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Pakistan Reports Gains Against Militants巴基斯坦军方控制布内尔主要城镇 Pakistan's military said attack helicopters have killed more than 50 Taliban fighters in Buner district, which was overrun by militants last week.巴基斯坦军方说,攻击直升机在布内尔区打死了50多名塔利班武装分子,这个区上星期被激进分子侵占。Just 24 hours after the Pakistani military launched the operation against an estimated 500 Taliban fighters in Buner, army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said troops have taken control of the main town of Dagar and several police stations.就在巴基斯坦军方在布内尔向大约500名塔利班武装分子发动这次行动的24小时之后,军方发言人阿巴斯少将说,部队已经控制了主要城镇达加尔和几个警察站。"Security forces successfully secured Dagar by 0800 hours today and established linkages with the present police there and the Frontier Constabulary," he announced.“今天8点钟,安全部队成功地掌控了达加尔,并且跟当前在那里的警方和边防警察建立了联系。”General Abbas said military jets first bombed militant positions in the early stages of the operation Tuesday and then attack helicopters killed more than 50 fighters.阿巴斯少将说,军用喷气机星期二在这次行动的初期阶段首先轰炸了激进分子据点,然后攻击直升机打死了50多名武装分子。He said Taliban fighters are still in control of some police stations and are putting up what he called a fierce fight from some strategic mountain positions. He said at least one soldier has been killed and three wounded in the clashes.他说,塔利班武装分子仍然控制着一些警察站,并且从一些山上的战略要地发动激烈战斗。他说,冲突中至少有一名军人丧生,三人受伤。Dozens of soldiers also are being held captive. General Abbas said 70 police and paramilitary troops were kidnapped from police stations Tuesday by Taliban fighters in Buner, but 18 of them have been recovered.还有数十名军人被俘虏。阿巴斯少将说,70名警察和准军事部队人员星期二被在布内尔的塔利班武装分子从警察站劫持,不过其中18人获得解救。Residents in Buner contacted by VOA reported witnessing soldiers shooting to death one civilian who had disobeyed the 24-hour curfew imposed on the area.美国之音联系到的一些布内尔居民报告说,他们目睹了武装分子开打死了一名没有遵守该地区被强令实施的24小时宵禁的平民。One resident of a village just outside the main city Dagar, said that he has mainly seen helicopter gunships firing on militant positions.主要城市达加尔城外一个村庄的居民说,他所看见的主要是武装直升机向激进分子的据点开火。"We have not seen much military presence in the streets. Troops are on hill tops and from there they move to other areas," he said.这位村民说,他们没有看到在街道上有很多军人。他说,部队在山顶上,他们从那里移动到其他地区去。The witness said residents are generally neutral and neither support the Taliban nor the military offensive in Buner.这位目击者说,居民们一般都保持中立,既不持塔利班,也不持军方在布内尔的军方攻击行动。Pakistan's military has struggled to battle Taliban militants in the northwest in recent years, partly because of heavy casualties on civilian populations. Previous military operations have ended in truces. Army officers have said collateral damage has turned the local population against the military. 巴基斯坦军方近年来一直奋力清剿塔利班激进分子,部分原因是由于平民人口中的严重伤亡。以往的军事行动都以停火而告终。陆军军官们说,间接伤害使得当地民众转而反对军方。Spokesman Abbas said militant tactics in Buner are aimed at increasing civilian deaths.发言人阿巴斯说,激进分子在布内尔的策略是着眼于增加平民死亡数字。"We are operating against the miscreants who use innocent civilians as human shields. We are making all efforts to avoid collateral damage and displacement," he said.“我们正在针对这些利用无辜平民作为人肉盾牌的邪恶家伙采取行动。我们在尽一切努力来避免出现间接伤害和人员流离失所的情况。”U.S. officials, who have pressed their Pakistani counterparts to take more aggressive action against the Taliban, have welcomed the new military action. A Pentagon spokesman Tuesday called them "exactly the appropriate response" to recent Taliban offensives that have claimed more and more territory. 