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槐荫区妇幼保健站做血常规检查山东省妇幼保健医院有妇产科吗?济南军区医院门诊正规吗 Here is a test. Find a pencil and a scrap of paper and draw the Apple logo. Easy, no? Now compare your sketch to the real thing.来做个测试。找一铅笔和一张纸,画一个苹果公司(Apple)的标识。容易不?现在把你画的图跟真正的标识对比一下。If you are like me, or like 98.8 per cent of a sample recently tested by psychologists at UCLA, you failed. Almost everyone either puts the bite on the wrong side, draws two leaves instead of one, or in some other way bungles the simple job of reproducing an image we have all seen thousands of times.如果你跟我差不多,或者像加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)心理学家近期一批实验对象中的98.8%人一样,那么你肯定要失败了。几乎所有人都会画错,不是把缺口画在错误的一侧,就是画了两片而不是一片叶子,还有一些是其他地方搞错了。说起来不过是再现一幅我们都看过成千上万次的图像,但是如此简单的任务绝大多数人都完不成。Not only are we unable to sketch one of the most famous logos on earth, most of us cannot even pick out the real thing when we see it in an identity parade of lookalikes.我们不但画不出这个地球上最著名的标识之一,而且当这个标识和一系列相似的图形混在一起时,大多数人甚至认不出正确的那个。Why is this? The researchers talk of “attentional saturation” and “inattentional amnesia”, but I think it is simpler than that. We cannot recall it because we do not have to.为什么会这样?研究人员谈到了“注意力饱和”和“不注意健忘”,但我认为道理更简单——我们记不住它,是因为我们不必记住它。For me, the Apple logo falls into a large collection of things that I do not need to remember.对我来说,苹果标识属于一大堆我不必记住的事情之一。Increasingly, practically everything belongs in this category. At home there are a few things I still need to remember, such as buying more shampoo when we have run out and filling out a form for my son’s school trip. But at work I can safely forget almost everything — apart from one big thing and one little thing. Otherwise the slate can be wiped clean. Workplace memory has been entirely outsourced to the computer.渐渐地,几乎所有事情都属于这一类别。在家里,仍有几件事是我需要记住的,比如洗发水用完时要买新的,我儿子要参加学校组织的旅行时给他填一份表格。但在工作中,我可以放心地忘记几乎所有事情——只有一件大事和一件小事除外。其他事情完全可以抛在脑后。工作上要记的事情全部交给了电脑。In theory, this means remembering my computer password, though in fact the help desk has often bailed me out when I’ve forgotten it. There is no need to remember any facts thanks to Google, all appointments are now online, and everything anyone ever said is easily found on an email somewhere.在理论上,这意味着需要记住电脑密码,不过事实上,帮助桌面经常在我忘记密码时为我解困。多亏了谷歌(Google),我们不必记住任何事情了,因为所有约会都记在网上,任何人说过的任何话很容易在某份电子邮件中找到。A possible exception is corporate memory, which tends to be stored in heads rather than on clouds, but few corporations show much demand for that any more. Today’s decision makers do not welcome protestations from old geezers who can remember that such and such was tried before and didn’t work. Yesterday is an irritant.公司历史可能是个例外,这些通常存储于人脑中而不是云中,但如今没多少公司对此有强烈的需要。今天的决策者不喜欢那些老家伙们的说法,后者记得某些做法以前尝试过了,而且不管用。昨天是令人恼火的。So what are the two things we do need to remember at work? The small thing is the location of one’s vending cards/security passes. I try to make this easier by wearing mine on a string around my neck, although even this is not a complete solution as I sometimes take the card off the string, forget to put it back and then have to hunt around for it.那么,我们在工作中需要记住的两件事是什么呢?小事就是可在自动售货机上使用的卡/通行放在了什么地方。我设法让这事儿变得更容易——把它和其他东西串在一起挂在脖子上,不过,这也不是万全之策,因为我有时会把卡取下来,然后忘了拴回去,结果还是不得不到处找它。The big thing is recognising other people. Clearly, it is an advantage if you can remember someone’s name but, as failing to do so is commonplace, the penalty is fairly small. The vital thing is remembering faces and incidental detail about them.大事是记住别人。如果你能记住某人的名字,你显然就获得了一种优势;但由于人们常常做不到这一点,所以后果也不算严重。关键是要记得面孔,以及面部特征。