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泉州市第一医院是私立还是公立的?泉州永春县治疗痘痘最好的医院Xu Jiajie has gone on countless blind dates and to numerous match-making events over the past five years in search of a husband. 在过去5年中,许佳洁(音译)为找到好一位丈夫参加了无数次相亲和婚恋活动。 At 31, the baby-faced office worker from Shanghai is under enormous pressure from family and friends to get married. But the right man is hard to find, she says, a big issue for urban, educated and well-paid Chinese women in a society where the husband`s social status is traditionally above the wife`s. 这位来自上海的上班族虽然已经31岁,却还是一张娃娃脸。谈到结婚问题,她表示正处于亲友的巨大压力之下。但许说,传统的中国家庭中,丈夫的社会地位要高于妻子。对于高教育程度、高收入的城市女性来说,找到合适的男人实在太难了。 ;My parents have introduced every bachelor they know,; said Xu, who earns double the average wage in Shanghai. ;Half of the bachelors I met are quiet and never go out. Outgoing men don`t need blind dates.; 许的工资是上海市民平均收入的两倍,她说:“我的父母把他们认识的单身男子全都介绍给我,但在我见过面的单身汉中,有一半人十分内向,很少出门。常出门聚会的人不需要相亲。” As couples celebrate the ;Qixi; festival on Tuesday, the Chinese equivalent of Valentine`s Day, Xu and millions of women like her face stark choices as long-held ideas about matrimonial hierarchy run up against economic and social changes sweeping the world`s most populous country. 当一对对恋人周二欢度中国“七夕”情人节时,数以百万计的女性却和许一样面临着艰难抉择。在这个全球人口最多的国家中,长久沿袭的婚姻等级制度正遭遇到席卷全国的经济社会剧变。 The term ;shengnu; - directly translated as ;leftover women; - was coined to refer to professional women who have not married by their late 20s. 社会上还流传着“剩女”一词,指的是那些将近30岁还没结婚的职业女性。 ;Chinese people often think males should be higher in a relationship in every sense, including height, age, education and salary,; Ni Lin, who hosts a popular match-making television show in Shanghai, told Reuters. 上海电视台著名相亲节目主持人倪琳告诉路透社记者:“中国人总认为在婚姻关系中,男性处处都要高女性一筹,包括身高、年龄、教育水平和工资收入。” ;This leads to a phenomenon in which A-grade men marry B-grade women, B-grade men marry C-grade women and C-grade men marry D-grade women. Only A-grade women and D-grade men can`t find partners.; “这导致一等男人娶二等女人,二等男人娶三等女人,三等男人娶四等女人,只有一等女人和四等男人没人要。” In Beijing, more than a third of women in their late 20s and 30s are looking for husbands, according to the dating website Jiayuan.com. Media reports say there may be as many as 500,000 ;leftover women; in the capital. 婚恋交友网站“世纪佳缘”称,北京市三十岁上下的女性中,有超过三分之一的人还没有男朋友。有媒体报道说北京的“剩女”可多达50万。 There are plenty of men to go round among China`s nearly 1.4 billion people but social status can conspire against single professional woman once again. 中国人口近14亿,想找个丈夫并不难,但考虑到社会地位,单身职业女性的选择就不那么多了。 China`s population is more tilted towards men than in many countries due to the government`s one-child policy and a cultural preference for boys. The latest census in 2011 showed there were twice as many single men born in the 1970s as women of the same age. 政府制定计划生育政策,中国文化传统又偏爱男孩,导致男性人口多于女性人口,男女比例之大比很多国家都严重。2011年的最新人口普查显示,20世纪70年代出生的同龄人中,单身男性的数量是单身女性的两倍。 But unlike ;leftover women;, these ;shengnan; or ;leftover men; often live in lower-tier cities and do not make much money. 但同“剩女”不一样,这些“剩男”往往住在二三线城市,挣的工资也不高。 The Shanghai city government tries to help women like Xu by arranging regular match-making events. One in May attracted 20,000 single men and women. 