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泉州洛江区不孕不育价格泉州新一院有流产科嘛泉州什么医院人流技术好 Forget grass-fed beef and free-range poultry. China’s farmers say they have found the next big health-food craze: cows, pigs and ducks raised on a steady diet of ancient Chinese medicine.不要再谈什么吃草的肉牛和散养的家禽了。中国的农民表示,他们找到了健康饮食界的下一个狂热增长点:规律喂食传统中草药的猪牛鸡鸭。Practitioners in China have prescribed bitter blends of medicinal plants and herbs for centuries to ward off disease in humans. Now, farmers are adapting the age-old elixirs — a dash of ginseng here, a speck of licorice there — for use on livestock. They’re hoping to tap into the growing popularity of traditional medicine and health food in Chinese society.许多世纪以来,中国的医师将药用植物和芳草混合成口感苦涩的方子,用以抵御人体疾病。如今,农民在把这种古老的灵丹妙药用在牲畜身上——这里加点人参,那里放点甘草。他们希望以此搭上传统医药与健康食品日益风靡中国社会的便车。The results, they promise, are not only delicious but healthy: lean, juicy meats that can protect against colds, arthritis and other illnesses. (The science is less resounding, though one study did find that cows that were fed Chinese medicines performed better in hot weather.)他们保,这样养出的肉类不仅可口,而且健康:肉质精瘦多汁,还可以预防感冒、关节炎及其他多种疾病。(其中的科学原理并不那么令人信,不过有一项研究的确认为,吃了中草药的牛在天气较热的情况下表现更好。)In the southern region of Guangxi, Lin Wenluo, 53, began mixing 22 kinds of herbs into the daily feed for his livestock several years ago. The pigs that Mr. Lin raises sell for 0, about 0 more than the typical price for conventional pigs, he said, and some customers even eat his meats instead of taking medicine.在华南省份广西,现年53岁的林文罗几年前开始将22味草药加入自家牲畜的日常饲料中。他表示,自己养的生猪售价为3000元人民币,比传统喂养的市价高1300元左右,一些顾客甚至用吃他出产的猪肉来代替药。“The pigs raised this way don’t get sick, they have good texture and they’re meaty,” he said.“这样养出来的猪不会得病,猪肉口感好,肉质高,”他说。Farmers like Mr. Lin hope that China’s increasingly health-conscious middle class will help bring medicinal meats into the mainstream. The health-food market in China reached trillion last year, and it is expected to grow 20 percent annually for the next several years.林文罗这样的农户希望,越来越重视健康问题的中国中产阶级会有助于中草药养殖的肉类成为主流。中国的健康食品市场在去年达到了1万亿美元的规模,预计将在未来几年里取得每年20%的增长。Mr. Lin said China was returning to something good from the past that had been neglected. “In the old days, we used traditional methods to feed the animals,” he said. “People’s longevity was very long.”林文罗认为,中国是在回归一度遭到忽视的优良历史传统。“过去的时候,我们用传统办法喂牲口,”他说。“人们很长寿。” /201607/455044Posing for a picture and flashing the V sign may expose your fingerprints, giving criminals an opportunity to steal your important information.照相的时候比剪刀手很可能会泄露你的指纹信息,给犯罪分子可乘之机。Researchers with the National Institute of Informatics in Japan successfully retrieved fingerprint information from a picture during an experiment, even though the subject was photographed from three meters away, according to the newspaper.日本国立情报学研究所的研究人员进行了一项实验,并在此过程中成功从一张比有剪刀手的照片中提取到了指纹。即使当事人当时是在三米开外的位置被拍摄的,但还是可以轻易获取到。Photos that include both people#39;s faces and fingers run a higher risk of revealing personal information, and the risk for celebrities is even higher, it was added.除此之外,研究人员还补充说道,那些显示当事人面部和手指特征的照片泄露个人信息的风险性更大,对于公众人物来说尤其如此。Chinese experts in fingerprint identification confirmed the possibility.中国指纹识别领域的专家也实了上述可能性。;Technically, we can use high-definition cameras to obtain people#39;s fingerprints,; said Dr. Yin Desen of the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security.