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福建省泉州市中心医院网上预约系统泉州哪个医院保胎好8 dead, 24 missing in Chongqing downpour重庆云阳特大暴雨致8人死亡 24人失踪Eight people are dead, and 24 are still missing after a heavy rain triggered a landslide in southwest Chinas Chongqing Municipality.中国西南部重庆的一场特大暴雨引发山体滑坡,导致8人死亡24人仍然失踪。Nearly ten thousand people have been forced to evacuate in several townships in Yunyang County.云阳县多个乡镇近万人被迫撤离。The missing include 11 coal miners who were buried by a landslide on Monday morning.失踪人员包括周1早上由于山体滑坡被埋的11名矿工。Local weather authorities say this amount of rain is rare.当地气象部门表示这场大雨实属罕见。More than 500 professional rescuers are working around the clock, but geographical hazards are complicating matters.虽然500多名专业救援人员同时间赛跑进行搜救工作,但地质灾害实属复杂。Rain started to pound northeastern parts of Chongqing on Sunday.这场特大暴雨是周日于重庆东北部开始。So far, its caused direct economic losses of 68 million yuan, or about 11 million US dollars.截至发稿前,这场特大暴雨导致的直接经济损失达6800万人民币,大约相当于1100万美元。201409/325600泉州新阳光医院医院网上预约 美国大都会集团是领先的保险及其它金融务提供商,为遍布全美的数以百万计的个人和企业客户提供务,包括美国财富五百强《财富》中排名前100位的88家公司。 以下是中英对照:No matter who you are.不论你是谁。No matter where youre from.不论你来自何处。Every family everywhere should have financial security they need.每个家庭都应该拥有金融保险。Not just the ones who can figure it out.不仅仅是那些了解保险重要性的人们。Not just the most fortunate.不仅仅是那些最幸运的人们。Everyone.而是每个人。MetLife I can do this.我大都会可以做到。201405/298871The Third Plenum is likely to cover the countrys ambitious urbanization drive. But that would come with challenges.三中全会将启动全面城市化进程。但是,这也将带来新的挑战。As we can see, urbanization brings both opportunities and challenges to China. Lets get back to Prof. Fu Jun for more.正如我们所看到的的,中国城市化进程是机会与挑战并存的过程。让我们与付军教授一同分享更多相关信息。Q1. How do you see the dangers of overbuilding? As Junfengs story shows, there are ghost towns, but the 70 major cities are super crowded.您怎样看待过度开发带来的危害呢?比如峻峰为我们带来的思考,那里有很多鬼城,但是70个大城市都超级拥挤。Q2. Who pays for urbanization? HS estimates total fiscal cost on 260 million migrant workers in cities (public housing and childrens education) is 6.24 trillion yuan. Local government finances are strained as they are.谁将为城市化带来的后果埋单?据汇丰估计,用于260百万外来务工人员(公共住房和子女教育)的固定总出为6.24万亿元。地方政府财政已出现吃紧状态。Q3. A large part of the urbanisation process depends on Hukou reform, what will we see on this (household registration system) reform from the Third Plenum meetings?城市化进程在很大程度上取决于户籍制度改革,那么在三中全会上就户籍制度改革,我们会看到哪些进展?201311/263834泉州阳光女子医院怎么样

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泉州彩超多少钱Does watching television cause unnecessary relationship problems time and time again? Does the remote control also start an argument? Well, here we look at why these arguments start, the physiology beneath the problems, and how best to solve these relationship issues.你们是否经常因为看电视而造成不必要的矛盾?谁拿遥控器是否也会引发争吵?我们一起来看一下为什么看电视会引发情侣之间的争吵,背后隐藏的生理学问题,以及怎样最好的解决这种情感问题。Step 1: The Problem1.问题 所在This argument is about one person dominating the remote control, and always watching what they want to on the television, leading to sulks and moody behaviour from the losing party.