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哈尔滨妇保医院看妇科好不好哈尔滨九州做药物流产多少钱Toyota's jobless The global economic slowdown hits Toyota City's people hard. CNN's Kyung Lah reports。They keep coming, one after the other, all in the same situation, fired because of Toyota's cutbacks. Toyota City Japan is seeing historic heights in unemployment. The city's job center stretches to its limits. “All we can do is just focus on doing our best for them one by one.” says the head of the job center, cause think about all of them is overwhelming.Live it like Cecelia Kobashigawa and it's even worse. “Scary”, she says, “and difficult, very difficult”. Kobashigawa's two children are in high school and she needs to support them. But in this one company town that's firing, not hiring, she doesn't feel much hope, neither do her four friends, all fired last December from the same Toyota subsidiary. This married couple, immigrants from Brazil, never thought they would both get fired on the same day. "It's tough”, he says, “We may have to move back to Brazil.”This area is home to Japan's highest unemployment rate. According to this job center, last December, the number of unemployed people looking for a job jumped by 120%. At the same time period, the number of jobs available fell by 50%. More unemployed people, fewer jobs available for them." Huge percent down --90% down..down" That's how much Toyota City is losing in corporate taxes all due to Toyota's losses. Toyota City's Finance Division calls this ‘the Toyota's Shock’-- a seismic event breaking the city's financial books. “We've never experienced the loss like this,” he says. It's straining public services and worrying the jobless. Kobashigawa says her day at the job center came up empty. “All you can do is hope the economy gets better”, she says, for her sake, for her family, and everyone she knows.Kyung Lah, CNN, Toyota City, Japan.词汇注释:1. cutback 缩减 减产 2. Toyota City Toyota City is a city located in the Mikawa region of Aichi, Japan3. company town 企业生活区 4. corporate tax n.公司税 5. seismic 震撼世界的 地震的 6. financial books 财务帐簿 7. public services n.公共事业 公用设施, 公共务 08/81430尚志市妇幼保健医院做人流好吗 黑龙江省哈尔滨第十人民医院在哪

大庆市第四医院做血常规检查Are You Poisoning Your Pet? The top "people foods" you should never feed your pet. Yeah, I’m shocked by every plate in front of me. Apparently, a lot of pet owners give their dogs raw eggs or meat. (Yeah) saying that this is what they would, I guess, essentially eat in the wild in their natural habitat.I don’t wanna (Not a good idea) I don't want to freak people out of here(ok) because you know, you’re gonna have chicken and eggs to cook for yourself. And if you can cook for yourself, for your children, then you can cook for your pets. I don’t wanna overblow the risk, but uncooked chicken and eggs have salmonella and E.coli they can have. And one of the things that's unusual for eggs is you would think, and I have clients do this. All the ? so dry I will give them a raw egg. There’s actually something in there called avidin in a raw egg that binds up biotin which is a necessary B vitamin for skins. So you actually get dry skin from them giving raw eggs. Cooked eggs are just not a problem. (OK).So, but you are actually, you think you are doing it to help their skin, and actually you are hurting their skin. So… No, no, stay away. All right, and we have here onions and some garlic. And chives. Now this is an unusual thing here, it can cause stomach upset. And it /low doses. Some of the pet recipe you have some of treats have this. And low dosage is not gonna be a problem, but you especially see this in cats that if have something that has a lot of onions in it. It actually causes the red blood cell to lice. And so you actually see them urinate. There will be blood in the urines. So you can…really severe cases like if a dog or cat eat a whole onion, you could actually