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Suede is softer than leather, and can easily get dirty and water-stained, so properly clean your suede to keep its unique look.仿鹿皮比皮革更加柔软,非常容易沾染污垢和水渍,所以,仿鹿皮装要进行恰当的保养,以保持其独特的外观。Step 1 Rub stain with bath towel1.用浴巾擦污渍Rub the stained area with a soft towel.用柔软的浴巾擦污渍处。Step 2 Brush stain with suede brush2.用仿鹿皮刷刷洗污渍Brush the stained area gently with a suede brush.轻轻地用仿鹿皮刷刷洗污渍处。Step 3 Scrub area with cleaner3.用清洁剂刷洗Scrub the stain gently with a soft cloth dampened with cleaning solution.用清洁溶液将一块软布浸湿,轻轻地刷洗污渍处。Always test a non-visible area of the suede first with the cleaning product.一定要先在不显眼的地方试验一下清洁产品的效果。Step 4 Mix a water and vinegar solution4.配置水和醋混合溶液Let the cleaned area air dry. If the stain persists, use white vinegar diluted to half-strength with water to scrub the stain out. Let it dry again.让清洗过的部位自然风干。如果污渍仍然没有被清除,用等量的水和醋配置溶液,将污渍擦洗干净。自然风干。Step 5 Use suede eraser5.使用仿鹿皮橡皮擦Use a suede eraser for small, dry stains.对于范围较小,已经干燥的污渍,使用仿鹿皮橡皮擦。Use a pencil eraser if you do not have a suede eraser.如果没有仿鹿皮橡皮擦,也可以使用铅笔橡皮擦。Step 6 Call a professional6.咨询专业意见Take your item to a professional cleaner if difficult stains are persistent, or if it is heavily soiled.如果顽固的污渍非常难以清除或者非常脏,将衣物带到专业的洗衣店。201302/224861。


Losing 10 pounds in a month is difficult to most people, but Dan Roberts, the fitness trainer, guides you through various steps and techniques to lose the weight effectively within a month. So, follow the guide and be fit.对于大部分人来说,一个月之内减肥10磅是很困难的。但是健身教练Dan Roberts可以指导你通过不同的方法和技巧达到一个月之内快速高效减肥的目的。那么,跟随下面的建议,做到健康减肥。So, how can one lose 10 pounds a month thats around about 2.2 pounds about a week? This is a kind of maximum level of fat loss you could achieve but it has to be safe. If people lose more weight than in a week, thats probably water, to be honest, thats supposed to be your fat and what will be insisted in is losing fat, not muscle or water. Now, to lose fat to 2.2 pounds a week, you have to really look at your lifestyle more than anything.怎样才能在一个月之内减肥10磅,也就是一个星期减肥2.2磅呢?这是你能做到的减肥的最高值,但是必须是安全的。如果人们在一周之内减掉的重量超过这个数值,减掉的可能是水。实话说,你减肥减掉的应该是脂肪。我们一贯坚持的是减掉脂肪,而不是肌肉或水。现在,要在一周内减掉2.2磅脂肪,你最应该关注的是你的生活方式,而不是其他。If youre not moving much, if youre sitting in your office all day or sitting in your house all day, you got to keep moving,the more you move, the more calories you will burn. Secondly, you can do exercise. Exercise if fundamental to any kind of change in the body shape and your body weight.如果你的运动量不大,如果你整天坐在办公室或家里,你应该保持运动。运动的越多,燃烧的热量越多。第二,你可以进行体育锻炼。体育锻炼对于改变形体和体重都是最基本的。Now, the best exercises are to mix things up actually, to mix weight training with cardio training has been showing how much quicker results than just in cardio alone. So, weight training with cardio training - it will be more technical. Weight training can compound more to do an exercise such as squats, dead lifts, lat pull down, bench press, dips, pull-ups.最好的锻炼就是混合进行几种不同的活动,将负重训练和有氧运动结合进行要比单独进行有氧运动可以更快看到效果。所以,负重训练和有氧运动相结合可以取得更好的效果。负重训练可以混合俯撑腿屈伸运动,直腿硬拉,滑轮下拉,仰卧举重,屈臂撑,引体向上等。These are harder exercises. You work much more the muscle structure in your body. The more the change, more calories are burned.这些都是较为困难的体育锻炼,可以更有效地调动全身肌肉。锻炼中进行的改变越多,燃烧的热量越多。When it comes to cardio walking or just running or cycling a steady phase for long time, its much more effective to do intricate training. Basically, that means going fast and slow, fast and slow. So, weight training, the compound heavy hard exercises mixed in with the fast-slow, fast-slow together, its a fantastic, best way of exercising to lose 10 pounds.有氧运动方面,长期步行或跑步或骑自行车,坚持进行一段固定的时间。进行综合训练更加有效。基本上来说,就是快慢交替进行。也就是说,负重训练,加上快慢交替进行跑步训练,可以取得令人惊叹的效果。这是一个月内减掉10磅的最佳锻炼方法。At that, hopefully with some last time movements, that means moving a bit more and diet. Eating less and rubbish stuff,eating good clean food. All that together, you have a good chance of losing 10 pounds in a month.除了运动之外,还要节食。进食稍微少一点,不要食用垃圾食品,食用清洁的食物。能够做到这些,你就可以一个月内减掉10磅。Thanks for watching How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month.感谢收看“怎样在一个月内减掉10磅”视频节目。201210/202767。

