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A road safety campaign in Russia has come up with an inventive way to ce drivers to slow down - by using topless women to carry speed limit signs.近日,俄罗斯一个道路安全宣传活动用颇具创意的方式让路上的司机减速:那就是让裸胸美女在路边举着限速牌The scheme involves near naked women parading along the side of the road at accident blackspots.该活动还包括让衣着清凉的女性在事故多发路段游行A trial showed that the idea significantly slowed traffic near a pedestrian crossing in Severny village, in the central Nizhny Novgorod region.在下诺夫哥罗德区中心的塞弗尼村开展的公路安全活动试点结果显示,这一举措的效果还不错,车辆在经过人行横道时都会减速Road safety campaign Avtodrizhenia, who staged the trial, said that most speeding drivers, the majority of whom happened to be men, slowed down to admire the female road safety assistants.本次交通安全宣传活动的发起人Avtodrizhenia说道:“大多数超速司机(主要是男性)会把车速降下来欣赏这些协助维持交通安全的女性”While the trial dates from , the idea has been revived as part of a new national debate on reducing the 30,000 a year deaths on Russia roads.其实这项试点活动从年就开始了,但近来由于俄罗斯国内又在争论如何减少每年3万起交通死亡事故,这个创意就重新获得了关注The topless women held signs warning of 60 and 0 kilometres per hour. There were no reports of accidents caused by drivers being distracted.裸胸女性高举时速60公里和0公里的限速警告牌目前还没有司机分心而造成事故的报道Elderly pedestrians were grateful the bizarre method, claiming they took their lives in their hands each time they use the designated road crossing.老年人对这一不走寻常路的活动十分持,他们表示,每次过交叉路口时,都好像与“死神擦肩而过”One female pensioner said: Drivers do not let us cross. Some of them do but many others just fly past. They even shout at us - why are you walking here? Can you believe it?一名老妇人说道:“那些司机从来不让我们先过马路,有些人会慢下来让我们通过,但很多人都会飞快驶过你能相信吗?他们甚至朝我们大喊大叫--你们为什么从这儿走?”One of the models who stripped off the experiment said: Our drivers usually do not slow down when they pass a village or a settlement even though there are speed limit signs by the road. So we have to make them do it.参加该活动的一位女模特表示:“司机们在通过村庄或交叉路口时通常不会减速即使有限速标志也没用所以,我们必须让他们慢下来”A male driver said: It super thing, amazing. Id like to see more of this by the road, and yes I looked at speed limit sign this time. It will teach other drivers too.一位男性司机则对此表示:“这个主意太棒了,我很乐意在路边看到更多美女限速牌,而且这回我真的看到了限速标志别的司机也一定会看的” 663A: Hi, I need to see a doctor soon!B: Do you feel this is an emergency?A: My chest feels tight, and I can’t catch my breath.B: Did this come on suddenly?A: It started yesterday.B: If you feel this is a real emergency, you should dial 9 the paramedics.A: I don’t want to dial 9, but I want to see a doctor right now.B: Do you have transportation to our Urgent Care facility on Sunset Blvd.?A: My friend can drive me to Urgent Care.B: That will work out well. Remember, if you have major problems, call 9. 5556A: How are you doing?B: I’m fine, thank you.A: Did you need our help with a move?B: Yes, I do need your help with a move.A: What can we move you?B: I need all my furniture moved.A: Will we be picking the furniture up from an apartment or a house?B: You’ll be taking it from my old apartment.A: Are we moving the furniture to a house or an apartment?B: To my new house.A: We can do the move you, but first I’m going to need some more inmation.B: Thanks a lot. I’ll give you all the inmation you need.

本文选自Veronica Mars 《校园神探这段是Logan和他的同学Gia在学校舞会的对话,Gia一直对Logan有好感,借这个机会她开始表达自己的想法,想问问Logan对自己的感受Gia Goodman: a friendship to work, you have to be completely honest. Which is something I have absolutely no problem with. But you... you run from the truth. Logan Echolls: Only when it's chasing me.Gia Goodman: Do you know what I think? I think you use sarcasm and anger as a way to keep people from getting to close to you. Logan Echolls: You know, I do. But it doesn't always work.Gia Goodman: Tell me what you think about me. Seriously. Be completely honest. Logan Echolls: Gia...Veronica Mars: Dance with me.Logan Echolls: Oh, God. You know, when I dreamed of this moment, ‘I've Had the time of My Life' was always playing. Oh, what can you do?重点知识讲解:1. chasing adj. 追赶 口语表达(对某人追逐)例句: My dog likes chasing rabbits. 我的喜欢追逐兔子. sarcasm n. 讽刺,嘲笑例句: His book commingles sarcasm and sadness. 他的作品混合了挖苦与悲伤3. have no problem with 对......没有问题例句: With her help, he ought to have no problem. 有了她的帮助,他应当不会有什么问题. run from 逃避例句: He is on the run from the police. 他正在逃避警方的追缉汉语译文:Gia: 对于友谊,你必须彻底真诚,真诚这东西,我对此没有问题但是你,你在逃避真诚Logan: 只有被逼的时候才会逃避Gia: 你知道我怎么想的吗?我认为你用讽刺和愤怒防止别人接近你的内心Logan: 我是这样的,但是并非总是成功的Gia: 告诉我,你怎么看我说真的,别骗我Logan: Gia…Veronica: 和我跳舞Logan: 哦,天啊,你知道吗,我梦中这一刻,背景音乐总是“我曾经度过美好的时光”,哦,你说我能怎么办呢?课后题目: 学习完后,你知道Gia 用文中哪句话向Logan表达自己的想法了吗? 76Ways resolving disputes 解决纠纷方式A: It is inevitable to have some disputes in doing international trade business. Could you tell me how to resolve the dispute in your country?国际贸易中偶尔发生纠纷是避免不了的事在贵国是怎样解决这些纠纷的呢?B: These are several ways. The best is to achieve consensus through consultation.有多种方式最好的方法是通过双方协商圆满解决A: Would you seek the legal means if the consultation cant help resolve the dispute?如果协商解决不了的话,通过法律就是说依靠国家权力来解决吗?B: Litigation is of course a way of resolving dispute. But actually we dont use it frequently.诉讼当然是解决纠纷的一种手段不过实际上很少使用这种方式A: Then what should we do?那怎么办呢?B: Usually through arbitration.一般来说是通过仲裁来解决A: Does the final judgement by arbitration have binding ce on the parties concerned?那仲裁做出的决定是终决,对当事人是有约束力的吧B: Yes.是的1.;binding;是;有约束力的,负有义务;的意思,例如:This regulation is binding on everybody. (本规则皆须遵守). ;legal means;是;法律途径;的意思,;means;有;方法,手段;的意思,例如:means of fiscal policy(财政政策手段) 5

