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A: Hey, do you have a plan for tonight?A: 嘿,你今晚有什么安排没?B: Not yet.B: 没有啊。A: There is a fashion show in Ladies Club tonight. Lets go there together.A: 今天晚上女士俱乐部有一场时装秀,我们一起去看看吧。B: Fashion show? Im not interested in it.B: 时装秀?不感兴趣。A: God! You dress yourself like a house wife every day. I think this show is just held for you.A: 天啊!你看你现在每天穿得跟家庭主妇似的,我觉得这种活动最适合你了。B: Im busy with my job. So, I have no time to go shopping.B: 我每天忙着工作,哪儿有时间出去逛街啊!A: You always have a lot of reasons. Although work is important, you should pay attention to your dressing. Your clothes do not match with each other at all.A: 你总是有一大堆的理由。虽然工作很重要,不过你总得在穿衣方面讲究一下吧。你看看你,衣和衣之间一点儿都不搭配。B: Are they?B: 有吗?A: Its really difficult to find another girl like you.A: 现在再想找到一个像你这样的女孩儿,真是太难了。B: Ha-ha.B: 哈哈。A: Starting now, I will change you into the trendiest girl.A: 从现在起,我一定要把你改造成一个时髦女郎。 /201503/366407双辽儿童医院检查白带多少钱Exercise 8-11: A true foolRepeat after me.A true fool will choose to drool in a pool to stay cool.Who knew that such fools were in the schools,used tools, and flew balloons?Lou knew and now you do, too. /201512/412067蛟河中医院治疗妇科怎么样unit 460开立带票的活期存款账户dialogue 英语情景对话A:I want to open current account. Whats the proper procedure?A:我要开个活期储蓄户头,怎样办理相关手续?B:First you fill out the application form and then well issue you a passbook.B:你先填好这张申请表,然后我们就签发给你一本存折。A:Whats the annual interest rate?A:年利率是多少?B:It varies from time to time. At present itsB:利率经常变动,现在是2.6%。A:Can I open a checking account?A:我能开一个有票的活期储蓄账户吗?B:Sure, but you have to deposit enough money before you can write out your checks.B:当然可以,但你必须有足够的存款才能开票。A:What will happen if I overdraw?A:透了怎么办?B:There will be a penalty of $ 5.00 for each check over drawn.B:每张透的票要罚款5美元。A:May I deposit these cheques?A:我可以存这些票吗?B:Cerlainly, but youd have to sign your name on them, Sir.B:当然可以,但你得签名,先生。A:Where should I sign?A:我该在哪里签名?B:Endorse on each of the cheques, please.B:请在每张票的背面签名。 /201606/451004Language PointsA man died...When he realized it, he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in his hand.Dialog between God and Dead Man :God: Alright son, it’s time to goMan: So soon? I had a lot of plans...God: I am sorry but, it’s time to goMan: What do you have in that suitcase?God: Your belongingsMan: My belongings? You mean my things... Clothes... money...God: Those things were never yours, they belong to the EarthMan: Is it my memories?God: No. They belong to TimeMan: Is it my talent?God: No. They belong to CircumstanceMan: Is it my friends and family?God: No son. They belong to the Path you travelledMan: Is it my wife and children?God: No. they belong to your HeartMan: Then it must be my bodyGod: No No... It belongs to DustMan: Then surely it must be my Soul!God: You are sadly mistaken son. Your Soul belongs to me.Man with tears in his eyes and full of fear took the suitcase from the Gods hand and opened it...EMPTY!!With heartbroken and tears down his cheek he asks God...Man: I never owned anything?God: That’s Right. You never owned anything.Man: Then? What was mine?God: Your MOMENTS.Every moment you lived was yours. /201706/512649长春医大一院挂号系统

长春宫颈糜烂治疗长春哪里看妇科好Liaison Rule 3: Vowel VowelWhen a word ending in a vowel sound is next to one beginning with a vowel sound, they are connected with a glide between the two vowels.A glide is either a slight y sound or a slight w sound.How do you know which one to use?This will take care of itself the position your lips are in will dictate either y or w.Go away.I also need the other one.For example, if a word ends in o,your lips are going to be in the forward position, so a w quite naturally leads into the next vowel soundGowaway.You dont want to sayGo...awayand break the undercurrent of your voice.Run it all together:Gowaway.After a long sound, your lips will be pulled back far enough to create a y glide or liaison:I yalso need theyother one.Dont force this sound too much, though.Its not a strong pushing sound.Iy also need theyother one would sound really weird.Exercise 2-9: Vowel / Vowel Liaison PracticePause the CD and reconnect the following words as shown in the models.Add a y glide after an e sound, and a w glide after an u sound.Dont forget that the sound of the American O is really ou.Check Answer Key, beginning on page 193.Repeat.she isntwho is go anywhere so honest through our you are he isdo I? I asked to open she always too often /201509/397362Kara: So, Lupe, you moved to the ed States when you were about eight, and you had to learn English because Spanish is your first language. What did you think about bilingual education in the ed States?