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Traditional marriage proposals could soon be consigned to the history books – with almost half of them now happening at home in front of the TV.传统的求婚方式可能很快就只在历史书里出现了,现在几乎有一半的求婚是在家里看电视的时候完成的。A study of newlyweds has found modern men are ditching age-old traditional proposal custom in favour of a more lacklustre approach.一项针对新婚夫妇的调查发现,现代人渐渐地不再遵循传统的求婚习俗,而更倾向于没有惊喜的平凡求婚方式。The study found only a third of men now go down on one knee to pop the question as their fathers and grandfathers’ generations would have done.研究发现,只有三分之一的男性现在还会像他们的父辈和祖辈那样单膝下跪求婚。And the age-old tradition of asking the bride’s father for her hand in marriage is also on the verge of dying out with 63% of recently married males claiming they “didn’t bother”.而另一项古老的传统——就结婚事宜请求新娘父亲的首肯——也在慢慢消失,有63%的新婚男性说他们不再“这么费事了”。Even the idea of picking a romantic location to propose has fallen by the wayside, with the typical ‘Will you marry me?’ now most likely to take place at home.连选一个浪漫求婚地点的想法也乏人问津了。那句经典的“你愿意嫁给我么?”大多是在家里说出来的。Only six percent bothered to take their partner abroad on holiday – but the same number of men proposed in the local pub – and 5.5% popped the question in the car.只有6%的人会花心思把他们的伴侣带到国外度假然后求婚,但是也有6%的男性在当地酒吧就求了婚,还有5.5%在汽车上求婚。The study also found the average amount of time in a relationship before a proposal is now three years – so British women are taking matters into their own hands in a bid to get a proposal.研究还发现求婚前平均恋爱时间是三年,所以英国女性们都会自己想办法让他们的伴侣向他们求婚。Almost a third of women 29% now end up choosing their own ring, rather than letting their partner decide.约有三分之一(29%)的女性现在连戒指都是自己选,而不是让他们的伴侣选。The typical bride-to-be will also enlist the help of at least one friend to help speed up a proposal – as well as dropping two major engagement hints to encourage their partner to pop the question.一般准新娘也会至少让一个朋友帮忙推进求婚的进程,比如抛出两个重要的关于订婚的暗示来鼓动伴侣早些求婚。Casually asking ‘Who would you want as your best man?’, commenting on celebrities#39; engagement rings - and jokingly suggesting you apply for the TV show ‘Don#39;t Tell the Bride’ are the most common tactics.不经意间问他们“你想找谁当伴郎?”,一下名人的订婚戒指,还会开玩笑建议你去参加电视节目《新娘不得知》,这些都是最常用的技巧。Lorna Haddon, diamond ring and jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks who commissioned the study of 1,500 newlyweds, commented: ;The stresses and strains of modern life mean we don’t always have the time to be as romantic as we would perhaps like to be.比弗布鲁克公司的钻戒及珠宝买手洛娜#8226;哈顿负责此次针对1500位新婚夫妇的调查。她表示:“现代生活的压力和负担意味着我们不是总有时间像期望中的那么浪漫。”;Busy lives and hectic schedules mean we have fewer hours in the day for romance – however our study shows women do still want the ‘picture perfect proposal’ – and it#39;s not only picking the perfect engagement ring that counts.“忙碌的生活和紧张日程表意味着我们一天中没有那么多时间来浪漫,然而我们的研究显示女性仍然希望有一场‘十全十美的求婚’。挑选完美的订婚戒指并不只是唯一重要的环节。”“The location, atmosphere and little details that mean a lot to them really make a proposal personal and truly special, and as it’s a once in a lifetime occasion it’s well worth making the effort.;“地点、环境和一些小细节对她们来说十分重要,这也能使求婚更具个人特色,也更特别。求婚是人生一次的大事,值得好好花心思准备。”Top 10 modern proposal destinations十大现代求婚地点1. At home – 49%1. 家中-49%2. On a day out – 7%2. 出门约会-7%3. On holiday abroad – 6%3. 出国度假-6%4. The local pub – 6%4. 当地酒吧-6%5. On holiday in the UK – 5%5. 国内度假-6%6. In the car – 5.5%6. 车内-5.5%7. At a restaurant – 4.5%7. 餐厅-4.5%8. In the garden – 2%8. 花园-2%9. On the beach – 2%9. 沙滩-2%10. In a Hotel – 1%10. 酒店-1% /201609/466779。

