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临安区人民医院检查浙江省四院是市级吗Rough sleeping露宿街头One home at a time房子的救赎How to cut the number of street dwellers—and save money, too减少倒卧,节约开HANDING a homeless alcoholic the keys to a free furnished flat may seem foolish, unfair or both. That was certainly what Ted Clugston, the mayor of Medicine Hat, a Canadian town of 61,000, used to think—but experience has changed his mind. No-strings housing offers have helped bring the town within sight of a goal it set itself five years ago: to end homelessness by 2015. At the time over 1,000 people passed through its homeless shelters each year, many between spells on the street. If the municipality succeeds, it will be the first in North America to do so.将免费的带家具的公寓的钥匙交给一个无家可归的酒鬼看起来是荒谬的、不正当的,或者是既荒谬又不正当。这也正是拥有6.1万人的加拿大小镇梅迪辛哈特的镇长Ted Clugston以前所认为的,但是一番经历使他改变了主意。不带任何附加条件的房屋供给已将该镇纳入了一个在5年前制定的目标之中:在2015年杜绝无家可归。当时每年有超过1000人获得过该镇的收容,其中许多人是长期流落街头。如果该镇成功,那将是此举在北美的首创。Most of the long-term homeless are mentally ill, alcoholic or drug-addicted, often all three. The standard way to help them has long been the “staircase” approach: requiring them to quit drink and drugs before shepherding them through emergency shelters and temporary lodging until they are deemed y to be housed. But many refuse to sign up. Those who do often fall off the wagon. Typically, fewer than half make it all the way to a (usually subsidised) permanent home.大多数长期无家可归者是精神病患者、酒鬼或瘾君子,或者是三者兼而有之。帮助他们的通常的做法长期以来是“梯级解决”法:首先要求他们戒酒戒毒,然后引导他们获得临时收容和临时住所,最后,他们才被认为有资格被安置。但大多数人不干。即使这样做的人通常也会重蹈覆辙。通常,只有不到一半人可以坚持到最后,(通常是通过补贴)得到一个稳定的住所。In 1992 Sam Tsemberis, a professor of psychiatry at New York University, started a programme that turned that sequence on its head. Pathways to Housing gave rough sleepers furnished flats in poor districts. Medical care, treatment for addiction and help in learning to cook, pay bills and so on were offered, but not required. After five years 88% remained housed.1992年,纽约大学精神病学教授Sam Tsemberis开始一项计划,力图改变人们头脑中的固定思维方式。这个被称作“安居之路”的计划为贫困地区的无家可归者提供拎包入住的公寓。并给予医疗保健、成瘾治疗、以及在学习做饭、付账等方面的帮助,且并不强迫。该计划实施5年后,88%的人得到最终安置。Since then dozens of cities around the world have seen similar success with what has come to be known as “housing first”. The premise is simple: to end homelessness, give out homes—even to people who may have lived on the streets for years.此后全球数十个城市已经通过名为“住房优先”战略见了类似的成功。前提很简单:结束流浪,分配住房—即使对于多年住在街面上的人也是如此。Homeless people are triaged much like arrivals at a hospital emergency room: those deemed most at risk of dying on the street go to the top of the queue. The approach is becoming standard in Denmark and Finland, and is being tried in over a dozen other European countries, as well as Australia and Japan. Over 200 American cities have ten-year plans to end homelessness, following a national plan drawn up four years ago that features the housing-first model. Canadian cities are drawing up similar schemes.无家可归者像在医院急诊室挂号一样排号:那些被认为最可能死在大街上的人排在队列前面。此法成为丹麦和芬兰的标准,并且正在被多达数十个欧洲其他国家试用,也包括澳大利亚和日本。在美国,4年前起草以住房优先模式为重头戏的为国家计划之前,已经有超过200城市拥有了结束无家可归的10十年计划。此外,加拿大的一些城市也正在起草类似的计划。