上海市政府定期举办相亲活动,帮助像许一样的女性摆脱单身。曾有2万名单身男女参加了五月举办的婚会。 Lucy Wang, a 32-year-old Chinese language teacher who attended the event, said all she could find were playboy types or momma`s boys. 露西·王是一名32岁的汉语教师,她参加了相亲活动后说,见到的男性不是就是那些过分依赖妈妈的乖儿子。 ;I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me,; she said. ;Twenty thousand people and yet I can`t find anyone I like.; 她说:“有时我都怀疑自己是不是有毛病,两万人中居然连一个我喜欢的人都找不到。” /201308/252837泉州激光祛疤价格 The U.S.-Afghan strategic partnership agreement signed Tuesday by U.S. President Barack Obama and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai is being greeted with mixed feelings in and outside of Afghanistan.美国总统奥巴马和阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期二签署的美阿战略夥伴关系协议在阿富汗内外引发各种不同的反应。While the strategic partnership deal could pose new challenges to Afghanistan, many believe it helps end any prevailing confusion about the nature of U.S.-Afghan relations once all foreign combat troops leave the country in 2014.尽管这项战略夥伴协议可能对阿富汗构成新的挑战,但是许多人认为,一旦所有外国作战部队在2014年撤离阿富汗,这项协议就有助于结束阿富汗人对美阿关系性质普遍存在的困惑。Afghan lawmaker Shukria Barekzai says it is early to comment on the fate of the deal once it is presented to parliament.阿富汗律师巴雷克扎伊说,现在对该协议提交议会后会出现的结果发表为时尚早。;It is very early to say that the parliament may pass [it] or not, but for my point of view as long as it is good for the country and good for the Afghan people we would like to vote for it,; said Barekzai. ;We would like to accept that partnership with a very clear stand, the stand which gives us and assures the Afghans that Afghanistan will be a prosper[ous] country, which Afghans deserve. And of course, it is a very long way for us to walk, but we have to achieve, what we should.;巴雷克扎伊说:“现在说议会将要通过或否决这项决议还为时太早。可是,据我看,只要协议对我们国家以及阿富汗人有好处,我们就会投持票。我们想带着十分明确的立场接受这个夥伴关系。这个立场就是要让阿富汗人确信,阿富汗将成为一个繁荣的国家,阿富汗也应该享有这样的国力。显然,要想实现这一目标我们还有很长的路要走,可是我们必须实现这一目标,我们应当实现这一目标。”Kabul-based independent researcher Omar Sharifi says that the strategic bilateral agreement also sends a strong message to the Taliban and other insurgent groups that they will not be allowed to return Afghanistan to the civil war of the 1990s.喀布尔的一位独立研究人员沙里菲说,这项双边协议还向塔利班和其他叛乱组织发出一个强烈的信息,那就是不允许他们让阿富汗回到1990年代的那场内战。;But the main question remains with almost every single Afghan right now, especially in the decision-making circles, will we have enough capacity to implement this agreement and to show that we are capable both structurally and in terms of politically thinking to be a good partner in this agreement,; said Sharifi.沙里菲说:“可是,几乎所有的阿富汗人,尤其是在决策圈,仍然有一个主要疑问。那就是我们有足够的能力来落实这项协议吗?我们能否表现出我们在结构上和政治思考上有能力成为这项协议中的一个好夥伴呢?”President Obama signed the agreement with his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai during Tuesday#39;s unannounced visit to Kabul. The document defines the role of the remaining American forces in Afghanistan after 2014, with troops staying on to support counterterrorism and training efforts.奥巴马总统在星期二对喀布尔进行的事先未作宣布的访问中与阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊签署了这项协议。这项文件明确规定了2014年之后留在阿富汗的美军的角色,一些部队要继续驻扎在阿富汗持反恐努力,并且还要做培训工作。Analysts in neighboring Pakistan, including former ambassador to the U.S. Maliha Lodhi, believe winding down the Afghan war can have a far-reaching effect on regional stability.