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A: Do you like watching the animated film?A: 你喜欢看动画片吗?B: Of course. Since I was a young boy, I have been a big anime fan.B: 当然。在我还是一个小孩子的时候,我就是一个地地道道的动画迷了。A: So, who is your favorite animator?A: 那你最喜欢哪个漫画家呢?B: Hayao Miyazaki. I think he is the best in the whole world.B: 宫崎骏。我觉得他是世界上最了不起的漫画家。A: Wow, you are a big fan of him.A: 哇,你对他还真是很着迷啊。B: I nearly have watched all his works. And I think his films are the bestever animation works.B: 我几乎看完了他所有的作品。而且我觉得他的动画片也是有史以来最棒的。A: Awesome!A: 厉害!B: Most of Miyazaki s characters are dynamic, capable of change, and hard caricatured into traditional good-evil dichotomies.B: 宫崎骏创造出的大部分人物都非常具有活力,很善变,并且很难以传统的善恶观点对其进行归类。A: Why?A: 为什么呢?B: He regards the 21st century as a complex time , when old norms need to be re-examined.B: 因为他认为21世纪是一个错综复杂的时代。旧的规则已不再完全正确,需要对它们再次进行检验。A: Maybe he is right.A: 或许他是对的。B: He thinks that simple stereotypes cannot be used , even in childrens films. Even though he sometimes feels pessimistic about the world, he prefers to show children a positive world instead.B: 因此,他认为不能再简单地照搬老一套,即使是在儿童动画片中也应如此。虽然宫崎骏本人对世界常常持悲观的态度,但是在他的动画片中,他更倾向于向孩子们展示一个积极向上的世界。 /201505/373068讲解文本:call in sick 打电话请病假I dont feel well. I guess I need to call in sick.我感觉身体不太舒,我想我得打电话请病假。Several people have called in sick today.今天有几个人打电话请病假。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201704/505523

讲解文本:foodie 吃货Its easy to make a foodie happy, just give me something to eat.逗吃货开心的方法很简单,只要给我吃好吃的。eating machine 吃的机器Jack is a big eating machine.Jack是一头大吃货。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201604/438427

  讲解文本:in a rut 墨守成规,千篇一律,老一套I dont like being in a rut, I like to keep moving on我不喜欢一成不变,我喜欢不断进取。We do the same things every weekend, do you think were in a rut?每个周末我们都做同样的事,你说我们是不是太千篇一律了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/492979


