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天水市中心医院肠胃科网上预约陕西省肿瘤医院胃部幽门螺杆菌急慢性胃炎Finance and economics财经商业Economic data经济数据Peeking early先人一步,偷瞄一眼A continuing kerfuffle over releases of privately sourced data私人发布的数据持续引发热议DATA releases stir emotions as well as moving markets.数据之发布既挑动人们的神经,也撼动着市场。Concerns have grown about trading firms getting early peeks of certain releases.而越来越多的目光正投向贸易公司在数据发布前一窥其里的做法。The case causing the biggest fuss is a widely watched consumer-sentiment index distributed by Thomson Reuters under a contract with the University of Michigan.引发最大争议的数据正是备受关注的消费者信心指数—路透社和密西根大学签约后负责发布此数据。Mark Rosenblum, a former Thomson salesman, claims he was fired after querying whether the release violated insider-trading laws because it went to high-speed traders, paying ,000 a month for their feeds, two seconds before regular subscribers saw it.前路透社销售人员,Mark Rosenblum声称,他本人因调查数据的发布过程是否违反内幕交易法而被解雇,而高速交易者每月花6000美元就可以比普通使用者提前两秒接收到数据。The firm says he was sacked for falsely claiming credit for sales.公司则声称他是因为虚假承诺而被开除的。It is trying to get his wrongful-termination suit dismissed because he took his case to the FBI, not the Securities and Exchange Commission, and so does not qualify as a whistleblower.路透社正尝试让他的非法解雇案被驳回,理由是Mark将此案起诉到FBI而不是券交易委员会,因而也不能被视为泄密者对待。The case has attracted the interest of New Yorks attorney-general, Eric Schneiderman, who is investigating whether this and other cases undermine fair play in markets.此案已吸引到纽约司法部长Eric Schneiderman的关注,他正在调查此案和其他案件是否侵犯了市场中的公平竞争原则。In July Thomson suspended the high-speed feed.七月,路透社停用了高速接口。In an affidavit seen by The Economist, Mr Rosenblum says a colleague warned him that chasing down who is getting the numbers ahead of time would affect profits, and that his line manager advised him to stop being a hero.在《经济学人》看到的宣誓书中,Rosenblum先生表明受到同事的警告:追踪是谁提前拿到了数据将影响利润,而主管经理建议他别再逞能。He also claims that a colleague in India, who helped disseminate the data, suggested that a group of 17 banks, brokers and hedge funds—among them some of the biggest names in American finance—were getting the headline number up to one hour, not just seconds, before the 9:55am release time.他还表示,负责发送数据的印度同事暗示,做市商和对冲基金等17家公司组成的团体—其中有一些美国金融界巨头的名字—能够比上午9:55的正规发布时间提前一小时而不是几秒钟获得重要数据。Thomson Reuters says it believes Mr Rosenblums case to be unsubstantiated and without merit.路透社表示认为Rosenblum先生的控告信息不实,而且没有价值。Legally, this is a grey area.法律上这是个灰色区域。To some it may seem unfair that deep-pocketed trading outfits can buy an early look at market-moving numbers.对一些人来说,这可能看起来不公平—高昂的交易费用就能买来提前窥探数据的权利,而这数据足以撼动市场。But there are no regulations governing selective disclosure of private data, unlike sensitive corporate information or government data.但对选择性公开私人数据的行为进行管制的条例尚未出现,这与敏感性的企业数据和政府数据不同。The SEC can act only if it suspects securities fraud.券交易委员会只能对确实可疑的券欺诈采取行动。Meanwhile, traders will continue to pay for early looks, even though, as one regulatory source puts it: Some feel its extortion.同时,交易者也将继续为了提前看到数据而付费用,尽管正如一位监管人所说,有些人觉得这就是一种勒索。They could happily do without it and instead rely on the speed of their machines for an edge.他们本能够依靠计算机的运行速度而非这类手段来取得令人欣喜的优势。But that doesnt help when others are getting the number whole seconds or minutes earlier.但其他人提前几秒钟或几分钟获得数据时,这却行不通。 /201310/259734陕西十二指肠息肉 Science and technolgy科学技术Geoengineering地理工程学Implicit promises包含着承诺A geoengineering experiment has come unstuck. But there will be more地理工程试验取得突破。