美国官员一直敦促巴基斯坦官员更加激烈地对塔利班采取行动,他们对巴基斯坦采取的这一新的军事行动表示欢迎。五角大楼一位发言人星期二把巴方的行动称为对塔利班最近夺取越来越多地盘的攻势所作的恰如其分的回应。U.S. officials said they are considering a new aid package aimed at boosting the military's counterinsurgency capability and improving local governance.美国官员们说,他们正在考虑一项新的一揽子援助计划,目的是加强军方打击叛乱活动的能力,以及改进地方管理职能。It is unclear how many people in Buner have fled the recent army offensive. London-based human-rights organization Amnesty International estimates more than 30,000 people have fled the recent clashes. The organization said those people are joining an estimated 500,000 Pakistanis aly displaced by the violence.目前不清楚布内尔有多少民众躲过了军队最近的攻击行动。总部在伦敦的人权组织大赦国际估计有3万多人逃避了最近的冲突。这个组织说,这些人加入了已经被暴力活动迫使离开家园的大约50万巴基斯坦人的行列。In Lower Dir, where the military said it has taken control from militants after launching an operation on Sunday, the government has been dropping pamphlets urging people to return to their homes and resist the Taliban.军方声称他们在星期天发动的一场攻击行动后已经从激进分子手中取得了对下迪尔地区的控制权。在那里,政府在散发传单,敦促民众返回家园抵抗塔利班。Local media reports said few Dir residents are taking up the offer to go back home.当地媒体报导说,迪尔的居民中没有人接受这个返回家园的建议。04/68455And how about all those apple retail stores?那些苹果的零售店如何呢?Irresistible heaven where people can touch and feel everything and can even take a seat at the genius bar to solve their problems.那里完全是不可抗拒的天堂,人们可以在那里接触和感受一切,甚至能拥有一个座位,天才的地方会解决他们的所有问题。In just over a decade, there are more than three hundred fifty of these temples to apple across the world.仅仅十年内,有350多个这样的苹果设施已经遍布世界各地。We are not just sell our products we are gonna to help our customers.我们不仅仅是销售我们的产品,还会帮助我们的客户。We are gonna to help customers using windows which sort of inferior products move up to a Mac.我们使用苹果电脑的独特系统来帮助客户辨别哪个是劣质产品。And show how much better it is.以及哪个是更好的产品。Under its competitive focus apple continue to flourish.在这样的激烈竞争中,苹果仍然继续蓬勃发展。词语解释:retail v. 零售genius n. 天才inferior a. 次的164272On the way home from the grocery, you get delayed so much that the frozen meat you’ve bought thaws out. The question for this Moment of Science is should you refreeze it? We’ve been told by reliable authorities that it’s not good to refreeze uncooked meat. Why not? If freezing the meat in the first place helps preserve it, why doesn’t this work the second time around? The answer to this question lies in the fact that all food has some bacteria in it, but normally not enough to hurt us. We freeze uncooked meat so that bacteria will not grow in it. But freezing does not kill all the bacteria that are aly there, it just puts them in a kind of suspended animation. When the meat is thawed the bacteria come back to life and begin reproducing.【生词注释】Delayed adj.延时的, 拖延的thaw out 融化refreeze v. 再次冰冻uncooked adj. 未煮过的bacteria n.细菌suspended animation 暂停生长reproduce v.繁殖从商店回家的路上,你的行程延误了,因为你刚买的冷冻肉开始融化。这今天的《科学时刻》的问题是我们是否应该再次冷冻肉?权威人士已经告我们再次冷冻肉,这种做法并不好。为什么呢?如果第一次冷冻肉能保存肉,为什么第二次冷冻就不行呢?问题的在于所有食物中都有细菌,但是细菌的数量还不至于伤害我们。我们将未煮过的肉冷冻,那样里面的细菌都不会生长。但是冷冻并不会杀死里面所有的细菌,只是抑制细菌暂停生长。当冻肉开始融化时,细菌又复活了,重新开始繁殖。