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吉林中医医院住院部电话吉林省中西医结合医院在那儿长春市儿童医院做无痛人流要证明吗 Apple plans to open its first research and development centre in China later this year, the latest in a series of steps to bolster its presence in a vital region amid a slowdown in sales.苹果(Apple)计划今年晚些时候在中国设立其首家亚太研发中心。在销售放缓的背景下,苹果采取了一系列措施来撑它在这个关键地区的业务,设立研发中心之举是其中的最新举措。Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, revealed the plans to increase its investment in local Ramp;D during a meeting with China’s executive vice-premier, Zhang Gaoli, this week. The move comes after Apple reported revenues fell by a third in the last quarter in Greater China, where Apple faces growing competition from local smartphone makers such as Huawei and Oppo, as well as tougher economic conditions.本周在与中国国务院负责常务工作的副总理张高丽会晤时,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)披露了在华增加研发投资的计划。苹果财报显示,上季度该公司在大中华区的营收减少了三分之一。在大中华区,苹果面临华为(Huawei)和Oppo等本土智能手机生产商构成的日益激烈的竞争,当地的经济形势也更加严峻。The new Ramp;D centre will be made up of both new and existing staff. Apple aly has around 9,000 staff in China, around half of which work in its 42 retail stores there. In the last four years, Apple has doubled the number of corporate offices in China to 45, reports Tim Bradshaw in San Francisco.这家新研发中心所需的人手将来自新招募的员工和现有员工。目前,苹果在华已拥有约9000名员工,其中约一半在苹果的42家零售店工作。过去四年里,苹果中国办事处的数量将近翻了一番,达到45个。“We look forward to expanding our operations in China with a new research and development center as we continue to grow our talented team here,” an Apple spokesman said, without specifying the scale of its staffing or financial investment in the effort.“我们期待通过一家新的研发中心扩大在华业务,我们会继续发展我们在中国的人才队伍,”苹果一名发言人表示。该发言人未说明这项努力所牵扯到的人员和资金投入的规模。“The centre will open later this year, bringing together our engineering and operations teams in China as we develop advanced technologies and services for our products, both for our customers in China and around the world,” Apple added.“这家中心将在今年晚些时候设立,把我们在中国的工程团队和运营团队汇聚到一起,我们在为我们的产品开发先进的技术与务——既是为了中国客户,也是为了全球客户,”苹果补充道。Even as revenues slide, Apple is hiking its investment in future products and international expansion. Last month, Apple revealed a 26 per cent increase in its quarterly Ramp;D spend to .6bn, a record 6 per cent of revenues. Its annual Ramp;D spending is now approaching bn.尽管营收呈现下滑,苹果仍在增加对未来产品和国际扩张的投资。上月,苹果披露称,其季度研发出增加了26%,达到26亿美元,相当于营收的6%——这一水平创下了纪录。目前,苹果的年研发出接近100亿美元。In May, Apple made a bn investment in Didi Chuxing, a Chinese driver-hailing service – an unusual move for a company that has typically favoured much smaller deals. As well as providing a strategic partnership as a secretive Apple team works on developing its own car, the deal was widely seen as an attempt to build goodwill with the Chinese government after a series of setbacks in the region.今年5月,苹果对中国的一款叫车务“滴滴出行”(Didi Chuxing)投资了10亿美元——对于一家通常喜欢规模小得多的交易的公司而言,这是一次非同寻常的举动。人们普遍认为,此举除了是为了在一个秘密的苹果团队努力研发苹果汽车之际打造一种战略合作关系,还是为了在苹果于该地区遭遇一系列挫折之后与中国政府建立友好关系。Earlier this year, Apple’s iTunes movies and iBooks services were blocked in China as part of a wider crackdown on foreign content. Apple also lost a patent case in Beijing that threatened to block sales of the iPhone 6.今年早些时候,随着中国对外国出版物展开大范围的打压,苹果的iTunes影片和iBooks务在中国遭到屏蔽。