邻国巴基斯坦的分析人士,包括前巴基斯坦驻美大使罗德尼在内,认为逐渐结束阿富汗战争可以对地区稳定产生深远的影响。;For 11 years Pakistan has wanted to hear these kinds of words from an American president that the war is ending, and the first time, I have heard an American president talk about a negotiated peace with the Taliban,; said Lodhi. ;President Obama, it was very significant, said in his speech that his administration was in direct discussions with the Taliban. So overall, I think, the president#39;s speech would be welcomed by Pakistan.;罗德尼说:“11年来,巴基斯坦一直想听到一位美国总统说出将要结束阿富汗战争这些话。我第一次听到一位美国总统谈到与塔利班进行和谈。奥巴马总统在讲话中说,美国政府与塔利班进行直接谈判。这一点极为重要。因此,总的来说,我认为奥巴马总统的讲话会受到巴基斯坦的欢迎。”Lodhi says Pakistan has been unable to successfully crack down on Islamist insurgents along its border with Afghanistan partly because the presence of foreign troops next door has helped fuel militancy in the region.罗德尼说,巴基斯坦一直不能对巴阿边境线上的伊斯兰叛乱分子实施成功的打击,部份原因是邻国的外国驻军激发了该地区的战斗状态。 /201205/180483泉港区医院牙科收费

福建泉州欧菲整形医院价位表泉州第二医院有整形美容吗 In a country as obsessed with education as China, it makes sense that online teaching has huge potential.在一个像中国这样对教育着迷的国家,应该说网络教育是有巨大的潜力的。Wealthy Chinese spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their children abroad for what they perceive as a better education. And China’s scale means online-education companies can serve vast audiences, justifying up-front investments.富裕的中国人花费很多金钱送自己的孩子出国,接受他们眼中更好的教育。中国的规模代表着网络教育公司可以务于一个很广的受众群,来明预先的投资。Online courses have huge potential in China, a nation obsessed with education, but it hasn’t taken off.互联网课程在中国这样一个注重教育的国家有巨大的潜力,但是它的发展并没有进入正轨。“Everyone is looking at education as the next frontier,” said Yat Siu, chief executive at Outblaze, a Hong Kong-based mobile games and animation company. “The challenge is how do we get people to transfer to the digital side. China is not quite there yet, but it will come.”香港移动游戏公司Outblaze的董事长萧逸说:“每个人都将教育视作下一个前沿,而我们要接受的挑战时怎么将人们转移到数字时代。中国还没有走到这一步,但是会走到的。”Online education has been slow to catch on in China even though the country has the world’s largest Internet user base and is the world’s largest smartphone market. Listed educational companies, facing pressure to generate steady cash flows, have been slow to invest in their online operations.网络教育在中国发展得十分缓慢,尽管这个国家拥有全世界最多的网民,并且拥有最大的智能手机市场。上市教育公司因为在募集稳定的现金流方面面临压力,所以在投资互联网运营这一块进行得很慢。Another reason is China’s education system itself. The country’s focus on tests means there is less need for interactive learning than in the U.S. system, which cultivates a wide range of interests and often seeks to accommodate different learning styles. In China, traditional programs that help with exams and job searches are still the most popular.另一个原因是中国的教育系统本身。中国的应试教育意味着比起美国教育系统的广泛兴趣教育和经常寻求不同的学习风格,中国对于互动学习的需求很低。在中国,帮助应试和找工作的传统项目仍是最受欢迎的。And there is a shortage of up-to-date technology. Relatively few teachers in China have access to technology necessary for online, interactive education programs.同时中国缺少先进科技,相对而言,在中国几乎没有老师有资源得到必须的科技持来进行网上的互动教育程序。Traditional education companies have to adapt to the change, whether they like it or not. Yu Minhong, chairman of New Oriental Education amp; Technology Group Inc., said recently at a forum that online education will account for 40% of the private education market in three to five years, from 10% now, and the company is positioning itself as a content provider.