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Airbnb has announced a raft of policies to fight discrimination at the home-sharing platform, after user complaints and academic studies found bias against non-white users.在用户投诉以及学术研究发现非白人用户遭遇偏见后,Airbnb宣布了一系列政策来解决这个居所共享平台的歧视问题。The issue of discrimination is one that cuts to the quick at many Silicon Valley tech companies, where most start-up founders and executives are white men.歧视问题戳到了很多硅谷科技公司的痛处,多数初创公司的创始人和高管都是白人男性。Airbnb’s new policies include increasing the number of instant book rooms (which are less prone to discrimination), establishing a team of engineers to fight bias, and asking all Airbnb users to sign an anti-discrimination agreement.Airbnb的新政策包括增加即刻预定房间(不容易出现歧视),组建一个工程师团队来对抗偏见,同时要求Airbnb所有用户签订一份反歧视协议。The online room-letting service is also experimenting with reducing the prominence of profile photos for guests, to reduce discrimination by hosts.这个在线房间出租务还在尝试降低租客档案照片的重要性,以减少房东的歧视。A report that Airbnb commissioned from Laura Murphy, a former official at the American Civil Liberties Union, found that part of the reason the company was slow to address discrimination concerns was the company’s employees are not sufficiently diverse.Airbnb委托美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)前官员劳拉#8226;墨菲(Laura Murphy)所作的报告发现,该公司解决歧视问题进程缓慢的部分原因是该公司员工不够多元化。In response, Airbnb has pledged to increase its ratio of minority employees, from 9.6 per cent today to 11 per cent by the end of 2017, and to increase its procurement from minority suppliers.作为回应,Airbnb承诺提高少数族裔员工的比例,从当前的9.6%提高至2017年底的11%,并且增加从少数族裔供应商采购。The company is also working with community-based organisations to encourage more minorities to act as Airbnb hosts.该公司还与社区组织合作,鼓励更多少数族裔成为Airbnb的房东。Airbnb, which has shaken up the global hospitality industry, is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent private tech companies, but in recent months it has become a lightning rod for discussions about diversity in the industry.撼动了全球酒店行业的Airbnb,是硅谷最著名的私有科技公司之一,但是最近几个月它在业内引发了围绕多元化的讨论。Last December a Harvard University study found Airbnb travellers with black-sounding names were less likely to book a room, and this year several Airbnb users complained of discrimination from hosts. 去年12月,哈佛大学(Harvard University)的一份研究显示,Airbnb上名字听起来像黑人的旅客不太可能租到房屋,今年一些Airbnb用户投诉受到了房东的歧视。In her report, Ms Murphy said Airbnb’s own research had confirmed that minorities struggle more than others to book a listing.墨菲在报告中称,Airbnb自己的研究实少数族裔比其他人更难订到房间。Since those complaints emerged Brian Chesky, chief executive, has been frank about Airbnb’s shortcomingsin dealing with discrimination. 自从接到投诉后,Airbnb首席执行官布赖恩#8226;切斯基(Brian Chesky)对公司在处理歧视时的缺陷毫无隐瞒。We have been slow to address these problems, and for this I am sorry, he said in an email sent to all Airbnb users yesterday. I take responsibility for any pain or frustration this has caused members of our community.我们在解决这些问题时进程缓慢,我对此表示抱歉,他在昨天发送给Airbnb所有用户的电子邮件中表示,我对这给我们社区成员造成的任何痛苦或失望负责。The company’s plans also include mandatory anti-bias training for all employees, as well as an Open Doors policy that will provide special assistance for any guest who experiences -discrimination.该公司的计划还包括对所有员工强制进行反偏见培训,并推出了一项开门政策,为经历了歧视的房客提供特别协助。 /201609/465863Girls just gotta have fries猜猜女性的最爱食品?What do you think is typical "girl food" and "guy food"? Maybe salads and steak?Not even close.We asked Harry Balzer, vice president of the NPD Group research firm, to look at 30 years of data on what Americans eat."Every day, since 1976, we have asked 3,500 people if they have gone to a restaurant and what they ordered," Balzer said.The most common thing women order? French fries.No kidding. Women order fries more often than any other food. Here's another surprise: The second-most-ordered food by women is burgers, followed by pizza. A main-dish salad comes in seventh.For men, the most-ordered item is burgers, followed by french fries and pizza. A main-dish salad is No. 10.Still, Balzer says there are some differences in eating choices."Men want to eat the same thing over and over, but women will try new things. They're more experimental. They like all those bs that men can't pronounce, like ciabatta and focaccia." (That's cha-BATT-uh and fo-KAH-chuh, fellas.)Balzer says it's not surprising that some of the fast-food chains are promoting double and triple burgers in ads aimed at men. "Men figure if one is good, two's a lot better. It's why we have razors with five blades."