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U.S. President Barack Obama's top counter-terrorism advisor says a threat from an al-Qaida affiliate led to the closure of the American embassy in Yemen. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports this same group has been linked to the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. airliner. 美国总统奥巴马的高级反恐顾问说,来自基地组织附属团体的威胁导致美国关闭在也门的使馆。正是这个团体和圣诞日炸美国航班的未遂阴谋有关。John Brennan says the embassy was closed to protect the lives of its staff. 奥巴马总统的国土安全顾问约翰.布伦南说,为了保护也门使馆工作人员的生命安全,这个使馆被关闭了。"There are indications that al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is targeting our embassy and targeting our personnel and we are not going to take any chances with the lives of our diplomats and others who are at that embassy," he said.布伦南说:“有迹象显示,在阿拉伯半岛上的基地组织正把矛头指向我们的使馆和我们的工作人员,我们决不拿在这个使馆内的我国外交人员和其他工作人员的生命来冒险。”The president's homeland security advisor told the FOX News Sunday television program the ed States is working with the Yemeni government to deal with the terrorist threat.这位总统国土安全顾问在“福克斯周日新闻”电视节目上说,美国正与也门政府合作应对这种恐怖威胁。On N's Meet the Press, he was asked if that means Yemen is a major new front in the war on terrorism.在全国广播公司的“面对媒体”节目上,布伦南被问及:这是否意味也门是反恐战争的主要新战线。Brennan said it has long been an area of concern.布伦南说,也门早已成为引人关注的地区。201001/93979商河县中心医院治疗不能怀孕In recent months, crude oil prices have experienced their sharpest drop since the 2008 financial crisis, and now stand at around a barrel.近几个月,原油价格经历了2008年金融危机以来最深的跌幅,现在保持在每桶80美元左右。Alongside one of the main highways leading into the U.S. capital, a European tourist is filling up his rental car at a gas station.Fluctuating pricesFelix Braz believes that lower gasoline prices will be shortlived. 不过,即便价格回落,这位欧洲游客菲力克斯·布拉兹仍然认为好景不长。"Of course, it will go back up because the needs all over the world are growing," he said. "And the reserves they are not growing and it's not very difficult to understand that one day or another we'll get short of gasoline." 他说:“当然,价格还会回升,因为全世界的需求在增加,而石油蕴藏量并没有增加。不难想象,总有一天汽油会短缺。”Braz is from Luxembourg, where the price is almost double that in the ed States because of fuel taxes. 布拉兹是卢森堡人,那里的油价因为燃油税的关系几乎是美国的两倍。Another customer at the gas station is Jordanian-born Ahmed Al Hellu. He thinks gas in America is aly too expensive. 然而艾哈迈得·赫鲁认为美国的油价早就太高了。"The other day I was talking to a friend in Qatar and he said the gallon is 75 cents, comparing to what we have here -- .99, almost .00 a gallon that's a difference you know. That's a pain in the pocket," he said. 他说:“前两天我和一个卡塔尔的朋友聊天,他说在卡塔尔汽油一加仑75美分,相比我们这里每加仑3.99美元,几乎是4美元,差距太大了。这可真要命。”Al Hellu runs an import business and says cheaper fuel would provide a much-needed break for him. 赫鲁经营一家进口公司,油价便宜可以让他松口气。"Not only me. It will have a big impact on the whole country, because when the prices come down you have people transporting goods or things for their stores, the prices will come down, the wholesale will come down, the hotels, everything will come down, because everything is linked together," Hellu explained. “不光是我,整个国家都会受到很大影响,因为价格下来的话,店主的运费下降,东西也会便宜。批发价下来,不管是酒店还是其他所有东西,都会降价,因为这些都是互相联系的。”201108/148633济南山东大学齐鲁医院怎么样?The Olympics are only the beginning for Nike's aggressive plan to grow in ChinaWhen you think a team of US basketball, you think Nike. We're here launching in Rockefeller center, with me now is the brand president of Nike, Charlie Denson.A big redeal going into the 2008 Summer Games, what does it mean for Nike to be in China and supporting a team of US basketball?Well, for us, the Beijing Olympics is something we've been working on for, er, for years. And I think this story, this US basketball team's story is gonna be one of the biggest stories in China. These guys are gonna play as a team and they are committed to going up that gold metal. And of course