  • Japanese anime film Your Name has aly been a huge success in its own country. And now it has become the country#39;s most successful film yet at the Chinese box office.日本动画电影《你的名字》已经在本土取得了巨大成功。如今它已成为中国电影票房史上最成功的日本电影。Despite the lack of big-name Hollywood stars or expensive stunts, it has taken nearly m since its debut in early December.尽管没有好莱坞大牌明星或昂贵特技,但是该片自12月初上映以来已经收获了近7800万美元的票房。So why is it doing so well? The B#39;s Ashleigh Nghiem takes a look.那么,为什么它的表现如此出色呢?英国广播公司的阿什莉.纳姆将带您一探究竟。It#39;s appealing to Chinese looking for escapism该片能够吸引有逃避现实想法的中国人Written and directed by 43-year-old Makoto Shinkai, Your Name is a love story about two teenagers who swap bodies.《你的名字》是关于两个互换身体的青少年之间的爱情故事,43岁的新海诚担任该片编剧和导演。The dreamy drama about missed connections involving young star-crossed lovers has captured the imagination of Chinese audiences.这部梦幻般的电影讲述了一对不幸的年轻情侣屡次错过的恋情,激发了中国观众的想象力。For evidence, look no further than the reviews on the Chinese film rating site, maoyan.com - where reviews have averaged 9.3 out of 10.看看中国电影评分网站猫眼网的,这就是据。《你的名字》的平均评分为9.3,满分10分。;The film was beautiful beyond words and every shot was like a painting,; one cinema goer Taylor wrote.“这部电影美到无法用语言形容,每一个镜头都像一幅画。”电影观众泰勒写道。But it is perhaps the element of fantasy that appeals to young Chinese looking for a little escapism.而也许正是这些梦幻元素吸引了想要逃避现实的中国年轻人。;Watching this film made me miss the springtime of my youth and that really touched me,; said one fan.一位粉丝说:“看这部电影让我怀念起自己的成长岁月,这真的让我很感动。”Timing is everything时机决定一切Film experts believe Your Name has struck a chord with young Chinese at just the right time.电影专家认为,《你的名字》在恰当的时间引起了中国青年的共鸣。;It#39;s a love story targeted at the demographic with the most amount of disposable income, the so-called #39;Post 90s#39; generation which has been driving the box office boom,; said Jonathan Papish, film industry analyst for China Film Insider.《中国电影内幕》的电影行业分析师乔纳森.帕彼斯表示,“这部爱情电影针对的年龄段观众的可配收入是最高的,所谓的‘90后’一代带动了电影票房爆火。”;It also fits well with the ACGN (Anime, Comic, Game, Novel) youth subculture that is growing in popularity in China,; MrPapish added.帕彼斯补充说,“这也与在中国越来越受欢迎的动漫(动画、漫画、游戏、小说)青年亚文化非常契合。”With 200 million young consumers, the youth entertainment market is expanding fast. According to the Chinese investment bank CITIC securities, the market is set to double to 500bn yuan within a few years.有着2亿年轻消费者的青年市场正在快速扩张。据中国投资中信券称,青年市场的价值将在几年内增长一倍,达到5000亿元人民币。Chinese consumers are looking for an international flavour in their fashion, travel choices and purchasing habits, he says, so why should the film market be any different?帕彼斯说,在时尚、出行选择和购物习惯方面,中国消费者正寻求国际化的风格,电影市场没有理由会有所不同。Is it a one-off?这是昙花一现吗?With box office ticket sales of nearly m, the 2D animation replaces Stand By Me Doreamon as the top grossing Japanese film of all time in China.这部2D动画电影凭借着近7800万美元的票房取代了《哆啦A梦:伴我同行》,成为有史以来在中国最卖座的日本电影。And that could just be the tip of the iceberg for anime creators.而这对动漫创作者来说可能只是冰山一角。Foreign sales of Japanese animation surged almost 80% last year to nearly 0m, according to the Association of Japanese Animations, though it could not say how much of that bump came from China.据日本动画协会称,去年日本动画的海外销售为3亿美元,激增近80%,不过不能肯定这其中有多少是来自中国的。One thing that#39;s certain though: success is not guaranteed.但有一点是肯定的:成功不是必然的。;Japanese anime is well known and popular in China, however not all films achieve box office success,; said RancePow, Chief Executive of the Asian film consultancy, Artisan Gateway.亚洲电影咨询公司艺匠影业首席执行官兰斯.保罗称,“日本动漫在中国颇具知名度和人气,但不是所有日本电影的票房都取得了成功。”Nine of the 11 Japanese movies released in China this year were animated films but only three of them took in more than m in ticket sales.今年在中国上映的11部日本电影中有9部是动画电影,但是其中只有三部影片的票房销量超过了2000万美元。