A young woman has become an Instagram star without ever posting a picture of her face.一名年轻女子从未发过一张露脸的照片,却成了Instagram上的红人Natalia Gutkiewicz, , snubs the ;selfie queen; craze and instead uploads somewhat mundane snapshots of her day-to-day life - and has gathered 1,000 followers as a result.岁的纳塔利娅·古特基维茨没有跟风走“自拍女王”的路线,而是上传略显平凡的日常生活照,并凭此吸粉.万Natalia, who is from Warsaw, Poland, now works as a media manager in London, only publishes pictures of her friends faces.纳塔利娅是波兰华沙人,目前在伦敦做媒体经理By turning her back to the camera - or covering her head with an arm - Natalia has kept her physical identity completely under wraps.她只发朋友的正面照,自己则要么只露背影,要么用手臂遮挡头部,从未露出过真容And in the three years she has had her Instagram , she has only posted 50 pictures - very few in comparison to the average Instagram sensation.而开通Instagram账号3年来,她只发布了50张图片,跟一般的Instagram网红相比数量非常少Speaking to the Spanish news agency El Mundo, Natalia said: ;They (her followers) always wait the next photo to see if I finally reveal my face.;纳塔利娅向西班牙媒体《世界报透露:“我的粉丝们总是等待着下一张照片,看看我是否终于露出了我的脸”;The interest in my grew day by day, people spent more time on my profile than they usually would, just to see if they could find a photo of what I look like. I walk a fine line between revealing my private life and not being identified.;“人们对我的账户的兴趣越来越大,会比往常花更多的时间来查看我的资料,这么做只是想找一张我露出整张脸的照片我很好地掌握了展露私人生活和保护隐私之间的平衡” 938Terrorist attacks are taking their toll on France tourism industry, with Paris bearing the brunt of a drop in visits by holidaymakers from outside Europe.恐怖袭击正伤及法国旅游业,其中巴黎受到主要冲击,从欧洲以外地区前往巴黎的度假者数量减少Overnight stays fell about % on average this year through July, with high-spending travelers from the US, Asia and the Gulf states reacting strongly to the attacks, according to French Secretary of State Tourism Matthias Fekl.法国旅游国务秘书马蒂亚斯·菲克尔近日表示,截至今年7月底,该国接待的过夜游客人次平均下降约%,来自美国、亚洲和海湾国家的高消费游客对袭击事件做出了强烈反应Luxury accommodation was the worst hit, but travelers from Europe havent canceled their plans, the minister said.这位秘书长表示,高档住宿受创最严重,但是来自欧洲的游客并没有取消他们的计划Tourism is big business France, which has been hit hardest among European countries by Islamic State-inspired killings since the start of last year.旅游业是法国的一大产业,去年年初以来,由;伊斯兰国;组织发起的杀戮事件对欧洲国家造成影响,其中法国受到的影响最大The murder in July of an elderly priest in Normandy and the Bastille Day massacre in Nice followed assaults last year in Paris on concertgoers and a satiric newspaper.继去年发生在巴黎的针对音乐会听众、讽刺报纸的袭击事件后,一位老年牧师今年7月在诺曼底遇害,尼斯也发生了国庆日屠杀事件International flight bookings to Nice dropped 57 percent compared with the previous year from the date of the attack to July 3, while planned arrivals this month and in September were down by about one-fifth.恐怖袭击发生后至7月3日,前往法国尼斯的国际航班预定量比去年同期下滑了57%,而计划于本月底和9月前往的航班预定量也下降了约五分之一 690

881.Good afternoon,sir. Take this chair,please.先生,下午好,请坐这88.Good afternoon. I want a haircut and a shave,please.下午好,请替我理发,并修面883.Very well,how would you like your hair cut?好的,您想剪什么发式?88.Would you keep the same fashion?照这样吗?885.Please have a look,is it all right ?请看一下,效果好吗?886.Would you like to have a shampoo?您要洗头吗?887.Do you want me to shave off your beard?胡须要不要给您刮掉?888.Do you want me to trim your moustache?要不要把您的胡须修剪一下?889.How would you like your hair done,madam?Permanent,cold wave,or washed and dressed?夫人,您的头发式想电烫,冷烫,还是洗一洗做?890.Can you show me some patterns of hair styles?您能否给我看一些发型的式样?

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