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重庆星宸医院网上预约咨询重庆儿童医院预约吸血鬼的聚会为何不欢而终?奥秘就在奥迪汽车…… 以下是中英对照:Audi Vampire Driver: (driving O+ Blood to the party)开奥迪的吸血鬼带着O+型血去参加聚会。Vampire: There he is.吸血鬼们:他来了。Audi Vampire Driver: The parties arrived.开奥迪的吸血鬼:到了。 结束语Daylight, now in a headlight.从前只是不能见日光,如今在探照灯下亦无所遁形。Audi LED headlights.奥迪lED强光探照灯。 广告语:Audi奥迪Truth in Engineering真正的工程201405/294882重庆市星辰整形医院要预约吗 Van Gaal Has Big Ambitions As Man Utd BossThe Dutch coach signs a three-year deal and will be joined in the dugout by Ryan Giggs, who is quitting as a player.Well, its a 3-year-deal, not a surprise, being expected Louis Van Gaal to be confirmed in the role for some time. And it came about 2 oclock this afternoon, the 3-year-deal that would take the 62-year-old in charge of ed as soon as he finishes with his country Holland at the World Cup. Hes leaving for the * today with the Dutch national team for a training camp there. He will be hoping for a long stay in Brazil. But once he gets back, he is gonna be expected to set about immediately returning ed to the sort of football, and the sort of contention they become used to. They finished only 7th this year, a crash disappointment. And a great letdown to the supporters, a great letdown because of David Mores, the manager who was supposed to pick up reign from Sir Alex Ferguson. But simply wasnt quite up to the job. Interesting to note, the ed has the same manager for 27 years, Van Gaal is gonna be the fourth manager in just over year. So the season is a great upheaval. And we hoping Van Gaal, who has won a league title at every club hee ever represented, hes ever managed. As well as the European Cup back in 1995, that he is the man to make them complete. Hell have Ryan Giggs on side, a familiar face, a th of continuity for ed fans in the club. Ryan Giggs wholl be the assistant manager, needs to announce his retiring from professional football to take up that role, 42-year-old now, 23 years of play, and whats a career. Thats the finest career of anyone certainly in the Premier League era, 13 league titles, 4 FA cups, 4 League Cups, 2 European Cups, a very much doubt I would like have to say, hes liked it again, but hes got the opportunity to learn from Van Gaal. And I think the ed hope, down the road, he could be the next manager one day. /201405/300957If you want to renegotiate your current rent or are looking to move into a new location, take action and be happy with your terms by negotiating your rent.如果你想重新协商现在的租金,或者搬到新的地方,行动起来,为自己争取最低的租金。You Will Need你需要Research调查Communication skills沟通技巧Negotiating skills谈判技巧Alternative options其他选择Steps步骤STEP 1 Research1.调查Look in the newspaper, attend open houses, and call a local realtor to find out the value of comparable rentals in your neighborhood.查看报纸,登门造访,致电当地房地产经纪人,了解你所在社区的相对租金水平。STEP 2 Ask neighbors2.询问邻居Ask your neighbors or other tenants in the building what they are paying for rent.询问邻居或这栋大楼中的其他租户他们的租金水平。STEP 3 Talk to your landlord3.与房东谈判Talk to your landlord and negotiate the rent. Propose an offer, asking lower than you know you will get.与房东谈判,协商租金。提出自己可以接受的租金,最初提供的价格要低于最终能接受的价格。Do not accept the first offer.不要答应房东最初提出的价格。STEP 4 Look at options4.其他选择Look at alternative options if you do not get the rent you were looking for such as free parking or new carpet.如果没有得到自己期望的租金水平,也没有免费停车或新的地毯等优惠,查看其它选择。STEP 5 Ask for a break5.要求降价Ask your landlord if they will give you a break in the rent if you pay before the first of the month.问一下房东,如果你在每个月的1号之前交房租,能否便宜一点。STEP 6 Talk about your qualities6.