201110/158007President Barack Obama says the ed States is on pace to meet his goal of doubling its exports within five years.The president has expanded an advisory committee on stimulating business abroad, and says his administration's efforts to boost the exports of U.S. goods and business around the world are off to a solid start."American exports grew almost 17 percent over the first four months of this year, compared to the same period last year," said Obama. "Part of this, of course, is due to the global recovery. But we are also moving forward on improving conditions for America's exporters."The president told business leaders gathered at the White House Wednesday the global marketplace requires American businesses to continue to be more competitive."Ninety-five percent of the world's customers and fastest-growing markets are beyond our borders," said the president. "So if we want to find new growth streams, if we want to find new markets and new opportunity, we have got to compete for those new customers, because other nations are competing for those new customers."Mr. Obama named 18 business leaders to his council on business exports, which advises him on promoting U.S. goods and jobs. The council includes the leaders of large companies such as Ford Motor, Xerox and Walt Disney.The president said one of his main trade priorities is to promote U.S. businesses and workers worldwide. He said so far this year, the government has coordinated 18 trade missions to 24 countries. He said the Export-Import Bank has more than doubled its loans to American exporters since last year, with many of those loans going to smaller businesses.Mr. Obama said his administration is pushing hard to open new markets and remove trade barriers for American businesses. He also promised to do everything within his power to enforce trade agreements. "The ed States offers some of the world's lowest barriers to trade," said Obama. "And when we give other countries the privilege of that free and fair access, we expect it in return."The president listed some of his administration's accomplishments in the trade area, including agreements to sell poultry to Russia and pork to China, and a World Trade Organization rejection of European subsidies to the aircraft maker Airbus.美国总统奥巴马星期三在白宫发表讲话时表示,美国正稳步实现他提出的在五年内将出口额翻一番的目标。 奥巴马总统还宣布扩大一个推动对外贸易的顾问委员会。奥巴马总统说,本届政府促进美国货物出口、帮助美国公司在世界各地拓展业务的努力已经扎扎实实地开始了。 奥巴马:“美国今年头四个月的出口跟去年同期相比增长了差不多17%。部分原因当然是全球经济复苏。不过,我们也在朝着改善美国出口企业状况的方向迈进。” 奥巴马总统告诉到白宫开会的工商界领袖,面对全球市场,美国企业必须继续保持较大的竞争力。 奥巴马:“世界95%的客户和发展最快的市场都在我们的边界以外。所以,我们如果要找到新的增长源泉,找到新的市场和新的机会,我们就必须通过竞争来赢得新的客户,因为其他国家也都在争取这些新客户。” 奥巴马总统任命18名工商领袖加入他的出口委员会,在促进出口和就业方面向他提供建议。这个总统出口委员会的成员包括福特、施乐和迪斯尼等美国大公司的主管。 奥巴马总统说,在贸易方面,他的首要任务之一就是帮助美国企业和工人迈向全世界。他指出,今年迄今为止,联邦政府已经协调派遣了18个贸易代表团到24个国家进行访问。他说,去年以来,美国进出口已经把对美国出口商的贷款增加了一倍多。其中很多贷款是发放给中小企业的。 奥巴马总统说,他所领导的这届政府正在努力为美国企业开辟新的市场和消除贸易壁垒。他还承诺要竭尽全力落实贸易协议。奥巴马:“美国向全世界提供一些最低的贸易障碍。在我们给予其他国家自由和公平的市场准入的同时,我们也期待得到回报。” 奥巴马总统还列举了本届政府在贸易领域所取得的一些成就,其中包括向俄罗斯出口鸡肉和向中国出口猪肉问题上达成的协议,以及促使世界贸易组织否决了欧洲对空中客车公司的补贴。201007/108548

Clinton: US is Not Shelving Missile Defense Plan美国务卿为奥巴马新导弹防御计划提出辩护U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a policy speech Friday defended the Obama administration's new approach to missile defense in Europe, saying it is not shelving its program but making it more relevant to threats actually posed by Iran. The secretary said Iran faces a choice soon as to whether it is prepared to deal with international concerns about is nuclear intentions. 美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿在星期五的政策讲话中为奥巴马政府的欧洲导弹防御新策略提出辩护。她指出这不是搁置这一项目,而是更切合实际地面对伊朗构成的威胁。