卡拉:卢佩,你八岁的时候搬到美国生活,你的母语是西班牙语,所以你搬到美国后要学习英语。你认为美国的双语教育怎么样?Lupe: You know coming in, I was really, really scared of not being able to communicate with other children and being able to fit in. But coming at a really young age like that, you realize that its not as hard to learn the language and the school I happened to go to had a great bilingual program and they were actually helping us continue our Spanish speaking education and the ing and writing, which was great because I never wanted to lose that aspect of my life and a lot of kids had to do that because there are schools that dont have bilingual programs, so a lot of kids our born and raised speaking Spanish, but once they start school and they start learning English they really forget their Spanish, so it was really important for me to be able to learn the English language, but still be able to know the Spanish language and its a great benefit because now in my job it really helps me to be bilingual and not only to speak both languages but to be able to and write both because its really important to be able to communicate with other people not only, you know, speaking but also in ing and writing.卢佩:你知道,我搬到美国以后,曾经非常害怕和其他的孩子交流,我也无法很好的适应。不过在很小的年纪搬到美国的好处是,学习语言不会那么难,而且我念的那所学校拥有非常棒的双语教学体系,老师帮助我们继续西班牙语听说读写的学习,这点非常棒,因为我不想让这些在我的生活中消失,可是有很多孩子却必须这么做,因为有些学校没有双语教学体系,所以有很多出生后说西班牙语长大的孩子在美国上学,开始学习英语以后,都会忘了西班牙语怎么说,所以对我来说,既能学习英语又能继续学习西班牙语非常重要,而且这给我带来了很多好处,会说两种语言对我工作上的帮助很大,我不仅会说两种语言,而且能阅读两种语言也能用这两种语言写作,因为和其他人交流时,不仅仅是说,读写也非常重要。Kara: Now, youve also taken classes in French in school. Do you think it has been easier learning French through a textbook or learning English being thrown into the ed States and having to learn it?卡拉:你在学校里还学过法语。你认为是通过教材学习法语更容易,还是在美国有语言环境的情况下学习英语更容易?Lupe: I think learning a second language made it that much easier to jump in to a third language. You aly sort of have a foundation of what its like to start learning to speak a different language and communicate in a different language, but as you get older I definitely think it gets a little harder with pronunciation and different, you know, different aspects of the language and learning it, but I think it depends a lot on the teachers and the way they teach the language because I can a textbook and try to understand what they are teaching but its a lot easier when I have someone in front of me who knows the language, who can answer my questions and not only that: someone I can listen to and see the pronunciation and make sure that Im doing it correctly.卢佩:我认为学会第二种语言后再学第三种语言就容易多了。因为你已经有了基础,你已经知道如何开始学习其他语言,知道如何用另一种语言去交流,不过随着年龄的增长,在学习时会更难掌握发音和语言的其他方面,不过这很大程度上取决于老师和他们教学的方法,因为我可以看教材去理解他们教的内容,而如果我身边有一个懂这种语言的人会更利于学习,因为这个人可以解答我的疑问,而不仅仅是教我发音,确保我的发音正确而已。Kara: Now, do you think it would be easier for you to learn French if you actually went to France and lived there?卡拉:你认为如果你去法国生活,学习法语更容易一些?Lupe: Definitely. I think being around other people that speak the language make it that much easier to learn the language and I think thats why I learned to speak English when I moved here so quickly because I was surrounded by people who primarily spoke English, so there were times when I had no choice but to try and speak it and it kind of forced me to give it a try even more when I was afraid because I had no other way to communicate, so I think being around others who speak and understand the language definitely makes it easier for you to understand it and learn it quicker.卢佩:当然是。我认为旁边有说这种语言的人会让我更容易地学会这种语言,我搬到这里以后能很快地学会英语,就是因为我周围的人们都说英语,我没有别的选择,只能学着去说英语,虽然我有点害怕,但是我不得不去试,因为我没有其他方法来交流,所以我认为有语言环境的话,肯定会更容易去理解这种语言,也可以更快地学会。译文属 /201512/413696长春检查hcg需要多少钱长春吉大二院生殖中心

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