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青岛市妇科检查哪家好青岛七院不孕不育科Facebook doesn#39;t hold many press conferences. But when the world#39;s biggest social network does talk to journalists, the briefings are always best when founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg goes off script.Facebook没有召开很多新闻发布会。但当这个世界上最大的社交网络确实与记者交谈时,简报总是最佳的当创始人兼首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格即兴演讲时。The 28-year-old man did so on Tuesday, at the launch of Graph Search, when he openly described a ;wider strategic rift; with Google and revealed for the first time why negotiations between Facebook and the search giant broke down over privacy.这位28岁的男人是周二在图像搜索发布会上这么做的,当他公开描述了与谷歌的一种“更广泛的战略分歧”,并首次透露为什么Facebook与该搜索巨头在隐私方面的谈判破裂。According to Zuckerberg, Google was less willing (or able?) to change its search algorithm so that once a wall post or photograph was deleted from Facebook it vanished from the rival company#39;s search results. Microsoft was able to do this and has partnered with Facebook since 2010.据扎克伯格说,谷歌不愿(还是不能?)改变其搜索算法,这样一旦一张海报或照片在Facebook被删除后它就从竞争对手公司的搜索结果中消失了。微软能够做到这一点,自2010年以来就与Facebook合作了。;Trying to think whether it#39;s reasonable to get into this,; said Zuckerberg in a Qamp;A session, prompting a flurry of sudden interest from the assembled journalists. ;I think the main thing is about when people share something on Facebook, we want to give them not only the ability to broadcast something out but also change their privacy settings later and take the content down.“试想进入这是否合理,”扎克伯格在一个问答环节说,激起与会记者的一时兴趣。“我认为最主要的事情是当人们在Facebook上分享东西时,我们想给他们的不仅是能传播一些东西,而且也在改变了他们的隐私设置后把内容记录下来。;That requires incredibly quick updating ... We need that content to be gone immediately ... You need infrastructure that can support that and that takes a lot of commitment from the partner.”“这需要难以置信的快速更新…我们需要这些内容立即消失……你需要基础设施可以持,这需要从合作伙伴那获得很大的承诺。”;Microsoft was more willing to do things that were specific to Facebook. Google has a system that works really well for them about how they treat information across their company, and I think that our system was different in ways that people share information and want to give them flexibility after the fact – that was the biggest stumbling block.“微软更情愿做的事情都是针对Facebook的。谷歌有一个系统真的非常有效,关于他们怎样对待经过他们公司的信息,我认为在人们分享信息的方式上我们的系统是不同的,并想要在事实之后给予他们灵活性,那是最大的绊脚石。;That may have just been the specific thing in the negotiation, it may have been a symptom of a bigger strategic rift, but that is at least where the discussion fell apart the last time we spoke about it.;“那可能只是在谈判中特定的东西,它可能是一个更大的战略分歧的症状,但那至少是上次我们谈到它时讨论土崩瓦解的地方。”Zuckerberg was responding to a question by Search Engine Land#39;s Danny Sullivan, who covered the launch of Graph Search in depth on his site.扎克伯格是在回应搜索引擎专家丹尼#8226;苏利文提出的问题,报道了他网站上深度图谱搜索的发布。According to Facebook insiders, Zuckerberg was not referring to fresh discussions with Google ahead of the launch of Graph Search. The dispute goes back to the ;cold war; days when Google and Facebook fell out over the ownership of personal data and, latterly, Google#39;s move into social with Google+.根据Facebook的内部人士,扎克伯格指的并不是在图谱搜索发布前与谷歌的新讨论。争议回到了“冷战”那些日子当谷歌和Facebook在个人数据的所有权之争的争吵,最近,谷歌以谷歌+进军社交领域。It is significant because, if correct (and Google refuses to comment), it adds to the emerging theory that Google#39;s highly complex search algorithms are increasingly at odds with the social web. Put simply: how would you feel if a photograph you removed from Facebook could still be found by people searching Google? Or an embarrassing Facebook that appeared in Google searches for your name even though you had been deleted on the social network?它是重要的,因为如果正确的(谷歌拒绝),它增加了谷歌高度复杂的搜索算法越来越不符合社交网络的新理论。简单地说:如果你在Facebook上删除的照片仍然可以在人们搜索谷歌时被发现你会有什么感受?或者一个令人尴尬的Facebook视频以你的名字出现在谷歌搜索上,即使你已经在社交网络上删除了?The worry for Google is that it will come to be seen as the reason why nothing can ever be fully removed from the internet. That is a problem for Google#39;s brightest brains to address as Facebook and Twitter expand the social web into more areas of our lives.谷歌担忧的是它将被视为任何东西都不能从互联网上完全删除的原因。这是一个需要谷歌最聪明的大脑来解决的问题当Facebook和Twitter将社交网络更多的地扩大到我们的生活中。 /201301/220953泰安不孕不育专科 Apple issued an update for its OS X software for Mac computers to patch a security risk first spotted in its mobile operating system.苹果公司发布了Mac电脑所用OS X软件的更新版本,对旗下移动操作系统中出现的首个安全隐患打上了补丁。The company said the software addresses a flaw that allows a would-be attacker to intercept data to or from a Mac computer, such as email. Last week, Apple issued a similar security fix for its iOS software that runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.该公司称,更新后的软件消除了一个缺陷,这个缺陷允许潜在攻击者拦截Mac电脑发出或接收的数据,比如电子邮件。上周,苹果针对iPhone、iPad和iPod Touch运行的iOS软件发布了类似的安全补丁。At the time, it said that it was aware that the Mac operating system had a similar security risk and that it was working on a fix.当时苹果公司称,已了解Mac操作系统存在类似的安全隐患,公司正着手开发补丁。In addition to the security fix, the latest OS X update also adds the ability to make audio calls on Apple#39;s FaceTime service as well as other improvements to its Mail software and Safari browser.除了安全补丁之外,最新更新的OS X操作系统也增添了使用苹果公司FaceTime务进行语音通话的功能,同时还对苹果Mail软件和Safari浏览器进行了完善。Even as Apple released the fixes, security firm FireEye said it has discovered a way that a hacker could monitor activity on Apple#39;s mobile software. FireEye said it has created a proof-of-concept monitoring app for iOS 7 devices that can record whatever a user touches on the screen, similar to the way some programs log keystrokes on a computer. FireEye said it is collaborating with Apple to address the issue.尽管苹果发布了补丁,但安全公司FireEye表示,已经发现黑客能使用一种方法来监控苹果移动软件的活动。FireEye称,公司已经针对iOS 7设备创建了一个概念验型监控应用,可以记录用户在屏幕上触碰的任何东西,其方式类似于一些程序记录电脑按键信息的方式。FireEye称,公司正与苹果开展合作以解决相关问题。An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on FireEye#39;s claim.苹果公司发言人对FireEye的说法不予置评。 /201402/277636青岛急性盆腔炎治疗要多少钱

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