“从技术层面上来讲,如果摄像机像素足够高,人们是可能从中获取到指纹的,”公安部第一研究所专家尹德森这样说道。He also said that people#39;s external features are easily recorded. However, compared to , it is more difficult to obtain fingerprints through just one photo.他还表示,人类的外部特征非常容易被记录。不过,相比视频而言,单单从一张照片上提取指纹的难度将会更大。According to experts, criminals are able to use counterfeit fingerprints to commit crimes, such as stealing fingerprint passwords and signing agreements.专家们称,犯罪分子可以通过伪造指纹来实施犯罪活动,比如盗取指纹密码或者冒充签署协议等。Yin warned that people should pay more attention when they leave fingerprints or use them as passwords.尹德森提醒人们应该小心谨慎,在任何场合留下指纹或使用指纹密码都应严加注意。 /201702/490251泉州新阳光医院看妇科好吗

泉州妇儿妇科医院妇产科怎样Officials in one of China’s hottest property markets have banned developers from borrowing money to buy land, as local governments embrace increasingly drastic measures to curb soaring home prices.中国最热楼市之一的地方政府已禁止开发商借款购地。目前中国各地的地方政府正采取越来越严厉的措施来遏止房价飙升。Prices of new residential properties in Nanjing, capital of eastern Jiangsu province, were up 40 per cent year on year in September, in line with increases in other big cities.在华东的江苏省首府南京,9月新建住宅价格同比上涨40%,与其他大城市楼价涨幅相仿。Over recent months, local governments have tried to cool residential property prices by making it more difficult for people to buy homes. 近几个月来,地方政府试图通过加大购房难度来给房价降温。The unprecedented decision by officials in Nanjing to cut off developers’ access to the banking system for land purchases highlights how local governments’ policy focus is shifting to real estate companies and their funding sources.南京官员们作出前所未有的决定,阻止开发商在购地时利用体系的资金,此举突显地方政府的政策重点正在转向房地产公司及其资金来源。Highly leveraged developers, colloquially known as land kings, have driven prices to record levels in many Chinese cities over the past year. 有地王之称、杠杆水平极高的开发商,在过去一年里把中国许多城市的房价推高至创纪录水平。Local governments were initially reluctant to act, as auctions of land are an important part of their revenue base. 地方政府最初不愿意采取行动,因为土地拍卖是其重要的财政收入来源。In September, however, the government and central bank ordered local governments to cool overheated property markets.然而在9月份,中央政府和央行勒令地方政府给过热的房地产市场降温。Bidders must use their own funds [at auctions], Nanjing’s land bureau said. 南京市国土资源局发出通知称,竞买人拿地须用自有资金。The notice banned developers from bidding with funds from banks, trust companies and insurers. 该通知禁止开发商利用来自、信托公司和保险公司的资金进行投标。They were also banned from using money raised either on capital markets or through the issuance of wealth management products and other unregulated funds.它们也被禁止使用在资本市场上募集的资金,或使用通过发行理财产品等募集的违规资金。Nanjing was due yesterday to hold its first land auction since late September, when central government directives to cool markets began to take effect.南京定于昨日举行自9月下旬(当时中央政府有关降温市场的指令开始生效)以来的第一次土地拍卖。Last month China’s securities and banking regulators began to restrict real estate developers’ ability to issue new shares and bonds. 上月,中国的券和业监管机构开始限制房地产开发商发行新股和债券的能力。All the relevant [national] regulators and government departments have intervened to curb developers’ financing, said Jonas Short at NSBO, a policy research group. 所有相关的(国家)监管机构和政府部门都进行了干预,以抑制开发商的融资,政策研究团体蓝橡资本英国(NSBO)的乔纳斯.肖特(Jonas Short)表示。It is an example of the concerted action that you get when [Beijing] is convinced something must be done.这是在(北京方面)确信必须有所作为时,你会看到的那种协调行动的一个例子。