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Ikea is recalling millions of dressers that can tip over and are being blamed for the deaths of three children.因有翻倒的危险,并被指责造成三个儿童死亡之后,宜家公司正在召回数百万架抽屉柜。The dressers have been known to fall over if they are not fastened to the wall, and the issue was aly linked to the death of two toddlers that spurred Ikea to launch a repair program in July 2015.据报道,这些抽屉柜如果没有被固定在墙上,极有可能会翻倒,并且该问题在2015年7月已经导致了两名小孩死亡,并促使宜家启动了修复程序。;We are announcing this recall given the recent tragic death of a third child. It is clear that there are still unsecured products in customers#39; homes, and we believe that taking further action is the right thing to do,; the company said in a statement last Monday.宜家在上周一的一份声明中表示:“鉴于第三名小孩发生的这一悲剧,我们宣布这一召回决定。很显然,在我们客户的家中仍有一些不安全的产品,我们认为,采取进一步的措施是正确的。”There were no immediate details about the death of the third child.目前并未透露关于第三个孩子死亡的最新细节。Ikea said it#39;s been in ;close contact; with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which helps carry out recalls, about how to remedy the hazard. Ikea would not confirm to CNN Money what customers will receive under the recall, though the Philadelphia Inquirer reported full refunds will be offered.宜家表示,其一直都在与美国消费品安全委员会保持“密切联系”,以实施产品召回并进行危害赔偿。客户在召回中会得到怎样的补偿,宜家并未告知CNN Money,不过据《费城询问报》报道,宜家将给予全额补偿。The company did not alter the product#39;s design or take it off the market following the launch of the repair program in 2015. The repair program provided new kits to attach the dressers to the wall for customers who hadn#39;t used the original hardware to secure the dressers.自2015年启动修复计划后,宜家仍未改变该产品的设计,也没有在市场中停售。修复计划为那些未使用原始固定装置的顾客们提供了新的设备,以便将柜子固定在墙上, /201607/453698


  What Will People Do at Lunar Year人们度过阴历的活动Each Chinese month starts on the day of the new moon. And the full moon comes on the 15th day of the month. The New Year always starts between January 21 and February 20. On the last day of the lunar year,there is a big family dinner. All members of the family except married daughters try to be present at this meal,even if they have to travel many miles to reach the home of their parents. Old quarrels are forgotten,and everybody is happy. After the dinner,the children keep awake to welcome the New Year.每一个中国月在新月的那天开始。满月在每月的第15日来临。新年总是在1月21日和2月20日之间开始。在阴历年的最后一天,有一个大型的家庭聚餐。家里除了出嫁的女儿,所有成员尽量出席这顿饭,尽管他们到达他们的父母的家中有好几英里。忘记旧的争吵,每个人都是幸福的。晚饭后,孩子们保持清醒,以迎接新年的到来。 /201605/445703。


  The company that owns Kentucky Fried Chicken is facing new calls to stop using poultry that has been treated with antibiotics.日前,肯德基公司面临新的呼吁,要求其停止使用含抗生素的鸡肉。KFC has aly promised to limit the use of human antibiotics in its chicken by next year. However, critics claim the policy effectively allows for routine use of antibiotics by its chicken suppliers.肯德基方面曾承诺,到2017年将在鸡肉中限制使用人类抗生素。但是批评者认为,这一策略却有效地纵容其鸡肉供应商常规使用抗生素。A KFC spokesperson said it was reviewing whether it could force suppliers to go beyond Food and Drug Administration rules on antibiotics usage.肯德基公司的一位发言人表示,他们正在评估其是否可以强迫供应商在抗生素的使用上,实行超越食品和药物的标准。;KFC is lagging woefully behind - diners around the country want KFC to step up,; said Lena Brook of the Natural Resources Defense Council, which is one of the groups delivering petitions to KFC headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.自然资源保护委员会的莉娜·布鲁克说道:“肯德基已经严重滞后了,全国的消费者都希望肯德基加快速度。”该委员会是向肯塔基州路易斯维尔市的肯德基总部递交请愿书的团体之一。Other Yum brand chains - Taco Bell and Pizza Hut - plan to cut the use of chicken treated with antibiotics by early next year.百胜旗下的另外两个连锁品牌——塔可钟和必胜客——已承诺将于2017年年初停用含抗生素鸡肉。Medical experts warn that the routine use of antibiotics to promote growth and prevent illness in farm animals contributes to the rise of drug-resistant ;superbug; infections that kill at least 23,000 Americans each year and represent a significant threat to global health.医学专家警告称,为促进动物生长、预防疾病而在家畜中常规使用抗生素,会导致抗药性强的“超级细菌”滋生。“超级细菌”每年造成至少23万美国人死亡,并对全球健康形成严重威胁。Fast food restaurants have become a focal point for change in the food industry by forcing suppliers to change their practices.快餐店通过迫使其供应商做出改变,已成为改变食品行业的焦点。Last week McDonald#39;s said it had switched to antibiotic-free chickens in the US and Canada. Chick-fil-A, another big US fast food chicken chain, has promised to use only antibiotic-free chickens by 2019.上周,麦当劳表示在美国和加拿大他们已转向使用不含抗生素的鸡肉。而美国另一家大型鸡肉快餐连锁店福乐鸡也承诺,到2019年的时候只使用不含抗生素的鸡肉。 /201608/462561

