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重庆中山医院收费怎么样重庆市肿瘤医院大概需要多少钱重庆星辰整形哪个好 With summer fast upon us, thoughts are quickly turning to squeezing into skimpy swimsuits.炎炎夏日将至,大家开始绞尽脑汁地挤进轻薄的泳衣里。And for many women, it seems that picking the perfect style to suit their frame is the source of severe pre-holiday anxiety.对许多女性来说,选择一件适合自己身材的完美泳衣似乎成为了严重假前焦虑症的病源。But what if there was a simple formula for finding the perfect fit based on your exact body shape? FEMAIL has compiled the ultimate guide for finding a bikini or swimsuit to flatter your frame with the help of a few famous faces. You#39;re welcome.要是有个简单的准则,能够助你快速找到适合自己身材的泳衣呢?《女性》(FEMALE)杂志用名人照片来告诉你选择凸显自己身材的比基尼或者泳衣的黄金法则。不用谢。PEAR SHAPE梨型身材Pear-shaped women typically have a smaller top half, with wider hips and a shapely behind. Famous examples include Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Kate Winslet.梨形身材的女性通常上半身比较瘦,而臀部宽大,背影凹凸有致,比如碧昂斯(Beyonce),艾丽西亚#8226;凯斯(Alicia Keys)和凯特#8226;温斯莱特(Kate Winslet)。When picking a bikini, pear-shaped women should stick to high-waisted designs that show off their curves.挑选比基尼的时候,梨形身材的女性应该选择高腰的设计,这能突出自己的曲线。Steer clear of ruching, draping and pleating, as well as thick-banded bottoms, which will only serve to draw attention to the area.要避开各种垂坠和褶皱的设计以及厚重的下摆,因为这只会把大家的目光吸引到下半身。To draw attention away from your midriff, opt for plunging tops or those with plenty of detail to distract. You can also emphasise your top half with jewellery or a hat.应该选择注重细节又比较抢眼的上装,来转移大家在你腹部上的注意力,还可以戴首饰或者帽子来突出你的上半身。To conceal your hips, tie the bikini or a sarong with the ends drifting down one side of your body to narrow your bottom half, and always opt for wedges to lengthen your legs.可以将比基尼打个结或围一个纱笼裙,裙摆偏向侧面,一定要高开叉,这样既能稍微遮住臀部又能显得腿长。BIG BUSTED丰满胸型If, like around 40 per cent of women, you take a D cup or above, listen up.如果你是那拥有D罩杯或以上的40%女性之一,那么听好了。Take Kate Upton as your muse and opt for a triangle top that ties at the neck; good support is vital for sping your bust out width-wise whilst lounging around the pool.把凯特#8226;阿普顿(Kate Upton)作为你的榜样,选择系在脖子上的三角形胸罩;当你在泳池里尽情遨游时,泳衣对胸部的撑力至关重要。As for the bottom half, opt for substantial briefs to emphasise your derrière and balance your top half. Colourwise, darker or brighter hues are the most flattering; avoid pale shades like the plague.至于下半身,选择复杂的设计来强调臀部,以此来与上半身达到平衡。而颜色方面,深色或者亮色为佳,避免平淡的浅色。If you want to distract the attention away from your cleavage region, wear bottoms with details to divert the attention from your top half.如果不想让你的乳沟太吸睛,下半身穿得吸引眼球一点。Glam accessories below the waist, such as embellished sandals or bold patterned kaftans, will draw the eye away from your top half.腰以下的部位的华丽饰品,比如珠饰的凉鞋或者带大胆图案的长衫,都能转移大家对你上半身的注意力。SMALL BUSTED小胸身材If, like Kendall Jenner and Kate Hudson, you#39;re proportionally smaller on top with, say, an A or B cup, these tips are for you.如果像肯达尔#8226;詹娜(Kendall Jenner)和凯特#8226;哈德森(Kate Hudson)一样平胸,只有A或者B罩杯,那么以下是给你的小贴士。Bandeau style bikini tops are perfect for cheating a cleavage, as are ruffled tops. If you really want to go the extra mile, snap up a padded push-up top for extra lift.