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2019年11月12日 14:05:10 | 作者:管典范 | 来源:新华社
豪车坟场--中国百万宾利弃之荒野 -- :35:37 来源: 在成都一处汽车坟场里,至少停放着两辆宾利、两辆路虎和三两奔驰在这处杂草丛生的停车场里,有0多辆被抛弃的汽车,目前当地政府正苦于该如何处理这些车辆 These startling images show an overgrown car park, where cars totalling millions have been left abandoned and taken over by weeds.据这些惊人的图片显示,在一个杂草丛生的停车场里,价值数百万的汽车被弃之不顾,周围长满了野草Inside this small lot in Chengdu, China, there are at least two Bentleys, two Land Rovers, three Mercedes Benz and even the odd motorbike according to People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,在成都这处小小的停车场里,摆放着至少有两辆宾利、两辆路虎、三辆奔驰和零散的托车They all have one thing in common - they’ve been abandoned by their owners.它们都有一个共同点--被它们的主人弃之不顾了Where luxury motors go to die: One of the Bentleys currently parked in the car park in Chengdu, which has been dubbed ’tyrant’s car park’在成都“土豪停车场”,一辆宾利停在这里Abandoned: The vehicles have been abandoned by their owners, often over a space of years. Many were swallowed by the plants这些车辆被它们的主人遗弃了,停在这里大多已过数年许多车辆已经被周围疯长的植被所覆盖Gone: Dust has gathered on the surface as well as inside while vines and weeds have sprung up all around the vehicles (pictured)汽车表面和内里堆满了灰尘,杂草和藤蔓如雨后春笋般在周围疯长There are over 0 vehicles, dubbed ’zombie cars’, in the lot.这处停车场停放着0多辆汽车,人们戏称它们为“僵尸车”The place they’re kept in is called a ’tyrant’s car park’ because of the value contained in the storage space.由于停在这处停车场里的车很贵,人们戏称它为“土豪停车场”Some of the cars have been kept in the same place more than two years as bushes and trees grow up around them, shielding them from the outside world.有些车辆已经停在这里两年以上了,在它们周围灌木生长得十分茂密,将其和外界隔绝开来The two Bentleys, one a Bentley Continental GT and another Bentley Flying Spur, are worth at least 3 million Yuan (pound300,000) each in China.这里停在两辆宾利(一辆是宾利欧陆GT,另一辆是宾利飞驰),在中国每辆车都至少价值300万元人民币(约合30万英镑)Then there’s the Audi, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz.这里还停着有奥迪、路虎和奔驰Majority of the vehicles are involved in ongoing criminal case either directly or indirectly, which means they can’t be claimed by their owners.这里大多数的车辆都直接或间的地与刑事案件有关,车主不能要回这些汽车Others have been abandoned as they were y to be scrapped or their owners lacked the correct paperwork.其他车辆被遗弃在这里是因为它们即将报废,或者车主缺少正确的文书手续The cars have become a headache the local authorities, who struggle to decide what to do with them.这些汽车弄得当地政府非常头疼,他们很难决定应该怎么处置这些汽车While some have been cleared auctions, others continue to arrive and be stacked up in the graveyard of cars.尽管目前一些汽车已经被清理出来拍卖了,但是又有一些车辆被送来,堆积在这个汽车坟场里英语说得地道有什么优势? -- :1: 来源: Native English speakers must learn how they come acrossThe last time I wrote about the widesp use of English, a er commented that those who didnrsquo;t speak it as a first language often struggled at work. 我上次就英语的普遍使用撰写专栏后,一位读者说,那些母语不是英语的人往往会在工作中遇到困难;Non-native speakers are at their biggest disadvantage when emotions come into play,; the er wrote. ;In a heated debate, those able to use cynicism, sarcasm or other weapons requiring linguistic mastery have an unfair advantage ; and I have seen such unfair advantage being used many times. It can determine the course of corporate careers. Like mine.;;母语非英语人士在情绪高涨的场合处于最大劣势,;这位读者写道,;在激烈的辩论中,那些能够使用挖苦、讽刺或其他需要语言功底的武器的人有着不公平的优势,我见到过很多次有人利用这种不公平优势它能够决定企业职场的道路就像我的历程;The comment reminded me of two leaders who had made similar points about native English speakersrsquo; advantages.这番言论让我想起两位曾就母语为英语人士的优势提出类似观点的领袖The first was Steve Biko, the apartheid-era South African student leader, who split from white leftwing students because he believed blacks needed to develop self-reliance.