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A collection of 1,606 stamps featuring the Chinese chrysanthemum has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for containing the most stamps in a single series.日前,一套1606枚以中国菊花为特色的邮票,获得了吉尼斯世界纪录的官方认,创下了同一题材邮票枚数最多的纪录。A representative of Guinness World Records made the announcement last Tuesday at the chrysanthemum festival in central China#39;s Kaifeng in Henan Province, where cultivation of chrysanthemums has a history of more than 1,000 years.吉尼斯世界纪录认官上周二在位于中国中部河南省开封市的菊花文化节上宣布了这一消息,开封拥有1000余年的菊花种植历史。First released by China Post Group in 2012, the collection features 1,606 types of chrysanthemum flowers grown in the city. The flowers were depicted in a traditional Chinese painting style.这套邮票由中国邮政集团公司于2012年首次发行,以这座城市种植的1606种菊花为特色。这套邮票上的花都是用传统的中国绘画风格来描绘的。It took the group four more years to release all eight sets in the collection. Copies of the collection will be sold for 1,606 yuan (around 238 U.S. dollars).该集团花了四年多的时间发行全套的8组邮票。这套邮票的副本将以1606元(约238美元)的价格出售。It was not the first time a world record has been set at the chrysanthemum festival. In 2015, a ;full-standing multiflorous chrysanthemum; grafted in Kaifeng earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records for containing the greatest number of chrysanthemum species.这并不是菊花文化节首次创下世界纪录。2015年,在开封嫁接的“世界上嫁接品种最多的大立菊”,创下了菊花品种最多的吉尼斯世界纪录。The chrysanthemum indicates nobleness, dignity and longevity in Chinese culture, making it one of the most popular plants in the country.菊花在中国文化中代表着高贵、尊严和长寿,是我国最受欢迎的植物之一。 /201611/4777081.They#39;re self-absorbed.1.他们自以为是Most cheaters tend to be narcissists or at least share many similar qualities.大多数出轨者往往是自恋狂或者至少有很多类似的品质。If your other half is self-absorbed and lacks empathy, then he or she is more likely to cheat as the attention and admiration they will get from a new love interest will be more important than your feelings and needs.如果你的另一半既自私又缺乏同情心,那么他或她很可能就会出轨,因为他们从新恋情中得到的关注和赞美比你的感受和需求更为重要。2.They#39;re insecure.2.他们没有安全感Insecurity is also a common trait of cheaters. Unfortunately their need to feel loved and have their other half#39;s constant attention can be what leads them to cheat.缺乏安全感也是出轨者的一个共同点。不幸的是,他们需要感受被爱,需要另一半给予持续的关心,这也将导致他们的出轨行为。They are scared that they are not good enough or that they will end up alone, which is why they will try and have a back-up plan.他们害怕自己不够好或者孤独终老,这也是他们尝试并计划一个备胎的原因。3.They are greedy.3.他们是贪婪的People who are more likely to cheat always seem to think that the grass is greener on the other side, which is why they might end up exploring other options in their attempt to #39;strike a better deal#39; for themselves.很可能去欺骗感情的人似乎总是这山望着那山高,这也是他们试图为自己找到一个更好恋情并可能最终试探其它可选对象的原因。4.They accuse you of cheating.4.他们总是指责你在出轨Because they have the urge to cheat, they will think you are the same and will get paranoid whenever you look at someone else or give someone a compliment.因为他们有出轨的冲动,他们认为你也一样并且无论何时你看别人或给别人赞美时总是会疑神疑鬼。What your man sees in you, can only be a reflection of his own thoughts, behaviours and actions. Honest, reliable men never doubt you, because they do not doubt themselves.你的他怎么看你,只能反映他自己的想法、行为和行动。老师说,可靠的男人从不怀疑你,因为他们不怀疑自己。5.They are flirts.5.他们爱调情Cheaters often flirt with everyone, even when you are together. This feeling desired can eventually lead them to cheat on you.甚至你们在一起时,出轨者也经常和别人调情。这种情感需求最终会导致他们对你不忠。6.They are deceptive.6.他们是虚伪的If you#39;ve caught them lying before, then you need to be careful as this indicates the extent of their moral code. Not all liars are cheaters but cheaters are always liars.如果你之前抓到过他们撒谎,那你现在就要小心了因为这表明了他们的道德准则的程度。不是所有说谎的人都是出轨者,但出轨者总是爱说谎。 /201703/495667When I started learning Chinese, I was horrified to hear that it would take me 10 years to become fluent. 27 years later I#39;m still working at it. Due to my work on television, some Chinese language learners may consider me a role model of sorts, but every day I#39;m reminded of what I don#39;t know and how much more there is to learn.当我开始学习中文,当我听说我要花上10年时间才能讲的流利的时候,我吓到了。27年之后我还在学习。由于我在电视剧上做功课,一些中文学习者可能认为我是一个楷模,但其实我每天都在想一些我还没学会的以及今后还有多少需要学习。Who cares how long it takes? Just do it! If you really want to learn Chinese, you will devote yourself to it however long it takes.谁会在乎需要花费多少时间?喜欢就去做。如果你真心想要学习中文,你就要全身心投入不去管到底需要多少时间。Gaining fluency in Chinese is a difficult practice. All manner of things affect how long it will take, from time and dedication, classes you take, and finding a good teacher. Fluency has a different definition in most peoples minds, for the sake of this answer, I am going to consider fluency the ability to and understand a newspaper, as well as engage in complex unscripted* conversation.学会流利中文是一项艰难练习。所有的东西都将决定所花费的时间,时间、投入、上过的课、以及找到一位好的老师。不同的人对流利都有不同的见解,因此,我所认为的流利就是能流利阅读并理解一份报纸,同时能够投入到复杂的无稿交谈中。 /201704/504271

There are tons of foods with superpowers, but only a few of those are “superfruits.” Fruit contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for maintaining overall health. Not only are fruits good for you but they are the perfect on-the-go snack. Rushing out the door? Grab an apple. Having trouble concentrating at work? Munch on some strawberries.有很多的食物都有超能力,但只有少部分能被称上“超级水果。”水果含有各种维生素和营养素,对于维持人们的整体健康必不可少。水果不仅有益于人体健康,而且还是即食的零食。急着出门?那带一个苹果吧。无法集中注意力工作?那就吃些草莓吧。Savor every piece as you bite into one of these juicy superfruits; just remember, not only do they taste good, but they’re healthy, too.尽情享受这些多汁美味的超级水果吧;记住哦:它们不仅美味,还有利于健康哦!Blueberries蓝莓Several studies have shown that blueberries help boost memory and concentration. They contain antioxidants that help stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. Eating them has also been associated with reduced blood pressure, heart disease prevention, and less muscle damage.一些研究已经表明蓝莓可提高,并能让人们的注意力更集中。蓝莓含有抗氧化剂,能刺激血液和氧气流动到大脑中。吃蓝莓还能降低血压、预防心脏病、同时减少肌肉受损。Lemons柠檬Drink lemon water to boost your metabolism, prevent bloating, and build a healthy immune system. It keeps you hydrated and helps your body eliminate waste products while aiding in the body’s digestive system. Lemons also help detox your body, rejuvenate your skin, boost your mood, cleanse your liver, and help relieve heart burn.喝柠檬水可促进新陈代谢、防止腹胀,还能增强免疫系统。能让你水分充足,在帮助身体排出废弃物的同时,还有助于身体的消化系统。柠檬还能排出体内毒素、延缓肌肤衰老、提升你的情绪、净化你的肝脏,同时有助于缓解胃烧灼痛。Apples苹果Apples are a prebiotic fruit; they contain polyphenol antioxidants and the prebiotic pectin, which improves digestive health. They are also a great appetite suppressant. Studies have shown that apples reduce hunger because they are rich in fiber and help balance your blood sugar. This helps make you feel fuller longer, which, in turn, prevents you from snacking on unhealthy foods.苹果是一种益生元水果,含有多酚抗氧化剂和益生元果胶,能促进消化系统健康。苹果也是十分有效的食欲抑制剂。研究已表明:由于苹果富含纤维,因此苹果能减少人们的饥饿感,同时能平衡血糖。这就使你的饱腹感更持久,反过来,能让你不再吃那些不健康的零食。Grapefruits西柚Healthy people always have this fruit in their kitchen, and we can definitely see why. Grapefruits have tons of health benefits such as helping the skin, improving digestion, boosting the metabolism, improving heart health, and fighting gum disease, to name a few.西柚是健康人士的厨房必备水果,原因显而易见。西柚有很多的健康益处,如延缓皮肤衰老、促进消化和新陈代谢、改善心脏健康,同时还能预防牙龈疾病。Mangoes芒果One bite into this juicy fruit will keep you wanting more. Mangoes are not only delicious, but they are really healthy. Research has shown that the antioxidant compounds in mango may help protect against certain cancers. They also help improve eye health, boost the immune system, eliminate acne, and lower cholesterol.尝一口多汁的芒果,你就会明白吃了还想吃的道理。芒果不仅美味,而且还十分有益健康。研究已表明芒果内的抗氧化剂复合物能预防某些癌症。芒果还有利于保护视力、促进免疫系统、缓解疼痛、降低胆固醇。译文属 /201611/479637