细丝带比基尼以及带褶饰边的上装能够挤出完美乳沟。如果想效果再好一点,上衣就选带内衬有托举效果的款型。Like Kendall, opt for low-slung high-legged briefs on the bottom half of your body.像肯达尔,选择低肩高腰的泳衣。Accessories-wise, add lots of bracelets - including the oh-so-now gold tattoo jewellery - to draw attention to your arms, giving you a wider outline.而装饰方面,戴上很多手链——包括抢眼的黄金珠宝纹身——把大家的注意力转移到你的手臂上,将视觉拉宽。CURVY GIRLS曲线凹凸Do you take after Kim Kardashian with a big bust, hips, thighs, and derriere? You fall into this category.如果你像金#8226;卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)一样,有丰满的胸部和臀部,大腿粗壮,那你就是这类型的人。Contrary to popular belief, it#39;s all about highlighting rather than concealing your curves, whilst simultaneously providing enough support and coverage.与传统认知相反,这时应该强调你的曲线而不是弱化它,同时要有足够的撑和遮挡。Asymmetrical suits are perfect for drawing attention to the neckline, whilst colour blocking can help highlight your shape. Bigger bikini bottoms will help smooth things out.不对称的泳装有助于把大家的目光吸引到颈线上,而撞色系列的泳衣则有利于凸显你的曲线。大一点的比基尼下装能够让你的身材整体看起来更匀称。Choose eye-catching accessories that distract from your tummy - such as white-rimmed shades and a beach basket or bag.佩戴抢眼的首饰能够转移大家在你肚子上的注意力——例如白框太阳眼镜,沙滩篮或者沙滩包。 /201506/378232重庆市新桥正规

重庆星辰医学怎么样Nathaniel Branden wrote Ayn Rand a fan letter when he was a teenager in Canada in the 1940s. He wanted to tell her how much he admired “The Fountainhead,” her novel about a brilliant architect’s proud resistance to what he perceived as the world’s inclination toward collectivism and mediocrity.20世纪40年代,十几岁的加拿大人纳撒尼尔·布兰登(Nathaniel Branden)给安·兰德(Ayn Rand)写了一封崇拜信,想告诉她自己有多么热爱她的《源泉》(The Fountainhead),这本小说讲述一个杰出的建筑师意识到这个世界正在滑向集体主义与平庸,于是骄傲地与之对抗。Ms. Rand did not respond, but Mr. Branden did not give up.兰德没有回复,但布兰登没有放弃。A few years later, while attending college in California, he wrote to her again. This time she did respond, and then some.几年后,已经在加利福尼亚上大学的他再次给她写信。这一次她回复了,两人开始通信。In relatively short order, they became philosophical soul mates, unlikely lovers and business associates. He was 25 years younger than she and, like her, married to someone else. That hardly mattered. Both believed in “rational selfishness” and unlimited capitalism, theories Ms. Rand embraced in “The Fountainhead” (1943) and her later blockbuster, “Atlas Shrugged,” which was published in 1957 and originally dedicated to both her husband, Frank O’Connor, and Mr. Branden.两人很快成了哲学上的灵魂伴侣、不可思议的恋人与生意伙伴。他比她年轻25岁,两人分别同其他人结了婚。但这不是问题。两人都相信兰德在《源泉》和她后来风靡一时的《阿特拉斯耸耸肩》(Atlas Shrugged)中全心信奉的“理性的自私”与不受限制的资本主义。《阿特拉斯耸耸肩》于1957年出版,最初是题献给她的丈夫弗兰克·奥康纳(Frank O’Connor)和布兰登这两个人的。Mr. Branden, who was 84 when he died on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles County, would go on to change his name at Ms. Rand’s suggestion (it had been Nathan Blumenthal) and to become perhaps her most ardent disciple. In 1958 he started the Nathaniel Branden Institute, where he helped repackage her ideas — Objectivism, she called her philosophy — into lectures, recordings, books and articles.布兰登于周三在洛杉矶郡家中去世,享年84岁。