第一个是南非推行种族隔离政策时期的学生领袖史蒂夫?比科(Steve Biko),他从白人左翼学生中脱离出来,因为他认为黑人需要依靠自己Biko, who died in police custody in 1977, spoke excellent English, but it was not his mother tongue. He was acutely aware of being at a disadvantage in English-speaking company. He spoke bee his death of the frustration of talking to articulate, intelligent, native English speakers.比科是在1977年被警方拘留时去世的,他说一口流利的英语,但英语不是他的母语他清楚地知道自己在周围人都说英语的环境里的劣势他曾说到与口齿伶俐、聪明、母语为英语的人士交谈的沮丧;You may be intelligent, but not as articulate,; he said.他表示:;你可能很聪明,但表达能力没那么好;In these conversations, a non-native speaker could start to feel intellectually inadequate. ;You tend to feel that that [English-speaking] guy is better equipped than you mentally,; he said.在这些谈话中,母语非英语的人士可能会从智慧上感到不自信他表示:;你往往会认为,(说英语)的那个人在思想上要比你更高一等;A very different leader, Percy Barnevik, the founding chief executive of ABB, the Swedish-Swiss company that adopted English as its corporate language, also spoke of the danger of ;mistaking facility with English intelligence or knowledge;.第二位领袖是瑞典-瑞士公司ABB的创始首席执行官珀西?巴内维克(Percy Barnevik),他谈到了;把英语能力误当成智慧或知识;的危险该公司采用英语作为公司语言But does it follow, as the Financial Times er asserted, that English speakers use their linguistic mastery to dominate discussions deliberately, inserting sarcasm where necessary?但这是否意味着,就像上述英国《金融时报读者所声称的那样,说英语的人会利用自己的语言功底蓄意主导讨论,在必要时插入几句讽刺的话?I asked two non-native English-speaking FT ers who have emailed me in the past what they thought.我问了两位过去曾给我发送电邮的英国《金融时报读者的想法,他们的母语不是英语,但会说英语;Actually, I would tend to say the opposite,; Quentin Toulemonde, a Frenchman working in financial services in London, told me. ;In an argument, I can pretend not to understand ; to ce my interlocutor to rephrase, which can perturb him.;实际上,我倾向于相反的看法,;一位在伦敦金融务业工作的法国人康坦?图尔蒙德(Quentin Toulemonde)表示,;在辩论中,我可以假装没听懂,迫使和我讲话的人解释给我听,这样可以扰乱他的思路;;Furthermore, eigners have a more limited vocabulary which allows them to use stronger and almost tactless words, and to be excused that.;;另外,外国人的词汇量较为有限,这使得他们可以使用语气更强烈且近乎得罪人的词汇,而且得到原谅;Ivan Tejeda, a Spanish er who has worked in the UK, Italy and France, said he had made strenuous efts to learn about the local culture as a way of improving his ability to talk to colleagues at work. In the UK, this included watching comedy television programmes such as Fawlty Towers and The Office.在英国、意大利和法国工作过的西班牙读者伊万?特赫达(Ivan Tejeda)表示,他曾付出艰苦的努力去学习当地文化,借此提高他在工作时与同事交谈的能力在英国,这包括观看喜剧电视节目,例如《弗尔蒂旅馆(Fawlty Towers)和《办公室(The Office)He had to make an eft in non-English speaking environments too. When he worked in Italy, he kept up with the local football news as it often came up in office conversation.他在非英语环境里也不得不付出努力当他在意大利工作时,他会追踪该国的足球新闻,因为这个话题经常出现在办公室聊天中He did not think native English speakers dominated work discussions on purpose. ;I think what your er is describing is more related to the empathy process than the deliberate use of sarcasm by English speakers.;他认为,母语为英语的人士并没有蓄意主导工作讨论;我认为,您的读者描写的情况在更大程度上与同理心过程有关,而不是说英语的人故意使用讽刺字眼;Both these ersrsquo; English is excellent, so they are perhaps not representative of most people in international companies who have to work in the language.这两位读者的英语都很有功底,,他们或许不能代表多数在跨国公司工作、工作中必须使用英语的人I have certainly seen English-speaking holidaymakers try to use the language to bludgeon waiters, bus drivers or hotel receptionists into giving them what they wanted.我确实看到过说英语的人士在度假时叽里呱啦地用英语迫使务员、公交车司机或者酒店前台为他们额外务I do not think I have ever seen it work. And I have never seen such bullying in a business environment. What I have seen is English speakers not being understood because their language is too quick, too garbled or overly colloquial.