DuPont CEO weighs in on work-life debate One of few women to run a Fortune 500 company, CEO and Chairman Ellen Kullman reflects on her career and personal life. 柯爱伦是杜邦公司全球董事长兼首席执行官,是公司1802年创立以来首位担任这项职务的女性;在全球商业界内,她的领导能力和声名丝毫不亚于惠普前CEO菲奥莉娜等女性领袖。而女性领导者的崛起,也被认为是20世纪末21世纪初全球商业领域的亮色之一。She’s the woman with a plan and a vision. Change isn’t something that happens to you, change is something you do to make things happen. Important qualities in a leader of a company more than 200 years old, constantly forced to adapt to an ever-changing technological and economic landscape.Certainly the 4 years I’ve been CEO has been marked with quite a substantial uncertainty in the marketplace. Ellen Kullman took the reins of chemical mega-cooperation DuPont in , a company they got it starred producing gunpowder in 1802 and now has attained thousands of products, from Kevlar to air filters. She became CEO at the height of the financial crisis. 70,000 people are looking out, saying what do we do? Where do we go? What’s gonna make a difference, so much fear and so much uncertainty. And you know, I went back to basics, focus on what we can control. DuPont operates in more than 90 countries, which means Kullman is always on the move. A few months before she gave this speech in Durham, North Carolina, we caught up with her in Davos, Switzerland. Walk us through a day in your life at DuPont. What does it like?You know, they are very full. Earlier this week, you know, I, we had our earnings call, we’re talking with media, we’re talking to investors. And I went from there to do 2 s for meetings I couldn’t attend for our groups that I wanted to send specific messages, then I went into a ballroom full of 400 of our top leaders from operations, from around the world, and talked to them about 2013. And then you get on a plane and fly to Davos. And that’s when I think, plane time historically has been my time to kind of just think, and catch up on things and and say what are we doing well, what are areas that we should focus on?Back at Duke University in North Carolina, she’s hoping to inspire the next generation of leaders. Kullman was once a student in her hometown in Wilmington Delaware. And it was a history teacher in high school who inspired her. He helped me see that by majoring in science and engineering specifically, that it would open doors not narrow what I do. If it weren’t for your history teacher encouraging you, do you think you could be in this position today?Absolutely not, no, I don’t. Her philosophy on work and life is one of no regrets. And that balance thing, she thinks it doesn’t exist. It was always a give-and-take, it was always something that work’s 24 hours 7 days a week, and my family is 24 hours, 7 days a week and somewhere in there you figure it out. /201305/241886。

今天我们要讲述的故事是柏林爱乐乐团在演出前一天访问北京当地的一所中学。而著名艺术家德米特里#8226;肖斯塔科维奇为学生们演奏第五交响曲并言传身教指导学生们。Inspiring to children is the Berlin Philharmonics run in Beijing which ended on Sunday. Our story today is about their visit to a local middle school in Beijing just a day before their show. Hearing the students were busily rehearsing for Dmitri Shostakovichs Symphony No. 5, some of the principle artists dropped by to give their advice.Little musicians at Beijing’s No. 8 Middle School got a real and rare treat recently.A chance to play and talk with some of the world’s greatest musicians.Principle trombonist Christhard Gossling not only gave advice, but a taste of his talents to boot.Liu Xiaodan, musician of Beijing No. 8 Middle School Orchestra said, ;They not only showed us how to improve our skills, but also how to feel the music emotionally. This helps us seize the music’s spirit.;Although the students’ skills have a long way to improve, their passion impressed the artists from Berlin.Alessandro Cappone, principle violinist of Berlin Philparmonic said, ;Great playing. And go on like this and enjoy... You will always find friends to play together and you have fun. This is the most important thing.;It remains to be seen how many of these young pupils will go on to musical stardom. But it seems Mr. Cappone’s advice is good. At the end of the day, there’s always fun and friendship to be had in the music.201206/186622。