认识兰德后,他成了其最热情的门徒,还按她的建议,把自己的名字由内森·布卢门撒尔(Nathan Blumenthal)改为纳撒尼尔·布兰登。1958年,他创立了纳撒尼尔·布兰登学院,重新把她的思想(她把自己的哲学称之为“客观主义”)包装为讲座、录音、书籍和文章。For the next decade, theirs was a distinctive and largely productive collaboration — at Ms. Rand’s insistence, both of their spouses knew of their extramarital relationship, though few outside their inner circle did — and it raised both her profile and his. Founded in New York, the Nathaniel Branden Institute grew to have branches in dozens of cities. Among its speakers was Alan Greenspan, the future chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.接下来的十年里,两人的合作极为独特,而且非常高产,从而对两人的形象都有提升。在兰德坚持之下,两人的伴侣都知晓了这段婚外恋,不过这段关系在他们的小圈子之外罕有人知。纳撒尼尔·布兰登学院在几十个城市内设立了分校。后来当上美国联邦储备委员会主席的艾伦·格林斯潘(Alan Greenspan)也曾是学院的演讲者之一。But by the late 1960s, Mr. Branden’s relationships with Ms. Rand and with his wife, Barbara, had deteriorated. It did not help that he had begun a relationship that year with a fashion model, 15 years his junior, Patrecia Scott, who had attended his lectures (and whom he later married).但是到了20世纪60年代末,布兰登与兰德和妻子芭芭拉(Barbara)之间的关系每况愈下。同时他又和来听他讲座的时装模特帕特里西亚·斯科特(Patrecia Scott)之间开始了一段恋情,这自然更加于事无补。斯科特比他小15岁,两人后来结婚了。In the summer of 1968, Ms. Rand announced in an article for The Objectivist magazine that their collaboration was over, claiming that both of the Brandens had taken financial advantage of her. The Brandens publicly denied the charge.1968年夏,兰德在为《客观主义者》(The Objectivist)杂志撰写的文章中宣布两人之间的合作告终,并称布兰登夫妇在财务上占她便宜。布兰登夫妇公开否认了这一指责。The split also caused a divide among Ms. Rand’s followers. Mr. Branden had become a draw himself, and he soon began promoting a revised version of their early ideas, shifting the emphasis from self-interest to self-esteem. He moved to Southern California, where he started a new organization, the Institute of Biocentric Psychology, and wrote a book, “The Psychology of Self-Esteem” (1969).这一分裂也在兰德的持者中造成了分歧。布兰登本人也成了重要人物,很快就开始宣传两人早期观点的修订版,重点从自利转向自尊。他移居南加利福尼亚,开创了新机构:生物中心心理学学院(the Institute of Biocentric Psychology),并于1969年出版著作《自尊心理学》(The Psychology of Self-Esteem)。He was well established in private practice when the extent of his early relationship with Ms. Rand became public. In 1986, his first wife, Barbara, told the story in the book “The Passion of Ayn Rand.” That book also divided Ms. Rand’s followers, but Ms. Branden received generally favorable reviews for what critics said appeared to be her clear effort to be fair to Ms. Rand. The book was made into a 1999 Showtime movie starring Helen Mirren as Ms. Rand and Eric Stoltz as Mr. Branden.与兰德的早年关系曝光之时,布兰登的个人事业已经获得相当大的成功。1986年,他的第一任妻子芭芭拉在《安·兰德的热情》(The Passion of Ayn Rand)一书中披露了他们之间的故事。这本书再次在兰德的追随者之间造成了分裂。但是芭芭拉的书获得了普遍好评,家都认为她显然很努力地去公平对待兰德。1999年,这本书被映时影业搬上银幕,由海伦·米伦(Helen Mirren)饰演兰德,艾瑞克·斯托罗兹(Eric Stoltz)饰演布兰登。In 1989, Mr. Branden offered his own version of the relationship in “Judgment Day: My Years With Ayn Rand.” It was not as well received as his wife’s account.1989年,布兰登出版了《审判日:我与安·兰德共度的岁月》(Judgment Day: My Years With Ayn Rand),从自己的角度讲述了这段关系,不过获得的评价却不如他前妻的那本书。