我没有看到过这种方法奏效我从未在商业环境中看到过这种欺负人的行为我看到的是,说英语的人没有被对方听懂,因为他们说的太快、语法混乱或者过于口语化Of all the communication and public speaking skills, talking to non-native English speakers is one of the most under-appreciated.在所有沟通以及公开演讲技巧中,与母语非英语的说英语者交谈是最不受重视的技巧之一It does not come naturally to most English speakers, but, like all skills, it can be learnt. Rephrasing points in different ways helps. So do avoiding complex metaphors and watching peoplersquo;s faces to see whether you are being understood.多数说英语的人并不天生具备这种技能,但与所有技能一样,它是可以学会的用不同的方法复述要点会有所帮助还有就是不要用复杂的比喻,以及观察对方的脸,看看对方是否明白了你的话Because so few native English speakers speak another language these days they have little idea how hard it can be to operate in one.如今很少有母语为英语的人士会说外语,他们几乎不知道说外语有多么困难A failure to understand how you are coming across diminishes your impact, and can lead some to believe you are being cruel and sarcastic.不知道别人听没听明白会降低你的影响力,还可能会让一些人认为你刻薄无情说唱视频向外国人展示“真正的中国” --01 ::9 来源: 日前网络上流传着一首由中国人演唱的英文说唱歌曲,它向外国人展示了什么是“真正的中国” This is China was posted onto micro-blogging site Weibo on Tuesday by China’s Communist Youth League and has been shared more than 0,000 times.本周二,中国共产主义青年团在微上发布了这首歌曲,目前已经被分享了超过万次It features a mix of traditional Chinese elements against modern rap.这首歌曲混合了传统中国元素和现代说唱风格It says China has "terrible problems" but is peace-loving, affluent and at the efront of scientific research.这首歌曲指出,中国面临“严重的问题”,但是同样爱好和平、人民富足、走在科学研究的前沿The song opens by saying that it wants to "restore the impression you have on my country, China", saying a false image had been fabricated by the international media.在这首歌曲的开头,它说想要“重塑你们对我国家--中国--的印象”,还说国际媒体编造了一个虚假的中国形象It then explains that China is a "developing country and is really hard to manage", and acknowledges the many incidences the country has gone through, such as the Chinese milk scandal, where dairy products were found tainted with melamine.后来,这首歌曲还说道中国是一个“发展中国家、很难管理”,还指出了中国经历的许多事件,例如年中国的毒牛奶事件,奶制品中被发现含有有毒的三聚氰胺However, its chorus concludes that its people still "love the country".但是,歌曲中唱到人民们依然“热爱这个国家”"This is a song Westerners to understand China," Wang Zixin of CD Rev, a rap group from Chengdu who collaborated with the Youth League to produce the , told news outlet Sixth Tone.来自成都的一个说唱乐团(CD Rev)和中国青年团合作制作了这个视频,该乐团一名成员王子鑫(音)对“第六音”新闻说道:“这首歌的目的是为了让西方人了解中国”"We want Westerners to know that Chinese know our problems and we are trying to make a change."“我们想让西方人知道,中国人知道自己的问题所在,而且我们目前正在试图做出改变”The music also mentions the political status of Taiwan, saying " normal citizens, we just want to be ed as one, cause we think we are from one family".这部MV还提到了台湾的政治现状,说“对于一般市民来说,我们只想合二为一,因为我们认为大陆和台湾同是一家人”Issues like gun control are also referenced in the lyrics.这首歌还提到了“控”等问题Last year, CD Rev released a music - The ce of Red - which commented strongly on the independence of Hong Kong and Taiwan.去年,CD Rev发布了一首MV《红色力量,严厉地批评了台湾和香港的独立问题China officially considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province, which will eventually be reed with China, by ce if necessary.中国政府在官方上的表示认为台湾是一个叛逃省份,最终将再次和大陆统一,如有必要的话还将使用武力The rap has received mostly positive feedback on Weibo, with comments ranging from users saying how much they loved the country, to others saying they had been reduced to tears.在微上对这首歌的评价大多都是积极肯定的,一些人在中表达了自己的爱国之情,还有人说这首歌让他们热泪盈眶"Although we have many shortcomings, little by little, we can make our country stronger and our lives better," said one such comment.