克林顿国务卿说,伊朗将很快就是否作好准备应对国际社会对其核项目的关注作出选择。Clinton's address at Washington's Brookings Institution was billed as an opportunity to outline the Obama administration's agenda for the new U.N. General Assembly that begins next week.  克林顿在华盛顿布鲁金斯研究所的讲话被看作是向下星期召开的新一届联合国大会宣传奥巴马政府议程的一个机会。But she used the appearance to respond to criticism of President Obama's decision announced Thursday to scrap plans to put a U.S. long-range missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, in favor of a layered regional system aimed at countering the medium range missiles Iran currently has. 但是她利用这次机会回应了对奥巴马总统星期四宣布的一项决定的批评意见。奥巴马总统宣布,将放弃在波兰和捷克共和国设立美国远程导弹防御系统的计划,取而代之的是一个多层次的区域系统,以对抗伊朗目前拥有的中程导弹。The abrupt end to the Bush administration project is said to have unsettled U.S. European allies and has triggered harsh criticism from U.S. conservatives that the Obama administration is wilting in the face of Russian objections to the program.这一决定突然终结了布什政府的计划,据说这让美国的欧洲盟友感到不安,并引发了美国保守派人士对奥巴马政府的强烈批评,说政府因面对俄罗斯对这个项目的反对而退却。Clinton said the new plan, relying heavily at first on sea-based missile interceptors, will mean deployment of an effective defense system years earlier than what she said was an unproven and costly approach by the previous administration.克林顿说,这个在初期会大量依赖海上导弹拦截器的新计划,会比她所说的前任政府未经检验和昂贵的方法提早几年部署一个有效的防御系统。She reiterated the U.S. NATO commitment to the Warsaw and Prague governments and insisted Russian opposition hadn't played into President Obama's calculations.她重申了美国和北约对华沙和布拉格政府的承诺,并坚持说俄罗斯的反对意见对奥巴马政府的考量没有影响。"This decision was not about Russia. It was about Iran and the threat that its ballistic missile program posed," Clinton said. "And because of this position, we believe we will be in a far stronger position to deal with that threat, and to do so with technology that works and a higher degree of confidence that what we pledged to do, we can actually deliver."克林顿说:“这个决定与俄罗斯无关。这是关于伊朗及其弹道导弹项目所构成的威胁。基于这个立场,我们相信我们将处在更强有力的地位来应对这个威胁。当我们用可行的技术和更多的信心去履行我们的承诺时,我们可以真正实现(这个目标)。”Clinton will meet on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly next week with counterparts from the other permanent Security Council member countries and Germany in advance of a potentially-decisive meeting October first between diplomats of the P-Five-Plus-One and Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili.克林顿下个星期将在联合国大会期间提前会晤其它安理会常任理事国及德国的领导人。随后在10月举行的可能具有决定性的会议上,克林顿将首先会晤“五常加一国”的外交官,之后将与伊朗核谈判代表贾利利会面。She suggested again that time is running out for Iran to put to rest concerns that its nuclear program is weapons-related, or face further international sanctions and isolation. She suggested the Tehran government's crackdown on internal dissent only enhances doubts about is intentions.克林顿再次表示,伊朗已经没有多少时间来平息人们对其核项目与武器有关的担忧。否则,它将面临进一步的国际制裁和孤立。她指出,德黑兰政府对国内异议声音的镇压只会使人们更加怀疑它的意图。"Since June, we have seen the Iranian government engaged in a campaign of politically-motivated arrests, show trials and suppression of free speech," Clinton said. "The Iranian government seeks a sense of justice in the world, but stands in the way of the justice it seeks. None-the-less we remain y to engage with Iran - not as an end in itself but as a means of addressing the growing concerns that we and our international partners have about Iran's actions, especially on the nuclear issue."