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吉林省长春市妇保医院周日上班吗长春五马路医院人流怎么样The White House announced Monday that it will propose spending nearly 1 billion dollars over the next two years on research to fight cancer. 白宫星期一宣布,将在未来两年内花费近10亿美元来进行与癌症有关的研究。Barack Obama said he will request 755 million dollars from Congress for fiscal year 2017. 奥巴马表示,2017财政年度他将向国会要求7亿5500万美元。According to senior administration officials, most of the money will go towards the National Institute Of Health and will be used to better coordinate research to help fight cancer. 根据高级官员,大部分的钱将流向国家卫生研究所,用于更好地协调研究以帮助对抗癌症。The goal is to conduct decades worth of research in approximately five years. 我们的目标是在大约五年的时间里进行数十项有价值的研究。Research will focus on creating enhanced early detection and technology; prevention and cancer vaccine development; and pediatric cancer among other things. 研究的重点将放在加强早期检测和技术,预防和癌症疫苗的发展,以及儿科癌症。Vice-President Joe Biden will also be at the forefront of this initiative.副总统拜登同样处于这一倡议的前沿。译文属。201602/425240蛟河中医院QQ号 On a previous show we mentioned how not all shooting stars have the same speed.前面的文章中我们提到为什么不是所有流星都有相同的速度。Some disappear almost immediately, while others make a nice slow line across the sky.有些几乎立即就消失了,而有些拖着长长的尾巴穿过天空。If you enjoy watching the slow ones, there is a way of upping your chances of seeing them.如果你喜欢观看缓慢的流星,那么有一种方法可以增加你看到它们的几率。Go out just after sunset.日落后就出门。Thats because the slowest meteors come in the evening and the fastest ones come in the morning, just before sunrise.最慢的流星在夜晚出现,最快的流星出现在早晨,就在太阳升起之前。Can you guess why?你猜猜为什么呢?The speeds of meteors we see are increased or decreased by the earths motion.我们看到的流星的运动速度随着地球的运动情况而增减。If we charge into them head-on our speed is added to their speed.如果地球正对着流星的方向运动,那么我们的运速就会增加至它的运动速度中。If, on the other hand, we aremoving away from them, our speed is subtracted from their speed.反之,如果我们背向它们运动,那么它们的运速中就会减去地球运速这一部分。Now imagine yourself standing at the north pole, facing the direction the earth is moving through space.现在想想你自己站在北极,面向地球穿过空间移动的方向。You rise up magically, far enough away that you can see the whole planet rotating underneath you while you yourself remain stationary.你奇迹般地上升,远到可以看到整个地球在你的脚下转动,而你自己保持静止。Which direction is it turning?它是在向哪个方向运动呢?Counterclockwise. Where is thesunlight?逆时针。太阳光在哪里呢?From your perspective, its on the left side of the planet.从你的角度来看,在地球的左侧。That means that the front of the planet, or the part thats charging into oncoming meteors, is the placewhere morning is beginning for people on earth.这意味着在地球的前端,或者是在正对流星运动的地方,就是早晨的开始。The back of the planet, meaning the part thats movingaway from meteors, is where evening is beginning.地球的背面,也就是背向流星运动的地方,就是夜晚的开始。It may seem funny, but every morning when you look up into the sky, you are looking in the same direction as the planet is moving.这似乎非常有趣,但是每天早晨当你仰望天空时,你就是望着与地球转动相同的方向。In the evening you are looking the other way.晚上,你就是望着相反的方向。And the speed ofshooting stars confirms it!流星的速度实了这一点。 201411/343639Maybe youre not the one Im thinking of.No ,yeah. Maybe not, maybe not.可能是我认错人了 是的 可能不是我Absolutely, we just listened to some FINE music. - That definitely happened.没错 我们是听了好听的音乐 -这是真事Its good.Ah, So ;Horrible Bosses;s very, very funny and Jen who...很好 ;恶老板;真的很搞笑 詹妮弗她Youre kind of the Brunt of her vulgarity.She does so many things to you. That must be really...你激发了詹妮弗粗俗的一面 她对你做了很多事 那一定That must be hard to deal with that.Yeah. Somebodys got do that.You know what I mean.Its strange, though.还是挺有难度的吧 对 总要有人做的 你知道我意思 不过感觉怪怪的Its strange hearing that stuff coming out of her mouth because and you know her better than I do.听她说出那种话 感觉很奇怪 你比我更了解她But it seems like its not the way she would normally talk.那应该不是她平常说话的风格Right? - No, its not.Yeah. She is...She seemed uncomfortable doing it.对吧 -是的 她平常不这样说话 她 她自己也觉得很别扭But of course, you know, but I get a kick out of it. - Right.但当然了 我听了还是蛮高兴的 -恩And, and honestly, that doesnt necessitate to be said,这种话不必多说but shes really the most lovely, sweet, wonderful person.但她真的可爱甜美 招人喜欢And Im through that Ive got to work with her twice.我很高兴能和她合作 我们共合作了两次She is. She is. But, there was...She texts me sometimes是的 但有时候 她发信息给我she takes a picture of what she has to and send it to me.拍了她要念的台词发来给我She goes this is the date of today. I have to say this.她说今天真是够受的 我要说这些台词Its so horrible. - Yeah.Its a, I mean its really disgusting but shes so funny.糟透了 -是的 台词挺恶心人的 但她很幽默Isnt she just so naturally funny and quick?她天生就如此机智有趣吧 /201512/414352长春人流哪家好

