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In 2004 on the island of St Kitts2004年 在圣基茨岛上people noticed monkeys coming in from the surrounding jungle人们发现旁边丛林里的猴子and stealing cocktails.会来偷鸡尾酒Monkeys wouldv#39;e been used to consuming low levels of alcohol猴子食用当地成熟的甘蔗through eating the local ripe sugar cane.因而能够适应少量酒精But now they are onto the distilled stuff.但是现在它们喝的是蒸馏酒And some of them were getting drunk.其中有些猴子喝醉了In the Washington Animal Research Centre在华盛顿动物研究中心scientists like Dr Barr were intrigued.像巴尔士这样科学家对此兴趣甚浓She wanted to find out if there are behavioural traits她想探究人和动物在喝醉后that both monkeys and humans share once they have drunk alcohol.有没有相似的行为特性So they must really want it它们肯定很想喝because its got to be to some extent risky for them to be doing this.否则它们不会冒那么大风险去偷酒You really have to hold onto your drink!你只能拿紧自己的酒杯You really do have to hold onto your drink.不然它们就会偷喝你的酒Look at that! Thats frenzied drinking isnt it?快看 喝得真疯狂啊There can be some competition.还会出现争酒杯的情况Back off from the Mai Tai!别碰我的迈泰酒 Article/201506/382408TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/407034;What you have on this cup are two different varieties of a homosexual act. On the front you#39;ve got an older man, and we know he#39;s older because he#39;s got a beard. Sitting astride him is a very handsome young man, it#39;s all very vigorous and virile. This is kind of #39;camera virite#39; if you like, I mean it#39;s very realistic-this isn#39;t an idealised view of homosexuality. What#39;s quite interesting, if you go around the back, is here you#39;ve got something which is more a kind of standard portrayal of homosexuality; two very beautiful young men-we know that they#39;re young because they#39;ve got locks of hair hanging down their backs-one is lying on his back, and the slightly older man is looking away. It#39;s a lot more kind of lyrical, a rather idealised view of what homosexuality was.;银杯上刻画了两种不同的同性性爱。正面是一位有胡子的成年男性,身上跨坐着一位英俊少年。性爱的动作被刻画得阳刚有力,也十分逼真,但这并非理想化的同性性爱场景。不过如果你转到背面,便会看到一场更为标准的同性性爱。人物是两个英俊的青年男子:垂到背上的发缕表明他们还十分年轻。一人侧躺着,年纪稍大的那位则看向另一边。这是更抒情、更理想化的同性性爱场面。Although the homosexual scenes on the cup are ones that today strike us as explicit-some might say shocking and taboo-homosexuality was very much part of Roman life. But it was a complicated part, tolerated but not entirely accepted. The standard Roman line on what was acceptable in same-sex coupling is neatly summarised by the Roman playwright Plautus in his comedy #39;Curculio#39;:尽管杯子上的场景在今天看来过于露骨,甚至有些惊世骇俗,触犯了社会禁忌,但在当时的罗马却是十分平常。不过这里的情况有些复杂,社会虽能容忍,但并非人人都能接受。罗马剧作家普劳图斯的喜剧《象鼻虫》中有一段话,大致能概括当时罗马人对同性恋的态度:;Love whatever you wish, as long as you stay away from married women, widows, virgins, young men and free boys.;“想爱谁就爱谁,只要不是已婚妇女、寡妇、处女、年轻男性和自由民男孩。”So if you wanted to show sex between men and youths who weren#39;t slaves, it made sense to look back to the age of Classical Greece, where it was normal for older men to teach younger free-born boys about life in general, in a mentoring relationship that included sex.因此,如果你想要表现成年男性和非奴隶少年之间的性爱,把场景设置到古希腊时期会是个合适的选择,在古希腊,由成年男子教导少年如何生活是十分普遍的事,那是一种包含性行为在内的师生关系。 Article/201412/348440

