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Theres an elevator.Its not gonna have power to it, this, though.那里有部电梯 肯定没有通电 If we get into the shaft,you can actually use this to get down.如果我们可以进入竖井 就可以利用这里下楼Elevators usually have a firemens emergency access point.电梯通常有个给消防员使用的紧急开关Its probably this. Lets see.应该是这里 试试And they have this point just so firemen can get into lifts when theres no power to it.有了这个紧急开关 消防员 可以在断电的情况下进入竖井 Lets see if we can trigger the catch on this.Steady, steady, steady.看看是不是能扳得动它 当心 当心 当心Theres definitely no lift on this floor.there must be at least seven floors down there.These elevator cables could be one option.电梯肯定不在这楼 电梯离这里至少有七层楼 需要想办法下楼These elevator cables could be one option.The problem is that its just grease city on there.可以利用电梯的缆绳 问题是这上面涂了许多润滑油 Its gonna be so slippy.Need something just to give a bit of friction on that.会非常滑 需要别的东西增加擦力and Ive found just the thing.Use this fire hose.这里我找到了好东西 用这个消防软管The tough material of this fire hose will protect my hands and forearms and create friction on the greasy cables.软管粗糙的布料可以保护我的手和前臂 还能增加油乎乎的电缆的擦力Okay.Gee whiz. Not the time to look down.Im 80 foot up and need to get a grip.好了 天呐 这时就不该往下看 这有24米多高 一定得抓牢了201609/469203From its earliest days,Britain was an object of desire.自远古时代起 不列颠就为人所觊觎Tacitus declared it ;pretium victoriae; worth the conquest,塔西佗称其为;值得征的土地;the best compliment that could occur to a Roman.在罗马人眼中 这无疑是最高的赞誉He had never visited these shores but was nonetheless convinced他从未踏足这片土地 尽管如此他仍坚信that Britannia was rich in gold.不列颠尼亚是一个黄金夹道的富庶之地Silver was abundant too. Apparently so were pearls,同样取之不尽的还有白银与珍珠although Tacitus had heard they were grey,尽管塔西佗听说那里的珍珠like the overcast, rain-heavy skies,就像那里常年阴霾笼罩的天空一般灰暗and the natives only bother to collected them when cast up on the shore.却盈千累万 当地人都不需费心采撷 等着珍珠冲上岸就好As far as the Roman historians were concerned,古罗马历史学家曾认为Britannia might be well off at the edge of the world,不列颠尼亚远在世界之端but it was off the edge of their world,not in a howling barbarian wilderness.但事实上 她只是在罗马世界的边缘 且并非未开化的蛮夷之地If the same writers had been able to travel in time as well as space假使这些作家可以穿越时空to the northernmost of our islands, the Orcades our modern Orkney游历至不列颠最北端 如今的奥克尼群岛they would have seen something much more astonishing than pearls:令他们瞠目结舌的将不仅是金山银海The unmistakable signs of a civilisation thousands of years older than Rome.还有这里无疑早于罗马数千年的文明的遗迹 /201606/449917Halloween is on Monday and we still have Youtube周一的万圣节 我们的节目照常在油管上播出which means its time once again and tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy.也就是说 又是一年一度 你要告诉你的孩子 你吃光了他们所有的糖果啦Everywhere you go, especially last couple weekends无论你去哪里 特别是近几周people ask me if youre gonna do it again.总有人会问我 会不会再录制一波节目And they answers yeah we are gonna do this然后他们说 是啊 我们还会在录制一波节目嗒Every year until they stop the kids finally figure out, but每年他们都欺骗自己的孩子 直到他们最后找到了糖果if you have kids and it isnt hard to do, in fact that its very easy you can do it at home.如果你有小孩 这一点都不难做到 很简单 你在家里就能实现No, my candy, hes gone. Where did it go? Mum and dad ate it不 我的糖 他不见了 他去哪里了 爸爸妈妈吃掉了I ate it. I ate it all and ate all your candy, i ate it. Or you can do it in a car.我吃掉了 我全吃了 我吃完了你所有的糖 或者 你在车里也可以啊I got really really hungry and ate all your Halloween candy在你上学的时候我特别特别的饿when you were at school How? What do you mean how? I ate it?所以我吃完你所有的万圣节糖果 怎么吃的 什么叫怎么吃的 我就吃了呀I dont wanna see you ever again. Go and get a jooob!我再也不想见到你了 去 去找份工作吧Little Donald Trump, I m officially inviting you d take part in your sixth annual Halloween candy Youtube chanllenge.小川普一个 我正式邀请你来参加 第六届万圣节糖果之油管挑战赛Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy Not some of it, all of it.