吉林省中医医院医生咨询As an attempt to discourage young people from becoming smokers, 为试图阻止年轻人成为烟民,it was decided to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 21 in San Francisco. 旧金山决定提高购买香烟和其它烟草产品的法定年龄从18岁到21岁。San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products, 旧金山监事会周二投票决定提高购买烟草产品的法定年龄,joining New York City, Boston and Hawaii in increasing the minimum age. 联合纽约市、波士顿和夏威夷提高最低年龄。San Francisco becomes the second-largest to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. The ordinance goes into effect 1 June.旧金山成为第二大提高最低年龄,购买烟草产品包括电子香烟的城市。该条例于6月1日生效。译文属。201603/429122长春中医药大学附属医院预约电话 听力参考文本:A bus company in Detroit sees a future for the city where every kid can get a free ride to their after-school programs, and then back to their door for free.The Detroit Bus Company is trying to make that dream a reality with the Youth Transit Alliance, which currently runs during the week in Southwest Detroit.The bus takes 20-50 kids from 10 different schools to their after-school programs, and makes sure they get home safely afterwards.The YTA began last year, and in its pilot year they gave rides to more than 5,000 kids.;The goal is increased engagement,; says Andy Didorosi, president of the Detroit Bus company. ;Its to show kids that theres a world outside of their ... neighborhood that they can go and learn and do lots of amazing things that they otherwise wouldnt think possible, and have opportunities available to them now that werent available, and its just via a simple bus ride.;Salvador Villagrana is a senior at Detroit Cristo Ray high school. He takes the bus to get back and forth from robotics.;What were doing now could help us out on our transcript, and going to college. And it opened my eyes as in wanting to go into engineering. I wanted to start off with being a pre-occupational therapist, and it kinda changed my mind.;Didorosi has seen the benefits these after-school programs have had on former riders of the YTA. Two kids last year got scholarships to college that they may not have been able to get otherwise.;To see a teacher tell you, my kids are now successful and they wouldnt have been otherwise without this bus is moving, and its powerful,; Didorosi said.But some of the kids that take the bus arent thinking about college – theyre elementary schoolers who like riding this big, colorful bus with their friends.;I would say this bus looks like it came from outer space and came to earth, that it chose us,; says eight-year-old Daniel Estrella.Theres a supervisor, or ;conductor; who is especially important for the little ones that ride the bus. The conductor helps them with homework, and walks them to their door at the end of the day.;I had a few moments last week where it was really kind of emotional, to walk them to their door and to make sure they get them home safely, and to be the one responsible for that,; says conductor Mary Mares.Some kids ride the bus every day. Others ride just once a week. Participation in the program has been growing as more parents hear about the service. Because participation fluctuates, the bus route changes every day. Its kind of a logistical nightmare for the people running the operation. But for the kids, its free, safe, and reliable.;The kids have something that they can rely on every day, day in and day out,; says Didorosi. ;They see the same adult on the bus, the same driver, theyre expecting them. That bus is there on time, it will wait for them if they dont show up. This is a level of customer service that these kids dont have in their daily life.;But if the company doesnt find money, and fast, the buses could stop running.The Skillman Foundation funded the first year of the YTA, but this year the Detroit Bus Company has had to come up with money to keep the YTA moving. If it doesnt make its fundraising goal, the bus will stop running in April.201503/365655长春人民医院白带异常多少钱