苹果还在北京输掉了一场专利官司,可能会导致iPhone6在北京市场被禁售。“The new center is also aimed at strengthening relationships with local partners and universities as we work to support talent development across the country,” Apple said.“新的研发中心也是为了在我们努力持中国各地人才发展的同时,巩固我们与中国当地合作伙伴以及大学之间的关系,”苹果表示。In last month’s earnings call, Mr Cook stressed the “long-term opportunity” in China, where sales grew 55 per cent to bn during the first three quarters of Apple’s fiscal year.在上月的财报电话会议中,库克强调了中国的“长期机遇”。在本财政年度的头三个季度,苹果在大中华区的销售额增长了55%,达到400亿美元。Revenues from its books and movies stores in China were “less than m” before they were blocked, he added.库克补充道,苹果的图书和影片遭屏蔽前,这两项内容在中国的营收“不足100万美元”。 /201608/461329Chances are, you plug in your phone before you go to bed at night, thinking it#39;s best to greet the morning with a fully charged device.晚上临睡前,你可能会给手机充上电,想着第二天早上看到一部电量满格的手机。Is this a good idea? That depends.这是个好主意吗?不一定。Here#39;s the thing. Many people don#39;t expect to keep their phones for much longer than two years.问题在于,很多人并不想使用寿命超过两年时间的手机。For the most part, experts say, those people are not going to notice much damage to their phone batteries before they start hankering for a new device.专家称,大多数情况下,这些人在渴望换新手机之前,并不会注意到现有手机电池的受损程度。If that sounds like you, feel free to charge every night, and as often as you like in between.如果你也是这样,那你可以每天晚上都充电,想充几次就充几次。But frequent charging takes a toll on the lithium-ion batteries in our phones.但频繁充电会损害手机锂离子电池的性能。And it#39;s not because they can be overcharged, said Edo Campos, a spokesman for Anker, which produces phone chargers.Anker公司的发言人埃多·坎波斯表示,原因并不在于电池不能过度充电。;Smartphones are, in fact, smart,; Mr. Campos said. ;They know when to stop charging.;;事实上,智能手机很聪明,;坎波斯说,;它们知道应该何时停止充电。;Android phones and iPhones are equipped with chips that protect them from absorbing excess electrical current once they are fully charged.安卓手机和苹果手机一旦充满电,内置芯片就会阻止它们吸收多余的电流。So in theory, any damage from charging your phone overnight with an official charger, or a trustworthy off-brand charger, should be negligible.因此,理论上用原装充电器或其他可信赖的品牌的充电器给手机彻夜充电,所造成的损害可以忽略不计。But the act of charging is itself bad for your phone#39;s battery. Here#39;s why.但是充电行为本身对手机电池是有害的。原因如下:Most phones make use of a technology that allows their batteries to accept more current faster.多数手机都采用了一种可以给电池快速充电的技术。Hatem Zeine, the founder, chief scientist and chief technical officer of the wireless charging company Ossia, says the technology enables phones to adjust to the amount of charge that a charger is capable of supplying.无线充电装置公司Ossia的创始人、首席科学家及首席技术总监哈特姆·泽恩表示,这种技术会让手机自动调整,来适应充电器能够供应的电量。The technology allows power to pulse into the battery in specific modulations, increasing the speed at which the lithium ions in the battery travel from one side to the other and causing the battery to charge more quickly.这种技术允许以特定的脉冲调制方式将电充入电池,提高锂离子在电池中的移动速度,从而让电池更快地充电。But this process also leads lithium-ion (and lithium-polymer) batteries to corrode faster than they otherwise would.但是与其他充电方式相比,这一过程也会导致锂离子(以及锂聚合物)电池比正常情况下损耗得更快。;When you charge fast all the time, you limit the life span of the battery,; Mr. Zeine said.泽恩说道:;总是快速充电会降低电池的使用寿命。