, although men had an advantage, with about 10 percent higher accuracy.The researchers theorize that maybe men and women inherently use different strategies, putting more emphasis on either force or accuracy, respectively. But these are preliminary results. They intend to do further studies with larger sample sizes in different conditions.But for now that old stereotype might need to be retooled.注解:leg up n. (对上马或跨跃障碍时的)帮助turn out 结果是;明是07/76638Recently released data from the 2010 U.S. census shows significant growth in the nation's Hispanic population. And nowhere has that growth been more dramatic than in the southwestern state of Texas, the state with the biggest overall population increase during the past decade. Experts say the demographic shifts pose a challenge for the state and that its future prosperity will depend on how Texas meets that challenge.最近公布的2010年美国人口普查数据显示,美国的拉美裔人口显著增长,而增幅最大的是西南部的德克萨斯州。德州是过去10年来总人口增长最多的州。专家表示,人口结构变化给州政府带来了很大挑战,未来的繁荣有赖于德州如何应对这些挑战。Not long ago, the annual Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Luncheon was the city's biggest Hispanic business event of the year. Now it is the biggest business event of any kind in the city, drawing many non-Hispanic figures from industry and government as well as Latino business owners.不久前,休斯敦拉美裔商会每年一次的午餐会还是休斯敦规模最大的拉美裔商业活动。如今,这个午餐会已经变成休斯敦所有活动中规模最大的一个,不但吸引拉美裔商家,也吸引了商界和政府中许多非拉美裔参加。During the past four years, under the leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer Laura Murillo, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has experienced a 600 percent growth in membership. She says Houston's young population, its location and the business-friendly environment in Texas all help.过去四年里,在首席执行官劳拉·穆里洛的领导下,休斯敦拉美裔商会的会员增加了百分之600。劳拉把这归功于休斯敦的年轻人口、地理位置以及德州的重商氛围。"Our chamber, for example, has attracted many sponsors that had traditionally gone to Miami or Los Angeles," noted Murillo. "They are coming to Houston now because they have found that the economy of Houston is so much stronger than it is in other parts of the country."她说:“比如,我们商会吸引了很多原来一直去迈阿密和洛杉矶的赞助商。现在他们来到了休斯敦,因为他们发现休斯敦的经济比美国其它地方都强劲。”Many businesses here see an advantage in hiring local Hispanics who can help them build links with Latin America.这里很多商家看到了在当地雇用拉美裔员工的优势,这些员工可以帮助他们和拉丁美洲建立联系。Francisco Grados works for an accounting firm whose workforce is now 30 percent Hispanic.弗朗西斯科·格拉多在一家会计公司工作,公司员工百分之30是拉美裔。"We have several clients from Latin America, Spain," said Grados. "And even though they speak English, they feel more confident, secure speaking Spanish. And it is an advantage to be bilingual."他说:“我们有一些拉美和西班牙客户,虽然他们也讲英语,但是他们讲西班牙语会更自信,觉得更安全。因此,能讲双语的确是个优势。”201104/131956Olympic-sized profits 菲尔普斯 Multiple-gold medalist Michael Phelps talks about endorsement deals and his investment strategy.Well, they wowed us in the water in Beijing and now they are swimming in the investment pool on Wall Street. I’m surrounded by gold, everybody, Natalie Coughlin, Brian Locke, Michael Phelps, welcome back to the U.S. and congratulations. So we won’t talk about money, now that you, all the hard work is over. Don’t cough and get choked up, Michael. I mean this is the time to strike what the iron is hot. So on the one hand you wanna take an advantage of all these endorsements and on the other hand I would imagine you wanna delude the brand. Is that your strategy?Um, you know, I think I’ve been working a lot with my agent Peter Carlisle trying to discuss of, you know, what are some of the best options for me. You know, we gonna go with the things that really suit sort of my personality and what I want to do.Ok, what one of those things you like to do is you like to eat a lot with eight to ten thousand calories a day? That’s what I’m supposed to try to get.So you gonna be like, you gonna be going working with a lot of food companies?I guess, we’ll see, we’ll see what it works.Well you’re with Kellogg’s right now, right?Yes.How many boxes of cereal with that take?8~10 thousand probably take a few boxes or few cases, so it’d be a lot of cereal.What some of the other companies that you work with seriously you think are good fit right now?So be perfectly honest, I’ve been, award went toward from one thing after another. Peter and I really have had a time to sit down and discuss. What he is coming, err, what I guess, what’s coming across