(Agencies)你觉得典型的“女性食品”和“男性食品”是什么?是沙拉和牛排吗?不沾边。我们请NPD集团调查公司副总裁哈里·鲍尔泽先生查阅了30年来有关美国人饮食的数据资料。鲍尔泽说:“从1976年开始,我们每天都会对3500人做个调查,问他们是否去了餐馆,以及他们都点了些什么。”那么,女性点的最多的是什么呢?炸薯条。不是开玩笑。女性点炸薯条的频率比其他任何食物都要高。同时,让人惊讶的是:女性点的第二多的食品竟是汉堡,其次是比萨饼。主餐沙拉则排在第七位。男性点的最多的是汉堡,其次是薯条和比萨饼。主餐沙拉位于第十。鲍尔泽先生说,男女在食品选择上还是存在着一些差别的。“男性喜欢反复吃一种东西,而女性则会去尝试新食品。她们更倾向于试验。那些男性甚至叫不上名的面包,她们通通喜欢,比如ciabatta(查巴塔)和focaccia(佛卡夏)。”鲍尔泽说,一些快餐店专门针对男性做双层和三层汉堡的促销广告,这并不奇怪。“男人们会认为,如果一个好,那么两个会更好。这也是商家推出带5个刀片的剃须刀的原因。”Vocabulary:French fries: 炸薯条experimental: 试验性的 /200803/32059

What happens when the wave of encryption rippling through the personal technology world washes up against the realities of the data economy? 当个人科技产品世界掀起的加密浪潮拍上数字化经济的现实时,会发生什么情况? Most of the recent debate over the sp of encryption has centred on the implications for personal privacy and national security. Less has been said about business: in particular, what a greater use of encryption will mean for the usability of tech products and services, and for the business models that rely on capturing and extracting value from data. 近期围绕普及加密技术的讨论,主要集中在加密之于个人隐私及国家安全的意义,较少涉及其在商业方面的影响。特别是,加密技术的广泛使用对科技产品及务的可用性、以及依赖于从数据中挖掘价值的商业模式来说意味着什么? This week, it was WhatsApp’s turn to push encryption deeper into everyday life, with the news that conversations between its 1bn users will be scrambled. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app, has aly run into problems in Brazil for not storing messages demanded by a court. Now, it will not be able to “” real-time communications either. 这回轮到WhatsApp让加密技术更深入人们的日常生活——上周,有报道称,其10亿用户之间的对话内容将被加密。Facebook的这款通讯应用软件此前已在巴西惹上麻烦,原因是其未按法院要求存储信息。现在,它也将无法“读取”实时对话了。 When the makers of mass-market products and services make a show of taking steps such as this to protect their users, it can shift expectations. Although Apple’s legal fight with the US government over an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino killers ended inconclusively, it sent a clear message about the lengths the company would go to to protect its users. 当大众市场产品及务的提供商故意表现出要采取此类措施保护用户的姿态时,这可能会改变人们的期望。尽管苹果(Apple)与美国政府的法律之争——围绕圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手一部加密iPhone——已无果而终,但这明确传达出了苹果不遗余力保护用户的态度。 At least at the device level, encryption is quickly becoming the norm. Amazon’s reversal last month over its latest Fire operating system proved the point. News that the software no longer encrypts data as a matter of course brought an instant outcry from privacy activists — forcing the company to backtrack hastily with a promise to restore the capability in a future update. 至少在设备层面上,加密正在迅速成为行业惯例。上个月,亚马逊(Amazon)围绕其最新Fire操作系统的态度大转变便明了这一点。有关该软件不再把数据加密作为理所当然的义务的新闻一经报道,立刻引起了隐私维权人士的强烈抗议——迫使该公司匆忙转变态度,承诺在未来的更新版本中重新恢复加密技术。 After delays, Google has also moved to default encryption in the most recent release of Android, its mobile operating system. Not that many of the world’s Android users will see the benefit in the short term: five months after the software’s release, only 2.6 per cent of Android phones are running the latest operating system, according to the company. 在数次推迟后,谷歌(Google)也在最新发布的手机操作系统Android中默认采用加密功能。并非很多Android用户都会在短期内看到加密的好处:根据谷歌的数据,在该版本发布5个月后,只有2.6%的Android手机运行了最新版本的操作系统。 But this is only one side of the story. Few people would want to lock all their data into a single gadget. Besides the risk of loss, it would be to turn back the clock on one of the main benefits of cloud computing: accessing personal information from different devices. The San Bernardino terrorists also used Apple’s iCloud, even if the last time they backed up data from an iPhone was some seven weeks before last year’s shootings. 但是,这只是故事的一方面而已。没有多少人想把所有的信息都锁在一台设备中。除了丢失的风险,这还相当于让时光倒流到没有云计算的时代——利用云技术,用户可以在不同设备上访问个人信息。贝纳迪诺击案中的恐怖分子也用苹果iCloud,虽然他们最后一次对iPhone数据进行备份是在击案发生前7周左右。 Data in iCloud are encrypted — but, crucially, Apple has the keys, making it possible for courts to order it to hand over information. As a result, since its fight with the FBI, Apple has also been looking at how to put encrypted iCloud data beyond its own reach. 存储在iCloud的数据也是经过加密的——但是,关键是苹果掌握着iCloud的钥匙,所以法院可以命令苹果交出信息。