  Todd: So, Phil, I thought wed talk about food.托德:菲尔,我们来谈谈食物吧。Phil: OK, yeah. Food is one of my favorite subjects.菲尔:好的。食物是我最喜欢的话题之一。Todd: OK, so lets start out with fruit. OK, whats your favorite fruit?托德:好,我们先来谈谈水果吧。你最喜欢的水果是什么?Phil: My favorite fruit is raspberry, which you cant get in Japan.菲尔:我最喜欢的水果是覆盆子,不过日本买不到。Todd: Oh, raspberry.托德:哦,覆盆子。Phil: Oh, well, you can get it in Japan but its really expensive.菲尔:嗯,日本买不到,而且覆盆子非常贵。Todd: I love raspberries. Actually, where Im from in the states, we have loads of raspberries for free.托德:我也喜欢覆盆子。我来自美国,我们有大量免费的覆盆子。Phil: My granny used to have them in her garden so when I was kid, it was always someone picking the raspberries and like vanilla ice cream and raspberries together.菲尔:小时候我奶奶在花园里种过覆盆子,他们会去摘覆盆子,然后把覆盆子加到香草冰激凌里。Todd: Oh, man, yeah. My grandmother, actually, she used to make raspberry cobbler.托德:哦,天哪。我奶奶经常做覆盆子馅饼。Phil: Cobbler?菲尔:水果馅饼?Todd: Yeah. Oh, you dont have cobbler. You probably have a different name for it in England. Its like a pie, but its really sweet. You take the blackberries or raspberries, and its the filling and a pie crust over it. Its a pie. They call it cobbler, so..... Actually, speaking of British food, whats a scone?托德:对。哦,你们不这么说。英国可能是另一种说法。就是一种水果馅饼,非常甜。用黑莓或者覆盆子作馅,外面是酥皮。是一种水果馅饼。他们是这么叫的,说到英国食物,司康饼是什么?Phil: A scone is basically a really kind of dried cake, kind or really dried kind of cake material but its got little bits of raisins in it.菲尔:司康饼是一种干面包,一种干蛋糕,里面有葡萄干。Todd: Right, so when you got to Starbucks and they have the little triangle things, is that a scone?托德:好,星巴克有卖那种三角形的面包,那是司康饼吗?Phil: I dont know to be honest. I dont go to Starbucks very often.菲尔:说实话,我不知道。我不经常去星巴克。Todd: Right.托德:好。Phil: I dont recommend them, theyre really, really, really dry. Generally you eat them with cream and tea, but Im not a fan.菲尔:我不会推荐司康饼,因为太干了。通常你要配奶油和茶来吃,不过我不喜欢。Todd: No. Really.托德:真的吗?Phil: Have you ever ate it?菲尔:你吃过吗?Todd: Speaking of British food, whats your favorite British food?托德:说到英国食物,你最喜欢的英国食物是什么?Phil: Fish n Chips I suppose.菲尔:应该是炸鱼薯条。Todd: You got to be kidding. Fish n Chips?托德:你开玩笑吧。炸鱼薯条?Phil: Fish... British food basically is just a cosmopolitan mix of foreign stuff combined with together, like the most popular food now, the national dish, is curry.菲尔:鱼……基本上来说,英国食物是各种外国食物的大混合,就像现在最受欢迎的英国国菜是咖喱。Todd: Right. How come its not fish n chips?托德:好。为什么不是炸鱼薯条?Phil: I dont know. Just because maybe people are going a bit more healthy or just because its different, and currys the most eaten food now.菲尔:我也不知道。可能人们想更健康一点,咖喱是现在最多人吃的美食。Todd: Right. Actually now that were both living in Japan, are there are British foods that you crave?托德:好。实际上现在我们都在日本生活,你有非常想吃的英国食物吗?Phil: Um, kind of, something called Branston pickle, which is basically, its kind of sandwich sp. You have it with cheese, or with like meat, and you put it on, its like diced vegetables, but really thinly chopped and its got a special sauce. Its just really nice. I really miss it.菲尔:嗯,腌菜,是一种三明治酱。可以搭配奶酪或肉类食用,你可以把它加在奶酪或肉类上面,那是一种切块蔬菜,切得非常薄,是用独特的酱料调制的。味道非常好。我非常想吃那个。Todd: Wow. Whats it called?托德:哇。那个叫什么?Phil: Branston pickle.菲尔:腌菜。Todd: Branston pickle?托德:腌菜。Phil: Yeah.菲尔:对,Todd: Is it like Vegemite?托德:是和维吉米特黑酱类似吗?Phil: Not really, no, no. Its kind of actually lumps of vegetables within in. We have something similar to Vegemite called marmite.菲尔:不太像,不是,不是。它里面有蔬菜块。我们有和维吉米特黑酱类似的酱料,我们称之为马麦酱。Todd: Ah, thats right.托德:哦,对。Phil: But the taste is actually stronger.菲尔:不过味道要更强烈一些。Todd: OK, cool.托德:好,真酷。 译文属 /201508/395464

  栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:The world is your oyster 世界由你做主(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201504/370287unit 257 代人点餐(2)dialogue 英语情景对话A:What would you like to eat?A:想吃点什么?B:Id like a hamburger with lettuce and tomato.B:我要一个生菜番茄汉堡。A:How about something to drink?A:来点喝的怎么样?B:A Coke, please.B:请给我来个可乐。A:OK. Ill see if I can get waited on.A:好的。我得看看是否有务员招待。 /201511/4121433.The Lantern Festival Dialogue3.元宵节 对话Today is the Lantern Festival of China, Li Lei and Steven are in the street now. 今天是中国的元宵节,李雷和史蒂文在街上。Steven: Wow, there are so many lanterns to appreciate.史蒂文:哇,这里有好多灯笼可以观赏啊。Li Lei: Now. you can see why its called the Lantern Festival. 李雷:现在,你知道它为什么被称为“灯笼节”了。 Steven: Yes. it deserves its name. 史蒂文:是的,真是名副其实啊。Li Lei: Did you notice the characters on the lanterns?李雷:你注意到灯笼上的字了吗?Steven: Sure. But you know that I cant any Chinese characters. What do they say?史蒂文:当然了。但是你知道我不认识汉字的。写的是什么啊?Li Lei: They are puzzles. Its a tradition to solve the puzzles on the lanterns during the Lantern Festival. 李雷:它们是字谜。元宵节猜灯笼上的字谜是一个传统。Steven: Its interesting and I want to buy one home.史蒂文:真是太有趣了,我要买一个回家。 /201604/436744