Perhaps surprisingly, the new approach seems to save taxpayers money. Typically, long-term rough sleepers are about 15% of all homeless people but use more than half of all public spending on services for the homeless as they cycle through emergency medical care, detox and jail. Denver, Colorado, reckons each of its 300 “heaviest utilisers” costs taxpayers ,000 a year and that putting them straight into housing with intensive support from social workers would cost less than half as much. Calgary, the first Canadian city to use a housing-first approach, saw average annual savings of more than ,000 per person from housing its most acute cases.该新政似乎能节约纳税人的钱,这或许出人意料。一般而言,长期的露宿者占全部无家可归者的15%,但是他们耗掉了为无家可归者务的政府开的大半,因为他们一次次经历紧急医疗护理、戒毒和拘押。科罗拉多州的丹佛市,估算该市300位“烧钱大户”每人每年花费纳税人3.7万美元,而直接把他们塞进住房里,并且由社工提供精心扶助的花费将比原来少一半。第一个使用住房优先方法的加拿大城市卡尔加里,依靠为最困难的露宿者提供住房,见了每人平均结余每年3万美元的奇迹。Savings from housing rough sleepers with less complex problems are lower, and sometimes non-existent, says Nicholas Pleace of the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York. But getting them off the streets at least means less wasteful use of public services: a police officers time is better spent fighting crime than arresting vagrants for trespass.纽约大学的住房政策中心的Nicholas Pleace认为,安置无家可归者的所产生结余并不高,有时甚至没有。但是让他们离开街面至少意味着较少的公共务使用上的浪费:一名警察的时间应该花在打击犯罪,而不是去逮乱窜的流浪汉。Critics view such programmes as rewarding bad behaviour: many of those housed continue to drink and use drugs, and remain unemployable. Advocates point to the harms avoided: a recent study in Canada that randomly assigned participants to housing-first or a standard programme concluded that housing them did more to improve their quality of life and their functioning in the community. Such findings help win over those who favour doing what is most humane, says Paul Howard of Community Solutions, a charity that champions the housing-first model. The criticism will fade further, he thinks, as more people come to see addiction as a grave health problem exacerbated by rough sleeping, rather than a choice.批评者认为这种项目会奖励不良行为:许多被安置者继续酗酒吸毒,并且仍然失业。而持者指出这种危害可以避免:加拿大最近一项研究标明,将申请者纳入住房优先或者是一项标准计划的结果就是:为他们提供住房大大提升了其生活质量和社会职能。这些发现有助于,社区解决机构的Paul Howard认为:这些发现有利于争取那些最热衷于最大限度行善的人,而社区解决机构一直是住房优先模式的捍卫者。他认为,随着更多的人把成瘾看成由露宿街头加剧的一种严重的健康问题而不是由个人选择而决定的时候,批评将进一步褪去。For many cities seeking to house rough sleepers, finding homes is the hardest part. Rents are soaring, and waiting lists for subsidised housing growing ever longer. Medicine Hat cleared its housing-first waiting list in August. Even so, Mr Clugston is reluctant to declare homelessness beaten before a planned public-housing development comes through.对于寻求安置无家可归者的许多城市而言,最难的是找房子。租金在飙升,而等候补贴性住房的名单越涨越长。Medicine Hat今年8月安置完了他们住房优先的候选名单。即使这样,Clugston镇长不得不宣布,在规划好的公共保障住房新区建成之前,又一波无家可归者来袭。翻译:沈竹 校对:江虹蕾 译文属译生译世 /201411/342712塘河妇女医院妇科专家 Greeces finance minister希腊财政部长Absent professor心不在焉的教授The immovable Yanis Varoufakis毫不动摇的雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯ALMOST every recent Greek finance minister has been an Athens university economics professor moonlighting as a politician. Yanis Varoufakis is no exception. But unlike his predecessors, Mr Varoufakis has become a global celebrity, to the annoyance of many in Syriza, the leftist party in power. To his critics, Mr Varoufakiss lifestyle—riding a powerful motorbike, spending evenings in chic bars and weekends at a smart island villa belonging to his wife—is embarrassingly close to that of the rich Greeks he castigates for avoiding taxes by stashing cash abroad.希腊近几任财政部长皆为希腊大学的经济学教授,业余职业是政治家。雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯也不例外。但与前几任部长不同的是,他已是全球瞩目的热门人物,惹来执政党激进左翼联盟中诸多人士的不满。瓦鲁法克斯财长经常骑着飙劲十足的托车,夜晚沉浸在时尚酒吧,周末在妻子的智能沙滩别墅度过。在其批评家看来,这差不多是希腊富豪阶级的生活方式,而瓦鲁法克斯财长也严惩海外存钱避税的富豪阶级,这种矛盾的表现令人哭笑不得。The leather-jacketed Mr Varoufakis is not much liked by his euro-zone colleagues either. He lectures them and shows little interest in the details of reforms demanded by Greeces creditors. The pace of negotiations has picked up as Greeces cash crunch gets more acute. But Mr Varoufakis continues to raise obstacles, say officials in Brussels and Frankfurt. He is deeply reluctant to cross any of Syrizas “red lines”: no more cuts in pensions, no more labour reforms, no increases in value-added tax and no privatisations beyond the handful that are aly under way.身着皮夹克的瓦鲁法克斯财长亦不招欧元区同僚的喜欢。他训斥他们,对希腊债权人发起的改革详情几乎毫无兴趣。随着希腊现金危机的不断加剧,谈判进程才恢复正常。但是,据布鲁塞尔与法兰克福两市的官员称,瓦鲁法克斯还是不断加以为难。他极其不愿越激进左翼联盟的“雷池”一步,即禁止再度削减养老金,禁止劳力改革,禁止提高增值税,禁止少数人以外的私有化扩大。Divisions within Syrizas economic team do not help. Amazingly, Mr Varoufakis is often away on the international conference circuit. In his absence Yannis Dragasakis, the deputy prime minister, who is close to Mr Tsipras but not to Mr Varoufakis, takes over. His messages to the “institutions”, as the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission are now known (in place of the hated “troika”), are more conciliatory than those of Mr Varoufakis. But their senior officials are still banned by Mr Varoufakis from holding discussions in the finance ministry inAthens.激进左翼联盟经济团队的内部分化也于事无补。而国际电话会议上常常不见瓦鲁法克斯其人,让人不可思议。在其缺席期间,亲齐普拉斯的Yannis Dragasakis副总理代其参会。他在会议上向如今熟知的国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央以及欧盟委员会“三方集团”(取代“三巨头”这一令人厌恶的称呼)传达的信息相较于瓦鲁法克斯的而言,调解性强。但瓦鲁法克斯财长仍然禁止三方机构的高级官员在雅典财政部举行洽谈会。Greeceis unlikely to reach a deal this month with its creditors. Mr Varoufakis is trying to buy more time. The latest wheeze was to get local authorities and other public agencies to transfer their cash reserves to the central bank. But without a deal,Greece seems certain to run out of money to repay its debts to the IMF and ECB. Some fret that Mr Varoufakiss half-hearted negotiating tactics show a lack of commitment to keeping Greece in the euro. As a fellow economics professor puts it: “Unlike his predecessors, Yanis isnt interested in managing the economy. What he really enjoys is brinkmanship.”希腊本月与其债权人达成协议看来无望。瓦鲁法克斯财长设法周旋,以拖延时间。最新的举动即让地方政府等机构将其现金储备转移到中央。如果双方还未达成协议,希腊很可能为偿还国际货币基金组织与欧洲央行的债务而落得倾家荡产。有些人士万分焦灼,表示瓦鲁法克斯财长在谈判中不太认真,并未表现出希腊留在欧元区的承诺和决心。正如一位经济学教授同仁所言:“真正让瓦鲁法克斯上心的不是管理经济,而是实行边缘政策。” 翻译:石海霞 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201505/373054杭州市萧山区第三人民医院网上预约挂号

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杭州市江干区人民医院医生的QQ号码 Europe France and football欧洲 法国和足球The Swedish model瑞典模式A football club mirrors many French anxieties足球俱乐部折射出许多法式忧虑A literary sensation too浓郁的文学气息When the Qataris last year bought Paris SaintGermain (PSG), the French capital’s premier football club, it touched a raw enough nerve. This is a country, after all, which once declared yogurt-making a strategic industry in need of protection from foreign takeovers. Liberation, a left-wing newspaper, denounced the small Gulf state’s “ferocious appetite for power and influence”, and warned that “bling-bling football” was on its way to France. Nearly 18 months later, many French anxieties—over wealth, taxes, capitalism or free trade—are exemplified by PSG’s fortunes.