;If you#39;re intent on preserving a lithium-ion battery beyond the lifetime of the typical phone or tablet, Mr. Zeine suggested using a charger meant for a less powerful device, though he couldn#39;t guarantee that it would work.如果你想让锂离子电池的寿命比一般的手机或平板电脑更长,泽恩建议使用小功率设备专用的充电器,但他不能保这个方法一定有效。;For example, if you used an iPhone charger on an iPad Pro, it#39;s going to charge very slowly,; Mr. Zeine said. ;If the electronics are right, they can actually preserve the battery because you#39;re always charging it slowly.;;例如,如果你用苹果手机充电器给苹果的平板电脑充电,这个速度会很慢,; 泽恩说。;如果使用合适的充电器,它们真的可以保护电池,因为充电的速度会很慢。;People looking to preserve their batteries should make sure their phones don#39;t become overheated, Mr. Campos advised, because high temperatures further excite the lithium-ion in batteries, leading to even quicker deterioration.坎波斯建议,人们如果想要保护电池,应该确保手机不会过热,因为高温会让电池中的锂离子的速度移动更快,导致电池加速耗损。Apple#39;s website says temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (or 35 Celsius) can ;permanently damage battery capacity.;苹果官网称,温度超过95华氏度(或35摄氏度),会对电池性能造成永久性损害。 /201609/465738绿园区中心医院哪个医生好

桦甸妇幼保健医院网上咨询热线What tools do you use at work that you didn’t a decade ago? That’s the question I posed to a group of friends recently, hoping for a host of interesting examples of how technology is transforming the workplace. 有哪些你正在使用的办公工具是10年前没有的?这是我最近向一群朋友提出的一个问题,希望能够收获一堆关于技术正在如何转变工作场所面貌的有趣例子。 But the responses from a disparate group that included insurance brokers, speech therapists and entrepreneurs surprised me. All the new digital products they rated were, in effect, secretary substitutes. 但是,这个由保险经纪人、言语矫治师以及企业家等组成的差异很大的人群给出的让我意外。他们列出的所有新式数字产品实际上都是秘书替代品。 I heard paeans to the utility of Skyscanner for corporate travel, the benefits of Google Docs for holiday rotas and the value of EchoSign for electronic signature of documents. 我听到的称赞是:航班搜索网站Skyscanner安排商务差旅是多么有用,用谷歌文档(Google Docs)安排轮流休假是多么便利,用EchoSign软件在文件上进行电子签名是多么有价值。 Regardless of industry or seniority, document encryption services and tools designed to prevent endless email trails also cropped up with regularity. 不论是在哪个行业,也不论级别多高,人们还都会提到文档加密务以及为防止没完没了的电子邮件往来而设计的工具。 This is self-service in action and a vivid example of why administrative jobs frequently top the list as those most at risk from automation. 这是自助式务的生动实例,它也形象地说明了行政类职位为何频频“领衔”受自动化威胁最大的工作榜单。 Back in 2001, there were nearly 400,000 secretarial and personal assistant roles in the UK. Now there are fewer than 200,000. 2001年时,英国有近40万个秘书及个人助理类职位,而现在仅有不到20万个。 The disappearance of that person who used to be the linchpin of office life has been driven by a combination of cost-cutting in the wake of the financial crisis — there was a 12 per cent drop in such roles between 2009 and 2010 alone — and the internet revolution. 曾在办公室生活中扮演关键角色的人的消失,受到两个因素的联合推动:一是金融危机过后的削减成本(从2009年至2010年,秘书及个人助理类职位的数量就下降了12%),二是互联网革命。 Administrators’ salaries proved a tempting target for businesses desperate to trim budgets, with the bonus that cuts could be billed as modernisation and as embracing new ways of working. 对于急于削减预算的企业来说,行政类职位的薪酬被明是一个诱人的靶子;砍掉此类职位还能带来额外好处:比如美其名曰“现代化”以及拥抱新的工作方式。 But has the efficiency drive gone too far? The days when companies needed someone to type letters and file correspondence physically are long gone, but the digital era has brought its own version of the administrative grind. The work has not gone away, it has just been dispersed across the workforce. 