they’ll take on China in the first round. So it should be interesting, but, tell me about the structure of Nike and the Olympics, I mean, on parallel, what you've done before creating footwear apparel across so many different sports this year, but what is the structure of your deal? How it’s a difference this year than the previous games?Well, this year is a little bit different, because we're sponsoring 22 out of the 28 Chinese federations. And we've actually created a new product for all 28 sports, including BMX in Beijing. So it's a little bit difference than it has been in the past and we have some of our traditional relationships with, like, US basketball, US track and field, the Russian track and field federation and things like that. So, we, we've worked over 3000 athletes and preparations of the games. So it's a great opportunity for us. You know when we spoke of a few months ago, you talked about how important China is in terms of the amount revenue brings in for Nike. What are your plans in terms of Nike’s staying in China host the Olympic Games?Yeah, it's something that we've committed to, ever since the Beijing was awarded the games. China, we've been in China for over 30 years as a manufacturing partner and a commercial partner. And one of the things, China represents a second largest country in the world. Today is a fast growing market, and we’re expecting that'll continue after the Beijing and we're staying committed and to our relationship with Chinese consumer.A lot of people out there are calling this an extreme team after the disappointment in 2004. What does it mean in terms of Nike revenue sponsorship, er, the tie-up if they don't win versus if they win? Does selling all of the apparel depending on a gold medal this summer?Well, I, I, winning always helps, and certainly this team is committed to that, to that, er, from Jerry , coach K, you know all the way done on all the players, I've never seen a group of, of, talent, this type of talent. This committed to something is just been amazing so far, so, but, but I think it's a, you know, win or lose is gonna be a great story, but I wouldn't better against them. Over the biggest challenges for Nike, going into this massive, er, sponsorship of the summer games in China, the biggest hurdles is that you guys had overcome?Why, I think, uh, we didn't really look at the hurdles but the biggest opportunity was to introduce new product in 28 different sports. I think, this represents our biggest series of innovations or innovation launches in the history of the company at any single event. And we had our very large design team worked for several years in anticipation of them. So, you know, you'll see the lightest basketball shoes ever made, the lightest track bike ever made. The uniforms that all the athletes will be worn will be considerably lighter than what it has ever been uniform before. So for us, it's what we do and what we enjoy and we are really looking forward to.200812/58327We all know that smoking cigarettes is bad. But what about smoking a pipe or cigars? Since you donrsquo;t inhale, is it better for your health? Or at least less bad? Good question. So first, itrsquo;s true that cigarettes are in a league of their own when it comes to ruining your health. And itrsquo;s also true that pipes and cigars have an aura of sophistication and, perhaps, harmless merriment. But the fact is that in their own way, pipes and cigars are plenty bad for you. Like cigarettes, smoking a pipe or cigar is linked to all sorts of cancers. Cancer of the lung, lip, tongue, mouth, and throat, to name a few.我们都知道,吸烟是不好的的。但是抽烟斗或抽雪茄会怎样呢?既然你不吸气,那样对你的健康更有好处吗?或者危害少了很多?问得好。因此,首先,在有害健康方面,抽烟确实有这种的危害。抽烟斗或抽雪茄一个精致的光环,也许能带给你不损害健康的欢乐。但事实是,,抽烟斗或抽雪茄都有其特殊的方式对你身体产生危害。仅举几例:会患上肺癌,唇,舌,口腔和咽喉等方面的疾病。165429山东济南真爱妇产医院好不好?