传统教育机构不得不应对变化,不管他们是否喜欢。新东方教育科技集团的董事长俞敏洪在最近的一次会议中说过,网络教育将会在未来的3到5年中占个人教育市场的40%,现在是10%,而新东方将自己定位为内容供应商。Attention needs to be shifted from offline to online development, otherwise New Oriental won’t survive, Mr. Yu said.俞敏洪还说,注意力应该从线下教育转移到线上教育的发展,否则的话新东方则不能存活下去。Changing views of education in China make a shift to more online education inevitable. Chinese students are becoming less fixated on tests. Parents are increasingly sending their children to English-immersion camps abroad rather than classrooms. Today’s children are more comfortable with e-learning.中国教育观念的改变更多不可避免地转移到了线上教育,中国的学生也没有那么应试了。越来越多的家长们会送自己的孩子去国外的英语夏令营,而不是补习教室。如今的孩子们更适宜于互联网学习。Although Chinese consumers are often reluctant to pay for things on the Internet, there appears to be a higher willingness to pay for tools, education and efficiency-improvement apps, judging by the top 100 apps in the paid categories for the iPhone and iPad.尽管中国消费者经常不情愿为互联网上的东西付费,但他们更愿意为一些教育工具以及提高效率的应用软件付费,这一点可以从iPhone和iPad的付费类别前100榜单中看出。“Once you put a device into a child’s hand, the ability to learn from it is very strong,” said Outblaze’s Mr. Sui, who has donated tablets to schools in Nepal. “Lectures are still most the most popular way of learning, but the system is now more about explanation and self-learning.”Outblaze的萧逸曾给尼泊尔的学校捐赠了平板电脑,他说:“一旦你给了孩子一个设备,对于这个设备的学习能力十分强烈。课程讲座现在仍是最普遍的学习方式,但是教育系统现在更与解释问题和自学相关。” /201309/255485安溪县妇女儿童医院在线医生

泉州省第一人民医院怎么预约Living in Beijing in the early 2000s, I had one laborious chore every morning before I could ride my bike to school: pulling it out from my neighbors’ bicycles, which were stacked together like turkey meat in a sandwich and stretched out into an endless line. It was a time when 40% of people in China, known as the “kingdom of bicycles, ” cycled to work and school.本世纪初那几年住在北京时,我每天早上骑车上学前都要干一件体力活:把我的自行车从附近左邻右里的一堆车子中生拉硬拽出来,这些车子堆放在一起像极了三明治里的土耳其烤肉,而且绵延无边的阵仗又一眼望不到头。那时四成的中国居民都骑车上班和上学,中国又称“自行车王国”。Now, as Beijing’s 19 million residents and 5.3 million cars turn highways into parking lots and subways into sardine tins, the municipal government is urgently calling for a comeback of the old-school bicycle. In June of last year, 2, 000 public bikes appeared in two downtown districts in Beijing. With a refundable security deposit, Beijing citizens may rent the bikes free of charge for the first hour and for 1 RMB, or 16 U.S. cents, an hour afterward. A year later, the government has added another 12, 000 bicycles in five outer-suburb districts. The goal is to quadruple that figure in the next two years, raising the usage rate of bicycles in the city to above 20%.现在,随着北京的1,900万居民和530万辆汽车将高速路变成停车场,将地铁变成沙丁鱼罐头,北京市政府紧急呼吁老派的自行车回归。去年6月,2,000辆公共自行车出现在北京的两个商业区里。交上一笔可退还的押金后,北京市民就可以租借这些自行车了,第一个小时免费,之后每小时收费1元(约合16美分)。一年后,北京市政府在五环外的郊区又增加投放了1.2万辆自行车。目标是在接下来两年里令这一数字增长三倍,将北京的自行车使用率提高到20%以上。