Corporate bond sales by real estate developers have come to a complete halt this month while their issuance of trust products fell by a quarter in October compared with September. 房地产开发商的公司债券发售本月已完全停止,而它们在10月的信托产品发行量也比9月下降了四分之一。Trust products bundle corporate loans and other assets that are sold on to a variety of investors, including bank depositors.信托产品把公司贷款和其他资产捆绑打包,然后出售给各类投资者,包括储户。Thomas Gatley at Gavekal Dragonomics said the immediate impact on many developers would be limited. 龙洲经讯(Gavekal Dragonomics)的托马斯.加特利(Thomas Gatley)表示,对许多开发商来说,直接影响将是有限的。Property developers are cash-rich from excellent sales this year, said Mr Gatley. 今年极佳的销售表现使房地产开发商现金充足,加特利说。Only the smaller ones will be affected. 只有较小的开发商会受到影响。More broadly, it is high demand for housing in China’s top cities that drives both land and house price growth.整体而言,推动地价和房价双双上涨的因素是人们对一线城市的住宅需求居高不下。 /201611/479231泉州市中医院 等级 德化县中心医院是公立的吗

在泉州怀孕去哪家医院好 China, Sweltering, Doles Out Subsidies for High Heat三伏天在户外工作,你拿到高温补贴了吗?BEIJING — After three days of torrid heat in Beijing, with thermometer ings in the upper 90s Fahrenheit, the air in the city’s concrete canyons and on its giant ring roads has cooled a little, to 95. Enough for city officials to drop the health warning they had posted on Sunday, as they do whenever temperatures exceed that threshold.北京——北京经历了三天的酷热,温度计的读数直奔40摄氏度。然后,混凝土峡谷之间及恢弘的环路上的空气似乎冷却了一点,降到了35度,足以让市政府撤销了周日发布的健康警告。每当温度超过35度阈值的时候,他们就会发出这种警告。Sure, it is not the heat of the deserts of Rajasthan in India, where temperatures in May crackled to 123.8 degrees. But the air in Beijing and other parts of China can reach 106 in the summer, and work rarely stops on the 24-hour construction sites even under these “bamboo steamer” conditions, as The Beijing Evening News described them.当然,北京没有印度拉贾斯坦邦的沙漠那么热,今年5月那里的温度高达51度。不过,根据《北京晚报》的报道,北京和中国其他一些地区的夏季气温可以达到42度,但即使在这种类似“蒸笼”的条件下,一些24小时施工的建筑工地也很少停工。China has something rare to address the problem. By law, many people who work outdoors are eligible for a heat subsidy when temperatures go above 95, or 35 degrees Celsius — a pay supplement that in Beijing amounts to 180 renminbi a month, or , China News Service reported.中国用一种罕见的办法来应对这个问题。中国新闻网报道,根据法律规定,当温度超过35摄氏度的时候,很多在户外工作的人就有资格享受高温补贴——在北京,这种补贴的标准是每个月180元人民币。Employers do not always give the money, and workers may not know about it or may fear losing their jobs if they ask, said a business and legal consultancy based in Shanghai.总部设在上海的一家业务和法律咨询公司称,雇主并不总是按规定付这笔钱,员工也许不知道有这种补贴,或者可能担心,要是自己向雇主讨要,就会失去工作。“Employees have the right to file a complaint if an employer fails to pay, but rarely do in fear of repercussions,” reported China Briefing, a newsletter of the consultancy, Dezan Shira amp; Associates. “In many cases, employees aren’t even aware of the allowance.”“如果雇主不发高温补贴,雇员有权提出申诉,但他们很少这么做,担心导致不利后果,”协力管理咨询公司(Dezan Shira amp; Associates)的新闻通讯务China Briefing称。“有很多时候,雇员甚至不知道有这笔津贴”。Several people in Beijing who work on contract, or without any contract, laughed when asked whether they had received the subsidy, as temperatures soared this week.当被问及本周气温飙升期间是否拿到了补贴时,几名在北京工作的工人笑了起来,他们中有些签了合同,有些没有签。“Who gets that?!” asked one man, in a typical response.“有谁拿到了?!”有一个人问。这是很典型的反应。