一个写道:“尽管我们有许多缺点,但是一点一点的,我们能够使我们的祖国越来越富强,我们的生活也会变得越来越好”However, others questioned why the song wasn’t in Mandarin, saying that they were unable to understand parts of it.但是,也有的人质疑为什么这首歌不是用普通话唱出来的,有些地方歌词他们听不懂胖子到印度旅游要注意了!可能多花钱 --18 :: 来源:sohu 近日,印度南部省份喀拉拉邦政府日前宣布,为阻止任何可能导致肥胖的食品消费,该邦将对在快餐厅里出售的比萨饼、汉堡包、三明治等“垃圾食品”征收.5%的“脂肪税” Recently, one southern state of India,Kerala, proposed a so-called ;fat tax;of .5% on those restaurants that sell fast food and junk food (such as Hamberg, Sandwich, or pizza) that may ultimately cause people overweight, in order to prevent people become fatter and fatter in India. 肥胖人口在全球范围内的比重持续增加,已经成为各国都需要注意的重要问题之一,近年来多国都通过增收税款来抑制导致肥胖的因素,而印度出台的高比例脂肪税让人瞠目结舌 In recent years, the proportion of overweight people is continuously increasing, and obesity has become a major concern of many countries around the world. In order to control this situation, many countries began to tax on food that may lead to overweight problem. 据当地媒体报道,印度的肥胖人口近年来不断增长,已经跻身肥胖人口世界前三位喀拉拉邦政府为减少肥胖症人口而推出的“脂肪税”明确规定,在麦当劳、肯德基、赛百味等餐厅出售的比萨饼、汉堡包、三明治、炸玉米饼、甜甜圈、意大利面都属于征收“脂肪税”范畴 According to the report from local media, malnutrition is still, of course, a major problem in India, nevertheless, many Indians are seriously overweight these years, and India has aly become one of the top 3 countries in the world that suffers obesity. Fat tax clearly stipulates those pizza, hamberg, sandwich, pasta that sold by McDonald's , KFC, Subway are all including in the incidence of taxation. 一名当地儿科医生表示,“脂肪税”并不一定能阻止孩子们食用含有高脂肪的“垃圾食品”,不过由于家长在购买这些食品时将会因为价格问题而三思,这肯定有助于减低“垃圾食品”销量 A local pediatrician said that fat tax may not be so efficient on stop children eating unhealthy food that contains high fat, but this can make parents to think twice bee buying this food children in consideration of the price, thus may reduce the sales volume of junk food.

致命的浪漫! 男子吃花生后与女友接吻致其身亡 -- :58: 来源: 加拿大蒙特利尔一名岁女子,从小就对花生过敏,但男友却在不知情的情况下,在吃过花生后和她接吻,导致她出现严重过敏反应,送医后宣告不治 A Montreal mother says her daughter died after kissing her new boyfriend, who wasn’t aware she had a severe peanut allergy.加拿大蒙特利尔一位母亲表示,她的女儿在和男朋友接吻后死亡,因为对方不知道她有严重的花生过敏反应Myriam Ducre-Lemay, , had recently met the boy when she went to his house to spend the night after a party in , her mother said.母亲说,女儿Myriam Ducre-Lemay今年岁,年她曾到一个男孩家参加了一次派对,最近她又遇到了这个男孩After the boyfriend ate a peanut butter sandwich a late-night snack, he returned to the bedroom and gave Myriam the fatal kiss, the mother, Micheline Ducre, told the Journal De Quebec on Wednesday.星期三,母亲Micheline Ducre 在接受魁北克日报采访时说,这个男孩吃了一个花生酱三明治,回到卧室亲吻Lemay,致女儿死亡The boy did not tell her he had eaten peanuts, and he wasn’t aware of her life-threatening allergy.她的男朋友并未告知其吃过花生,他对Lemay危及生命的花生过敏也毫不知情Untunately, she wouldn’t have had the time to tell him she had a peanut allergy,’ the mother said.“不幸的是,女儿再也没有机会告诉他,她有严重的花生过敏反应”After realizing Myriam was having an allergic shock, the young couple called 9. Paramedics arrived within minutes and transported her to hospital, but the young woman’s life could not be saved.在意识到Lemay有严重的过敏反应后,这对年轻的情侣迅速打电话报警救护车在几分钟内迅速抵达将她送往医院,但仍回天乏术The mother said Myriam had told her only days earlier that she was in love.母亲说,女儿也是在几天前才告诉她自己恋爱了’It’s the first time I saw my daughter with such bright eyes,’ Micheline Ducre told the newspaper.“这是我第一次看到女儿的眼睛在发亮”Now, she is telling her daughter’s story the first time in the hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of allergies. She also hopes that people at risk will carry epipens with them at all times.