Reviewing the book in The New York Times, the feminist writer Susan Brownmiller called “Judgment Day” “an embarrassing venture.”女性主义作家苏珊·布朗米勒(Susan Brownmiller)在为《纽约时报》撰写的书评中称《审判日》是“令人尴尬的冒险”。“Renegades from extremist movements are seldom likable in their new incarnations: their justifications ring hollow, their demands for sympathy tend to sound whiny,” Ms. Brownmiller wrote. “Mr. Branden compounds this inherent problem by replacing his Objectivist rhetoric with a massive dose of psychobabble from the California human-potential movement, in whose therapeutic vineyards he has fashioned a second, and apparently successful, career.”“极端主义行动中的叛徒如果有了新的化身,也很难被人喜爱:他们的辩解空洞无力,他们要求同情的呼声听上去似乎只是牢骚而已,”布朗米勒写道,“为了调和这个固有的问题,布兰登把自己的客观主义修辞替换成大堆加利福尼亚人类潜能运动中的心理学呓语,在该运动的治疗场所中,他为自己重塑了事业第二春,显然还很成功。”Nathan Blumenthal was born on April 9, 1930, in Brampton, Ontario, and grew up in Toronto. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles, before following Ms. Rand to New York, where he earned a master’s degree at New York University. He later received a doctorate from the California Graduate Institute, where he also taught.内森·布卢门撒尔于1930年4月9日出生于安大略省的布兰普敦,在多伦多长大。他曾在洛杉矶的加利福尼亚大学就读,后追随兰德来到纽约,在纽约大学获得硕士学位。后来他在加利福尼亚研究生院获得士学位,并在那里任教。His wife, Laurie, also known as Leigh, whom he married in 2006, said the cause of his death was complications of Parkinson’s disease. His survivors also include a sister, Elayne Kalberman. Barbara Branden died in 2013. Among Mr. Branden’s many other books are “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem” (1994), “Taking Responsibility” (1996) and “The Art of Living Consciously” (1997).他于2006年再次结婚,妻子劳里(Laurie)又名利(Leigh),她宣布他的死因是帕金森症引发的并发症。他的姊伊雷恩·考曼(Elayne Kalberman)尚在人世。芭芭拉·布兰登于2013年逝世。纳撒尼尔·布兰登生前有很多著作,包括《自尊的六大柱》(The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem,1994)、《承担责任》(Taking Responsibility, 1996)和《好奇生活的艺术》(The Art of Living Consciously, 1997)。 /201412/348086重庆市星宸医学美容医院是公立 重庆星宸医学整形怎么样

重庆中山医院整形手术多少钱A billionaire Qatari sheikh dubbed ;the man who bought London; was reportedly the anonymous bidder who snapped up a Pablo Picasso masterpiece that smashed the world auction sale record。一个被冠以“能买下伦敦的人”称号的亿万富翁卡塔尔酋长是拍下巴勃罗·毕加索名画的神秘买主,这次交易创下了世界拍卖行的新记录。There has been intense speculation about the identity of the buyer who placed the winning 9.4 million (£116 million) telephone bid for Les Femmes d#39;Alger at Christie#39;s in Manhattan earlier this month。对于这位通过电话竞标,于本月初在曼哈顿克利斯蒂拍卖行以1.794亿美元(合计1.16亿欧元)拍下《阿尔及利亚女人》的买主,外界一直在猜测其身份。Art world sources have now told the New York Postthat the painting was acquired by Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former Qatari prime minister。“艺术世界来源”告诉《纽约邮报》:该油画被贾西姆·阿勒萨尼收入囊中。他是卡塔尔前外交部长。Qatar#39;s ruling Al Thani clan has been pursuing an international artwork buying spree as it aims to turn the small energy-rich emirate into a global cultural power ahead of the 2022 World Cup。统治卡塔尔的阿勒萨尼家族近来狂热收购世界艺术名作,打算在2022年世界杯前夕将这个能源富足的小酋长国打造成国际文化强国。But Les Femmes d#39;Alger may never be displayed publicly in Qatar to avoid offending Islamic sensibilities because it depicts women#39;s breasts, even though they were painted in the artist#39;s highly stylised cubist form。