磐石妇女儿童医院开展无痛人流吗Well, lets start out today by getting in the old Time Machine and going back to early May 1954. That was just before the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed segregation in public schools.Lets suppose the Michigan Legislature saw this coming, and so rammed through a bill saying that no matter what the Supreme Court did, Michigan would still provide funding for segregated schools, especially, faith-based segregated schools.What do you suppose would have happened?Well, the courts would have ruled Michigans law unconstitutional. Unconstitutional on two grounds; its improper to use tax dollars to aid an establishment of religion, and because no state law can contradict a federal law or ruling.I think I learned that principle in high school, but, incredibly, most members of the state legislature seem to have been sick that week.Yesterday, they sent bills to the governor that would allow faith-based adoption agencies to deny applicants to whom they have a religious objection and still receive state aid. The governor isnt saying whether he will sign them.In a way, I dont blame him. Looked at it one way, he ought to veto these bills immediately; they are plainly designed to aid an establishment of religion.But it would also be prudent to wait till we see how the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage itself. If the justices do rule that same-sex couples have a right to marry, no agency receiving state funds should have the right to discriminate against them, period.Forty-eight years ago today, interracial marriage was illegal in fifteen Southern and border states. People actually were arrested for marrying someone of a different color. The next day, the Supreme Court said all those laws were unconstitutional.We dont yet know how the high court will rule on same-sex marriage, or what the scope of that ruling will be. We do know they will rule before the end of this month. All of which makes passing laws right now that might be affected by that ruling sort of asinine.You might wonder why our lawmakers arent spending their time and energy doing something useful, like crafting a responsible solution for the roads. The answer seems to be that they want to please the religious right, and that Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof is strongly supportive of faith-based adoptions, since he is the result of one.Well, one voice that ought to be heard in this debate is that of the doctors who see young children.The state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics urged the governor to veto these bills, saying they were not only unconstitutional, but bad because, they said, ;we should not place limitations on loving families that seek to adopt such children.;What evidence I have seen indicates that, if anything, same-sex couples make better parents than heterosexual ones. For one thing, you really have to work hard at getting children if you are in that situation; it is pretty hard to have them by accident.In any event, adoption agencies that put any religious restrictions on who they serve shouldnt be receiving one cent of state or federal money. Theres something called the First Amendment that should have made that pretty clear.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201506/380601 If you count yourself among those who cannot imagine life without your faithful dog by your side, you would have been a pretty rare breed a century or two ago.Thats when packs of feral dogs were roaming the streets of Detroit.People lived in fear of rabies, and the dog catcher prowled the streets scooping up the many strays.Bill Loomis has tracked the history of dogs in Detroit for The Detroit News.Loomis tells us that during the late 19th and 20th centuries, stray dogs were an issue not only in Detroit, but across the country.;It was just like rats, they were out of peoples control,; Loomis says.As a result, rabies was a huge problem, according to Loomis.;The dogs would bite kids,; he says. ;People in general would just run at the sight of a mad dog.… There was over 90% chance that you would die if you had rabies.;But on the flip side, Detroit also saw pampered pooches long before Paris Hilton carted her Chihuahua Tinkerbell across the world.Loomis says for many turn-of-the-century dogs in Detroit, life was good.;You slept on satin pillows and you ate clean chicken and mushrooms,; he says. ;You had footmen that attended to you, and you were given special rides. It was almost laughable.;Bill Loomis runs us through the rest of Detroits history with dogs in our conversation above.201509/396568长春市第一医院是市级吗长春流产做手术



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