S.H.E. is arguably the most successful girl group in the Mando-pop world. S.H.E 可以说是华语流行乐坛里最成功的女子组合。But in many music critics’ and fans’ eyes, Hebe Tien, a member of the crowd-pleasing Taiwan group, only became a real musician, as opposed to just another pop idol, once she released her debut solo album in 2010.但在许多乐评人和歌迷看来,在这个深受大众喜爱的台湾组合中,成员田馥甄(Hebe)在2010年发行了她的首张个人专辑之后,才成为了一位真正的音乐人,而不是又一个流行偶像。On Dec 15, Tien wrapped up her third *consecutive concert at Taipei Arena. 12月15日,Hebe在台北小巨蛋体育馆连唱三场的演唱会圆满落幕。The excited singer didn’t stop her lively performance until 23:15. 这位兴奋的歌手直到23:15分才结束她生龙活虎的演出。Knowing she had to pay NT0,000 (33,000 yuan) for running over, she just laughed a hearty laugh and said: Come on, take my money.在得知她需要付15万台币(约合人民币33,000元)演唱会超时罚款时,她大笑着说:来吧,把我的钱拿去吧。Tien told Taiwan female fashion website Womany that she feels blessed to be able to have her own concerts. 在接受台湾女性时尚网站《女人迷》采访时,Hebe表示,能够开自己的演唱会,她感到十分幸运。On my own stage, I can choose my own songs and present them with reflection on my own life experience. 在我自己的舞台上,我可以选择自己的歌,以我个人生活经历的反思来呈现它们。That’s a real blessing.这真的是一大幸事。She now has a say in her own music too. 现在,她对于自己的音乐也有了发言权。There’s no denying S.H.E.’s commercial *prosperity, but are those catchy love songs – of which many are cover versions of Western hits – really what Tien would like to sing?S.H.E在商业上获得了巨大成功,这一点不可否认,但那些朗朗上口的情歌 —— 许多还是西方热门金曲的翻唱—— 真的是Hebe 想要唱的吗?We know the *headstrong young woman loves her group members but at the same time always dreamed to do the music she really wanted, even if it was an EP of English covers. 我们知道,这位任性的年轻女性很爱组合的其他成员,但她同时也梦想着能做自己真正想做的音乐,哪怕只是一张英文翻唱的迷你专辑。Fortunately for her and her fans though, her dream came true. 对于她和粉丝而言,幸运的是,她的梦想成真了。And what we do know is she has a distinctive *criteria when it comes to song choices for her solo albums. 我们还可以得知的是,在个人专辑的歌曲选择上,Hebe有着与众不同的标准。Latest release Day by Day (《日常》), which dropped in July, for example, tells of the *trivia in her daily life, including brushing her teeth, doing yoga and taking the bus.比如,她今年7月发行的最新专辑《日常》讲述的就是刷牙、做瑜伽、搭公交车等她日常生活中的琐事。But being self-*indulgent when it comes to making music usually leads to a flop. 但随心所欲地做音乐很可能导致失败。The 33-year-old singer, who’s been in showbiz for 16 years, should be well aware of this. 这位已出道16年、现年33岁的歌手应该很了解这一点。But what she knows for sure is the *whopping result a hit can bring. 但她一定知道的是一首热门金曲所带来的巨大反响。The 2015 hit single A Little Happiness (《小幸运》) has won her a number of nominations at both the Golden Horse Awards and Golden Melody Awards.她的2015年热门单曲《小幸运》便获得了金马奖和金曲奖的多项提名。But Tien herself prefers to walk on rough *terrain, as then the views are better, she told Womany. 但Hebe自己却更喜欢走险路,因为那样风景会更好,她在接受《女人迷》网站采访时表示。Actually, so long as we pull out all the stops to produce one big hit, we can get a good reward from an album. 事实上,只要我们全力以赴地制作出一首大热歌曲,我们便能从这张专辑中获得很好的收益。But that’s not good for me, the singer added. 但对我来说,那样并不好,这位歌手补充道。It seems that her biggest wish is for her music to express her own voice.她最大的心愿似乎就是让她的音乐传达出自己的声音。Offshore Island (《离岛》), a single from Tien’s first album, To Hebe, may probably best demonstrate the singer. Hebe首张专辑《To Hebe》中的一首单曲《离岛》或许最能表露这位歌手的心声。I’m a small island, a *satiable island... 我是座小小岛,容易满足的小岛……I never worry about the small population on my island... 不担心我这岛居民太少……I only need those who know me to know me.懂的人懂得就好。 /201612/485428

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