现在,她第一次讲出女儿的故事,希望以此呼吁大众对于过敏症的关注她还提醒所有过敏患者随身携带救命药物Myriam did not carry her epipen - an epinephrine autoinjector that is used to treat serious allergic reactions - on the night that she died, her mother said.母亲说,Lemay死的那晚,她并没有携带她救命药——一种治疗严重过敏症状的肾上腺素自动注射器A docto said traces of allergens can stay in a person’s saliva up to four hours after eating.医生指出,当人进食之后,食物过敏源仍会残留在唾液长达小时This is why you have to carry your epipen, even though you don’t want to and even though it’s not cool,’ said Dr. Christine McCusker, head of pediatric allergy and immunology at Montreal Children’s Hospital“这就是为什么你必须随身携带肾上腺素自动注射器,即使你不情愿,即使这看起来不太酷” 蒙特利尔儿童医院儿科过敏和免疫学主任克里斯汀医生说The most important part of managing your allergies is that you have to inm people. You have to say, "Listen guys, I have food allergies. I have my epipen. If there is a problem, help me,’ McCusker said.他说,“最最重要的是,你得告诉大家你的过敏情况你得讲出来:你们注意啊,我有食物过敏症状我随身带的有肾上腺素自动注射器,如果发生了问题,帮助我喔”In , there was another reported case in Montreal of a young woman who died from an allergic reaction after kissing a boy.年,蒙特利尔也曾报道过一起类似事件,一个年轻姑娘和一个男孩接吻后,因过敏反应死亡But a coroner’s report subsequently revealed that -year-old Christina Desges died from an asthma attack, not an allergic reaction, the Associated Press reported.不过,据美联社报道,一个法医的检查结果显示,这位岁的姑娘其实是死于哮喘发作,而非过敏

nba季后赛韦少谈库里:被问到库里的防守问题时,韦少笑了 -- ::31 来源: 每个球迷都有自己喜欢的球星,有人喜欢科比,有人喜欢詹姆斯,而昨天在被问到库里是不是一个被低估的防守者时,韦少置之一笑,引发大家的讨论,那么对于韦少和库里,一个打法残暴生猛,一个打法灵动飘逸,你更喜欢哪一个呢? After Golden State won Game 5 at home, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were on the podium answering questions like they always do after the game. Here’s what one reporter asked:西部决赛第5战,勇士主场扳回一城,赛后杜兰特和韦斯特布鲁克像往常一样出席发布会接受记者采访其中一位记者这样问道:“Curry’s shooting better, but he also came up with a big steal in the fourth. Do you think his defense is underrated?”“库里今天投篮手感回升,第四节更是送出一个关键抢断你认为库里的防守能力是不是被低估了?”There’s an audible guffaw off camera as she finishes the question, and Russ had his face buried in his hands in an attempt to cover up his laughter.记者刚说完,镜头后面(韦少)传来一声大笑,然后韦少用手捂着脸试着掩盖他的笑声Here’s how KD answered as Russ tried to compose himself and hide his obvious disdain the question:随着韦少试着让自己平静并收起他对这个问题明显的不屑之情,杜兰特接过了话筒:“Getting steals, I don’t know. That’s a part of playing defense. He’s pretty good, but he doesn’t guard the best point guards. They do a good job of putting a couple guys on Russell, from [Klay] Thompson to [Andre] Iguodala and Steph, they throw him in there sometimes. He moves his feet pretty well. He’s good with his hands. But, you know, I like our matchup with him guarding Russ.”“抢断,我不知道那只是防守的一部分他(库里)很出色,但通常他不会去防守对方的顶级控卫他们(勇士)在用几个人轮流防韦少时做的很好,从汤普森到伊戈达拉,而库里只是偶尔才会去防韦少他脚步移动很好,下手抢断也很不错但是你知道,我喜欢看到他和韦少对位”The whole time Russ is either smiling, or his face is buried in his hands, presumably to stifle more laughter.整个过程韦少要么在笑,要么用手捂着脸,似乎在避免更多的笑声Durant is sticking up his teammate here, but according to ESPN Stats and Info, Curry’s done a pretty good job on those instances when he is marking Russ on his own. Westbrook is shooting just 3 percent (8-of-5) against Curry, including 0--3 in Game 5, but percent (37-of-8) against everyone else. Russ is also scoring 0.70 points per play against Curry, and 0.97 against everyone else.