因此,自从与美国联邦调查局(FBI)抗争之后,苹果也在寻找将iCloud加密数据脱离自己掌控的办法。 There are good reasons, though, to think this drive towards strong encryption will reach a natural limit. Putting cloud-based data beyond the reach of the companies hosting it would limit its value. At the most basic level, it would mean users would not be able to recover their personal information if they forgot their passwords. 不过,我们有理由认为,这股朝着“强加密”发展的趋势将自然而然达到一个极限。让云数据脱离科技公司掌控的做法会限制数据的价值。最简单来说,这意味着一旦用户忘记了密码,他们将无法找回个人信息。 Making information unable would also make it harder to tailor many online services. Personalisation is the great hope for a world awash with too much data. Shaping digital experiences relies on being able to analyse a user’s personal and behavioural information. 使数据不可读也会令企业难以定制在线务。在充斥着太多数据的世界,个性化被寄予了很大希望。打造数字化体验,依赖于分析用户的个人数据和行为信息。 There are also powerful economic motivations for limiting encryption. As Harvard University’s Berkman Center said in a recent report , the advertising businesses of companies such as Google and Facebook rely on being able to target adverts based on what they know about their users. 还有强大的经济动因撑着对加密技术加以限制。正如哈佛大学(Harvard University)伯克曼中心(Berkman Center)在最近一份报告中所说的那样,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等公司的广告业务依赖于根据他们对用户的了解来针对性地投放广告。 Many new types of data are also valued for their ability to be processed. For instance, the “internet of things” is founded on the idea of being able to collect, collate and analyse vast amounts of information thrown off by myriad smart objects. Besides sensors, many of these devices will have cameras and microphones: they will, in effect, be watching and listening. 很多新型数据也因为可以被加工而受到重视。例如,“物联网”是基于对众多智能设备释放的大量数据进行收集、整理和分析的理念而建立。除传感器外,很多智能设备将配有摄像头和麦克风:实际上,它们将拥有看和听的功能。 It is no wonder that many in the tech industry reject the idea that the sp of encryption will make life harder for law enforcement, and instead argue that a “golden age of surveillance” is at hand. 难怪很多科技行业人士否认普及加密技术会加大执法难度,相反他们认为“监控的黄金时代”即将到来。 That is hardly a phrase guaranteed to instil confidence in their customers. But privacy concerns often take a back seat when new digital services bring greater convenience to users’ lives. A battle over encryption is set to rage in the coming years, but its impact on the broader data economy should not be overstated. 这不是一个会给他们的用户带来信心的说法。但是,当新的数字化务为用户的生活带来更多便利时,对隐私的担忧往往会靠边站。未来数年,加密之战注定会越演越烈,但是不应该夸大这对数字化经济的影响。 /201604/436869China#39;s first batch of steel wires for making 2.3-mm ballpoint pen tips recently rolled off the production line of Taiyuan Iron And Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. (TISCO), marking a breakthrough in the domestic production of stainless steel balls for ballpoint pens.近日,中国首批用于制作2.3毫米圆珠笔头的钢线从太原钢铁公司的生产线下线,这标志着国内圆珠笔不锈钢珠生产的突破。China, a country that produces 40 million pens each year and has more than 3,000 pen manufacturers, has long relied on imported core technologies — both for the stainless steel ball and its casing — from Japan, Germany and Switzerland.中国拥有3000多家造笔厂、每年生产4000万笔,但是却长期依赖从日本、德国和瑞士进口的核心科技--不锈钢珠和钢珠外的钢壳。In the past, China has spent 120 million RMB (.3 million) annually on such materials.过去,中国每年要花费1.2亿人民币(约合1730万美元)在这些材料上。Both the machines and raw materials needed to produce ballpoint pens require precise technology, which has challenged the industry for years.无论是制造圆珠笔需要的机器还是原材料,都要求精确的技术,多年来这一直是摆在这一行业面前的难题。According to Wang Jinhui, a senior engineer at TISCO, such manufacturing techniques were a core secret in the success of foreign manufacturing enterprises. As a result, China had to develop its own original technology without any guide.据太原钢铁公司一名名叫王金辉的高级工程师表示,这类制造技术是外国制造企业成功的核心秘密。因此,中国不得不在没有指导的情况下发展自己的原创技术。Fortunately, after five years of trial and error, the development program, which started in 2011, finally achieved success.幸运的是,经过五年的实验和多次失败之后,这一始于2011年的开发项目最终取得了成功。The new product is currently being tested at the laborotary of BEIFA, a large stationary production group in China.这项新产品目前正在中国一家大型固定生产组BEIFA的实验室里进行测试。A number of enterprises have aly adopted the new technology from TISCO, and it is expected to replace imported ballpoint pen tips in the next two years.一大批企业已经从太原钢铁公司那里采用了这项新技术,有望在未来两年内代替进口圆珠笔头。 /201701/490167

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