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B. Keywordsrecreational life, making pottery, procedure.Vocabularyrecreational, pottery, potter, sculpt, kaolin, Beijing yellow clay, chrysanthemum, turntable, throw, canister, kiln, glaze.B1. Youre going to hear a report about making pottery.Listen to the first part of the report, supply the missing words while listening.As the rhythm of urban life grows faster and faster, there are lots of new and fun things to do.Our recreational life is becoming more and more rich.After a day busy work or study, urban young people have different ideas about how to relax and enjoy their free time.Bars and disco halls are not as popular as they were and another recreational activity, making pottery, has quietly appeared.Making pottery, an ancient Chinese art, is no longer just artists and craftsmen, but something the common people.In the pottery studio, you can make an artistic work of your own with the help of a pottery teacher, while listening to music.You will have the joy of playing with mud like you did when you were a child.Also you can talk with the other potters, talk about your creations or just talk about the weather.When you see the clay turning and ming in your hands, you will feel clam and get the troubles you had that day.B. Listen to the second part of the report, put the pottery-making steps in the right order.We discovered that the procedure to make pottery is not simply playing with mud.There are many things to do like mixing the clay, polishing the pot, and sculpting.Mixing the clay is a fundamental step in making a pot.The clay used pottery combines white kaolin and Beijing yellow clay together.When you work the clay, if both hands use the same strength, the clay will look like a bull hand, if both hands use different strength, the clay will look like a chrysanthemum.When the clay is mixed well, it can be put on the wheel. The wheel is a round turntable.Using the wheel to make a pot, called throwing a pot, is the most important step during the pottery making procedure.The m of the pot depends on how you use your strength and the coordination of your two hands.After drying it a few days, you may still need to smooth the pot or round its edges.When it half dry, you can use tools to polish it.Then you can use something hard, like a film canister or a spoon, to polish the surface of the body in order to make it smooth and shiny.The more you polish your body, the smoother it will be.When you finish polishing, you can go to sculpting.You need to be patient and careful when you do this.The half-done work should be put in a cool place 3 or days.Then it can go to the kiln to be fired. If you like a more finished look, you can paint it again with some chemicals called glaze and fire it again.Isnt it pretty? Now you know more about making pottery. Wouldnt you like to try it yourself? 5557It would not be the music award to the eye popping style, Cameron Mathison is back because Cam had a front row seat to it all, what did you see, Cam?Well, first of all, we started on a black carpet instead of a red one, but hey, it's you know, the VMAs, they can do what they want, right? From a live accessory to a very famous New Jersey resident asking me to do something very unusual with her dress, don't get the wrong idea, it was quite an experience. Whether it was a Parasol, a yellow and red bouffant with an added muzzle, or a gender bending female super star, who managed to stay in character the whole show, (I don't want God get pissed, you know), there were plenty of fashion hits and misses at this year's VMAs. Katy Perry won the award most outrageous costume changes with 3 memorable looks, m this demure Japanese style dress, to a lacy purple number and finally to this jaw dropping ensemble with square hat where she picked up of the year. Beyonce turned heads on the red carpet a different reason, a baby bump, she arrived holding her stomach on the red carpet and later after her permance in her Dolce amp; Gabbana outfit, she let the world know she was expecting while proud papa Jay-Z looked on.Shiny short dresses were a must with Britney Spears, Selinna Gomez and Demy Navado sporting a look. Justin Biber stood out the guys with his red pants, smart glasses and a most unusual accessory. Dude, tell me about this thing?I don't know, it matches the outfit. The cast of the Jersey Shore garnered one of the loudest reactions on the red carpet. Denna blast in a glass sported this unusual rainbow ensemble while snooki dress simulated the senses.What?It smells like puff paint, you know, like fabricCan I smell it?Yeah, OK, it smells like arts and crafts, Unbelievable, you're like a walking arts and crafts tableI knowI'm not gonna lie to you, that was a first me, I've never smelled anybody's dress on a red carpet bee, and between you and me, I think it's a lot more like spray tan than it did like arts and crafts paint, but I'm just saying. As Justin Biber's snake lit or whatever we're calling that, I'm not sure, I don't know if that trend will catch on but if you ask me, I'm hoping not, terrified snakes, just saying it, Take a win the team yet again, Cam, thanks. 580Medicaldental tourism; warehouse club stores; yell versus shout; to be depended on; to last; kind versus kindlyWords:health insuranceto give rise toto be treatedregulatedinferiorwarehouseto pass the savings onto afdto carryin bulk pricepantrytoto yellto be depended onto lastkindkindly 136359