但对效率的追求是否已走得太远?企业需要某人来打字并将纸质信函存档的旧时光早已远去,但数字时代带来了自己版本的行政苦差。这些工作并没有消失,而只是被广泛分散给了员工队伍。 While phasing out jobs that just “turn the handle” is all part of the move to a higher skilled workforce, there are consequences. A recent survey from Qualtrics found UK workers estimate that less than 65 per cent of the time they spend at work is productive. The hours wasted spent trying to get a computerised approval system to understand an edge case are staples of many a pub rant. 虽然淘汰那种仅仅“转动把手”的工作是向更高技能员工队伍转型进程的一部分,但这是有后果的。调查公司Qualtrics近期的一项调查显示,英国的工薪阶层人士估计,他们在工作场所仅有不到65%的时间是有成效的。为了试图让计算机审批系统理解某个特例所浪费的大量时间,是人们在酒吧吐槽的常见内容。 Vickie Sokol Evans, who trains Bill Gates’ executive assistants, and those in other organisations, in Microsoft technology, says there is great pressure in all organisations to “do more with less”. 为比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)和其他组织培训行政助理、使她们掌握微软(Microsoft)技术的维基#8226;索科尔#8226;埃文斯(Vickie Sokol Evans)表示,各类组织都面临着巨大压力,要求它们“用更少的资源办更多的事”。 But she argues that efficiency comes from using technology well, not just dropping it in front of the workforce and expecting them to get on with it. Is it really more efficient for 20 sales people to all do their own expenses and travel, or can one person who really understands both the software and the rules help remove some of the grit from the wheels of corporate life? 但她指出,效率来自于对技术的有效利用,而不是仅仅将技术扔给员工,然后期待他们自己搞定。让20名销售人员都自行处理他们个人的费用报销以及差旅事务真的更有效率吗,抑或一个既懂软件又了解相关规章制度的人有助于让公司生活少一点烦扰? That would also mean the sales team could be out there doing what they were hired to do: selling. 这还意味着,销售队伍能够腾出时间履行他们的本职工作:推销产品。 Top executives, of course, have managed to hang on to their secretaries — nowadays more often than not termed executive assistants. But these roles are far broader than they used to be. 当然,顶级高管们设法保住了他们的秘书——现在这类职位往往被称为“行政助理”。但这些岗位如今的职责范围比过去广泛多了。 Monitoring budgets, preparing reports, designing slidedecks and similar tasks are increasingly part of the required skillset. A recent survey by Hays for Executive Secretary — whose conference Ms Sokol Evans will address in London next week — reported that nearly 90 per cent of senior staff said they could not to do their jobs without their PA. 监控预算、撰写报告、设计幻灯片,诸如此类的任务日益成为行政助理的必备技能。猎头公司Hays近期为《行政秘书》(Executive Secretary)杂志所做的一项调查显示,约90%的高级职员表示,没有个人助理的话,他们做不了自己的工作。(索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士将在该杂志于伦敦举办的会议上发言。) Peggy Grande, who was executive assistant to US President Ronald Reagan for 10 years, says no amount of technology or progress towards virtual assistants can make up for the human factor. “It is about not just what needs to be accomplished now, but staying three steps ahead,” she adds. 佩吉#8226;格兰德(Peggy Grande)曾为美国前总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)当了10年的行政助理。她表示,没有什么技术或是虚拟助手领域的突破能够替代人的因素。她补充称:“这不仅关乎目前必须完成的任务,还要走在前面,超前三步。” Ms Sokol Evans says she knows of at least one multinational that is reviewing its career options for PAs and is looking to create a twin track structure: one path for those who want to push for more responsibility and widen the definition of their role and another for those who get job satisfaction from ensuring systems actually work. 