但是,为避免伊斯兰敏感话题,《阿尔及利亚女人》在卡塔尔可能永远不会被公开展示。因为油画中有女人的胸部,尽管艺术形式是高度抽象的立体画。It could instead remain at one of the sheikh#39;s multi-million pound homes in London or New York, the newspaper reported。据报道,该幅名画可能就保存在这位酋长位于伦敦或纽约的百万豪宅中。The Anglophile royal earned the nickname of the ;man who bought London; after going on a buying spree in the city with his personal fortune and as head of the Qatar Investment Authority。作为卡塔尔投资局局长,在伦敦用其私人财产疯购名作后,这位亲英派的酋长皇族成员获得了“能买下伦敦的人”的昵称。The state agency invested in Harrod#39;s, the London Shard, Sainsbury#39;s, Barclays and the Stock Exchange, while the Anglophile royal bought three apartments in the One Hyde Park development。卡塔尔国家机关还投资了哈罗德百货公司、伦敦碎片大厦、塞恩斯伯里超市、巴克莱和英国券交易所,而这位酋长国皇室成员则单独买下了海德公园一号的三座公寓。He is also currently renovating a mansion on Manhattan#39;s Upper East Side that he bought for million in 2012.最近他还翻修了曼哈顿上东城的一座公馆。该公馆是他在2012年以4700万美元买下的。Members of the royal family have used their oil and gas wealth to buy several masterpieces in recent years. Some were bought for private collections while others were acquired for a new national museum that will show off its art treasures when it opens next year。近年来,不少卡塔尔皇室家族成员使用本国的石油和天然气财富购买了名作。有的作为私人收藏,其它的作为新国家物馆的收藏,一年后开馆时其艺术珍宝可令人大[微]开眼界。Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani, the sister of Qatar#39;s emir, was initially reported to have been the buyerof the artwork that was previously the most expensive sold at auction a Francis Bacon triptychthat went under the hammer for 2 million in 2013.梅萨公主是卡塔尔埃米尔的,弗朗西斯·培根的一副三联画在2013年以1.42亿美元卖出,成为当时该拍卖行有史以来最贵艺术品。最初媒体报道梅萨公主是该艺术品的买主。But art world sources later said that the buyer who has not been officially identified was Elaine Wynn, the co-founder of a Las Vegas casino empire。但“艺术世界来源”后来发表声明,称非官方实的买主其实是伊莲·怀恩——皇家的联合创始人。Sheikha Mayassa, then head of the Qatar Museums Authority, previously bought ;The Card Players; by Paul Cezanne last year for a reported 0 million in a private sale the highest-price paid for a painting at the time. Her family has also spent heavily on works by Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, Roy Lichtenstein, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons。据报道,作为卡塔尔物馆馆长的梅萨公主,去年从一个私人收藏家手里以2.5亿美元的创纪录高价买下保罗·塞尚的名作《玩纸牌的人》。她的家人同时还重金购买了马克·罗斯科、理查德·塞拉、李奇登斯坦、弗朗西斯培根、安迪·沃霍尔和杰夫·昆斯等名家的画作。There was also speculation that the buyer of the Picasso this month might have been Asian as money from that continent, notably China, fuelled a record-breaking week of sales of nearly billionat Christie#39;s and Sotheby#39;s in New York。曾经有推测表示,本月这幅毕加索的名画可能是一名亚裔人士购买的,因为从亚洲,尤其是中国汇出的钱款创下了克利斯蒂拍卖行和纽约索斯比拍卖行一周近20亿美元交易的新纪录。The Qatar embassy did not reply to a request for comment and the government rarely discusses the purchases of its ruling royals。卡塔尔大使馆没有作出相关回应,该国政府也很少讨论其统治家族的购买行为。 /201506/378775 Children who lead inactive lives are likely to grow up to become middle-aged couch potatoes, a study suggests。一项研究表明,儿时不喜欢运动的人长大之后会变成懒人。