可期待更多。FOR the past few years, a European collaboration called IMPLICC has been looking at what it might mean to engineer the climate,近几年在欧洲合作平台上,简称IMPLICC的组织,by reducing the amount of sunshine that reaches the Earths surface.持续对减少阳光直射地球为目的研究做探讨。A lot of IMPLICCs work, like much else in climate science, has taken the form of computer modelling.探讨是为了解该项气候工程的含义。IMPLICC和其他气候科学研究相似,较多采用电脑模拟程序。In its case the models try to mimic the effects of things like putting veils of reflective particles into the stratosphere,在这里,创造出的气候模型设法模拟出两种情况,其一是将层层的反光微粒放入平流层中,or brightening the clouds over the oceans.其二是增加海洋上空云朵对光线的反射度。This week the IMPLICC team and other interested parties met in Mainz, Germany, to discuss the results—for the various models have turned out to agree far better than many of their creators expected.IMPLICC团队与其他相关组织,这个星期在德国--迈因茨举行讨论。In particular, they suggest that particles in the stratosphere can indeed stop rising levels of greenhouse gases raising the overall global temperature, though in doing so they slightly cool the tropics while the poles warm a bit.多个模型结果的相符程度还比模型创造人所预计的更相似,加强了预测结果的可信度。尽管温室气体在持续的增加中,研究显示反光微粒能防止温室气体,造成全球气温的升高。Other things being equal, the models also agree that geoengineering tends to suppress the hydrologic cycle, with less evaporation and less rainfall.与此同时,预计到热带地区气温会微降, 南北极的气温则会微升。 所有其他因素不变,各模型一致显示水文循环会遭压制,代表将有较少的蒸发及降雨量。Some researchers, however, want to go beyond modelling.They wish to experiment in the real world.然而,有些科研人员则选择进行真正的实验。The highest-profile of these schemes has been part of a programme called SPICE, which is paid for mainly by Britains Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.最受瞩目的是简称SPICE的组织。Much of SPICE takes place in computers and laboratories, but one part was to be an actual experiment—a tethered balloon with a kilometre-long hosepipe attached to it.SPICE主要是由EPSRC助资,大部分研究仍在使用电脑程序及实验室研究,一部分研究则在使用真实实验。The idea was to pump a small amount of water up to the balloon and thence out into the air, so as to assess the possibility of spraying out other substances at far greater heights.实验采用一公里长的输送管拴住气球。气球升空后,实验性地通过输送管在空气中喷洒水,为估计在更高气层中喷洒其他物质的可能性。This move to a practical project has proved controversial.转向这类真实实验模式是有它的争议点。Some people worry that tinkering deliberately with the atmosphere may cause more harm than good.有人担心,以粗浅的方法任意操纵大气层,弊会大于利。Others fear that if geoengineering is shown to work it will, by offering a palliative for the problem of global warming, let politicians put off difficult decisions that might lead to a permanent solution.此外,地理工程即使奏效,功效也不会持久。As Clive Hamilton, a philosopher critical of much of the thinking behind geoengineering research, pointed out to the meeting, though the environmental effects of such experiments may be nugatory,哲学家克利韦·汉密尔顿在会议中对地理工程研究背后的理念提出批评,指政治家可能借暂缓措施,推迟制定有难度的持久性对策。their effects on the way people think could be more profound, and much less easily contained.认为地理工程或对环境影响微不足道,但对人们的思考模式却有更深层及无法控制的影响。Cloud cover云盖In light of such thinking, in September 2011, a stakeholder committee consisting of a geographer,这类思考方向的浮现,促使利益相关者委员会于9月2011年成立。a sociologist, an atmospheric scientist, an engineer and an adviser to Friends of the Earth who had been appointed by the EPSRC told the SPICE merchants,EPSRC任命,由地理学家,社会学家,大气层科学家,工程师及地球的朋友各一位所组成。