索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士表示,据她所知,至少有一家跨国公司正在评估其向个人助理提供的职业发展选择,并正在试图构建一种双轨结构:一条面向那些想要承担更大责任、拓展自身角色定位的人,另一条面向那些从确保系统有效运转获得工作成就感的人。 The pace of the digital revolution shows no signs of slackening and few office jobs will be the same in a decade. But that means the need to help humans and systems gel is more pressing. Sometimes a calm, helping hand can deliver greater efficiency gains than a software upgrade. 数字革命的速度没有显示出任何放缓的迹象,10年后几乎不会有哪项办公室工作还保持今天的面貌。但这也意味着,帮助人类员工和数字系统有效融合的任务变得愈发迫切。有些时候,一个沉着冷静的人类帮手能够比一次软件升级带来更显著的效率提升。 /201604/437358长春市一院医生电话 吉林长春妇女医院属于私人医院吗

长春中医院顺产多少钱“The word hacking is like feminism. It has got too much baggage attached.”“hacking这个词就像女权主义。它已附带了太多包袱。”Of all the things Cal Leeming told me — and he told me a lot of hair-raising stuff about banks’ security flaws — this was one of the things that stayed with me. He does not call himself a hacker, although he almost exactly embodies the stereotype of one. Pale, introverted and with an innate talent for technology, he went to prison for stealing credit card details and now, after turning his life around, runs his own security company. He calls himself a software engineer.凯尔#8226;利明(Cal Leeming)曾告诉我许多关于安全漏洞的可怕事情,然而上面这句话让我尤其难以忘怀。他并未称自己是一名黑客——尽管他几乎是人们对黑客固有印象的完美化身。面色苍白的他性格内向,拥有与生俱来的技术天分。他曾因窃取信用卡资料而入狱。如今,华丽转身后的他运营着自己的安全公司。他把自己称为一名软件工程师。Back in the 1950s, when the word “hacking” first emerged in connection with an MIT computer club, it simply meant tinkering with computers and was a badge of honour. But when the press began writing about hackers in the 1980s it was usually in the context of criminality, and that link has stuck. For a while there was an attempt to differentiate between hackers and crackers. “Peaceful, law-abiding coders who built things called themselves hackers. Hackers built things, we said, and crackers broke things,” wrote J M Porup, a hacker-turned-tech-reporter in a piece on website Motherboard. But this distinction is not often made clear.上世纪50年代,“hacking”一词最早出现在与麻省理工学院(MIT)一个电脑俱乐部有关的语境。当时它只是指鼓捣电脑,带有荣誉勋章的涵义。然而,上世纪80年代,当媒体开始报道“hacker”(黑客)时,其语境通常是犯罪行为,这种联系已经固化。有那么一段时间,曾有人企图将黑客和“溃客”(cracker)区分开来。由黑客转型的科技报道记者J#8226;M#8226;泼卢浦(J M Porup)在Motherboard网站上撰文写道:“那些安分、守法、爱动手做东西的编程者自称黑客。我们说,黑客是做东西的,而溃客是砸烂东西的。”不过,这种区分往往并不被人认真对待。Calling yourself a hacker can even be dangerous, as Corey Thuen, a software developer found out in 2013 while in dispute with a former employer. The Idaho District Court ordered Mr Thuen’s hard drive to be seized and copied for evidence, a fairly serious privacy intrusion and not routine legal practice. Part of the justification was that Mr Thuen described himself as a hacker.正如软件开发者科里#8226;休恩(Corey Thuen) 2013年在与前雇主的纠纷中所发现的,自称黑客甚至可能会有危险。爱达荷州地区法院(Idaho District Court)下令没收并复制休恩的硬盘作为据,这是相当严重的剥夺隐私行为,并不是常见的司法实践,而其理由之一就是休恩自称黑客。“The tipping point for the Court comes from evidence that the defendants — in their own words — are hackers,” wrote the judge. “By labelling themselves this way, they have essentially announced that they have the necessary computer skills and intent to simultaneously release the code publicly and conceal their role in that act.”法官写道:“法庭做出决定的关键要点,源自被告——用其自己的话来说——是黑客的相关据。