see them in a severe medical emergency. Small amounts are ok, but you know, since again we don’t know the dosage…I won't include that in your homemade recipe. .....stay away, ok. How about raw bones. Yes or No? And milk. It’s very cliché to give a cat milk. Raw bones and milk. I’d say raw bones no, in the wild yes, but they are not used to it. You’ll see a lot of medical emergency where the bone splinters perforate their intestines, you know. (Ok, stay away, what about milk?) Milk, you take lactase, you know, just think about a puppy or kitten, they don’t have cow’s milk ,they have their mother’s milk, right.( Right). So they don’t have lactase, they just lack lactose. /Small amounts of milk are ok, but there are other products Cat-Sip that are available and have no lactose and they are much better substitute.Look the same, but made of different ingredients. Ok, and lastly, we wanna bring Miya back because you have some very interesting tips when it comes to …How do you say that word. (Ministering). Ministering (yeah) thank you.Well, you knowOr medications to the dog. Yeah, you always want to call animal poison control if you have a problem or anything. ASPCA// , ‘Cause they are very experienced on what to do with these, available 24 hours, but you make call them or your veterinarian and if your pets are poisoned with, say just a drain cleaner. You don't want to regurgitate the drain cleaner. So you want to call them first, the pets are seisuring, aly showing signs. You don’t wanna make him regurgitate, but let’s say just got into Decon, the rat poisoner, just ate a bunch of macadamia nuts and then want it to make a vomit. I want you do is just get / your regular household hydrogen peroxide here. And what I wanna show you, a lot of times if you try to give medicates, or medicates to a dog. You know, you open their mouth up, and people open it up and they try to score it right over the base of their mouth here. What is a pet ends up, just spitting it out. So what you do is you just grab the corner of the lip right here, watch this and you just score it right here like a funnel, and it’ll run right down the back of their throat, and it' gone. (Seemless.) So just use it like a funnel right down the base to down the throat. Never ends up on you.Excellent, invaluable information as always. Dr. Marty Becker, thanks again for joining us today, and believe it or not there’s even more information out there on people foods that can be poisonous to your pets. To see the full ASPCA Animal Poison control Center listed foods you should be aware of and had to find out. Contacting them if your pet is in trouble, log on abcnews.com, click on GMA NOW logo. And you can adopt him at the Humane Society of New York. Thanks for watching.200810/53644哈尔滨市七院门诊地址 Maradona dropped as Argentina coachDiego Maradonasspellas Argentina coach came to an end on Tuesday when soccer chiefs voted unanimously not torenew his contract,the countrys AFA football association said on Tuesday.Maradonas future had been in doubt since Argentinas 4-0 loss to Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals in South Africa earlier this month.;The executive committee... has resolved unanimously not to renew the contract of Diego Armando Maradona as coach of the national team,; an AFA spokesman told a news conference after the meeting of soccer bosses.Rumours had swirled ahead of the announcement that Maradona would not continue as Argentinas coach, a position he has held since November 2008, because of a disagreement with the AFA.Maradona told local media on Sunday he wanted to stay on as coach but only if he could keep control over the choice of his assistants.His departure means Argentina need to find a new coach for the Copa America regional tournament next year.Local media said former Boca Juniors coach Carlos Bianchi, who led the team to a