  And you are sure that this is a really risky trip, and we only have food for 5-6 weeks?你们确信这是一次非常危险的旅行吗?我们只有5-6周的食物。Polar expeditions have always been popular with cannibals极地探险一直是受食人族欢迎的 /201608/462059

  The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, told the B that could happen if the UK government started the formal process of leaving the EU without Scotland#39;s position being safeguarded.苏格兰政府首席大臣妮古拉·斯特金日前接受英国广播公司采访时表示,若英国政府启动脱欧正式程序,而没有照顾苏格兰的立场,那么苏格兰就有可能举行第二次独立公投。The UK minister responsible for Brexit said he did not think this would work. But earlier, the Prime Minister Theresa May said she would listen to any options brought forward by the Scottish government.不过英国脱欧大臣却认为,这只会无果而终。但特丽莎·梅首相此前曾表示,她会听取苏格兰政府方面提出的任何选择。Following a meeting with Ms. Sturgeon, Mrs. May appeared unwilling to consider a second referendum on Scottish independence, saying people in Scotland sent a ;very clear message; in 2014.在与斯特金会晤之后,梅表现出不愿考虑苏格兰第二次独立公投,她表示,苏格兰人民已于2014年传达出了一个“相当明确的消息”了。On the B#39;s Sunday Politics Scotland programme, when asked about her position if Article 50 was triggered in December and the Scottish government was not ;on board;, Ms. Sturgeon said that was why she was making preparations for a second independence referendum.在英国广播公司苏格兰政论节目中,当被问及若《里斯本条约》第50条于12月启动而苏格兰政府不予采纳,她会持何种立场时,斯特金表示,这就是她着手第二次独立公投的原因。;Of course at that point that would be an option and a decision that I would have to consider,; she said.她说道:“那时,第二次独立公投显然是一个我必须考虑的选择和决定。”When asked if she would be happy to have an independence referendum in the first half of next year, she said: ;I will have an independence referendum if I come to conclusion that is in the best interests of Scotland. I#39;ve always said that. It would be up to Scottish people ultimately to decide if that is right way to go.;当被问及是否愿意苏格兰于明年上半年举行独立公投时,梅首相表示:“若我得出独立公投最符合苏格兰利益的结论,那么我将批准举行。我一直在强调,决定此路是否为可行之道最终取决于苏格兰人民。”She added that if a referendum was going to be held it would make sense for that to happen before the UK left the EU.她还补充道,若要举行公投,那么在英国离开欧盟之前进行是很有意义的。Speaking earlier on the B#39;s Andrew Marr show about Scotland#39;s position regarding the EU, Ms. Sturgeon suggested that Scotland could stay in the UK and the EU.在此前的B《安德鲁·马尔秀》中,就欧盟问题谈到苏格兰的立场时,斯特金就曾暗示苏格兰可既留欧又留英。 /201607/456548


  What your profile picture REALLY says about you: Experts say they can reveal if you are conscientious, artistic or neurotic.你的网络头像真正能体现出关于你的多少信息:专家称头像照片能显示出你是严谨的、风雅的、亦或神经质的。Using thousands of Twitter profile pictures, an international team of researchers found that personality traits can be accurately predicted based on differences in aesthetic and facial presentation.通过观察几千张推特个人资料里的头像照片,一个国际研究团队发现,根据美学和面部表现方式的差异,可以准确推测性格特征。In a recent paper, Analyzing Personality through Social Media Profile Picture Choice, researchers analysed a data set of more than 66,000 Twitter users, and collected up to 3,200 of the most recent tweets for each person.在最近发表的研究论文——《通过社交媒体头像选择分析用户性格》中,研究者们分析了超过6.6万推特用户的数据,并且收集了每个用户最近写的3200条推特。Along with this, 434 Twitter users were given a psychological survey to determine their scores among the Big Five personality traits.与此同时,对434名推特用户进行心理调查,根据调查结果来给他们在五大性格特质(又称大五性格模型或五因素模型)打分。These include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience.这些特质包括外向性、亲和性、严谨性、情绪不稳定性和开放性。Profile pictures are likely an important indicator of personality, as they are chosen by the user to represent their online persona, the researchers explain.研究人员解释道:因为用户选择它们来代表自己在网上的形象,头像照片很可能是性格的一个重要指标。Twitter users that have a profile picture with higher aesthetic quality – increased contrast, sharpness,saturation, less blur – were associated with open personalities, the team found.研究团队发现,拥有审美价值更高头像的推特用户——图片对比度、清晰度、饱和度较高,模糊的较少,体现了用户的开放性。Extraverts were found to have the most colourful images, and tended to have profile pictures that contain multiple people.研究发现,具有外向性的人头像色最丰富,而且头像照片上往往有好几个人。Neurotic users, they found, tended to have simpler, uncolourful images.他们发现,神经过敏的用户头像往往更简单,色更单调。They were also more likely to opt not to present a face in their photos, and had an overall lack of positive emotions when a face was shown.他们也更倾向于选择没有正脸的照片,即使有,脸上也全然没有积极的表情。 /201606/449952



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