  Todd: So, Al, were going to talk about water. How much water do you drink every day?托德:艾尔,我们来谈谈水吧。你每天喝多少天?Al: I guess about three liters, so six of those 500 millileter, five or six of those 500 millileter bottles.艾尔:我想大概三升吧,这种500毫升的瓶装水,我大概每天喝五六瓶。Todd: Yeah, thats a lot. Thats about what I drink. Yeah, I think Im addicted to water.托德:好,那很多啊。我大概也喝这么多水。我想我对水上瘾。Al: I definitely am.艾尔:我肯定也是。Todd: Yeah, its my security blanket. I must always have a bottle of water nearby to drink.托德:嗯,水就像我的保护伞。我周围一定要放一瓶水方便我随时喝。Al: And you have a theory to about why I always feel like I get thirstier the more water I drink, and you have a theory about that dont you?艾尔:我一直觉得我喝的水越多我越渴,你有没有这种感觉?Todd: Yeah, thats right. I think that the water bottle people somehow put a special chemical that always make you want to drink more water.托德:对,没错。我觉得人们在瓶装水里放入了一种特殊的化学物质,让你总是想喝水。Al: I agree.艾尔:我同意。Todd: Yeah, cause havent you noticed that if you drink water from a tap, from the sink, you have a glass of water, youre not thirsty after you finish the glass, but when you finish a bottle of water, youre still thirsty.托德:你有没有意识到,如果你从水龙头或从水池里接一杯水,你把这杯水喝完后就不会觉得渴了,可是你在喝完一瓶瓶装水后还是会觉得渴。Al: One bottle is not enough. Yeah, definitely. A glass of tap water I would rarely finish the glass, but a bottle of bottled water, I need more, and like you said I need to know there is more close to me or I get upset.艾尔:一瓶水完全不够。绝对是这样。我可能都喝不完一杯自来水,但是一瓶瓶装水完全不够,我还要喝更多,就像你刚才说的,我要确保我身边有放瓶装水,不然我就会不安。Todd: Well, do you still drink tap water?托德:你现在还会喝自来水吗?Al: No, never.艾尔:不,我从不喝。Todd: Never?托德:从不喝?Al: I cook with it but I dont drink it.艾尔:我用自来水做饭,但是我不喝。Todd: Why?托德:为什么?Al: Ah, it tastes like crap.艾尔:味道很难闻。Todd: Yeah, it does taste pretty bad. Well, we both live in Japan, how is the water in England?托德:对,味道的确很糟糕。我们都生活在日本,英国的水质量怎么样?Al: Its about the same. Its kind of, its drinkable in theory but it has this weird processed taste to it and doesnt smell all that good, so its supposed to be safe to drink but I dont really believe that, for a minute.艾尔:差不多一样。可以说理论上可以饮用,但是有加工过的奇怪的味道,而且闻起来也不好,虽然说可以安全饮用,但是我完全不相信这种说法。Todd: Actually the water where Im from in Norhtern California is pretty good.托德:我来自北加州,实际上那里的水质量非常好。Al: Is it?艾尔:是吗?Todd: Yeah. Ah, thats the one thing you can drink from the tap but people still drink bottled water. Actually, I think the next time theres a huge, massive world war, it might be over water.托德:对。可以直接饮用自来水,不过人们还是坚持喝瓶装水。实际上,我认为如果下一次再爆发大规模的世界战争,很可能是因为饮用水。Al: Yes.艾尔:对。Todd: Its kind of scary.托德:这有点可怕。Al: Its like we live on this planet that is mostly water and we cant manage it properly. There isnt enough for everybody.艾尔:我们生活在这个大部分由水组成的星球上,可是我们却不能妥善管理水资源。人均水资源缺乏。Todd: Yeah, no kidding, so anyway, for all you people out there, remember, be thankful for your water.托德:对,不是开玩笑,这是认真的,大家记住,要对你能喝到的水心怀感激。 译文属 /201502/360021

  小咖实用英语口语 第20期:扬子江中的大鳄 /201503/358052

  栏目简介:跟生活紧密相关,知识中蕴含趣味性。只用几分钟就能看完,每期都有关键词,你掌握了吗?对学习很有用的哦,给你一个越来越喜欢英语的理由——超级英语脱口秀! /201606/447554。