I recently went to see Still Alice , the film in which Julianne Moore plays an academic with early onset Alzheimer’s. When she forgets a word in a lecture it is briefly embarrassing, but she makes a joke and recovers quickly. Getting lost on a run is worse, but the real horror is when she can’t remember her son’s girlfriend, having just been introduced to her 15 minutes earlier.不久前我去看了电影《依然爱丽丝》(Still Alice),朱丽安#8226;尔(Julianne Moore)在片中扮演一名有早期阿尔茨海默病(Alzheimer#39;s, 即老年性痴呆)症状的学者。她在演讲中忘记了一个词,有一瞬间感觉很尴尬,于是她开了一个玩笑,就不再觉得难为情了。更糟糕的是跑步时迷路,但最可怕的是,他儿子刚向她介绍了自己的女朋友,15分钟后她就忘记儿子的女朋友是谁了。You don’t need to have Alzheimer’s to forget a face, and when you do so at work it matters. Recently I met a man at a corporate event who had been at university with me and seemed to know a great deal about my life. Having no recollection of him at all put me at such a disadvantage that when he asked me to do him a favour I was wrongfooted into saying yes.你就算没患阿尔茨海默病,也很容易忘记一个人的面孔。当这种事发生在工作中时,问题就大了。最近,我在一次公司活动上遇到一个人,他是我的大学校友,而且似乎非常了解我的情况。我在记忆里找不到一丝一毫他的影子,这对我非常不利,以至于每当他请我帮忙时,我总会胡乱地一口应承下来。Equally, not long ago I ran into a senior executive with whom I had had an hour’s meeting five or six years ago. When I greeted him warmly he stared back blankly, evidently confident that we had never met. Possibly this meant nothing more than that his memory was poor, but I took it personally — as one inevitably does. Either I had aged so badly in five years that I was unrecognisable, I reasoned, or I had been too dull to remember. Neither one good.还有,不久前我遇到了一位高管,五六年前我跟他见过面,谈了一个小时。当我热情地跟他打招呼时,他目光茫然地看着我,显然以为我们从未谋面。可能他只是差吧,但我认为这是针对我个人的——人们难免会有这样的想法。我推断,要么是我在5年里老得不成样子、难以辨认了,要么就是我这人太无趣,别人记不住。无论是哪种情况都不是好事。The ability to remember people strikes me as a bigger asset than emotional intelligence at work. Most of us don’t especially want empathy in the office, but everyone wants to be remembered. The more someone is able to recall chapter and verse of all small talk exchanged at previous meetings, the more you are inclined to like and trust them. It is not just a skill for politicians: it’s for everyone.我认为,在职场上,记人的能力比情商更有用。我们大多数人在办公室里不是特别需要别人的体谅,但每个人都希望被别人记住。一个人越是能记住以往会面时所有闲聊的细节,你就越是喜欢和信任他。这并不仅仅是政客们需要的一项技能:人人都需要它。One day, probably very soon, wearable technology will do the job for us by recognising faces and connecting them to a database of trivia. But by then it will be worthless. The reason we want people to remember us is because it is so hard to do so.有一天,也许就在不久之后,可穿戴技术将帮我们承担这一任务——记住面孔,并把这些面孔跟一个琐事数据库建立连接。但到那时,这件事将变得没有任何意义。我们想让人们记住自己,是因为做到这一点太难了。If the computer does the remembering, the value of it becomes zero. No one wants to be remembered per se. We want to be remembered because it is a sign that another human being sees us as a valued individual, not just another interchangeable employee.如果由电脑来做记忆工作,那么记忆的价值就变为零。谁也不想仅仅被记住。我们想要被记住,是因为这表明别人认为我们是值得尊敬的人,而不是随便一个可以替代的员工。 /201504/370432济南历城区做无痛人流价格

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济南查乳腺彩超多少钱The decision to ban Borat-style mankinis has helped a seaside town shed its #39;Wild West#39; image as a haven for stag and hen parties after cutting crime and drunken anti-social behaviour, police say。警察称,一个海边小镇禁穿波拉特风格(Borat-style)的男士比基尼泳衣后,犯罪及醉酒等反社会行为减少,摆脱了“狂野西部”、婚前单身派对天堂的形象。Figures show anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in the Cornish town of Newquay has fallen since 2009.相关数据显示,从2009年开始,纽基(Newquay)康沃尔镇的反社会行为和犯罪活动就开始减少。Officers say a determination to tackle excess drinking, public disorder and the wearing of inappropriate clothing such as mankinis - skimpy male bikini-style bathing costumes popularised by the comedy character Borat - has helped reduce crime。