告诉孩子们 你吃光了他们的糖 不是吃了一点点 是全部都吃完了Record it, post it to Youtube with this录下来 发送到油管上title HEY JIMMY KIMMEL- I TOLD MY KIDS I ATE ALL THEIR HALLOWEEN CANDY贴上标签“嗨 JIMMY KIMMEL - 我跟孩子说 我吃完了他所有万圣节的糖果”Wont you post the keep an eye for message from us为啥不上传你的视频 用你的油管账号to your Youtube account or go through every or put the best ones on the show next week.和我们保持联系 或者你还可以查看所有视频 选出你希望下周播出哪一段Lets make this a Halloween in your kids will remember for ever and ever. All right, bye, thanks.让这个万圣节 永远的停留在孩子们的记忆中 好的 拜 多谢观看Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things? Then click the button to subscribe my channel and youll finally be happy.你喜不喜欢点击按钮订阅东西呢 那就在我的频道下方点击订阅吧 你一定会获得快乐的201706/515305

This year, there are a lot of amazing contenders.这一年,有很多强劲的对手。Maybe the winner will be a comedy, or a drama, or an action film, with state-of-the-art special effects.或许赢家将会是一部具有先进特效的喜剧、戏剧、又或是一部动作电影。There might be a big reveal.可能有个盛大的发布。A memorable song, an unlikely villain, an unexpected true love story –thats always a crowd pleaser.一首难忘的歌曲,一个不太可能的坏人,一个意想不到的真爱故事——总是深受大家喜爱。Truth is, even a single standout performance could put any one of them over the top.事实是,即使是一个出色的表演也会让他们中的任何一个脱颖而出。But whether its a thriller... a rom-com, a horror movie or a foreign film.但是不管是一部惊悚片…一部浪漫喜剧,一部恐怖片还是一部外国电影,The award for best picture will always belong to you.最佳照片奖肯定非你莫属。201706/515724

But this hoard also tells us a great deal of what was happening back in York. There, the Vikings were becoming Christian but, as so often, the new converts were reluctant to abandon the symbols of their old religion-the Norse gods were not entirely dead. And so, on one coin minted at York around 920, we find the sword and name of the Christian St Peter, but intriguingly the i of Petri-Peter-is in the shape of a hammer, the emblem of the old Norse god, Thor. Its a coin that shows us that the new faith uses the weapons of the old.这一宝藏也揭示了当时约克郡的状况。维京人正在逐渐接受基督教,但仍不愿放弃旧宗教的个别符号象征。斯堪的纳维亚的远古神灵仍有人信仰。920年在约克郡铸造的一枚银币上有一柄剑和基督徒圣彼得的名字,但有意思的是,当时彼得的拼写为“Petri”,其中的“i”被画成了一把锤子,这是北欧古老的神祇雷神索尔的象征,新的信仰沿用了旧宗教中的武器,We can be pretty certain that this treasure was buried soon after 927. In that year, the Anglo-Saxon Athelstan, King of Wessex, finally defeated the Vikings, conquered York, and received the homage of rulers from Scotland and Wales. It was the biggest political event in Britain since the departure of the Romans. And the hoard contains one of the silver coins that Athelstan issued to celebrate it. On it, he gives himself a totally new title, never used before by any ruler: Athelstan Rex totius Britanniae-Athelstan, King of all Britain. The modern idea of a united Britain starts here. Heres Michael Wood again:我们能肯定的是,这批宝物的埋藏时间在927年后不久。因为在这一年,韦塞克斯国王阿瑟斯坦最终击败了维京人,收回了约克郡,并获得苏格兰和威尔士统治者的宣誓效忠。这是自罗马人撤离之后英格兰本土发生的最重大的历史事件。这批宝藏中有一枚银币,便是阿瑟斯坦下令铸造以示庆祝的。上面有一个他自封的前无古人的称号:Alhelstan Rex totius Brtitanniae (不列颠全境之王阿瑟斯坦)。现代不列颠联合王国的概念即源于此,虽然还要过八百年才能完全实现。不过阿瑟斯坦总被视为现代英国的缔造者。迈克尔伍德解释说:;The wonderful thing about the treasure is that it hones in on the very moment that England was created as a kingdom and as a state. The early tenth century is the moment when these, what we might call national identities, start to be used for the first time.这批宝藏的非凡意义在于它们指向英格兰王国建立、成为统一国家的那一时刻。十世纪初正是国家认同被初次提及之时。 译文属201605/440702Quite a rush to get to this point我们很匆忙地赶到这里and so many things could have gone wrong,很多事情都有可能出错they dont seem to have done so so far,还好现在一切都还正常so Im really pleased, really excited所以我真的非常高兴和期待about what were going to see over the next week下周我们会看到什么and what data well get.会得到什么数据Itll be nice to see as we go over the whole week我很期待一周之后的结果whether we see any usage in areas那就能发现一些were not seeing just after one day, wont it?一天的数据里所没有东西 不是吗So what are the cats actually getting up to那么猫猫们在外巡视时when theyre out on patrol?