杜兰特在这里力挺自己兄弟,但根据ESPN的数据和信息,在盯防韦少方面,库里的表现很好韦少对位库里时命中率仅为3%(5中8),包括第五战中3投0中,然而他在对位(勇士)其他人时命中率为%(8中37)在对位库里时韦少每次攻击仅得到0.7分,而对位其他人时为0.97分Here’s what Curry said about why Klay will often guard the superior of the two opposing guards:在谈到为什么汤普森往往去盯防对方的顶级后卫时,库里这样说道:“I’ve got a great teammate that’s obviously a better defender on the perimeter. I like the challenge, and I’ll do my job the best I can. That’s what I’m out there to do. In those situations, I don’t get too caught up in a one-on-one matchup. My job is to follow the game plan. I’ve done that the last four years of my career, trying to elevate my defensive presence. I do my job.”“我有一个非常棒的队友,他在外线显然是一个更好的防守者我喜欢挑战,我会尽最大努力表现更好那是我在场上应该做的事情在这种情况下,我不会太痴迷于一对一单打我要做的就是照比赛的计划去打球我在过去四年的职业生涯中一直在提升我的防守我会做好我的工作”When asked about Steph bee Game 1 of this series, Russell said: “He’s a shooter. He’s not nothing I haven’t seen bee.” Westbrook should believe he can outplay anyone else opposing him on an NBA hardwood — even the reigning MVP. That’s what makes him truly magnificent and one of the best players in the game today.在系列赛首战开赛前被问到库里时,韦少就说:“他只是个投手,以前不是没见过”韦少确信他可以在NBA球场上打爆任何跟他对位的人——包括卫冕MVP正是这种自信促使他今天变得如此杰出,并成为了球场上最好的球员之一But Curry has done a solid job limiting Russell’s effectiveness when given the opporty. Now let’s shut the hell up about this silliness and get y Saturday night.但库里在对位韦少时,确实有效的限制了韦少的效率现在就让我们停止这些愚蠢的讨论,一起期待周六晚上的比赛吧

公安部“网警”上线执法 -- :6:58 来源: 从6月1日起,首批50个省级、市级公安机关统一标识为“网警巡查执法”的微、微信和百度贴吧账号集中上线,网警从幕后走向台前,开展网上公开执法工作请看《中国日报的报道:Starting from June 1, internet police in 50 localities - including both metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai as well as small, impoverished city such as Bijie in southwest China's Guizhou Province - will officially launch their own s on popular social networking services including Weibo and Wechat.6月1日起,50个地区,包括北京和上海等大城市和西南地区贵州省毕节等小城市的网警将正式在微、微信等社交网络上发布自己的账号,集中上线“网警”就是我们所说的“网络警察”用英文 internet policecyber police 表示,指目前正在从事公共信息网络安全监察工作的人民警察此次公安部部署的网警公开巡查执法机制旨在及时发现网络各种违法犯罪信息和有害信息(sniff out illegal and harmful inmation on the internet),依法震慑制止网络违法犯罪(deter and prevent cyber crimes)和网上不良言行 (improper words and deeds),发布典型网络犯罪案例和处理公众举报(handle public tip-offs)网警不仅由幕后走向台前(come out to the front stage from behind the curtains),而且全面提高网上见警率(police visibility)我国公安机关的警察照职责不同分为治安警察(public security officer)、户籍警察(household registration officer)、刑事警察(criminal police)、交通警察(traffic police)、巡逻警察(patrol police)、外事警察(eign affairs police officer)等(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)

1美元在世界各国可以买到啥? -- :: 来源:chinadaily You can hardly find anything a single dollar these days. Even the ‘Dollar Menu’ at McDonald’s boasts falsely! But the truth of the matter is that there are many things all over the world that will only set you back by one single bill. Below is a list of these items from all around the world; keep it handy, because you simply never know when you will find yourself in Timbuktu with only a picture of George Washington in your wallet.如今你很难找到一美元可以买到的东西甚至麦当劳的“一元菜单”也是虚假宣传!但事实是,全世界有很多一美元就能买到的东西下面是来自世界各地的一元物品清单;把它放在手边,因为你根本不知道什么时候会发现自己在廷巴克图,而钱包里只有一美元1. Nepal 尼泊尔Ever had a craving manta ray? In Nepal you can score ten pieces a buck.想吃魔鬼鱼吗?在尼泊尔,1美元可以吃片. Mexico 墨西哥If you ever have a need 8 bananas, but you find yourself pretty broke, Mexico is where to go.如果你需要8个香蕉,但你发现自己几乎破产,那就去墨西哥吧3. Ireland 爱尔兰Here you can get a bag of potato chips, but don’t hold out the dip.在这里,1美元可以买到一袋薯片,但是蘸酱就别想了. Australia 澳大利亚A dollar will get you a single minute of talk time on your cellular phone.1美元能让你用手机通话1分钟5. Kenya 肯尼亚Here’s a bundle your buck: Four bulbs, four tomatoes, and eight heads of lettuce. Salad time.1美元你可以买到一包东西:四头洋葱,四个西红柿,八颗莴苣头吃沙拉的时间到啦6. Zimbabwe 津巴布韦You have variety in Zimbabwe. They have dollar shops where you can find a range of items, including food and clothing.