莱芜儿童医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱天桥区妇幼保健院生孩子好吗US Public Defense Lawyers Struggle with Budget Cuts预算削减美公共辩护律师面临困境 As the U.S. recession cuts into government budgets across the country, some public agencies are struggling more than others. Several state-funded defense attorneys say they have fewer resources to handle the flood of clients accused of crimes or other offenses. Officials in Miami are looking for private attorneys to volunteer to help clear a small part of the backlog.由于经济衰退,美国各地政府财政预算被削减,一些公共机构比其他部门更是难以为继。一些政府资助的公共辩护律师说,大批人被指控犯罪或是有犯法行为,但是他们用来务这类当事人的资源越来越少。迈阿密的官员正在寻找那些自愿提供务的私营律师帮助解决积压的部分案子。Ben Reiss left his job as an assistant public defender 10 years ago, in favor of a higher paying job with a top private law firm. That did not stop him from appearing in a Miami court recently to defend a teenager facing misdemeanor drug charges.本.赖斯十年前离开了助理公共辩护律师的岗位,进入一个薪酬较高的顶级私营律师事务所。不过,他最近在迈阿密的一家法庭出庭为一名被指控非法携带毒品的青少年辩护。"This was a possession of marijuana case, and we had filed a motion to suppress evidence," said Reiss.“这个案子涉及到私藏大麻。我们已经提出了排除据的申请。”Reiss and his colleagues from the private firm Greenberg Traurig won the motion and convinced the judge to throw out the charges altogether. He said the lawyers were delighted to win the case, but their client was even more pleased.赖斯和格林伯格-特劳里格私营律师事务所的其他同事一起努力,赢得了这个申请,并成功劝说法官放弃了所有其他指控。他说,律师们很高兴赢得了案子,但是,他们的当事人更高兴。"It took him about three seconds to realize the impact of what happened. And the look on his face was simply priceless," Reiss said.“过了三秒钟。他才意识到发生的一切对他的影响,他脸上的表情是无价的。”The teen from a low-income home in Miami was not a typical client of a international law firm like Greenberg Traurig. Most indigent people facing charges use defense attorneys from state-funded public defender offices. Miami Public Defender Carlos Martinez says attorneys in his office have been more and more overworked in the past two years.这名来自迈阿密低收入家庭的少年并不是格林伯格-特劳里格这一类的国际公司里典型的客户。许多面临指控的贫困人口利用州政府资助的公共辩护办公室的辩护律师,但是,由于州政府削减财政预算,再加上被捕人数上升,许多公共律师办公室面临危机。迈阿密公共辩护律师卡洛斯.马丁内斯说,过去两年来,他的办公室的律师们的工作量越来越大。"Our case loads kept increasing particularly in our felony division. They increased in a matter of four years 29 percent. At the same them, we started experiencing budget cuts since 2007, that have equaled approximately .6 million," he said.“我们重案组的工作量特别大。四年间,增加了29%。与此同时,从2007年开始,我们开始面临预算削减,数目大约有360万美元。”Martinez says arrests are up because federal payouts have boosted police programs targeting illegal guns, drugs and gang activity. But similar funding was not sent to state prosecutors or public defenders to process court cases. In Miami, recent changes have forced the public defender to cut 30 attorney positions and curtail internships for law school students.马丁内斯说,由于联邦政府投入更多的资金给警方,加强打击非法、毒品以及犯罪团伙的项目,被捕人数上升。但是,州检察官和公共辩护律师却没有得到相应的资金。在迈阿密,由于这些改变的出现,公共辩护办公室不得不砍掉30个律师职位,并限制法律系学生的见习人数。Now Martinez is expanding a pro bono program, where Ben Reiss and about two dozen other private attorneys are working misdemeanor and felony cases. He says the pro bono attorneys are helping in the crisis, but they are not the solution.目前,马丁内斯正在着手扩大无偿务项目。赖斯和其他二十多位私营律师正在忙着处理轻罪和重罪的案子。他说,这些无偿务的律师帮助解决了部分危机,但是,他们不是最终的解决办法。"No matter the number of attorneys there is no way we can completely fill the funding gap with just volunteer attorneys. There has to be some significant reform of the system," Martinez said.“不管有多少律师参加这个项目,仅靠这些义务律师我们无法完全弥补资金上的缺口。必须对这个体制进行重大的改革。”The budget problems are not unique to Miami. Public defenders in Kentucky, Minnesota and Georgia say they are struggling with backlogs too. Advocates for public defenders say continued cuts may threaten the programs needed to provide justice for those accused of crimes and for the victims of crime.