通过以这种方式标榜自身,他们实质上已宣布自己拥有必要的电脑技能和意图,能够在公开发布相关代码的同时,隐藏自己在这一行动中所扮演的角色。”The case was eventually settled out of court, but the idea that calling yourself a hacker implies some kind of evil intent remains troubling. Opinions were mixed when I asked the FT’s Tech Meets Money Facebook group about hacking. “It implies fast and cheap with disregard to convention or rules. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not so much,” said Daniel Priestley, a London-based entrepreneur.该案最终以庭外和解收场,然而那种自称黑客就隐含着某种罪恶意图的观念依然令人不安。当我在英国《金融时报》“当高科技遇到资本”(Tech Meets Money)的Facebook群里问到有关hacking的问题时,人们的看法各不相同。伦敦企业家丹尼尔#8226;普里斯特利(Daniel Priestley)表示:“这个词暗示着快捷和廉价,无视惯例或规则。有时候这很不错,有时候就不太好了。”Above all, “hacker” is now a confusing term. Everyone, from a member of a Russian criminal gang stealing credit cards to online political activists and the 14-year-old kid who tinkers with computers, is a “hacker”, yet each one of them has very different motivations and resources.最重要的是,如今“黑客”是个令人迷惑的词汇。从窃取信用卡资料的俄罗斯犯罪团伙成员,到网上政治活动人士,以及鼓捣电脑的14岁孩子,都是“黑客”,然而他们每个人做事的动机和手头拥有的资源极为不同。At the same time companies hold “hack days” and “hackathons” during which they brainstorm business ideas, women’s magazine hints and tips column have been rebranded as “lifehacks” and the people who used to be called advertising executives refer to themselves as “growth hackers”.与此同时,企业举办“黑客日”(hack day)和“黑客松”(hackathon)之类的活动,其间借助“头脑风暴”捕捉业务上的创意;女性杂志的提示技巧栏目已被重新包装为“生活破解”(lifehack);而那些过去被称为广告主管的人如今自称“增长黑客”(growth hacker)。Catherine Bracy, director of community organising at Code for America, even argues anyone can be a “civic hacker”, helping governments to re-energise democracy. Under this definition Benjamin Franklin, inventor and one of the founding fathers of the US (who never filed a patent because he believed all human knowledge should be free) is an archetypal hacker — even though the word had something to do with cutting down trees in his day. The term is maddeningly imprecise.“为美国编程”(Code for America)社区组织总监凯瑟琳#8226;布雷西(Catherine Bracy)甚至提出,任何人都可以成为“公民黑客”,帮助政府为民主体制重新注入活力。按照这样的定义,发明家、美国的开国先贤之一本杰明#8226;富兰克林(Benjamin Franklin)就是典型的黑客——尽管在他的年代这个词的含义和砍树有关。他从来不申请专利,因为他认为人类所有的知识都应该免费。简言之,“黑客”一词的含糊程度令人发狂。The battle over the word mirrors the behind-the-scenes struggle of the internet, between those who push the boundaries of what is possible and the institutions that want to secure cyber space for their own purposes.围绕这个词的斗争折射出了互联网幕后的斗争:一方是那些致力拓展可能性界限的人,另一方是出于自身目的想要确保网络空间安全的机构。Hackers are a problem because, if anything, they are a bit too democratic for many people’s taste. In her essay on Phreaks, Hackers and Trolls, academic Gabriella Coleman likens internet disrupters to the tricksters of mythology. Folkloric figures like Loki and Anansi are the agents of change, but they are also unsettling, frightening, even grotesque. Hackers will take technology forward but they may not be thanked for it.黑客之所以成为问题,是因为(如果说有任何不正常的话)他们对许多人来说有点民主过头了,令人难以接受。在名为《电脑怪人、黑客和山精》(Phreaks, Hackers and Trolls)的论文中,学者加布里埃拉#8226;科尔曼(Gabriella Coleman)将互联网颠覆者类比成神话里恶作剧的妖精。洛基(Loki)和阿南西(Anansi)这类民间故事中的人物是变革的推动者,但他们也令人不安、让人害怕、甚至古怪狰狞。黑客会促进技术进步,但他们也许不会因此受到感谢。