在津巴布韦你有很多选择他们有一元商店,在那里你可以买到各种东西,包括食品和衣7. Thailand 泰国This is the place Green Thai Curry #38; Rice.1美元可以让你吃到泰国绿咖喱米饭[!-empirenews.page--]8. Canada 加拿大If you need a snack you can get one lone apple.如果想吃零食,1美元可以买到一个苹果9. Switzerland 瑞士Here you can get a small bit of real Swiss cheese.在这里1美元可以买到一小块正宗的瑞士奶酪. Haiti 海地Got rice? If not, you can get four differing rice dish types.有米饭吗?如果没有,1美元可以买到四种不同的饭食. Portugal 葡萄牙If you need a pick-me-up you can get a small, single-serving espresso.如果你需要提神饮料,1美元可以买到一小杯外带浓咖啡. Belgium 比利时Here you can pick up a pack of gum; chew on that!在这里1美元可以买一包口香糖,让你嚼个够. Egypt 埃及If you’re hungry six falafel sandwiches should fill the void.如果你饿了,1美元买到的6个沙拉三明治应该能填饱你的肚子. Greenland 格陵兰岛A single liter of gasoline. That comes to just under four bucks a gallon. Not as bad as you thought in America, is it?1美元可以买到一公升汽油这说明每加仑不到四美元没有你在美国想象的那么糟是吗?[!-empirenews.page--]. Vietnam 越南Buy yourself ty quail and start raising them if you wish.1美元可以给自己买0只鹌鹑,如果你愿意的话可以开始养鹌鹑了. Venezuela 委内瑞拉Believe it or not, you can get from ? a tank of gas to a full one, depending on the size of the tank. Now I may relocate.信不信由你,在这里1美元可以买到半箱至一箱的汽油,取决于你的油箱有多大这么看来没准我会搬到这里来住. ed Kingdom 英国Satisfy your pickle yen with a single pickled egg.1美元可以买到一颗酱蛋,给爱吃泡菜的你解解馋18. Saudi Arabia 沙特阿拉伯Take a taxi a single mile a dollar.1美元可以乘出租车走一英里19. Czechoslovakia 捷克斯洛伐克This is the place to go! Three bottles of beer will only cost you a buck.这真是你该去的地方!三瓶啤酒只花1美元. Honduras 洪都拉斯Take a taxi anywhere in the city! Saudi has nothing on these guys.1美元可以乘出租车到这个城市的任何地方!与之相比沙特真是弱爆了1. China 中国Here you can get one pint of beer.在这里1美元可以买到一品脱啤酒. Italy 意大利In Ganji you can rent an entire house this low price.在甘吉小镇你可以用1美元的低价租到一整套房子3. Indonesia 印度尼西亚Feed yourself an entire meal here.在这里1美元可以吃一顿饱饭. Finland 芬兰If you need to relieve yourself, the dollar you have will buy you a visit to the toilet.如果你需要方便,1美元可以上一次公共厕所6. Denmark 丹麦Sweet tooth? Here you can get a chocolate Kinder Maxi bar.爱吃甜食?在这里1美元可以买到一个健达大号巧克力棒7. Jordan 约旦You will get chips and a Pepsi in Jordan.在约旦1美元可以买到薯片和一听百事可乐And last but not least: In Norway you won’t be able to get anything, so stay away from there if you are down to your last dollar!最后但同样重要的是:在挪威,1美元无法买到任何东西,所以如果你只剩下一美元,请远离那里!英文来源:中国日报网论坛译者:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮

脱欧公投后英女王首发声 -- ::5 来源:sohu “我们身处的世界正变得越来愈复杂,越来越难以应付……要一直保持镇定从容并不容易”当地时间7月日,近万民众走上伦敦街头,参加反对“脱欧”公投结果的游行同一天,英国女王伊丽莎白二世在苏格兰议会发表演讲,这也是英国公投决定“脱欧”之后,女王首次发表重要讲话 ;We all live and work in an increasingly complex and demanding world...and retaining the ability to stay calm and collected can at times be hard.;Queen Elizabeth II addressed MSPs in Edinburgh on July as she mally opened the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament. 女王在演讲中传递的核心信息为外界解读为“此时此刻需要保持冷静”她同时呼吁,政治人物要保持领导力,就必须给人们留出足以冷静思考的空间 She issued a plea calm in the wake of the Brexit vote and the political turmoil that followed. The Queen has also stressed the need political leaders to make ;room quiet thinking and contemplation;. 觉得女王发出的信息太含糊,看不出个子丑寅卯? 那就对了!英国王室一直避免干涉政治问题,女王也从不在公开场合发表未经英政府认可的政治观点;即使是在“脱欧公投”这种重大问题上,她也始终试图保持中立形象 今年6月,持“脱欧”的英国《太阳报报道称,女王在多年前的一场私人宴会上,曾邀请来宾给出英国留在欧盟的3个理由,这件旧事说明她可能倾向于持“脱欧”阵营 The story in the UK's Sun newspaper claimed that Queen Elizabeth II was in favour of Britain voting to leave EU in the upcoming referendum. 针对这篇报道,白金汉宫很快发表声明,否认女王持“脱欧”,坚称女王不持立场,公投一事应由英国民众来决定 Buckingham Palace lodged a mal complaint over that story, insisting the monarch did not take sides in politics, in line with her constitutional duty. 