去年卡塔尔人收购了法国目前最炙手可热的足球俱乐部——巴黎圣日耳曼(PSG) 队后,再一次触动了原本就脆弱的法国人的神经。毕竟这个国家曾经为了避免异国人士收购一个制作酸奶的产业,而采取过战略保护措施。法国左翼媒体——《解放报》谴责小海湾国家的行为是“对政权和相关影响都是极大地冲击”,并且强烈声明只有在法国,俱乐部才会“闪耀着璀璨光辉”。然而在18个月后,在PSG被收购引发并加强了法国人民对财产,税收以及资本主义自由贸易的担心。Short of the sort of cash that has been sloshing around other European football leagues, the French have traditionally exported talent, often to England. Stadiums are rarely full; no French club has won the European Champions’ League for nearly 20 years. Now the country has become an importer too. Supplied with a fat chequebook by the Qatar Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund, PSG has gone on a shopping spree. After bagging an Italian manager, it splashed out on two Brazilians, an Argentinian, an Italian and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Swedish striker whose father was a Bosnian Muslim and mother a Croat.伴随着法国足球界流动资金短缺,那些有天赋的法国足球运动员总是成为其他国家的联赛足球外援,比如去英超踢球。足球厂很少有客满的时候,而在近20年中,没有任何一家法国俱乐部赢得了欧洲冠军联赛冠军。现如今,这个国家也已然成为了一个进口大国。与卡塔尔投资局——一个财大气粗的财团达成合作协议,PSG俱乐部也开始了队外援的疯狂引进计划。在引进了一名意大利管理人员,他开始了疯狂的人才引进计划,随后引进了两名巴西,一名阿根廷以及一名意大利外援。除此之外,瑞典前锋伊布也被法足联收入囊中,他的父亲是一名波斯尼亚穆斯林,而其母亲是克罗地亚人。To French eyes, the yearly salary reportedly promised to Mr Ibrahimovic—some 14m (m), said the French press in August, or closer to 9m according to Le Parisien newspaper last month—was shocking. The French like wealth only when it is discreet and do not care much for the fast cars and flashy nightlife that seems to go with high-level football. They elected a president, Francois Hollande, a Socialist who once said he didn’t like the rich and promised during his campaign to tax salaries of over 1m at 75%. Predictably, politicians decried the footballer’s extravagant pay. “Indecent”, given the economic crisis, declared Jercme Cahuzac, the budget minister.根据法国媒体的相关消息,伊布的年薪约有1400万欧元(约为1800万美元),或者就像《报》上月报道的接近900万欧元,但无论是哪一种都足够让人震惊。法国人在金钱方面还是很节俭的 不过多关注于高级轿车和浮华的夜生活,似乎看起来全部付诸于高水平的足球了。而他们选举出来的新任总统——社会党人Francois Hollande在竞选的时候称自己不喜欢富人,并承诺一旦当选将会对年薪超过100万欧元的收入人群征收边际税率高达75%的所得税。可以预料得到,政客们将会谴责球星高昂的收入,预算部长Jercme Cahuzac称“这是不妥的”并将加剧经济危机。Parliament has just approved the new top tax rate. French business is dismayed. But it will do little to dampen footballers’ take-home pay: the Qataris are guaranteeing Mr Ibrahimovic’s salary, net. Whether Parisians can overcome their distaste for the vulgarisation of sport and the inequalities that such largesse brings will depend partly on performance on the pitch. So far, Mr Ibrahimovic has scored nine goals in eight league matches; PSG tops the league. Should his feet fail him, though, the Swede may just find other ways to charm the French. On October 22nd his autobiography was shortlisted for Sweden’s smartest literary prize—just the sort of non-financial success that Parisians truly cherish.国会也通过了新的最高税率。整个国内的商界都为之沮丧。但是却不能对足球运动员的收入造成任何的影响:卡塔尔财团已经保了伊布的净工资。由于足球运动员收入仍然很高,就产生了不公平等想法,他们能否这些想法就取决于运动员们在球场上的表现了。到目前为止,伊布在本赛季进行的8场联赛中已打入9粒进球,PSG也位列联赛排行榜首席。即使伊布表现不佳,踢得不好,但是这位瑞典人将会用他自己的方式在法国星光熠熠。10月22日,他的自传入选为瑞典最具智慧大奖——而法国人真正珍惜的正是这种非金融式的成功。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/460071浙江省杭州妇幼保健医院打胎流产好吗余杭区妇幼保健院妇科专家大夫



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