官员们指出,他们严厉打击酗酒、公共秩序混乱、衣着不当(比如穿着男士比基尼——因谐星波拉特而广为流传的紧身男士泳衣)等问题,从而降低了犯罪率。Devon and Cornwall Police inspector Dave Meredith, the town#39;s most senior policeman, said: #39;When you speak to anybody from patrol officers to PCSOs, partners in town, shop keepers, everybody says Newquay has made a miraculous improvement。德文郡和康沃尔郡警察局的检察官戴夫·梅雷迪斯(Dave Meredith)是镇里的最高级别警员,他说:“从巡警到社区务警察(PCSO),镇里的合伙人,商店的老板,人人都说纽基发生了神奇的变化。”Five or six years ago and more, Newquay was a little bit of a Wild West town. It had a bad reputation nationally。而在五六年前或更早,纽基有点像个狂野西部小镇,在全国臭名昭著。#39;People expected to come to Newquay to drink a lot, behave irresponsibly, a lot of really young people came to Newquay and knew they had a good chance of getting drunk. Certainly we have clamped down on that and the image of Newquay now has certainly curtailed some of that.#39;“人们希望来纽基豪饮,为所欲为。很多年轻人来到纽基,觉得这是肆无忌惮醉酒的机会。我们当然控制了这个苗头,而纽基现在的形象已有所好转。”Police and community leaders say the town now has more of a family-friendly image and that tourism is booming。警察以及社区领导人说,小镇现在有个更加居家的形象,同时旅游业也在迅猛发展。Reports of anti-social behaviour dropped every year from 937 in 2009/10 to 485 in 2012/13.关于反社会行为的报道从2009~2010年的937例下降到2012~2013年的485例。Overall crime in Newquay has also reduced significantly - from 1,823 incidents in 2012/13 down to 1,624 in 2014/15.纽基的整体犯罪率也大幅度下降——从2012~2013年的1,823例下降到2014~1015年的1,624例。Dave Sleeman, the town#39;s mayor, said the resort is #39;unrecognisable#39; now from its previous image。戴夫·斯利曼(Dave Sleeman)是这个镇的镇长,他说这个度假圣地跟之前的形象有天壤之别。He said: #39;I remember back in the 2000s you couldn#39;t walk the streets on a Saturday without seeing someone wearing a mankini or what have you。他说:“我还记得2000年左右的时候,星期六在大街上走一定会看到有人穿着男士比基尼或诸如此类衣。#39;But now they#39;re not allowed in Newquay. The police will tell them to go home and get changed if they see them wearing one, and the guest houses and camp sites are pretty good at warning their guests about what#39;s acceptable。“但是现在这在纽基是禁止的。警察如果看到他们穿着这些,会勒令他们回家换衣。而且招待所和露营地的人都会好好告诫他们的客人,告诉他们如何穿着妥当。“#39;I think we have turned the corner here.#39;“我觉得,我们逆袭了。” /201506/379190 8. Chinese Classical Gardens8. 中国古典园林园林一向是中国文化的重要组成部分之一。一般来说,如果没有观赏过中国的园林就没有真正到过中国。Garden building is considered a chief component of Chinese culture Some people say that if you have never walked through a Chinese garden, you cannot say that you have really visited China.中国园林历史悠久。最早是皇家贵族的狞猎场,建于公元前11世纪的周朝。秦汉年间成为皇家的休闲场所,修建得更加美丽堂皇。明清时期园林建筑进入鼎盛时期,圆明园是这一时期的杰出代表。与西欧的古典园林不同,前者长于几何建构,中国园林更是小规模的天然景观。传统的中国园林分三种:皇家园林、私人花园、风景区园林。 The Chinese garden has a long history. It first appeared as early as the 11th century during the Zhou Dynasty in the form of a hunting preserve for emperors and nobles. During the Qin and Han dynasties, those natural preserves were made more beautiful and became places of recreation for imperial families. Garden building had its heyday during the Ming and Qing dynasties and the imperial garden Yuanmingyuan (the Garden of Perfection and Light) was regarded as the masterwork of this period. Different from classical European gardens, in which geometric patterns dominate, Chinese gardensαre made to resemble natural landscapes on a smaller scale. Traditional Chinese gardens fall into three categories: imperial, private,and landscape gardens.大多数皇家园林位于华北:北京的北海公园、颐和园、紫禁城,河北承德的避暑山庄,陕西西安的华清池(有名的华清温泉)。皇家园林占地面积很大,比如颐和园占地290公顷,而承德的避暑山庄占地560多公顷是中国最大的皇家园林。园林大体有三种作用:行政管理、居住,休闲。在多数的皇家园林中多以南北为轴,园林的主体建筑与此假想中的中心线连接,其他的建筑分散在山水之间作为辅线与之相互呼应浑然一体。