可以想见,公投之后的首次公开演讲,女王陛下当然也是字斟句酌,谨慎措辞 以下是演讲全文,你们自己体会一下: Presiding Officer, First Minister, Members of the Scottish Parliament, it is a pleasure to be invited to address you on this special occasion to mark the opening of the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament. I would like to begin by thanking you, Presiding Officer, your kind words of welcome, and extending my good wishes to you in your new role. You carry a heavy responsibility protecting the reputation and good conduct of this Parliament and I have no doubt that you will follow in the steps of your predecessors in demonstrating fairness, good judgment and impartiality, as well as being a strong advocate of the Parliament. Members of the Scottish Parliament, occasions such as today are rightly a time hope and optimism. The beginning of this new session in particular brings with it a real sense of renewal, with your largest intake of new Members since 1999. me, it also brings an echo of the excitement and enthusiasm I encountered that year , when many of the then MSPs- and I am pleased to note quite a number of you are still serving today- set out on a collective journey in Scottish public service. Seventeen years on, the Scottish Parliament has grown in maturity and skill. Of course, we all live and work in an increasingly complex and demanding world, where events and developments can, and do, take place at remarkable speed; and retaining the ability to stay calm and collected can at times be hard. As this Parliament has successfully demonstrated over the years, one hallmark of leadership in such a fast-moving world is allowing sufficient room quiet thinking and contemplation, which can in turn enable deeper, cooler consideration of how challenges and opporties can be best addressed. I am sure, also, you will continue to draw inspiration from the founding principles of the Parliament and the key values of Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and Integrity that are engraved on the mace. These principles and values have aly served the Scottish Parliament well and they will continue to guide new and returning members in the years ahead. During this session, the Parliament will implement significant new tax and welfare powers in addition to other areas of public policy. I wish you every success as you prepare to take on these extra responsibilities, and I remain confident that you will use the powers at your disposal wisely and continue to serve the interests of all the people of Scotland to the best of your ability. As well as mally marking the opening of the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament, today is also a day where people will come together in Edinburgh to celebrate excellence in Scotland. And I can say, without fear of contradiction, that there is certainly a lot to celebrate! Today we are reminded of Edwin Morgan's poem, ;Open The Doors!; and I understand that this afternoon's activities are themed around that poem, which famously has the line, ;We have a building that is more than a building;. What a wonderful way of describing this Parliament! Presiding Officer, First Minister, Members of the Scottish Parliament, The Duke of Edinburgh and I will continue to follow your progress with the closest of interest, and we extend to you all our warmest good wishes as you embark on this fifth session of Parliament. 认真学习女王的最新讲话之后,你学到了什么? 英国脱欧,她到底是高兴还是不高兴啊? 留言告诉我们吧!

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