品行保Express your good qualities to your landlord such as your good credit, timeliness, cleanliness, lack of pets or children, or the fact that you do not cause problems, if applicable.向雇主讲述你的良好品行,例如良好的信誉,适时,清洁,没有宠物或小孩,或者从来不惹麻烦。STEP 7 Take a longer lease7.延长租期Offer a longer lease for lower rent. Landlords will not have to worry about cleaning, painting, or getting another tenant if you are willing to sign a longer lease, and they may be more willing to accept lower rent.提出租的时间长一点,以换取低一点的租金。如果你愿意签长期一点的合同,房东就不用担心清洁,油漆或者再找租户等问题,这样他们或许愿意接受较低的租金。According to Roger Dawson, author of the book Secrets of Power Negotiating, 80 percent of concessions come in the last 20 percent of time left to negotiate.根据《优势谈判》作者罗杰·道森所说,80%的让步是在谈判最后20%的时间里作出的。视频听力译文由。201405/296862重庆市星宸医院私人医院

重庆市西南医院正规吗?广告意义:智能手机已经普及,它几乎与人类形影不离,不论我们在何时何地,我们购物,打电话,开会,上课,它为我们提供导航,寻找附近美食,比较价格,玩游戏,买东西等等功能,可以说,它几乎满足了人类的大部分生活需求,了解更多智能手机用户的习惯,能够让智能手机更加完善,一起来参与智能手机运动吧,做更加聪明的智能手机的主人!广告双语文本内容:Theres a mobile movement going on. The rise of smartphones is creating smarter consumers; creating more opportunities for smarter marketing. Smartphones are always on, always with us and always connected. In one week, weve browsed the internet, used a search engine, watched a and connected with our friends: all on our smartphones. But thats info you might aly know. Heres some you might not.有个智能手机运动正在进行。智能手机的兴起创造出更聪明的消费者;为更聪明的行销创造了更多的机会。智能手机总是开着,总是跟着我们,也总是连接上网。在一周里,我们浏览了网路,使用了搜索引擎,看过了影片,还联系了我们的朋友:都在智能手机上。但是那是你可能已经知道的讯息。这里有一些你可能不知道的。Were using smartphones almost everywhere, even while consuming other media. Smartphones have become such an important part of our lives that many of us would give up high heels, cable TV, even chocolate, just to keep using them.我们几乎在每个地方使用智能手机,甚至在使用別的媒体时也是。智能手机已经成为我们生活中如此重要的一个部分,我们很多人愿意放弃高跟鞋、有线电视、甚至巧克力,只是为了继续使用它们。Theyre becoming important to our shopping habits too. Smartphones have become the ultimate shopping companion, transforming us into more savvy consumers. Seventy-nine percent use a smartphone to help with shopping. In fact, seventy percent of us actually use our smartphone while in the store. We use it to find retailers, compare prices, get coupons, reviews and check to see if somethings in stock, which leads us to buy. Nearly three-quarters of shoppers made a purchase as a direct result of the info we got from our smartphones: either in store, online, or on our phone. Our new mobile shopping habits are adding up to big spending across the board.对于我们的购物习惯来说,它们也变得重要了。智能手机已经变成终极的购物伙伴,把我们变成更精明的消费者。百分之七十九的人用智能手机帮助购物。事实上,我们有百分之七十的人实际上在店里使用智能手机。我们用它来找零售商、比较价格、获得折惠劵、读还有检查看看某个东西是否有库存,这些行为引导我们购买。将近四分之三的购物者因为我们的智能手机得到资讯直接购买:不管是在店里、网路上或是在电话上。我们新的手机购物者习惯整体来说加在一起成为很大的消费。And where do we do most of our shopping? Usually in our own backyards! In fact, finding local information is one of the most popular smartphone activities. Were using our phones to find everything from the nearest pizza place, to movie showtimes, to finding the nearest store that carries the item were looking for. And eighty-eight percent of us use that local information and take action within a day, whether to call or visit a local business.而我们大都在哪边消费?通常在自家后院。事实上,寻找当地资讯是上最受欢迎的智能手机活动之一。我们用电话去找所有的东西,从最近的披萨店店,到电影时刻表,到有卖我们找的东西的最近店家。而且我们有八十八个百分比的人使用那当地资讯并在一天之內采取行动,不管是打电话或是亲自拜访当地店家。Over the past year, mobile search queries have skyrocketed to new heights, as we search for everything from product reviews, to travel info, to random trivia that can help us settle bets with our friends. And while word of mouth or seeing a product in-store may lead people to search on smartphones, seventy-one percent of us search, because we saw an ad, both on traditional media and on our phones. And we are acting on it. Nine out of ten mobile users have taken action. All thanks to a smartphone search.