string of national and continental titles in twostintsbetween 1998 and 2004, was a popular favorite to replace Maradona.Other names circulating as possible successors include Estudiantes coach Alex Sabella, Independientes former coach Americo Gallego, former Argentina coach Marcelo Bielsa and ex-River Plate, Inter Milan and Argentina striker Ramon Diaz.Vocabulary:spell: a continuous course or period of work or other activity(任期,做某事或在某处工作的一段时间)renew the contract:续约stint: a period of time spent doing something(从事某项工作或活动的时间)vibe:气氛;环境背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110117双鸭山市药流需要多少钱

黑龙江省哈尔滨中医院电话号码Amanda: Im so exhausted, Mike. Ive been shopping in gazillion department stores with my mom throughout the week. Were planning on renovating our house, so were looking for everything from new furniture to curtains and carpets for all the rooms.我很疲惫,整周我和妈妈逛了无数的百货商店,我们打算装修屋子,所以从新家具到窗帘,还有所有房间的地毯,我们都在寻找。Mike: That sounds like a tough task! Have you decided how youre going to decorate your room? You need to come up with a new concept instead of the girly pink and purple color scheme you have right now.听上去是个艰巨的工作。你决定如何装饰你的房间吗?你得想出一个新概念来替代现在的女孩气的粉色和紫色。Amanda: Well, we decided to focus on the living room first. My mom wants beige upholstery for the sofas and matching carpets. Were also going to rearrange the furniture to maximize the use of space.我们决定先集中精力装修起居室。我妈妈想要黄色的室内装潢来搭配沙发和相配的地毯。我们还将重新安排家具来尽可能地节省空间。Mike: I remember we hired an interior designer to help us out. She had a great eye for color and came up with some creative ideas for our house. Why dont you do that? Im sure itll make the whole process easier, and youll feel less stressed out.我想起我们曾雇过一个国内的设计师来帮助我们。她对颜色有着很不一般的眼光,并想出了装修房租的创意想法。你为什么不那样做呢?我相信那会使装个过程更加容易,你也不会感到压力那么大。Amanda: Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. In the meantime, I need some help carrying a few boxes home.谢谢你的意见,Mike. 还有,我需要有人帮忙将一些盒子抬回家。Mike: Uh, Id love to help, but I just remembered something urgent that I have to finish. See you later, Amanda!我愿意帮忙,但我刚想起有些紧急的事必须去做。再见,Amanda!201111/161482 Arab American Voters' Concerns Same as All Americans阿拉伯裔美国人投票取向和关注点 Arab American voters say they share the same concerns as other segments of American society. They are worried about jobs and the economy, the war in Iraq, healthcare and education. But many have also expressed concerns about the way the words "Arab" and "Muslim" have been used negatively in the race for the White House. From Brooklyn, New York, where Arab American voters recently gathered to hear from local candidates, as well as representatives from the Obama and McCain campaigns ahead of next week's election. 美国的阿拉伯裔选民说,他们和美国社会其它部分的人关注同样的问题。他们为就业、经济、伊拉克战争、医疗和教育感到担心。不过,许多人还表示,在总统竞选中,“阿拉伯”和“穆斯林”这样的词汇被人们加入了负面的含义,这令他们感到担心。最近,阿拉伯裔美国选民在纽约市的布鲁克林区组织集会,在下周的选举开始前倾听当地候选人和两位总统候选人的代表发表的讲话。More than three million Americans are of Arab descent. The majority are Christians, only about a quarter are Muslim.  美国的阿拉伯人后裔有三百多万。他们中的大部分人信奉基督教,只有大约四分之一的人是穆斯林。According to U.S. Census data from 2000, Arab Americans have large communities in five key states in the upcoming presidential election - Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  根据美国2000年人口普查的结果,总统选举的五个关键州内都居住着许多阿拉伯裔美国人。这五个州是:密西根、佛罗里达、俄亥俄、宾夕法尼亚和弗吉尼亚。The head of the Washington-based Arab American Institute, Jim Zogby, said Arab Americans are concerned about the same issues that all Americans are worried about.  华盛顿的阿拉伯裔美国人学会的负责人吉姆·佐格比说,阿拉伯裔美国人关注的问题也正是所有美国人担心的问题。He said, "Our concerns are like the rest of the country's concerns. We just finished a poll of Arab Americans and 80 percent said the economy is their number one concern." “我们和其他美国人担心一样的问题。我们刚刚对阿拉伯裔美国人进行了调查,百分之80的人说,经济问题是他们最关心的。”That poll also found the war in Iraq, health care, gas prices, national security, education and taxes to be important issues to Arab American voters. 这项调查还发现,伊拉克战争、医疗、汽油价格、国家安全、教育和税收也是阿拉伯裔美国选民所关注的问题。