Mr Pow believes well-known Japanese franchises that have an established fan base should fare well in China, particularly with millennials who grew up with many of the characters.保罗认为,已经具有粉丝基础的知名日本动漫在中国应该表现不错,特别是在千禧一代的年轻人中,因为许多角色伴随着他们的成长。But takings for Japanese films still lag far behind most Hollywood blockbusters in China.但在中国,日本电影的票房收入仍然远远不及大多数好莱坞大片。Furious 7 raked in more than 0m, Transformers: Age of Extinction pulled in 6m and Zootopia took 1m in ticket sales.《速度与7》的票房超过3.5亿美元,《变形金刚4:绝迹重生》的票房为2.86亿美元,而《疯狂动物城》的票房为2.21亿美元。So are foreign markets now anime#39;s goal?所以,如今动画电影的目标是海外市场吗?Your Name#39;s success has not been limited to China. It recently won the 2016 Los Angeles Film Critics Association award for the best animated film and is being considered for an Oscar nomination.《你的名字》的成功不仅限于中国。该片最近拿下了2016年洛杉矶影评人协会大奖的最佳动画电影,并被认为是奥斯卡奖的提名候选。But Your Name producers told the B that the Japanese market remained its primary focus.但《你的名字》的制作公司对英国广播公司称,日本市场仍然是他们的发展重点。;Usually in Japan, business can be completed domestically, so there was no thinking that you have to go overseas from the business point of view,; said Genki Kawamura from the Japanese film distribution company Toho.日本电影发行公司东宝株式会社的川村元气表示,“在日本,国内市场通常就能满足企业,因此从商业角度来看,没有必要进军海外。”;But dubbing helped us to overcome language barriers and with animation we can express the big world without a big set or the location, to reach a wider audience abroad.;“但电影配音帮助我们克了语言障碍,借助动漫电影我们不需要巨大的布景或场地就可以呈现一个大世界,从而获得更多的海外观众。”Success overseas looks set to be an increasingly important source of revenue for Japan#39;s anime industry.在海外取得成功似乎将成为日本动漫产业日益重要的收入来源。While anime resonates with Japan#39;s young people, its appeal could diminish over time as its target audience at home gets older.虽然日本的年轻人对动漫很有共鸣,但随着本土目标受众的老去,其吸引力会逐渐消失。;In 2025, more than a quarter of our population will be over 65 years old and our birth rate is lower than Germany and all OECD nations,; said Sejiro Takeshita, Professor of Management and Information at the University of Shizuoka.日本静冈县立大学信息管理学教授竹下表示,“到2025年,日本65岁以上的人口将超过四分之一,我们的出生率低于德国和经济合作与发展组织的所有成员国。”;If you combine those together and you#39;re a Japanese company, you better start thinking about expanding overseas to create new demand.;“所以综合这些因素,如果你是一家日本公司,你最好开始考虑海外扩张,以创造新的需求。” /201612/485565。
  • Troubling Times令人不安的时代At the conclusion of this last political election (ending with my beloved country being more divided than ever) a friend wrote me a letter sharing her fears and concerns for the future. She ended it with this sentence: “We live in troubling times.” I couldn’t help but agree with her, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that these current times aren’t the only troubling times that mankind has lived through.这次大选结束了,我挚爱的国家从未如此分裂过,而在结束之时,我的一位朋友给我写了一封信,向我诉说她的恐惧以及对未来的担忧。而最后她以这句话结尾:“我们生活在令人不安的时代。”我非常同意她的观点,但我更多地意识到的是,人类自古至今都会经历令人不安的时代,不仅仅是当今的时代。Ancient times were troubling times when crops could fail and half of all children died before the age of five. The first Christians lived in troubling times where they were persecuted, tortured, and even killed for their beliefs. 远古时代是个令人不安的时代,庄稼可能歉收,一半的孩子会因此在5岁前死去。第一代基督徒也生活在动荡的时代,他们会因为坚持自己的信仰而被迫害、折磨、甚至杀死。The fall of the Roman empire and the coming of the dark ages were troubling times. 罗马帝国的衰落和黑暗时代的到来也是多事之秋。The Bubonic plague killed half of Europe and the rest struggled with starvation and petty wars. 黑死病害死了一半的欧洲人,而剩下的一半人则在饥饿和频繁的战争中挣扎。The hundred years war, the crusades, the American and French revolutions, the Napoleonic and American Civil wars were all troubling times where hundreds of thousands died. 