上个年度,手机查询数冲到新高点,当我们在寻找所有的东西,从产品,到旅游资讯,到帮助我们解决跟朋友打赌问题之类的随机琐事。而且当口碑或是在店里看到一样产品可能导致人们在智能手机上搜寻,我们之中有百分之七十一,因为同时在传统媒体和电话上看到一个广告而搜寻。而且我们实际去做。十个手机用户中有九个采取行动。全都要感谢智能手机搜寻。The simple fact is: Mobile ads work. Recall seeing a mobile ad? Youre not alone. Eighty-two percent of us do. Yet seventy-nine percent of top advertisers dont have a mobile optimized website. Its important to build a good mobile user experience, because if we see a mobile ad, we tend to click on the ad, visit the advertisers site, make a purchase or call the business.简单的事实是:手机广告有效。记得看过一个手机广告吗?你不是唯一看过的。我们有百分之八十二的人看过。然而七十九个百分比的顶尖广告商没有一个适合手机板的网页。建造一个好的手机使用者经验是很重要的,因为如果我们看到一个手机广告,我们倾向于点击广告,造访广告商的网页,买东西,或是打给店家。Today we use smartphones to stay connected, to keep us entertained, to search for information on the go and to make us smarter shoppers. And we are going to be doing a lot more of this, creating more opportunities for marketers to connect with their customers. Dont miss the mobile movement. Mobilize your marketing to reach the new smartphone consumer.今天我们用智能手机上网,去找乐子,随时随地搜寻资讯,然后把我们自己变成更聪明的购物者。然后我们要做更多这些事情,创造更多机会让行销人员和他们的客户搭上线。不要错过手机运动。动员市场行销去接触新的智能手机客人。201408/322693重庆市星辰医学美容医院有上班 重庆市星宸医学美容医院收费怎么样

重庆市星宸美容是什么意思 China stocks hit 15-month high Jing Ulrich, from J.P. Morgan, takes a look at the concerns and positives of the Chinese market right now. China,what would be you economic ing of the situation today as said,sometimes,its one step forward the ...steps back special the manufacturing ...Well,that is right,we have some slowdown in the Chinese economy,especially in the recent weeks.We had the PMI data coming out yesterday,showing us some weakness.We also had critical growth slowing down as well as in the month Auguest.However,what interesting is that you have a very strong stock market performance in the recent weeks.Partly due to the new initialtive introduced by Hongkong and China linking the two stock markets.So on the one hand you have slowing economy,you also have a weaking property market.On the other hand,people are getting quite excited potential capital flows in the north of China.So boosting of shares both in the mainland as well as in Hongkong....says cycle about two of the property markets here,now it is gonna be a difficult title and ....for Chinas economic managers to trying get this property booble deflated in order to effection.How exactly they are going to be doing that to contain the down to ....Well,that is right,the property secretary is very important industry in China.In fact,it counts for ten percent of GDP.But the impact on GDP goes beyond the ten percent number.Because many different related industries from commodities,to home plans as well as consumer sentiments.So in the recent months,we are seeing a slowdown in property price increases,as a matter of fact,sixty four out of the 76 cities in China are actually seeing sequencial price declines,so in the recent weeeks,we are seeing some local governments reducing the restriction on purchases,so homeowners could buy addition homes without restrictions anymore.We also are seeing the central government promptiong mortagages especially to first time homebuiers.So we are seeing a softening prices on the one hand,on the other hand,we are seeing some developers,trying to reduce prices to get volums up,so this remains one of the major concerns of the Chinas economy given the importance of the property sector in the overall economy. /201409/326835重庆口腔医院怎样预约重庆星宸美容时间作息



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