they needed to be more convincing about how the experiment would be explained, how it would fit into ideas about the future, and how its safety and wisdom could be vouched for publicly.委员会要求SPICE商家,对实验目的,未来环境展望的合适性,如何对公众提供研究操作上的安全及知识担保,向这几个方面做出更有说力的解释及持。A further complication was a patent application covering some relevant technology by Peter Davidson, a consultant engineer whom the EPSRC had asked to play a role in choosing what geoengineering work it should pay for.实验的执行更因工程顾问彼得·戴维森对相关技术做出专利权申请,而有所复杂化。Though this application had been filed before SPICE was proposed,戴维森同时受EPSRC委托,负责挑选可获资助的地理工程项目。and Mr Davidson both declared his interest and recused himself from discussions on SPICE team when advising EPSRC,戴维森先生在SPICE组成之前以提交专利申请,也呈报有关利益冲突并对EPSRC提供专业指导时,刻意回避针对SPICE团队的讨论。Matt Watson of Bristol university, SPICEs principle investigator, was sufficiently concerned about both the application and wider issues of the sort considered by the stakeholder committee that, this week, he cancelled the balloon experiment.尽管如此,身为SPICE主要调查员的布里斯托尔大学人员马特·沃森,对专利权申请及受趣益相关者委员会关注的广泛问题持有所顾忌,以取消这星期的气球实验。The meeting in Mainz also learned, though, of another experiment that has met with better fortune.迈因茨会议仍从另个实验有所获得。Last September a team led by researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, in La Jolla, California, looked at whether clouds could be whitened artificiallyusing particles emitted from a boat.实验团队来至加利福尼亚—拉奥拉,斯克里普斯海洋学公共机构,探讨的是,利用船只排出的微粒体将云朵人工白化的可行性。Such brightening has been observed in the exhaust plumes of cargo ships for some time, but Lynn Russell, who ran the experiment, was still surprised by how much brightening the team saw.观察出能使云朵变白,实验人员琳·拉塞尔仍对实验成果,云朵的白化程度感到惊讶。Though Dr Russells experiment had been designed mainly to look at how clouds form naturally, it paves the way for future work on geoengineering.云朵若经白化,就能把更多阳光反射回太空。尽管货船排放出的废气羽状物以被拉塞尔的实验是为观察云朵的自然形成而设计,在此也为更多地理工程研究铺路。How that will affect attitudes to global warming remains to be seen.该实验会如何影响对全球变暖的态度,却仍无法预计。 /201307/249412蓝田县医院肠胃科专家预约

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宝鸡市中心医院胃肠科怎样预约Business商业报道Samsung三星Fluffed lines忘词The South Korean giant has a lousy start to the new year韩国巨头新年出师不利THE last 51 weeks of 2014 will be better than the first one.2014年过去的51周都比新年的第一周要好。Or so Samsungs bosses will hope after two toe-curlers in as many days.在经过这些天来的两次惨淡经营后,三星的老板们更是希望如此。On January 6th, at the Consumer Electronics Show, a trade fair in Las Vegas, Michael Bay, director of the Transformer films, was due to extol a new Samsung television with a 105-inch curved screen.今年1月6号,在位于的电子消费产品展上,变形金刚系列电影的导演迈克尔·贝本来是要称赞三星一款105英寸的弧形屏幕电视的,Alas, the autocue froze—as did Mr Bay, who walked off the stage.可是就当他走上台的时候,提词器就卡屏了,最后尴尬下台。The next day Samsung Electronics, the part of the South Korean conglomerate that makes mobile devices, consumer electronics, semiconductors and display panels, admitted that in the last quarter of 2013 it had fallen far short of analysts forecasts.随后的第二天,三星电子—三星集团中负责销售移动设备、电子展品、半导体和显示器的子公司,承认2013年最后一个季度的销售远低于分析师的预期。Samsung Electronics operating profit in the fourth quarter fell for the first time in more than two years, to about 8.3 trillion won, 18% less than in the third.两年以来,三星电子第四季度的营业利润首次下滑,降至8.3万亿韩元,比第三季度少了18%,分析人士预计原本会有10万亿韩元或更多的收益。