In the face of global warming and rising temperatures that are affecting human health and productivity worldwide, might the Chinese practice, which aims to protect people’s health, catch on? Could such subsidies become a cost of doing business in a hotter world?在世界各地,全球变暖和温度日益上升对人类健康和生产力产生了影响。既然如此,中国用高温补贴来保护大家健康的做法,会流行起来吗?当世界变得更热,这种补贴可能成为做生意的一种成本吗?While there is some public discussion in China about the long-term human or economic implications of global warming, in general the implications of rising heat are poorly studied, wrote Rui-Dan Chen, a scientist at Sun Yat-sen University in the southern city of Guangzhou, and Ri-Yu Lu at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, in a recent review of published material on extreme heat in the journal Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters. The authors defined extreme heat as temperatures that exceeded 95 degrees.虽然在中国,人们也对全球变暖对人类或经济的长期影响进行了一些公开讨论,但广州中山大学的科学家陈锐丹以及北京中国科学院的陆日宇近日在《大气和海洋科学快报》(Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters)上发表的一篇综述文章写道,总体而言,中国关于升温影响的研究非常少。他们把超过35摄氏度定义为极端高温,全面回顾了已经发表的关于这方面的文献。China, like everywhere else, is experiencing those rising temperatures and also rising deaths related to heat, the authors said, ing the World Meteorological Organization. During the decade ending in 2010, they said, 136,000 deaths were caused by heat waves, an increase of 2,300 percent over the 6,000 deaths recorded in the previous decade.作者引用世界气象组织 (World Meteorological Organization)的资料称,在中国,像在其他地方一样,气温不断上升,与高温有关的死亡案例也在增加。在截至2010年的十年中,有13.6万人因热浪死亡,而之前十年的这个数字为6000人,增幅达2300%。“Extreme heat events have become an important public concern,” the authors wrote. But far more attention is paid to “precipitation extremes,” they said, “possibly due to the long history of China as a traditional agricultural country.”作者写道,“极端高温事件逐渐成为公众关注的一个重要焦点。”但人们对“极端降水事件”的关注远远更多,他们说,“可能是因为中国是一个历史悠久的传统农业国。”China has a record of flooding along its rivers, especially in the center and south of the country, and leaders regularly appear at major floods to demonstrate support for rescue efforts.中国河流的洪涝灾害比较常见,尤其是在中心和南部地区。发生大洪水时领导人常常会出面,显示对救援工作的持。Despite the patchy enforcement of the regulations, the government appears to be trying to raise consciousness of the heat subsidies, not least among foreign employers who may need to pay them to their workers.尽管高温补贴的条例执行不力,政府似乎正在设法提高这方面的意识,尤其是针对可能需要向雇员付补贴的外国雇主。In an article in June in its “Learning Chinese” section, the state-run newspaper Global Times offered the following dialogue about the subsidies:官方报纸《环球时报》在“学汉语”栏目6月发表的一篇文章中,刊登了下面这段关于高温补贴的对话:“It’s way too hot today! Too bad, I still have to work,” “A” said.A:“今天太热了!可惜我还得上班。”“Don’t let it get you down,” “B” urged. “Workers that work during sweltering summer days have a right to a ‘high heat subsidy’!”B:“别闷闷不乐了,酷暑时期上班,可享受高温补贴哦!”The amounts vary across the country. Shanxi Province, in the north, offers 240 renminbi a month, while Guangdong, in the far south, provides a relatively low 150 renminbi, according to China News Service.地区不同,补贴的金额也不同。中国新闻网表示,在北部省份山西,高温补贴一个月有240元人民币,南部省份广东只有150元。Some provinces mandate complex calculations based on daily, or even hourly, rates and temperatures, an exercise that might cause anyone trying to figure it out to break into a sweat.一些省份根据温度和日薪、乃至时薪进行复杂的计算,任何人想要算清楚可能都会出一身汗。 /201607/454550泉州妇幼保健院儿童医院泉州二院医生在线咨询




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