For example, hackers were some of the earliest believers in open-source software — making computer code freely available to be viewed and improved on by anyone. This used to be a troubling concept for companies, which had based businesses on protecting their intellectual property.比如,有些黑客是开源软件的最早信徒,这类软件免费公开源代码,让任何人可以查看并作出改进。过去这对企业是个令人不安的概念,因为这些企业的业务建立在保护知识产权的基础上。Linus Torvalds, inventor of the Linux open source operating system, was for a time the bête noire of business. He was described in 2001 as “cancer” by Microsoft’s then chief Steve Ballmer. But a recent survey found some 78 per cent of companies who had responded ran at least part of their business on open source software. Even Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new chief, has said he “loves Linux” and is moving part of the company’s Azure platform to run on the system. There is a sense of karma about this but 15 years can be a long time to wait for acceptance.开源操作系统Linux的发明人林纳斯#8226;托瓦兹(Linus Torvalds)一度被商界视为“眼中钉”。2001年他曾被时任微软(Microsoft)首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)称为“癌症”。然而,最近一次调查表明,回应调查的企业中,大约78%在开源软件上运营至少一部分业务。就连微软新任首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)也表示“喜爱Linux”,正在将微软Azure平台的一部分迁移到Linux系统上运行。这种峰回路转有点宿命感,不过15年等来的接受,时间上可能长了一点。It is not just Linux that is worthy of redemption. Today Cal Leeming is many things: a businessman, a film-maker, a devoted father and a charity volunteer. A loaded word like “hacker” risks obscuring these other facets. It is no wonder he doesn’t use it.值得救赎的不仅仅是Linux。今天,凯尔#8226;利明身兼多重身份:商人、电影制片人、全心投入的父亲以及慈善事业的志愿者。而类似“黑客”这样含义丰富的词汇可能掩盖上述其他方面的身份。难怪他不使用这个称号。 /201606/448770 Chinese smartphone maker Vivo Mobile Communication Technology Co Ltd said it had signed a six-year deal with FIFA to sponsor the 2018 and 2022 World Cup.中国智能手机制造商vivo移动通信技术有限公司日前表示,vivo已经与国际足联签署了一份为期六年的协议,成为了2018年和2022年世界杯的赞助商。The sponsorship is the company#39;s latest attempt to expand its presence in overseas markets after it expanded to be the third-biggest smartphone seller in China.这次赞助是该公司在扩张成为中国第三大智能手机卖家之后,在扩大其海外市场业务上的最新尝试。As FIFA#39;s official smartphone brand, Vivo will sponsor the FIFA World Cup as well as the FIFA Confederations Cup until 2022.作为FIFA的官方智能手机品牌,直到2022年,vivo都将赞助FIFA世界杯以及FIFA联合会杯。The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, with the 2022 event to be held in Qatar.2018年世界杯将在俄罗斯举行,而2022年世界杯则将在卡塔尔举行。The Financial Times ed people familiar with the matter as saying that the deal cost around 400 million euros (9.6 million), but Vivo denied the figure to China Daily.《金融时报》引用业内人士的说法称,vivo这次的赞助费约为4亿欧元(4.466亿美元),但vivo随后向《中国日报》否认了该数字。Under the deal, Vivo will roll out a customized FIFA World Cup phone to appeal to global fans. Its logo will also appear during every match on pitch advertising boards, tickets, media releases and other key promotional platforms.根据协议,vivo将推出定制的FIFA世界杯手机来吸引全球粉丝。它的标志也将出现在每场比赛的广告牌、球票、媒体出版物和其他重要的推广平台上。;Soccer is a sport full of passion and moments of wonder, creating happiness for millions of people,; said Ni Xudong, executive vice-president of Vivo. ;The spirit of soccer is about constant progress. Vivo hopes to strongly associate itself with that spirit.;vivo的执行副总裁倪旭东表示:“足球是一项充满和奇迹的运动,为数百万人创造了幸福。足球精神在于不断进步,vivo希望能将自己与这种精神紧密结合在一起。” /201706/513475吉林省长春市第三医院有四维彩超吗长春市首选无痛人流医院



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