英法百年战争,十字军东征,美国和法国革命,拿破仑战争期和美国内战时期都是令人不安的时期,期间死了成千上万的人。In World War I and World War II those thousands became millions. With the end of them the Cold war with its threat of nuclear destruction made for more troubling times. Then came the troubling times of terrorism and the fear they bring. 在一战和二战时期更是有数百万人丧生。随着这些战乱的结束,冷战又带来了核毁灭的威胁,开始了一段生灵涂炭的时期。In addition to these were the troubling times that included the struggles of slavery, segregation, prejudice, poverty, greed, the Great Depression, the Great Recession, the struggle for equal rights, the loss of jobs and security, population explosions, natural disasters, the threat of starvation, the risk of epidemics, and even the fate of our planet being at risk.接着是恐怖主义时期,引发了大批群众的恐惧。除了这些,还有奴隶制、种族隔离、种族歧视、贫穷、贪婪的斗争,以及经济大萧条,经济大衰退,争取平等权利、工作和安全的斗争,人口爆炸、自然灾害、饥荒,遭遇传染病,甚至我们的地球也处于险境。It is clear then that we do live in troubling times and that we always have lived in troubling times. The question is how are we going to LIVE in them. Are we going to feed them with our fear or lessen them with our love? Are we going to grow apart in hatred or come together in kindness? Are we going to continue to go from war to war or are we finally going to bring lasting peace to this planet? 很明显,我们生活在令人不安的时代并且一直如此。但真正的问题是我们如何在这样的时代中更好地生活。我们是要以恐惧的心态面对它,还是用我们的爱来化解这些不安?我们是要在仇恨中彼此孤立,还是友好地携手共进呢?Are we going to grab for ourselves or are we going to give to others? Are we going to be selfish or are we going to save the world? The choice is ours. I think we all know, however, which choice our Heavenly Father wants us to make. May we all then make our troubling times less troubled by living our lives in love, joy, goodness, kindness, and oneness with God.我们是要继续不断挑起战争,还是给这个星球带来持久的和平?我们是自私地占有,还是慷慨地给予?我们是要继续自私下去,还是去拯救世界?选择权在我们自己手中。我想大家都知道我们的神父希望我们做出怎样的选择。只要让我们的生活中多点爱、快乐、善良、仁慈,和与神合一的心智,就能使困扰我们生活的问题简单化。 /201612/481387。
  • Thousands of scientists have taken part in demonstrations around the world in protest against what they see as a global political assault on facts.近日,来自世界各地的数千名科学家都加入了一场示威游行,来抗议他们所看到的全球政治对于科学事实的攻击。Organisers said it was a celebration of science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community.这次游行的组织者表示,这是一次科学的盛会,也是一次对科学界持、维护的号召。The event#39;s promoters said the march in the US capital was not aimed against President Donald Trump, while adding that his administration had ;catalysed; the movement.该事件的推广者称,在美国首都发生的这次游行活动,并不是为了反对美国总统唐纳德·特朗普。他们还表示,正是他的领导“催化”了此次活动的发生。Protesters carried placards that ;Science belongs to everyone; and ;Science, not silence;参加游行的抗议者们纷纷拿着写有“科学属于每一个人”和“科学不要沉默”的标语牌。At the demonstration in Washington DC, Dr Jonathan Foley, the executive director of the California Academy of Sciences, said that research was being irrationally questioned, adding that attacks from politicians ;amounted to oppression;.在这次华盛顿的示威活动中,来自加利福尼亚州科学院的执行理事、乔纳森·福利士表示,科学研究遭到了无理的质疑,并称这些来自政客的攻击“等同于压迫”。#39;They#39;re specifically targeting science that protects our health, our safety and the environment. Science that protects the most vulnerable among us#39;, he said.他说:“他们攻击的目标正是那些保护我们健康、安全、环境以及最为脆弱的事物的科学。”The aim of the March for Science was to bring scientists and their research closer to the general public.这次科学游行的目的是让科学家和他们的研究走进公众的视野。Organisers are of the view that it can be challenging for scientists to communicate with the public and are even actively encouraging scientists to become politicians so that their voices can be effectively heard.组织者认为,对于科学家来说,与公众进行交流并不容易。他们甚至积极鼓励科学家踏入政坛,来使他们的声音更具影响力,能被更多人听到。 /201705/507332。
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