  Todd: So, Greg you taught in the Middle East.托德:格雷格,你在中东地区当过老师。Greg: Yeah, I lived in the ed Arab Emirates for awhile.格雷格:对,我在阿联酋生活过一段时间。Todd: Wow, thats a lot different than most places.托德:哇,那里和大部分地方都不一样。Greg: Ah, its very different. Im glad I went to experience another culture, another way of life.格雷格:对,那里非常不同。我很高兴我体验过另一种文化,另一种生活方式。Todd: Yeah, what do you remember about it?托德:嗯,你现在能回忆起什么?Greg: Well, one thing thats so unique about the ed Arab Emirates is that actually there are people from all over the world there.格雷格:阿联酋有一件事非常独特,那里生活着世界各地的人。Todd: No kidding.托德:开玩笑吧。Greg: The native population is maybe 30% of the population.格雷格:本国人口可能占阿联酋总人口的30%。Todd: 30%.托德:30%。Greg: And the rest are foreigners who have come in to work in various ways.格雷格:其余是通过不同方式来到阿联酋工作的外国人。Todd: Where do these foreigners come from?托德:这些外国人都来自哪里?Greg: From all over the world. You know, you have a lot of English teachers from the U.S. and England and Australia and New Zealand and Britain, and so on. You have a lot of Philippinos working as shopping, in shops, in stores, and you have people from India coming and working in construction. People from all over the world, and actually its very cosmopolitan.格雷格:来自世界各地。有很多美国人、英国人、澳大利亚人、新西兰人在阿联酋当英语老师。有很多菲律宾人在阿联酋的商场和商店里工作,印度人则在阿联酋从事建筑工作。阿联酋生活着来自世界各地的人,就像大都会一样。Todd: Oh, whats the biggest city in UAE?托德:哦,阿联酋最大的城市是哪里?Greg: Ah, its probably Dubai.格雷格:应该是迪拜。Todd: Whats Dubai like?托德:迪拜怎么样?Greg: Actually, I never spent that much time in Dubai because I lived in Abu Dhab. I just went to the airport in Dubai. Abu Dhabi though, I tell you, its really amazing. The architecture is really beautiful. The Arabic architecture is just amazing. The mosques. The marble on the building, really, beautiful.格雷格:我住在阿布扎比,在迪拜度过的时间不多。我只是去过迪拜机场。不过我可以告诉你阿布扎比非常棒。那里的建筑非常美。阿拉伯式建筑非常壮美。还有清真寺和建筑用的大理石,都非常非常漂亮。Todd: In Abu Dhabi though, did you live in a house, or did you live in an apartment?托德:你在阿布扎比生活的时候,是住在房子里还是公寓里?Greg: I lived in an apartment on the 14th floor.格雷格:我住在14层高的公寓里。Todd: The 14th floor.托德:14层。Greg: The 14th floor. Oh, its, Abu Dhabi is amazing. You know, maybe 50 years ago, there were just some small villages, but after oil was discovered, and the country became rich, there was like an explosion in the population and new buildings were going up every day. Theyre growing like mushrooms. I could see the ocean, though from my apartment. I remember how beautiful the ocean was.格雷格:对,14层。哦,阿布扎比简直太好了。你知道,50年以前那里还只是小乡村,可是在发现石油后,整个国家开始富有起来,那里的人口呈爆炸式增长,几乎每天都有新建筑出现。新建筑就像蘑菇一样出现。我住的公寓可以看到大海。我还记得那片海有多美。Todd: Hey, whats the cuisine like?托德:嘿,那里的食物怎么样?Greg: Ah, the food is amazing. Because you have people from all over the world, you have food from all over the world.格雷格:啊,食物非常美味。那里生活着来自世界各地的人,所以那里有世界各地的美食。Todd: Whats the local food? Is it rice based?托德:那当地代表食物是什么?是以稻米为主吗?Greg: Oh, they eat rice, and a lot of, camel meat, camel meat is unusual and the cheeses are really salty.格雷格:哦,他们吃米饭,而且还吃骆驼肉,骆驼肉很特别,而且那里的奶酪非常咸。Todd: OK, camel mea, cheese, and rice.托德:骆驼肉,奶酪和米饭。Greg: And a lot of Mediterranean foods too. Dates, the dates were fantastic.格雷格:还有很多地中海美食。那里的椰枣非常好吃。Todd: Really.托德:是吗?Greg: I never liked dates before I went there, and the olives. The olives are also wonderful. Out of this world.格雷格:我去那里以前并不喜欢吃椰枣。还有橄榄。那里的橄榄也很好吃,非常好吃。Todd: Youre making me hungry. Thanks, Greg.托德:你说得我都饿了。谢谢你,格雷格。 译文属 /201512/416381