Most imperial gardens are located in north China: Beihai park; the Summer Palace; the Imperial Garden of the Forbidden City in Beijing; the Imperial Summer Resort in Chengde, Hebei Province; and Huaqing Palace, presently known as Huaqing Hot Spring, in Xi#39;an, Sha anxi Province. Imperial gardens occupy large areas. The Summer Palace,for instance, has an area of 290 hectares while the Imperial Summer Resort in Chengde, which covers more than 560 hectares, is the largest imperial garden in China. Most of these gardens have three sections which serve administrative, residential, and recreational purposes. In large imperial gardens, the main buildings are connected by an imaginary line in the middle of the garden on a north-south axis. Other buildings scattered among hills and waters are linked by subordinate lines, forming a well-designed symmetry and adding more beauty to the chief architectural complex.皇家园林的其他特征为色斑斓、人工假山和人工湖,别具一格。以塔、栏杆、屏风、石桌、石桥、拱桥为其建筑风格的特色。Other characteristics of imperial gardens are coloured paintings, man-made hills and lakes, and ingeniously-designed buildings. Structures for artistic appreciation, such as pagodas, balustrades, screen walls, stone tablets, bridges,and decorated archways abound in those gardens.大多数私家园林多聚集在中国的南方长江以南,多建在住宅的一侧或者是后面。园林中多为岩石、凉亭、池塘、小桥、树术和花草。四周到处是游廊、装饰、门窗,以便客人可以欣赏其中的美景。家庭的园林多为花园,用以招待客人、举行宴会、吟诗作画。多为开放式的且常在水边,以便赏景。蜿蜒曲折的游廊连接着各个景点,也是遮荫避雨的好去处。Most private gardens are found in the south, especially in cities south of the Yangtze River. Private gardens were mostly built at one side or at the back of the residential houses. In almost every case, there is a large space in the garden set in a landscape of artistically arranged rockeries, ponds, pavilions, bridges, trees and flowers. Surrounding the beautiful scene are small open areas partitioned by corridors or walls with latticed windows or beautifully shaped doors through which visitors can enjoy the sights. Buildings in the garden were used for receiving guests, holding banquets, ing, or writting poetry. They are open on all sides and are often situates near the water so that the whole scene can be enjoyed. The winding corridors connect various buildings and also provide a covered veranda as shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.苏州园林,是;园林中的园林是最好的展现中国传统私家园林的代表。沧浪亭质朴迷人,狮子林奇石巧布,拙政园水静房献,而留园则是建筑艺术古朴、山水林井然有序,这些都分别代表了宋、元、明、清时期的园林。Suzhou, known as the land of gardens, displays the most and the best Chinese traditional private gardens. Among them, the Pavilion of the Surging Waves is known for its rustic charm, Lion Grove for its strange rockeries, the Humble Administrator#39;s Garden for its tranquil waters and elegant buildings,and the Garden for Lingering in for its ancient architectural art and the arrangement of hills, waters, and plants. They are examples of the garden styles of the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties respectively.扬州的园林多以建筑风格独特、奇山怪石为特征。比如:在葛园中,不同形状的岩石可以表现不同的季节。南京的詹园,无锡的济昌园和上海的豫园都很著名。Gardens in Yangzhou are characterized by their architectural style and artistic rockeries. In the Ge Garden,for example, different formations of rocks are used to show different seasons. The Zhan Garden in Nanjing, the Jichang Garden in Wuxi, and the Yu Garden in Shanghai are also well-known.广东的园林多以大池塘,建筑颜色鲜艳和植物繁多而著名。顺德的清辉园、东莞的客园,佛山的十二石馆以及番周的雨音山社都是很好的代表。Guangdong style gardens are distinguished by large ponds, brightly coloured buildings,and luxuriant plants. The Qinghui Garden in Shunde, the Ke Garden in Dongguan,the Twelve Stone Studio in Foshan,and the Yuyin Mountain House in Panyu are good examples.