迈阿密不是唯一面临预算问题的城市。肯塔基州、明尼苏达州和乔治亚州等地的公共辩护律师们都在忙于应付积压的案子。公共辩护律师务的持者说,继续削减经费可能会威胁到那些为犯罪嫌疑人或犯罪受害人提供法律务的必要项目。Jeanne Baker represents the Miami chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. She says what is happening in Miami shows how difficult it is to ensure public funds are available for accused criminals.珍妮.贝克是美国民权自由联盟在迈阿密的代表。她说,迈阿密发生的这一切显示,依靠公共资金来为被控罪犯提供务是多么困难。"I believe on the state side there has been underfunding and under-recognition of the importance and need for funding public defense for the indigent for a long time," Baker said.“我相信,就州政府来说,很长时间以来,公共辩护没有得到足够的资金, 为穷人提供公共辩护务的重要性和必要性也没有得到足够的认识。”Baker says if public defender programs begin to fail for some clients, it would destroy the ability of the courts to ensure justice for all.贝克说,如果公共辩护项目开始忽视某些当事人,那么,法庭确保所有人都得到公正对待的职能就会受到损害。Rick Freedman, head of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Miami, says budget cuts could also wind up costing the state more money. He says public defenders who are overworked may not be able to provide an adequate defense for their clients.里克.弗里曼是设在迈阿密的佛罗里达刑事辩护律师协会的负责人。他说,削减预算可能导致州政府最后不得不花费更多的钱。他说,那些超负荷工作的公共辩护律师们可能无法为他们的客户提供足够的辩护。"That defendant challenges in an appellate court and says I didn't have effective counsel. The case comes back, they have to do it all over again and spend more money," he said.“被告会在上诉法庭提出抗辩,声称自己没有得到有效辩护。然后案子被打回来从头审理, 这样会花费更多的钱。”Freedman says spending more money now to help the public defender's office may ensure the courts can process cases right the first time.弗里曼说,应该现在就向公共辩护律师办公室投入更多的资金,因为只有这样才能确保法庭在第一时间让案子进入正确的程序。06/72325Chelsea warning: NY town abuzz pre-Clinton weddingNever mind that the details about Chelsea Clinton's wedding are being guarded like state secrets. The postcard-pretty town of Rhinebeck is y for its close-up.The former first daughter and her parents have not even confirmed that her wedding is being held in Rhinebeck. Still, signs congratulating her hang in shop windows, residents are talking to TV crews and officials are bracing for crowds.Clinton, 30, will wed investment banker Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday, and this little Hudson Valley town of upscale boutiques and pricey homes north of New York City is expecting an influx of A-List guests, reporters and rubber-neckers."I think this will put us on the map in an entirely different way," said Ira Gutner, owner of Samuel's coffee shop, which featured a sign in the window congratulating the Methodist bride and Jewish groom with "Mazel Tov, Chelsea and Marc.""People will say, 'Oh, let's go to Rhinebeck, Chelsea Clinton got married there.' ... We'll forever be known for this," he said.It's all but certain that the couple will wed Saturday evening at Astor Courts, a secluded estate along the Hudson River built as a Beaux Arts style playground for John Jacob Astor IV more than a century ago. The estate features the sort of commanding view that once inspired Hudson River School painters, as well as 50 acres of buffer space to shield the party from prying eyes.The spot is a bit more than an hour north of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton's home in suburban Chappaqua and about 90 miles north of New York City.Vocabulary:A-List: a group of desirable or admired people who are welcomed esp. in social and professional situations(一流的,最出名的)rubber-necker: an extremely curious person(好围观的人,好奇者)put on the map: to bring into the public eye; make known, famous, or prominent(使出名,使有重要性)Mazel Tov: 恭喜,犹太人之间所用的话语Beaux Arts style: 法国美术学院派风格,或称美术风格、布杂风格commanding view: 一览无余,俯视,俯瞰buffer space: 缓冲地带,间隔背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110192济南真爱医院医院打胎一般要花多少钱山东省妇幼保健院妇科挂号

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