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长春市公立三甲医院官网专家在线咨询长春市中医院白带异常多少钱长春二道河子区人民医院预约 Mom: Put on these pants and this shirt, come over here, and stand still. I need to alter your brother’s clothes to fit you.妈妈:穿上这条裤子和衬衫,过来站好我得帮你改一下你哥哥的衣Sa’ad: Oh, Mom!萨阿德:哦,妈妈!Mom: Hurry up. I need to let down the hems and take up the sleeves. I don’t think I have to take in the pant legs, but I might have to let out the waist a little.妈妈:快点我得把衣角放下来再把袖子收一下裤腿的话应该不用改短了,但是腰围得稍微改松一点Sa’ad: Ouch!萨阿德:哎呦!Mom: Sorry, but you need to stop moving around or your hem will be uneven and your seams will be crooked. You and your brothers are growing so fast I feel like a full-time tailor!妈妈:抱歉,你不要再到处跑了,不然衣褶儿会不均匀,缝合线也会不平整你跟你哥长得太快了,弄得我像个全职裁缝!Sa’ad: Are we done?萨阿德:好了吗?Mom: No, we’re not. Stay right there. You can help me iron a crease into this shirt bee I put it through the sewing machine.妈妈:没,还没有站在那边用缝纫机缝合前你得帮我在衬衫上熨个褶Sa’ad: Oh, Mom!萨阿德:哦,妈妈!Mom: Don’t “Oh, Mom” me. This machine doesn’t seem to be working. I hope I don’t have to stitch all these by hand.妈妈:不要这样叫我这缝纫机不好用了但愿不要让我手工来改这些衣Sa’ad: Mom, since I’m growing so fast, I’ll probably grow out of these clothes in a couple of months. Let’s wait until after my growth spurt to alter them.萨阿德:妈妈,我长得很快,几个月以后我可能都穿不了这些衣了等我长大咱们再改这些衣吧Mom: And what will you wear in the meantime, high waters?妈妈:那在此期间你穿什么啊,超短裤?Sa’ad: No, shorts!萨阿德:不,短裤!译文属 571Eco toilet unveiled in Washington Mount Rainier National Park unveils a commode that uses cedar chips. KOMO's Robert Santos flushes out the storyWith all the snows still around the Cougar Rock Campgrounds, there were no visitors inside. But we did find a group of park rangers and some Japanese businessmen celebrating the opening of a new campground toilet. So what's the big deal? Well, this is an eco-friendly toilet. Get this, instead of using chemicals, it uses cedar chips to treat the waste. The heat generated during decomposition kills any bacteria, and the waste materials are vaporized in one of its tanks. The water used is purified and is re-circulated, so it's like a self-contained sewerage treatment plant. The inventor came all the way from Japan the dedication ceremonies. "They flew in yesterday... " "You never replace the chips. You may add water occasionally, but does have a rain-catch system which will add water to the tank, and it's so easy to maintain it." "And just like most toilets in Japan, this seat is heated. Yeah, trust me, it's also made to fully flushable, no waste water, no sludge and the best part about it, it's odor-free. " And it's a gift to Mount Rainier from a Japanese environmental group active on Mount Fuji, which gets more climbers in a day than our mountain gets the whole summer. "Now it's about over, over ty s we are working in Mount Fuji and been, has contributed to the significant improvement those waste management in Mount Fuji area." "You know we have some systems we're experimenting at Camp Muir with different solar systems. We have a lot of backcountry use to kind of figure out what's the best and then when they said, they wanted to donate this as a model us to experiment, well, then it was welcomed." A seventy thousand dollar gift all to enjoy.WORDS IN THE NEWSranger: nounA wanderer; a rover. campground: nounAn area used setting up a camp or holding a camp meeting.cedar: nounAny of a large number of evergreen trees having fragrant wood of great durability. Arborvitae is sometimes called northern white cedar.sludge: nounSemisolid material such as the type precipitated by sewage treatment.odor: nounThe property or quality of a thing that affects, stimulates, or is perceived by the sense of smell.backcountry: nounA sparsely inhabited rural region. 066长春那家医院治疗妇科病好

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长春二道区妇幼保健院生殖科He Will Go to Heaven前往天堂Adam was doing his homework. He stopped doing his homework. He was bored. He didnt like homework. “Dad, what happens when we die?” Adam asked. “You will go to heaven,” Dad said. “Does everyone go to heaven?” Adam asked. “No, only good people go to heaven,” Dad said. “What is heaven like?” Adam asked. “It is a happy place,” Dad said. “Everyone is happy. Everyone is your friend. Everyone likes you. You like everyone.” He told Adam to be polite. He told Adam to be honest. “If you are polite and honest, you will go to heaven,” Dad said. Adam said, “I want to go to heaven. I will be polite and honest.” Dad said there was one more thing. Adam had to do one more thing to go to heaven. “What’s that?” Adam asked. “If you want to go to heaven, you have to do your homework,” Dad said.亚当正在写作业他停止写作业他百无聊赖他不喜欢写作业亚当问道:“爸爸,人死了会怎样?”爸爸说:“人会升入天堂”亚当问道:“所有人都会升入天堂吗?”爸爸说:“不,只有好人才会去天堂”亚当问道:“天堂什么样?”爸爸说:“那是个幸福的地方每个人都幸福快乐所有人都是你的朋友所有人都喜欢你你也喜欢所有人”他让亚当要懂礼貌他告诉亚当要诚实爸爸说::如果你做到礼貌和诚实,那你就会升入天堂”亚当说:“我想去天堂我会做到诚实和礼貌”爸爸说还有一点要想去天堂,还要做到一点”亚当问道:“那是什么?”爸爸说:“如果你想去,就先完成作业”译文属原创,,不得转载 8581 A cowboy fell off his horse and broke his leg on the prairie. The steed grabbed his master's belt in his teeth, carried him to shelter and then went to fetch the doctor.Talking it over a few weeks later, a friend praised the horse's intelligence. "Heck, he's so smart,"replied the cowboy. "he came back with the veterinarian."一个牛仔在大草原上从马背上摔了下来,摔断了腿马咬住主人的腰带,把他拖到一个避身之处,然后去找医生几个星期后,有个朋友谈起此事,夸赞那匹马很聪明”见鬼,这匹马可真聪明啊.” 牛仔回答说,”可是他带回来的是兽医啊.” 818长春一院正规吗会不会乱收费长春二道区妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱



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