Analysts had hoped for 10 trillion won or more. Revenue was around 59 trillion won, flat from the third quarter.收入在59万亿韩元左右,与第三季度持平。Rumours of a miss had aly cropped 9% from the share price since December 23rd.销售额下滑的传闻已经使股价自12月23日以来下降了9%。Unlike the autocue, Samsung Electronics has not gone phut.不像提词器表现的那样,三星电子并没有死机,The full results are due later this month, and the company is giving no more details yet, but most of the shortfall can probably be ascribed to temporary factors.最后的结果会与本月底揭晓,公司目前没有给出详细的结果,但是短期的下滑大多归因于临时性的原因。Samsung Electronics has handed maybe 800 billion won to its staff in a special bonus. Mark Newman of Sanford C.三星电子分配给了三星员工大约8000亿韩元的特别红利。Bernstein, a research firm, reckons that the strength of the won, which is at a four-year high, accounts for another 700 billion won.一家分析公司的马克·纽曼表示韩元的实力达到了四年来的新高,约合7000亿韩元。Mr Newman adds that in the second and third quarters Samsung Electronics—which sells more smartphones than anyone else—shipped more devices than operators could shift, leaving them with bigger inventories than usual.纽曼先生补充说,在第二和第三季度,三星电子比其他任何公司销售了更多的只能手机,比起运营商卖出了更多的设备,使得它们剩下了比以往更多的库存。So Samsung probably shipped fewer to them in the fourth quarter.因而三星在第四季度可能给它们减少了配额。But over the whole year, shipments grew by half and Samsung won market share from Apple at the pricier end of the market.但是从全年来看,出货量增加了一半,并以市场中更高的价格从苹果公司那赢得了更多额市场份额。Operating profits were up substantially, too, Mr Newman says; just the timing was different.纽曼说:营业利润也在持续增加,只是时间不同而已。A more niggling worry is that the company is starting to find the market for mobile devices harder work.一个更为让人费神的担忧是,三星公司正在为移动设备的硬件寻找市场。IDC, another research firm, expects smartphone shipments to grow by 18.4% a year between 2013 and 2017.另一家研究公司IDC预计,从2013年到2017年,只能手机的出货量将增长18.4%。That sounds dandy for Samsung, but the fastest growth is in cheaper phones, where competition is getting fiercer and margins thinner.这对三星公司来说似乎是极好的,但是增长最快的是廉价手机,而这一块的市场竞争日益激烈,利润也日益单薄。Dozens of Chinese companies are making cheap devices that are improving all the time. IDC predicts that average prices will fall by 7.3% a year.众多的中国公司都在不断研发更好的廉价移动设备,IDC公司预计平均价格会以7.3%的幅度下滑。However, given Samsungs sheer scale and the range of its phones at all prices, it is probably as well placed as anybody.然而,考虑到三星的市场份额以及它的手机覆盖所有的价格范围,这使得三星比其他任何公司都处在更好的位置。Analysts at Nomura, a bank, point out that although cheaper smartphones command lower margins than dearer ones, they are at least more profitable than basic builders phones.一家的分析人士指出,尽管智能手机比起廉价手机更有利可图,但它们起码比民工手机赚钱。And the margins on Samsungs tablets are rising.并且三星平板的利润也在上升。Bth was, in effect, Samsungs pitch at CES.未来发展应用的广度,实际上才是三星在电子消费品展览会上所强调的。As well as its gargantuan TVs it showed off new tablets, washing machines and more—and a platform called Smart Home, on which all manner of appliances could be controlled from inside or outside the home.包括会上展示的巨型电视、新型平板、洗衣机以及更多的设备,并展示了一个名为智能家庭的平台,通过这一平台所有的家用设备都能在室内或是室外操控。The connected home has been a technologists dream for years: the industry is about to find out how many people want it in reality.这种智能连接方式一直是技术人员多年的梦想:这个产业就是要发现在现实生活中有多少人想要实现这种智能的连接方式。Mr Bay may have been lost for words, but Samsung is not lost for ideas—nor for money.迈克尔·贝可能会忘了词,但是三星从来不缺想法或是资金。 /201401/274150 陕西中医院胃病胃肠官网专家在线咨询延安市市中心医院胃病胃肠预约



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