克林顿说:“自今年六月以来,我们看到伊朗政府出于政治动机进行大肆逮捕、表面上的审判和压制自由言论。伊朗政府渴望在世界中得到一种公正,但它自己却阻碍了它所追求的公正。然而,我们依然作好准备与伊朗进行接触。接触本身不是目的,而是解决我们和我们的国际伙伴对伊朗的行为日益增多的关注,特别是在核问题上。”The secretary said non-proliferation and disarmament, with the eventual aim of eliminating nuclear weapons altogether, are key U.S. priorities at the ed Nations, and will be underscored by unprecedented plans for President Obama to chair a special Security Council meeting on the subject next week.克林顿国务卿说,防止扩散和裁减,并最终实现完全消除核武器是美国在联合国工作的重点。奥巴马总统将在下周主持安理会就这一问题举行的特别会议上,以前所未有的计划强调这个重点。She also cited food security and the empowerment of, and prevention of violence against, women as key American aims within the world body. While the ed States took a skeptical approach toward the ed Nations in recent years, Clinton said in the 21st century "we ignore and walk away from it at our own peril."克林顿还列举了食品安全、防止对妇女的暴力也是美国在联合国的主要目标。尽管美国近年来对联合国持怀疑态度,克林顿说,在21世纪“我们会自担风险忽略并放弃这一做法。”09/84562

How to translate the Olympic 奥运菜单 China's restaurateurs ponder how to translate their s into English: graphic literal description, or toned down for western tastes?The culinary delights of China are tantalizing selection to tickle your taste buds, but what does it all mean? Beijing's restaurant s have been given a linguistic makeover in a bid to tempt visitors to the Olympic host city to eat the local cuisine, but some of the descriptions seem to have left some frustrated, let alone famished. This restaurant's specialty is steamed hair-fish, but foreign customers might puzzle over the English description, "Six must occupy cooks in a covered vessel the hairtail". While steamed chicken is described as the intriguing chicken without sexual life.China's capital has taken great pains to prepare the city for an influx of Olympic visitors especially in the Food Department.Chinese cuisine has developed over a long period of time. Chinese food is rich and varied.But this boomerang of a measure has some officials worry. An official booklet has now been issued to restaurants containing rather more bland English translations for local dishes. Some restaurants have gone against the grain, preferring their own quirky translations, offering delicacies, such as wonderful fragrant fat cow.Foodies think bland translations will stop visitors from experiencing real Chinese food.You should first let people try this type of food, so that they realize how good Chinese food is, then they should go to go-street and try the more genuine flavors or even better food cooked in a Chinese home. That's the most genuine Chinese food.So, although "The clever and dexterous woman rips the cabbage" may not appeal to the less adventurous eaters, there's hope the good sports won't mind a little food lost in translation.Suranjana Tewari Reuters.参考中文翻译:中国餐馆在翻译菜单方面左右为难:是按照字面生动的翻译还是简单的迎合西方风格?中国的美食非常诱人,但是那些菜名是什么意思呢?最近北京的餐馆为了吸引游客到他们餐馆就餐而在文字方面绞尽脑汁。但是有些菜名的描述让游客非常沮丧,更不用说饿肚子了。这个餐馆的特色菜是蒸带鱼,但是外国顾客对这道菜的描述非常困惑:“厨师必须在一个盖着的容器里煮这条带鱼六个小时”,而蒸鸡的翻译更有趣“没有性生活的鸡”。中国首都在欢迎奥运会游客方面做了非常多的努力,尤其是饮食方面。中国饮食源远流长,中国美食更是多种多样。但是方式不当的恶果引起官方的忧虑。现在官方已经向每个餐馆发放了官方手册,上面印有当地美食的比较温和的翻译。但是有一些餐馆偏偏反其道而行之,以为他们自己的翻译更能吸引顾客,更能提供美味佳肴,比如“芳香肥牛”。美食家认为,比较温和的翻译会妨碍游客品尝真正的中国美食。顾客必须“食为先”,才能整整领略到中国饮食的美味,才会走上街头去品尝更多地道的美味,或者中国的家常菜。那才是最地道的中国饮食。所以,虽然“巧妇手撕包菜” 可能不会吸引那些不爱冒险的食客,但是仍然希望成功的奥运会不要介意菜单翻译方面小小的失败。200811/56849

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