For most people, the ability to experience of building trust in relationships begins in childhood. As we grow older, the way we build trust doesn#39;t change much.对大部分人来说,在人际关系中建立信任的经历从童年就开始了。随着我们逐渐年长,我们建立信任的方式不会改变太多。You Will Need你需要Open lines of communication开放的沟通技巧Risk风险Listening skills沟通技巧Time时间New connections新的沟通方式Steps步骤STEP 1 Maintain open lines of communication1.保持开放的沟通技巧Make sure the lines of communication with the person whose trust you wish to acquire are open. Trusting relationships require that each party in the relationship be able hear the other the other.确保你跟希望取得信任的对象的沟通是开放的。值得信任的关系需要人际关系中的各方能够倾听对方的意见。The relationships formed in a strong team, in an enduring marriage, and in healthy families are held together by mutual trust.强健的队伍,持久的婚姻和健康的家庭中良好关系的建立都是以共同信任为基础的。STEP 2 Recognize the need for risk2.意识到需要冒险Recognize that the extension of trust always involves an element of risk. There is no guarantee that the other person is deserving of your trust, but once the trust has proven well-founded, it can create even greater levels of trust.要意识到建立信任总是存在风险因素。没有人能够保对方值得你的信任,但是一旦明信任是可靠的,可以打造更高水平的信任。STEP 3 Improve your listening sills3.改善倾听技巧Work on improving your listening skills. Give the other person your full attention when they are speaking, and stay focused on what they are saying. Give feedback aimed at showing you understood what they said.努力提高倾听技巧。当对方说话的时候,给予充分的注意力,集中精力倾听他们在说什么。不时给出回应,表明你理解他们说的内容。STEP 4 Share your thoughts and feelings4.分享你的想法和感受Take time to share your thoughts and feelings with the other person.花点时间跟对方分享你的想法和感受。STEP 5 Spend time with the other person5.和对方在一起Spend time with the other person, and be open to offering special time if the need arises.花点时间和对方在一起,如果有需要的话,接受邀请共度特别时间。STEP 6 Look for new ways to connect.6.寻找新的沟通方式Look for new ways to connect with the other person. After all, building good relationships to begin with is a better way to inspire trust than trying to win it back.寻找与对方沟通的新方式。毕竟,从一开始就建立良好的关系比重新赢得失去的关系是促进信任更好的方式。According to the social anthropologist Keith Hart, confidence in a relationship is based on strong evidence, while trust rests on limited evidence.根据社会人类学家Keith Hart所说,人际关系中的信心是以强有力的据为基础的,而信任则取决于有限的据。 Article/201502/358213Fiber helps waste products pass quickly through纤维素能够加快食物在大肠中的the colon which has been shown to help reduce the吸收速度,从而降低罹患大肠癌的几率risk of colon cancer. Several ideas have been关于如何解释纤维素对于大肠癌的proposed to explain this observation of fiber防治作用,人们提出了几个想法in the colon. One possibility is that fiber reduces一种可能是纤维素减少了排泄物the transit time of feces through the colon. The faster在结肠中停留的时间,排泄物通过feces passes through the colon, the shorter time there结肠的速度越快is for mutagenic material in the feces to排泄物中的致癌物质与结肠壁的interact with the inner surface of the colon.接触时间就越短In addition to fiber, whole grains contain many除了纤维素外,天然谷物还富含多种antioxidants such as Vitamin E, a variety of抗氧化物,例如维生素E 还有多种different phytochemicals, and selenium.植物化学性物质以及硒Antioxidants such as Vitamin E protect the cells维生素E等抗氧化剂能够保护身体中的in the body from oxidative damage and prevents细胞不受氧化过程的侵害,并且阻止carcinogen formation. Phytochemicals also致癌物形成,植物化学性物质和抗氧化剂protect the cells in your body from damage as many拥有相似的功效,都可以保护身体中的细胞are antioxidants as well. Selenium, which is required而硒是谷胱甘肽活动的必须物质for the activity of glutathione peroxidase is an过氧化物酶是一种重要的酶important enzyme that protects cells against oxidative它能够保护人体细胞不受氧化过程的损害damage. Oxidative damage can lead to cancers such as氧化过程可能导致癌症lung, prostate, and colorectal cancers.比如肝癌和直肠癌Now that we know the benefits of consuming我们已经知道了食用天然谷物可以whole grains in cancer prevention, how many有效预防癌症,那么每天摄入的whole grains should be eaten each day?天然谷物量是应该在多少呢?The recommendation is to make half of your grains是保每天食用的谷物中whole. Alternately, three ounces or more per day.有一半是天然谷物,或者是三盎司以上Here are some easy examples of servings of whole下面就是几种简单的饮食搭配grains: 1 cup of y-to-eat whole grain cereal,粮食: 一杯天然谷物a half cup of oatmeal, one slice of whole wheat b,半杯燕麦,一片全麦面包one half cup of brown rice or pasta,半杯黑米饭或者意大利面and five whole wheat crackers.以及五个全麦薄脆饼干In the grocery store aisle, how can you be sure我们怎样才能确保在杂货店买到的to find whole grain products? What should you是真正的天然谷物呢? 我们应该关注look for on the package?标签上的哪些信息呢? Article/201510/406056