风景园林多以自然景观为名,多用于大众休闲。古代的中国人多以“景”来命名风景区,美丽的名字使其更有意境。比如:杭州的西湖,扬州的二十四瘦西湖、以及济南的八坝湖等。杭州西湖很具有代表性:在湖心岛的南岸有3个塔,每个有2米高,各有5个出口。在岛的南角有个“我心相印亭”,透过出口可以看到分成3个部分的月亮,故得名“三潭映月”。Landscape gardens are different and are places for public recreation. The landscape gardens contain a number of pleasant natural scenes. With a few man-made details, it looks more natural than artificial. The ancient Chinese used to call garden landscape ring which means ;scene; in English. Good examples include the ten West Lake scenes in Hangzhou,the twenty-four slim West Lake scenes in Yangzhou and the Eight Darning Lake scenes in Jinan. In addition, each scene is endowed with a beautiful name, and each name in only a few words can express the principal theme of the scenery and give it a soul. The West Lake is typical. Off the southern shore of an island stand three stone pagodas, each two meters high. Five openings form a striking feature of the pagodas. From the centre of the ;Mutual Affinity Pavilion; at the southern tip of the island, reflections of the moon can be viewed through the openings and they are divided into three part.Thus, the name ;san Tan Yin Yue;or ;Three Pools Reflecting the Moon; is created.在古代中国,一些寺庙也多建在风景优美的地方,后来多成为人们休闲的好去处。In ancient China,temples and monasteries were usually built in beautiful places; consequently, those built with gardens have become places for public recreation.诗人和画家也为风景园林增色不少。他们为这些园林填诗作赋或者设计制造,后代们为了纪念他们把他们的诗歌刻在桌子上,庭子里,以及塔上。这也丰富了园林的内涵,吸引了众多的游客。Many famous poets and painters contributed greatly to the development of landscape gardens. They either left poetic inscriptions for those gardens, or designed the gardens themselves. In order to commemorate those poets and painters, later generations had their poems and inscriptions engraved on tablets, pavilions, or pagodas,thus enriching the gardens and inspiring visitors.这些风景园林与很多的神仙和传说有关,这也为它们增添了许多冲秘的色。比如,浙江金山的法海寺和白蛇洞就与“白蛇传的传说”有关。南京的“莫愁”湖就是根据世代相传的传说得名的。风景园林不仅是休闲的地方,也是公众活动的地方。传统的宗教活动每年多在风景园林中进行。In landscape gardens there are often reminders of Chinese fairy tales or legends which add mystery to the beautiful scenes. For instance, the Fahai Temple and the White Dragon Cave in Jinshan Mountain in Zhenjiang relates to the fairy tale ;The Legend of the White snake.; The Mochou Lake in Nanjing is associated with a legend which has been handed down from ancient times. Landscape gardens are not only places for recreation, but also places for public activities. Traditional religious activities are usually held in these gardens annually.中国园林的建筑艺术也对其他国家产生了巨大的影响。早至6世纪,中国的园林建筑就被引人日本,并被贯以中国名字。对中国风格的热衷使中国园林后来也传入了欧洲,比如在巴黎就有20多个这样的园林花园。The technique of Chinese garden building has also exerted a great influence on other countries. As early as the sixth century, Chinese garden building was introduced into Japan where gardens were given Chinese names. Later the enthusiasm for Chinese style gardens sp to the European continent. For example, more than twenty such scenic parks were built in Paris.现代中国在竭力保护和重建古典园林。在 1980年中国建筑工程总公司的风景建筑公司建立,并与外国客户签约修建园林。同年,美国纽约市的大都市艺术物馆的明轩园由该公司的苏州分公司建成。而中国广州分公司为西德的1983年的慕尼黑世界园林展览会修建了芳华园。Modern China tries to protect and restore classical gardens and to build new ones. In 1980, the Landscape Architecture Art in New York City was built by the Suzhou branch of the company,and the Guangzhou branch completed the Chinese Garden (Fang Hua Yuan) for the 1983 Munich World Garden Exhibition in the West Germany. /201505/373233济南省人民医院男科山东省肿瘤医院妇科专家大夫



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