the table and what I have mine, so when we have a free moment, we gonna sit down and discuss everything.Can I name few companies that are supposedly associated with your name? Well, of course there is Kellogg’s, Visa, Speedo, Rosetta Stone, Pure Sport, AT amp; T.I was wondering I’m going now, yes.And they would be added to your name.Maybe, maybe I’ll see.What about investing for the future, we’ve talked about so much, met your mom and you know, talked a lot about all of the sacrifice growing-up. Is something like Wall Street, something that you’re even thinking about investing some of the endorsement money that you’re going to be earning right now? I’ve, I actually had a financial advisor. I’ve been working with him for the past year, so I do have some money invested all of the places.You wanna give us some secrets?My secrets are my secrets, come on. I won’t let anyone else figure them around now.200811/55053

Chinese factory fears Normally shut down this time of year, factories in China open their doors to stranded workers. CNN's Eunice Yoon reportsBlizzards, icy weather and freezing temperatures, that pretty much sums up what China's had to deal with for more than a week now. It's left millions stranded and sent a big chill right through the economy. Asia Business Editor Eunice Yoon has more details on that. Eunice, things do look like they are improving a bit at the moment, but you know, really it has been an atrocious situation for so many millions of people.It really has. I mean for more than a week now, migrant workers have been huddled at train stations with little hope of catching a ride home. But it's not just the workers who have been left out in the cold.The start of the Lunar New Year, generally a slow time for business in China. Most factories shut down as millions of workers head home for the holiday. But this year with China's worst winter in half a century, halting trains and traffic, manufacturers like Goldlok are getting y for some workers to return earlier than expected. "Some of them, you know, twenty percent almost start coming back to the factory because there's a lot of traffic jam on the station. And that's why we need to reopen the factory for them."Heavy snowfall paralyzed sections of the country's rail system, leaving millions of people---many of them factory workers---stranded. Some services are resuming, still with the backlog of travelers, the government urged migrant workers to cash in their tickets and spend their only holiday for the year back at their factory dormitories."We need to have some people to especially to care their emotional needs. They leaving their hometown, you know, and work for a whole year and what their hope is going back home to visit their family, so if they can not go back because of the traffic, they would be very very upset."It's a painful move for manufacturers, too. They have the added expense of reopening factories early at a time when the snowstorms have caused power shortages and are threatening to delay shipments. Analysts say it adds to growing concerns and costs for exporters."China's export sector has its own problem. The production cost went up quite a bit. And the new labor law certainly has all kinds of implications to the cost and exchange rate continue to appreciate."Not a very auspicious start to 2008.Some economists said that the severe weather is likely to affect exports for January and possibly into February. And as far as the longer term forecast. Eunice, do you think that the effects of the snowstorm are going to be felt down the road? "Well, not for exports, but definitely for food prices. We're aly seeing a spike in a lot of the prices for staple vegetables, such as cabbages, some of them as high as 50% up. But going down the road a lot of economists say that the summer crops have likely been severely damaged, that's going to escalate inflation in China at a time when they really don't need er, higher prices up, but one thing that I thought was pretty interesting is that even further down the road for the autumn crops, some economists that I have been talking to say that those crops might benefit from the snowfall because there is more melted water or melted snow which turns, of course, into water, and right now there is a water shortage in China. So that's, of course, another possibility, er, positive possibility down the road." Notes: blizzard: A violent snowstorm with winds blowing at a minimum speed of 35 miles (56 kilometers) per hour and visibility of less than one-quarter mile (400 meters) for three hours03/63455