At the election event in Brooklyn, members of the large local Arab American community echoed those concerns. 在布鲁克林区举行的选举活动上,当地庞大的阿拉伯裔美国人社区的居民也表达了同样的观点。One of them said, "My concern is when are we going to have universal health insurance for our community and every community in the ed States? My concern is about education - I have three kids in college and one in the public schools. What is going to happen to our children in the future? I have a son who is a veteran - he just came back from Iraq. No one came out and said thank you to him. No one offered him any benefits, no one offered him any job." 一位居民说:"我关注的是,我们这里和美国各地的人们什么时候才能获得全民医疗保险。我还关注教育,我有三个在上大学的孩子,一个在念公立学校。我们的孩子未来的生活会是怎样的?我的一个儿子是退伍军人,他刚刚从伊拉克回来。没人过来向他表示感谢。没人为他提供任何福利,或给他任何工作。”Nearly half of Arab American voters are registered Democrats, and in a Zogby International poll conducted last month, Senator Barack Obama led Senator John McCain by 14 percent among Arab Americans. That support was strongly reflected among the about 200 people - Republicans and Democrats alike - who turned out in Brooklyn to hear their local candidates and representatives from the Obama and McCain campaigns. 有近一半的阿拉伯裔美国选民是注册的民主党成员。佐格比国际公司上个月所做的民意调查结果显示,奥巴马在阿拉伯裔美国人中所获的持率比麦凯恩高出百分之14。大约200名阿拉伯裔美国选民参加了布鲁克林区举行的集会,倾听当地候选人和两位总统候选人的代表发表讲话。这些选民中有民主党人也有共和党人。可以强烈感受到他们对奥巴马的持。One of them said, "I'm a registered Republican, but I'm voting for Barack Obama this year. I just feel his positions on many, many things - whether its domestic policy or foreign policy - are sort of more in tune with what I would like to see.  参加集会的另外一位阿拉伯裔选民说:“我是一名共和党成员。但是我将在今年投票持奥巴马。我在很多问题上同意他的立场,无论是在内政还是外交政策上。”Obama also has support among newly naturalized Arab Americans, including one who said, "I'm so glad this year I can vote, because I like Obama and I like his ideas too." 奥巴马还获得了刚刚成为美国公民的一位阿拉伯人的持:“今年我可以投票了,这真是太好了。因为我喜欢奥巴马,我也欣赏他的想法。”But one thing that does trouble Arab Americans is the way the words "Arab" and "Muslim" have been used so negatively in the presidential campaign. False rumors that Senator Obama is a Muslim or has ties to terrorists have been making the rounds for months on the Internet, news channels and elsewhere.At a recent McCain rally, one woman told the candidate she had heard that Senator Obama is an Arab. Mr. McCain replied, "No ma'am, he's a decent family man and citizen" - leaving many Arab Americans to wonder if that meant they are not.  在最近的一次麦凯恩持者集会上,一名妇女告诉麦凯恩,她听说奥巴马是一个阿拉伯人。麦凯恩回答说:“不,女士,他是一个道德良好的顾家男人和美国公民。”这番话使许多阿拉伯裔美国人产生疑问:难道这意味着阿拉伯人就不是道德良好的公民么?Only recently did a prominent political figure - former secretary of state Colin Powell - say out loud what many Arab Americans have been thinking - what would be wrong if Senator Obama was a Muslim? And why shouldn't a Muslim American child believe that they could be president one day?  直到最近才有一位知名的政界人物道出了许多阿拉伯裔美国人的心声。这个人就是前美国国务卿鲍威尔。他说,就算奥巴马真是穆斯林,又怎么了?此外,为什么一个穆斯林美国孩子就不能认为自己有一天能成为美国总统呢?An Arab American commented on that. He said, "The fact that Colin Powell actually came out and said this was, I think, amazing, especially being a Republican, coming out and saying what he said, really impressed us. He is actually the first politician to come out and say something within this nature. Otherwise, unfortunately, it has been politically okay to say, for Muslims to be discriminated against in this country - and it's not okay." 一位选民说:“我认为,鲍威尔能够站出来说这番话真是令人钦佩。特别是作为一名共和党人,他能这样做的确给我留下了深刻的印象。他是第一个站出来说这种话的政界人物。否则,很不幸的是,穆斯林在美国受歧视成了在政治上可以被接受的现象。而这是不对的。”They said that just because they are Muslim or Arab does not make them any less American or less worried about the direction this country is going. Many acknowledge that their vote is the best way to let their voices be heard. 这些选民说,他们也是美国人,他们对美国未来走向的担忧并不因为他们是穆斯林或者是阿拉伯人而减少。许多人认识到,他们手中的选票是表达自己观点的最佳途径。200811/54691肇东市妇幼保健妇保医院做宫腔粘连手术好吗宾县人工流产价格



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