Back at Mei#39;s house, we#39;re going to prepare our river catch.回到梅的家里,我们开始处理这些河鲜A lot of the fish are still alive.很多鱼还是活着的Did you see that? Just with one knife cut,看到没,就一刀she guts it.她取出了内脏And gets rid of the intestines, and the belly,肠子肚子这些都不要了in one fell knife swoop, even though the fish is so small.就一刀,即使这些鱼那么小She just rips the head off, and the tail off the sort of centipede.她把那种蜈蚣的头和尾巴都去掉了#39;I came to China to expand my knowledge of Chinese cooking.我来到中国,想加深自己对中国烹饪文化的了解#39;Learning how to gut a centipede is certainly doing that.#39;比如怎样取蜈蚣内脏这种She said women know how to cook,她说女人都会做饭and also that the men wash the dishes. I understood that bit.而男人则负责洗盘子,我听懂了那部分Men don#39;t understand -男人不懂这些they only know how to eat.他们就知道怎么吃So I#39;ve got here the small river fish and local garlic,我这里有一些小河鱼和傣族本地的大蒜wild garlic, some ginger,是野生大蒜,还有一些姜some small chillies, the local chillies,小辣椒,也是当地产的辣椒and then there#39;s the Vietnamese mint,还有越南薄荷and then they#39;ve got here some coriander as well,他们还加了一些香菜and then some spring onion.然后是葱#39;I#39;m going to make a classic Dai dish of fish cooked in banana leaves.#39;我准备用鱼和香蕉叶做一道正宗的傣族菜Just finely chop it.要仔细的剁碎My grandmother would always peel it,我奶奶通常是剥掉姜皮and the Chinese believe that when you peel ginger,中国人都这么认为,把姜剥皮it becomes more heat-giving property, more Yang. More fiery.做出来的饭就是偏阳性If you keep the ginger skin on, then it makes the dish more Yin,留着皮就是偏阴性it#39;s more cooling.是凉性的#39;First, I put chopped ginger, garlic and chilli onto a banana leaf,首先我把剁碎的姜蒜和辣椒涂在香蕉叶上#39;closely scrutinized by my sous chef, who is keen to offer tips.#39;我的副厨仔细的检查着,并给我提建议She said, ;Chop it, chop all the herbs together她说 “要剁碎,把所有佐料剁碎掺在一起;so it#39;s really fine.; I would have just thrown it all together,剁得碎碎的” 换了我就都直接掺一块儿了but this is the way they#39;re used to doing.他们也通常这么做OK, so we put this all on the leaf, like that.我们把这些都放在香蕉叶上,像这样#39;Wrapping the food in a banana leaf用香蕉叶裹住食物#39;seals in moisture and flavour, much like foil or oven-proof paper.#39;像烤箱用的箔纸那样锁住水分和香味And then, you just tie it.然后扎住#39;Being here with Mei and her family takes me back to my childhood同梅和她家人的相处把我带回了#39;under the supervision of two other formidable family cooks -被两个严厉的家庭大厨监管的童年——#39;my grandmother and mother.#39;我的奶奶和妈妈So she#39;s just securing the package within some bamboo?她用竹子固定住包裹#39;I#39;m planning to steam the fish, but my sous chef has other ideas.#39;我打算清蒸,但是我的副厨却有其他建议Oh, then that#39;s how they would normally cook it!这就是他们平时的烹饪方式She said it#39;s tastier like this than steaming it.她说这样会更好吃She said, if you steam it, it doesn#39;t taste very good!她说蒸的不太好吃#39;While it cooks for 20 minutes, Mei offers me an appetiser.#39;20分钟了,梅给了我一道开胃菜This is a baby. This is the centipede.这是小蜈蚣#39;The water centipedes she caught at the river have been她抓的水蜈蚣#39;boiled in a spicy broth of chillies, ginger and herbs.#39;用辣椒姜和草药等香辛料煮着She said, ;Don#39;t be afraid, just eat it!;她说,别害怕,尝尝It#39;s like texture like prawns.吃起来像对虾It#39;s like river prawn texture, river shrimp.像小河虾那样It#39;s not bad. It#39;s not bad, actually.实际上并不那么糟糕 Article/201510/402213Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Saccharine, sucralose and aspartame are all types of what? If you think you know it, shout it out! 糖精、三氯蔗糖、阿斯巴甜都是什么?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Are they gasoline additives, food preservatives, chemical salts or artificial sweeteners? 是汽油添加剂、食品防腐剂、化工盐还是甜味剂?You#39;ve got three seconds, go!你有三秒钟的时间,开始!They are all artificial and they are all sweet. 它们都是人造的并且都是甜的。Hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. 