American alpine skier Bode Miller, 32, is a four-time world champion and two-time overall World Cup champion. Now he can finally call himself an Olympic champion after winning the gold medal Sunday in the men's combined event at Whistler Mountain.美国高山滑雪运动员迪·米勒曾赢得过4次世界冠军和2次世界杯冠军。他星期天在惠斯勒高山滑雪场赢得一面全能金牌之后,终于为自己加上了奥运冠军的头衔。Bode Miller can now stop listening to all the critics with regard to his Olympic performances. Not that he ever did.米勒现在可以不去理会人们喋喋不休地批评他在奥运会上的表现了。Eight years ago, before the Salt Lake City Winter Games, there were high hopes that he would win multiple gold medals. But Miller disappointed many by winning only two silvers, in the giant slalom and the combined, which features one downhill run and one slalom run.8年前,在盐湖城冬季奥运会之前,人们对米勒赢得多面金牌抱以厚望。结果,米勒只得到两面银牌,令许多人大失所望。Expectations for Miller were even greater ahead of the 2006 Turin Olympics. After all, in 2005 he had won two alpine world championship gold medals in another Italian city, Bormio. Those came in the downhill and Super G (super giant slalom). He had also won the overall World Cup title that season and became only the second man ever to win at least one race in each of the four standard World Cup disciplines - slalom, giant slalom Super G and downhill.在2006年都灵冬奥会之前,人们对米勒的期望更高了。毕竟,他2005年曾赢得了速降和超级大回转两项世界冠军,那个赛季他还登上了世界杯全能冠军的宝座,成为第二个在世界杯四项赛事--回转、大回转、超级大回转和速降--每一项都至少赢过一次的运动员。Some believed Miller could perhaps win five gold medals, but he did far worse in Turin than the previous Olympics in Salt Lake City, winning no medals and a best finish of fifth in the downhill. He was sixth in the giant slalom, was disqualified in one race and he failed to complete his other two races because of missed gates.有人认为米勒可能会赢得5面金牌,但实际上他在都灵的战绩远远不如在盐湖城那一届,他一面奖牌都没有,最好的成绩是速降第5名。And it got worse. He made things difficult for U.S. Olympic team officials with his partying and then shocking comments on network television about skiing drunk.更糟糕的是,他由于开派对,而且还就电视台关于运动员酗酒问题的口出狂言而给美国奥林匹克运动队官员出了难题。Bode Miller eventually left the U.S. Ski Team because he did not want to follow its structure, and went out on his own for two years. Then he nearly retired because he was tired of the grind and some nagging injuries.最后,由于米勒不想受美国滑雪队的约束而离队,他自行安排训练和比赛两年之久,而且一度因为厌倦了压力和伤痛而考虑退休。201002/97299

The hotel is run by owner Mrs. Fleischer. "It's so nervous." For years, her friends have been trying to convince her to undertake a tandem parachute jump. And now, at the ripe old age of 65, she has finally agreed to take the plunge. Skydiving isn't for the faint-hearted, But it can be for the young-at-heart. She has a good jump and lands conveniently, directly in front of her own hotel. "I want to do it again." "It was good. You did a great job,ma'am." "Grandmother has survived." Her first jump is a big event in Voss and a reason for all her friends to 1 with champagne. Meanwhile, our German couple, C. and L. decide to take on one of the most spectacular boat trips in Norway. They are on their way to see the Geirangerfjord. (Hello.) First stop on the boat is the captin's deck and a special look at what goes on behind the scenes. It's very interesting to see all these stuff inside. I think we have … Autopilot they get, huh? The monitor and … The landscape is worth taking a closer look. They can see the first outlined parts of the fjord. This is the fjord of all fjords. The Geiranger is the embodiment of the Norwegian idyllic countryside. A 2 relic of the Ice Age, it has 1000-meter-high sheer rockfaces and branches penetrating up to 100 kilometers in land.注释:① take the plunge 冒险尝试;采取决定性步骤例句:1.The climber never seems to take the plunge until he gets to know the mountain. 登山者在对大山了如指掌之前是不会轻易冒险攀登的。② tandem n. 串联;串座双人自行车 adj. 串联的例句:1. How many people are going to do a tandem jump?一共有多少人参加跳伞活动?2. I've never ridden a tandem bicycle before.我从来没骑过双人自行车。③ embodiment n. 体现;化身;具体化例句:1. She's the embodiment of kindness. 她是慈祥的化身。2. The new factory is the embodiment of the very latest ideas. 这座新工厂是那些最新设想的体现。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156396

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