这样的争吵是由于一方控制着遥控器,看自己喜欢的电视节目,失败一方作出愤怒和郁闷的行为。Step 2: What its really about2.问题的本质This is perhaps the classic whos the boss? argument. It quickly boils down to the issue of control in a relationship, and about both voices being heard, and being lent equal weight. One might feel ignored and unheard, leading to uncommunicative, sullen behaviour- which makes the other feel guilty.这就是经典的“谁是老大”的争吵。凸显了恋爱关系中的控制权问题,双方都想表达自己的想法,两人都想获得同等地位。一方可能感觉自己被忽视或漠视,导致比较难以理解的愠怒行为——这让另外一方感觉到很内疚。Step 3: The solution3.解决方法Sulking is the worst thing to do if you have lost control in your relationship, or dont feel listened to. Be more assertive. You need to confront your partner, and calmly state your case- clearly and rationally. Try and see how communication is key to any relationship, and the lack of it can be immediately divisive. And never sulk! It does not solve anything.如果在恋爱关系中失去控制权,或者你的意见没有得到尊重,生气是最糟糕的行为。更果断一点,你应该坦然面对你的另一半,平静地说出自己的感受——一定要清晰条理。尝试一下,你就会发现,沟通是任何关系的关键,缺乏沟通会导致争吵。永远不要生气!生气不能解决任何问题。Thanks for watching Relationship Issues: Watching Television.感谢收看“怎样解决看电视引发的争吵”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/252098 It’s hot. You’re hungry. You’ve got nothing better to do. Why not fry an egg on the sidewalk!天气非常热。而你肚子饿了。也没有更好的选择了。那么为何不尝试一下在人行道上煎鸡蛋呢?You Will Need你需要Eggs鸡蛋Aluminum foil铝箔A mirror or magnifying glass镜子或放大镜A very, very hot sidewalk非常炎热的人行道Butter or oil黄油或油Salt and pepper盐和胡椒粉Steps步骤STEP 1 Lay out some tinfoil1.放置一些锡纸The easiest—and most sanitary—way to fry an egg on the sidewalk is to use a piece of aluminum foil. Take a pan-size piece of foil and bend the edges up, so the raw egg doesn’t slide onto the pavement.在人行道上煎鸡蛋最简单也是最卫生的方法就是用一张铝箔。拿一张平底锅大小的铝箔,把边缘向上卷,这样生鸡蛋液就不会滑到人行道上。STEP 2 Crack the egg2.敲开鸡蛋Crack an egg or two onto the foil. The sun will reflect off the surface and cook your eggs.向锡纸上敲一两个鸡蛋。太阳会在平面上反射,帮你煮熟鸡蛋。If you intend to eat these eggs, you might want to use some butter or oil on the tinfoil so it doesn’t stick—and season your eggs with some salt and pepper.如果你准备食用这些鸡蛋,或许要在锡纸上抹一层黄油或食用油,这样鸡蛋就不会粘在锡纸上——加一些食盐和胡椒粉调味。STEP 3 Be y to fib3.耍点小花招The temperature of the sidewalk needs to reach at least 158° Fahrenheit to turn a raw egg solid. Sorry, a light colored sidewalk on it’s own won’t do the trick. You’ll need to cheat just a little.人行道上的温度需要达到至少华氏158度,才能把生鸡蛋煮熟。抱歉,浅色的人行道做不到这一点。你需要耍点小花招。STEP 4 Use a magnifying glass or mirror4.使用放大镜或镜子To speed up the process, use a magnifying glass or mirror to focus the suns rays onto the foil. Now you’re cooking!为了加速整个过程,使用放大镜或镜子把光线集中到锡纸上。现在就可以烹煮了。STEP 5 Brag a little5.夸大其词After your egg is cooked, tell everyone that it was so hot outside that you were able to fry an egg on the sidewalk. They’ll either think you are most egg-zelent or just egg-zagerating.鸡蛋熟了之后,告诉每个人,现在外面太热了,你可以在人行道上煎鸡蛋了。他们或许认为你非常了不起,可能也会认为你只是夸大其词。视频听力译文由。201410/336515泉州阳光女子医院泉州新阳光妇科医院看病怎么样




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