Voice 1: But researchers say this is not how it works. Instead, our memories are much more complex! Experts say that our brains divide our memories into many parts. The brain stores the sounds, sights, smells and tastes that you remember in different areas. Let look a little closer at how the brain recreates memories.声音1:但是研究人员表示,大脑并不是这么运作的实际上,我们的记忆要比这复杂得多!专家表示,我们的大脑将记忆分为很多不同的部分大脑储存你在不同地方记住的声音、景象、气味和味道我们来仔细看一下大脑是如何重塑记忆的Voice : The brain has an outer layer around an inner mass. The outer layer is called the ;cortex;. The cortex is only a few millimetres thick. But it holds about seventy thousand million brain cells! These cells in our cortex are a grey colour, so together they m our grey matter. This part of the brain stores pieces of inmation. But the cells in the grey matter need to communicate with each other. This is where white matter comes in. The white matter is the inner part of the brain.声音:大脑内细胞团周围有个外层组织这个外层组织称为“皮层”皮层的厚度只有几毫米但是大脑皮层有约700亿个脑细胞!皮层的脑细胞是灰色的,这些脑细胞组成了灰质区这个区域是大脑储存信息的地方但是灰质区的脑细胞需要互相交流这时白质区就要发挥作用了白质区位于大脑内部Voice 1: Each brain cell has long extended arms. The cell sends inmation down one arm called an axon. Think of it like a telephone sending inmation down a wire. Every cell has one of these axons. The cell also has other arms — called dendrites. These are lines receiving inmation. The axons and dendrites extend away from the grey matter on the outside of the brain to the white matter inside. In fact they are the white matter — because axons and dendrites are white in colour. The axons and dendrites permit brain cells to communicate with each other. They can connect, disconnect, and reconnect. Where they meet, an axon and a dendrite m a synapse. A synapse is a kind of meeting point. The axon of one cell passes inmation to a dendrite of another cell through a synapse.声音1:每个脑细胞都有长长的胳膊脑细胞通过其中一条像胳膊一样的轴突传递信息就像电话通过电话线传递信息一样每个脑细胞都有轴突脑细胞还有另一条胳膊——树突树突负责接收信息轴突和树突从大脑外层的灰质区向内部的白质区延伸实际上,轴突和树突也属于白质区,因为它们是白色的轴突和树突使脑细胞可以互相交流它们之间可以连接、断开连接、重新连接轴突和树突相连形成突触突触是一种交汇点一个细胞的轴突通过突触将信息传递给另一个细胞的树突译文属 576

Good Excuse单元 好借口There was a middle-aged man who bought a Mercedes convertible 00.有个中年男子买了一辆奔驰00敞篷车He took off down the road, flooring it up to 80 mph and enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left on his head.他开车上路,加速到时速80英里,享受着风儿吹过头上那头超短发的快感;This is great,; he thought and floored it some more.“好舒”他边想边继续加速He looked in his rearview mirror and sees a State Patrol behind him.这时,他从后照镜看到后面有个公路警察;I can get away from him with no problem,; thought the man and flew down the road at over 0 mph.“要把他甩掉还不容易这个人边想边加速”到0多英里急驰而去Then he thought, ;What am I doing? Im too old this kind of thing,; and pulled over to the side of the road and waited the police officer.接着他又想说:“我到底在干吗?这把年纪实在不适合做这种事”于是把车停到路边等警察来The officer pulled in behind the Mercedes and walked up to the man.警察把车停在这辆奔驰后面,走到这个人旁边;Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes and today is Friday the th.; ;If you can give me a reason why you were speeding that Ive never heard bee, Ill let you go.;“先生,我再过30 分钟就下班了,今天又是号星期五如果你可以给我一个我从没听过的超速理由,我就不为难你”The man looked back at the State Patrol and remarked, ;Last week my wife ran off with a State Patrol officer, and I thought you were bringing her back!;这个人看着公路警察说:“上礼拜我老婆和一名公路警察私奔了,我以为你要把她带回来还我呢!”The State Patrol said, ;Have a nice day!;公路警察说:“祝你今天愉快!” 1858

Voice : JR and Marco then took pictures of Palestinians and Israelis who have the same job. In many of the pictures, people are making funny faces. Then, JR and Marco put these pictures on show, side by side, in public places. They did this on both sides of the border. The pictures were very, very large! So people from every commy could see them.声音:JR和马尔科给从事相同工作的巴勒斯坦人和以色列人拍摄了照片大部分照片中的人都在扮鬼脸随后,JR和马尔科将这些照片放在公共场所展出他们在隔离墙两侧都进行了展览这些照片非常非常大!所以每个社区的人都能看到Voice 1: Our Spotlight programme Face to Face spoke about this project. Avelin Razilov wrote to us from Canada. She gave us her opinion about Face to Face. And she told about her experience of living in Israel. She wrote:声音1:我们重点报道节目以这个项目为主题制作了《面对面这期节目阿沃兰·拉兹洛夫从加拿大给我们来信她在信中发表了她对《面对面这期节目的看法她还讲述了她在以色列生活的经历她写道:Voice 3: ;I liked this programme very much. I agree that all these people look the same. Maybe we like the same food. But we do not speak the same language. We are always different. When you live in Israel you understand more than when you live outside.;声音3:“我非常喜欢这期节目我同意这些人看起来一样这个观点也许我们喜欢的食物一样但是我们说的语言却不同我们一直都很不同如果你在以色列生活,你会比生活在其他地方的人更能理解这点”译文属 591

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