  Todd: So, Eoin, I was hoping that you could introduce yourself and talk a little bit about your band.托德:约恩,我希望你介绍一下自己和你的乐队。Eoin: Sure. My names Eoin. I work and live in Beppu in Oita in Japan and I play in a band called Nanbanjin. I play bass guitar. The band... theres three of us in the band — a vocalist and guitarist, myself, and a drummer.约恩:好的,我是约恩。我在日本大分县别府市工作和生活,是南蛮人乐队的成员。我在乐队里负责演奏贝司。我们乐队一共有三名成员,分别是主唱兼吉他手,我,还有鼓手。Todd: Thats it. Three guys.托德:好。三名成员。Eoin: Three guys. Yeah.约恩:对,三名成员。Todd: So, one guy sings and also plays guitar?托德:那有一名成员既唱歌又演奏吉他?Eoin: Thats right.约恩:没错。Todd: And then you play the bass guitar?托德:你演奏贝司?Eoin: Mh-hm.约恩:是的。Todd: And then the drummer?托德:还有一名鼓手?Eoin: Thats right.约恩:没错。Todd: Are you guys all from England, like yourself?托德:你们都来自英格兰吗?Eoin: No. I am the only person from England. The singer and guitarist is from Wales, a small country which is next to England, and the drummer is from Japan.约恩:不是,我是唯一一个英格兰人。主唱兼吉他手来自威尔士,是毗邻英格兰的一个公国,我们的鼓手来自日本。Todd: Thats a pretty mixed group.托德:真是一个混合的组合。Eoin: Yeah.约恩:对。Todd: So, how did you guys all come together?托德:那你们是怎么组建乐队的?Eoin: Thats a really long story but I actually originally met the singer and vocalist, whos called Dai. I met him in Oita. We were both teaching English nearby and we got together and did some music stuff together and previously we had a different drummer, a New Zealander who was also doing the same English teaching job in Oita. He went back to New Zealand and after that we enlisted the help of Manabu, the current drummer we have now.约恩:这说来话长了,一开始我认识了主唱戴。我是在大分县认识他的。我们都在附近教英语,然后我们开始一起做音乐,我们乐队之前的鼓手来自新西兰,他也在大分县从事英语教学。他回新西兰以后,我们得到了现在的鼓手学的帮助。Todd: Thats pretty interesting that just three English teachers from different countries in a pretty small city in Japan... you guys just get together and...托德:这真有意思,来自不同国家的三名英语老师在日本一个小城市相遇,你们一起组建了乐队……Eoin: Yeah. It was... Well, I had know Dai for quite awhile before we actually started playing and I played in another band but it wasnt really my type of music and Dai I knew could sing quite well and was into similarish music to me so we got together and tried a few things out and then it just happened, this other guy, who was playing the drums, the New Zealander, was available to help us out and it all started from there.约恩:对,是这样的……我认识戴很长时间以后,我们才开始一起做音乐,我之前在另一个乐队,不过那个乐队的音乐类型不适合我,我知道戴唱歌很好,而且我们两人对同样的音乐类型感兴趣,所以我们就开始一起做音乐,尝试进行了一些事情,然后刚好那名来自新西兰的鼓手可以帮我们一起做音乐,所以我们就这样组成了乐队。Todd: And then, whats the name of the band?托德:你们乐队叫什么名字?Eoin: Nambanjin约恩:南蛮人。Todd: Nanbanjin托德:南蛮人。Eoin: Thats right.约恩:没错。Todd: OK, can you explain the name?托德:你能解释一下乐队名字的含义吗?Eoin: Yeah. Nanbanjin was what Japanese people called some of the first Portuguese people to ever come to Japan. It means... if you translate it literally... it means barbarians from the south. Savages from the south, because presumably they thought the Portuguese were pretty savage. Were not Portuguese but we are foreigners and I thought it was quite an appropriate name for a rock band.约恩:好。南蛮人是日本对第一批来到日本的葡萄牙人的称呼。如果直译的话,意思是从南方来的野蛮人。来自南方的野蛮人,可能是因为他们认为葡萄牙人非常野蛮。我们并不是葡萄牙人,不过我们是外国人,所以我认为这个名字很适合摇滚乐队。 译文属 /201602/424712

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