它们比蔗糖甜几百倍。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。So, while they are not natural, artificial sweeteners are chemical compounds. 因此,它们并不是天然的,人造甜味剂都是化合物。They are sweet. 都是甜的。They can be used in everything from gum to yoghurt. Cupcakes to diet sodas. 甜味剂可以用在口香糖、酸奶、纸杯蛋糕、无糖汽水等食品中。And they have no calories in many cases unlike actual sugar, which has about 16 calories in a teaspoon. 每一茶匙真正的糖有16卡路里热量,而甜味剂并没有卡路里,But does that mean the artificial stuff is healthier and that it will help you lose weight? Not necessarily.但这能说明人工甜味剂更健康,并且能帮你减肥吗?并不一定。 /201412/349645

Present day engineers have目前,工程师们begun thinking about the principals of building such a ship.已开始苦心研究如何建造出这样的飞船This is what it might look like.它看上去可能是这样的It could use atomic energy它可能会用到核能or perhaps more exotic fuel such as antimatter或更高能的燃料,如反物质supplying it with enormous amounts of power,用其产生的巨大能量供给机器加速yet I think the main challenges won#39;t be technical.但我认为,真正的挑战并非科技The first will be financial.首要难题是资金The cost of constructing an interstellar spacecraft would be huge构建这样一艘宇宙飞船耗资巨大and for the society that made it, there would be little pay back.而筹建它的社会几乎没有任何回报They would never see it again.他们永不会再见到它So constructing such a machine will因此,建造这样一台机器either be the greatest act of generosity in history或成为人类历史上最无私的奉献or will have to be funded by the travelers themselves.或只能留给探索者自己去筹资And that raises the second problem.如此一来,第二个难题又来了Even if it could travel mind numbingly fast,即使它能以让人头晕目眩的速度航行say 1,000 times faster than Voyager,比如千倍于旅行者号11,000 miles a second,即秒速11000英里a journey to the nearest star system would still take这样到达最近的星系依然需要73 years.73年Such a long trip means that at least one whole generation of humans如此长距离的航行意味着至少一代人would have to live their entire lives in space.需要在宇宙中度过他们的一生We couldn#39;t exactly say they volunteered for the mission.而我们还不能肯定,他们是否情愿The ethics of sending a human cargo on such a voyage从伦理角度讲,把人送上这样一艘飞船 would have to be carefully considered.必须经过周密的考虑Unless we could extend human lifespans to long enough to除非我们能够延长人类的寿命make such massive journeys.来完成这项重大的使命And that I think is what we will ultimately end up doing.我想,这很可能是我们最后的解决途径The process has aly begun as I know from personal experience.据我的个人经验,这一工程已经启动My muscles no longer function,我的肌肉已经萎缩although my eyes and my brain are still working pretty well.只有眼睛和大脑还能正常运作But technology helps me to move and communicate.但现代科技让我能够移动和与人交流In the future,在未来technology will do much more than that for all of us.科技将带给我们的远不止于此 Article/201510/406510Solar scientist Mike Lockwood太阳科学家迈克·洛克伍德went looking for clues in the most obvious place.在最显而易见的地方寻找线索The Sun.太阳The Sun#39;s energy太阳释放的能量exerts the most important influence on the Earth#39;s climate.是地球气候最重要的影响条件It defines the seasons, creates weather patterns它让四季交替 天气变换and drives the oceans#39; currents.也是洋流的驱动力And it#39;s what was happening to the Sun 300 years ago正是三百年前太阳上发生的事that#39;s brought him to the river Thames使这位科学家来到泰晤士河and the crucible of British science.以及英国科学的发展之地We#39;re just coming up to Greenwich on the river here.我们就要到达河边的格林威治Greenwich is a really important place in the history of science.格林威治在科学史上是个非常重要的地方It was the first ever purpose-built laboratory,它是第一个有特定目标的实验室and it was built to solve the longitude problem.它被用来解决关于经度的问题But they did other things as well.但是他们也做了些别的研究It was really really useful. They observed the Sun.非常有用 他们观测了太阳They made a great sequence of data他们获得了一系列的数据that#39;s incredibly useful for understanding the Sun.这对于理解太阳活动有极大帮助 Article/201410/336981在宾夕法尼亚的实验室里,维杰·库马和他的团队造出了超小的旋翼飞行器。 这些灵活的机器人能够群组飞行,能感应同伴,从事特别行动——建筑工地,紧急救援等等 Article/201509/399152

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