The cycling scheme is intended to fill gaps in Beijing’s public transit network, reduce congestion, and improve air quality. But to any Beijinger who once saw the upgrade from bikes to cars as an iconic step-up into the middle-class ranks, this program is an ironic reminder of the country’s blind pursuit of GDP growth. It is an example of the government’s lack of foresight in dealing with the side effects of economic policies: When tax reductions and cash subsidies were issued in 2009 to stimulate automobile consumption, the government probably didn’t expect citizens to hoard 1.6 million new cars in just two years and completely clog Beijing’s roads. New regulations had to be adopted to limit the number of cars. And now, the city government is betting on the public bicycles, an increasingly popular choice of transportation in cosmopolitan cities such as Paris and New York, and in domestic cities such as Hangzhou, where 70, 000 bikes are rented 260, 000 times daily.这个骑车方案意在弥补北京公共交通网络的空白,减少拥堵,并改善空气质量。但是对任何曾把汽车代步视为迈入中产阶级标志的北京人来说,这一项目颇具讽刺性地让人想起了中国对GDP增长的盲目追求。这是政府在应对经济政策的副作用时缺乏前瞻性的一个例子:2009年当颁布刺激汽车消费的减税和现金补贴政策时,政府可能没有料到市民们会在仅仅两年的时间里囤积了160万辆新汽车,而且完全阻塞了北京的大街小巷。后来又不得不采取新规,对汽车数量加以限制。而如今,北京市政府正把希望押在了公共自行车身上。在像巴黎和纽约等国际性大都市里,自行车成为了日渐受欢迎的出行选择,而且在像杭州这样的国内城市里,7万辆自行车的每日租借次数有26万之多。But will public bicycles provide the much needed antidote for Beijing’s traffic woes? The program’s performance has not been very impressive so far. According to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, 170, 000 rentals were recorded in the past year, meaning the average rental frequency is less than once a day for each bike. Comparatively, rental frequency in Hangzhou was more than three times a day a year into the program.但是公共自行车能否为北京的交通顽疾送上一剂急需的良药?到目前为止,该项目还没有非常令人印象深刻的表现。根据北京市交通委员会的数据,去年公共自行车租借了17万次,这意味着平均每辆自行车的租借频率不到一天一次。相比之下,杭州该项目运营一年下来,每辆自行车的租借频率超过每日三次。One key problem that bicycles cannot solve in Beijing is transportation to downtown from the outer suburbs. The national census shows that by 2010, 40% of Beijing’s population lived in the city’s 10 suburban districts, which are simply too far away from the city center to make bike-riding feasible. For instance, Tongzhou District in the southeast corner, connected to downtown by one of Beijing’s most jammed highways, is at least 50 minutes away by bike. As more white-collar workers move to the suburbs for their lower housing prices, transportation to downtown will become only a bigger challenge.在北京,自行车关键不能解决从远郊到市中心的交通问题。全国人口普查显示,到2010年时,40%的北京人口居住在北京的十个郊区,这些地方离市中心太远,使得骑车并不可行。例如,北京东南角的通州(这里连接市中心的道路是北京最拥堵的路段之一)到市中心骑车至少需要五十分钟。随着越来越多的公司白领受到房价较低的吸引而搬到了郊区,到市中心的交通问题将只会成为一个更大的挑战。What’s more, Beijing’s rapidly deteriorating environment is not welcoming to outdoor activities. On a good day, the city’s particulate concentration level is equal to the worst of New York City, where the new network of Citi Bikes now stretches over lower- to mid-Manhattan and part of Brooklyn; on a bad day, three times New York’s. The Beijing government faces a paradox: The cycling program partially serves the purpose of reducing pollution, but its popularity may be largely dependent on the city’s current air quality.更何况,北京迅速恶化的环境也不适宜户外活动。好天气里,北京空气中的微粒浓度相当于纽约的最差水平——在纽约,新的花旗自行车(Citi Bikes)网络现在延伸到了曼哈顿中下城以及布鲁克林的部分地区;坏天气里,北京的微粒浓度是纽约的三倍。北京市政府面临着一个悖论:推行骑车项目部分是为了降低污染,但它的受欢迎度可能在很大程度上取决于北京当前的空气质量。 /201308/252380 泉州综合隆鼻多少钱泉州永春县狐臭医院哪家好



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