Researchers compared the TV viewing habits of more than 6,000 British people born in a single week in 1970研究人员对6000名英国人看电视的习惯进行了对比分析。这6000人全部出生于1970年的同一周内。Parents should increase children’s physical activity to ensure they become fit and healthy adults, 。父母应增强孩子的体育运动,确保孩子发育成健康的成年人。;Do something active to displace TV,; advised Lee Smith. ;In the evening time when families tend to sit down and watch TV they should try to go for walks instead. If you can’t go outside, try active computer games,;“用活动取代电视,”李·史密斯建议道,“晚上,我们不该坐下看电视而应出去散步。如果无法外出,那就做些需要运动的电脑游戏。”The authors acknowledge that for today’s children TV viewing is often replaced by time on computers, smartphones or tablets. But Dr Smith stressed the issues are the same, that computers and phones are ;just a different way of sitting down and relaxing;, and parents need to encourage children to be more active。作者们都认为,目前电脑、智能手机或平板电脑已经取代了电视。但是史密斯强调问题其实一样,电脑和手机“不过是坐着放松的不同形式,”父母们应当鼓励孩子多做运动。A British study, which gathers information on the economic circumstances, health, physical, educational and social development of people born in England, Scotland and Wales in 1970.英国一项研究搜集了1970年出生在英格兰、苏格兰和威尔士的人们有关经济情况、健康、身体状况、教育以及社会发展状况的信息。When they were 10, their parents were asked how often the children watched TV and played sport. Their height and weight were recorded, as were their parents’ occupations. At age 42 they were asked how much time they spent watching TV and on a range of physical activities and sports. They were also asked to assess their health and weight。研究对象10岁时,研究人员询问父母孩子看电视和做运动的频率,记录孩子的身高、体重以及父母的职业。42岁时,再次询问这些人看电视以及做体育运动的时间,并对其身高体重进行评估。The study shows that the children who watched a lot of TV aged 10 were 42% more likely to spend more than three hours a day in front of the screen as adults than those who watched relatively little television in childhood. The 42-year-olds who watched TV for at least three hours a day were more likely to be in only ;fair; or ;poor; health and to rate themselves as either overweight or obese.They were also more likely to have had fathers who were overweight and in routine or manual jobs。研究表明,10岁时看很多电视的人成年之后每日看电视的时间超过3个小时的几率要比儿时看电视较少的人高出42%。而这些42岁、每日至少看3小时电视的人的健康状况更可能是“一般”或者“健康欠佳”,他们也认为自己“超重”或者“肥胖”。此外,这些人的父亲通常也是超重,每日都从事常规活动或者做些体力活。Parents who are manual workers ;are more likely to be physically active at work and may compensate for this by spending more time sitting down during their leisure hours;, suggests another of the researchers, Dr Mark Hamer。从事体力活动的父母们“通常是在工作时做很多体力活动,闲余时间则会坐下来歇息。”;Their children may then model their mothers’ and fathers’ leisure activity patterns. It is important that children keep active. And if they can be encouraged to participate in sports, so much the better.;“孩子们可能会模仿父母们的休闲活动模式。让孩子们多做运动非常重要,如果能鼓励他们参加体育活动,就更好了。”;Our work indicates that parents’ health-related behaviours may at least partly influence children’s TV viewing habits more than three decades later,; said Dr Hamer。哈默尔表示:“我们的研究表明父母与健康相关的行为会对孩子30年之后看电视的习惯造成一定的影响。” /201503/365015重庆星宸皮肤怎样重庆市星辰的微信号多少



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