他们都会做些什么呢In order to find out,为了找到the Bs research and development departmentB的研发部门has created a new type of camera创造了一种新的that will capture a cats eye view of our world.可以通过猫的视角来看世界的摄像机Today, Dr Sarah Ellis and Alia Sheikh, who developed the camera,今天 改进相机的萨拉·艾利斯士与艾丽雅·谢赫士are out to test a prototype.来测试样机的性能I wonder if thats recording.我想知道它是否在录像- Oh, I see, thats clever. - Is it recording?-我明白 很好 -在录吗- Its recording now. - Is it?-现在在录了 -是吗重点解释:1.so far 迄今为止;到某个程度例句:I have had no reply from her so far.我至今没有得到她的答复。2.go over 检查;重做例句:Lets just go over these figures again.我们再检查一下这些数字吧。3.in order to 为了例句:We started early in order to arrive before dark.为了在天黑前到达,我们很早就动身了。201607/456833TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466636

A prosecutor in Ohio has begun reviewing the case of Harambe the Gorilla. 俄亥俄州的一名检察官开始审查大猩猩哈兰贝案件。There will be a formal investigation into the parents of a 3-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, causing an animal response team to shoot and kill the gorilla. 在辛辛那提动物园,一名3岁的男孩掉进大猩猩围栏,致使动物应急小组开并杀死大猩猩,孩子的父母将面临正式调查。A spokesperson for the prosecutors office said Friday is the earliest Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters will make a decision on charges. 检察官办公室发言人表示,汉密尔顿县检察官乔·德特斯最早在周五将对指控做出决定。Legal experts have said that a prosecution of the parents in the case seems unlikely. 法律专家称,对该案件的父母起诉似乎不太可能。A Cincinnati police report identifies the boys mother as 32-year-old Michelle Gregg, who works at preschool near Cincinnati.辛辛那提警方的报告指出,男孩的母亲是32岁的格雷格·米歇尔,在辛辛那提附近的幼儿园工作。译文属。 /201606/447690An increasing number of U.S. children are being diagnosed with diabetes. And the issue appears to be worse in minority kids.越来越多的美国儿童被诊断患有糖尿病。少数族裔儿童的问题似乎更糟。A new study looked at diabetes diagnosis rates from 2002 to 2012 in five major ethnic groups across the U.S. Its the first to estimate diabetes diagnosis trends in the nations youth. 一项新的研究调查了2002年到2012年间美国五个主要种族的糖尿病诊断率。这是首次估计糖尿病诊断趋向年轻人。The increase in Type 1 diabetes diagnoses was larger in boys than in girls. And Hispanic children saw the largest annual increase.1型糖尿病诊断男孩比女孩多。西班牙裔儿童年增长最大。As for Type 2 diabetes, Native American youth saw the largest increase in diagnoses,but the researchers say those rates cant be generalized to all Native American kids nationwide. Asian Americans saw the second-highest rate of new diagnoses.至于2型糖尿病,美国本土青少年的增幅最大,但研究人员称,这些比率不能推广到全美所有儿童。亚裔美国人的诊断率位列第二。Unlike with Type 1 diabetes, girls saw a much larger increase in Type 2 diabetes than boys.与1型糖尿病不同,女孩2型糖尿病的增长比男孩大得多。The findings raise more questions than answers: The researchers arent sure why this trend is happening, or why certain ethnic groups seem more affected than others. 研究结果带来的问题多于,研究人员不知道为什么这种趋势正在发生,或者为什么某些族群似乎比其他人更受影响。译文属。201704/503975

The 10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe.欧洲十大最便宜度假胜地。Exploring Europe shouldnt cost an arm and a leg,想畅游欧洲,你不需要花大笔银子,and with our guide to the continents most affordable destinations, it wont have to.在我们的介绍下,你尽管放心。From Hungarys capital Budapest to Krakow in Poland,从匈牙利首都布达佩斯到波兰克拉科夫,weve lined up 10 places easy to enjoy on a shoestring budget.我们为您列举了十大最廉价圣地。Budapest, Hungary.匈牙利布达佩斯。The prices might be rising as budget airlines take hold,如果正值机票打折,旅行费用或许会上升,but Hungarys beautiful capital Budapest boasts heaps of activities for those travelling on the cheap.布达佩斯会举办许多活动,这对于想省钱的游客来说再适合不过了。Though much of the pricier tourist action is centered along Budapests riverside,尽管一些昂贵的旅行活动都集中在海边,its free to explore on foot and visitors can even take advantage of free walking tours led by knowledgeable guides.但游客可以徒步浏览,还可以在导游的带领下进行免费徒步旅行。Across the Danube, the beautiful Fishermans Bastion boasts stunning panoramic views across the city在多瑙河上,美丽的渔人堡可以俯瞰整个城市美景,and offers free entry between mid-October and mid-March.三月中和十月中会为游客免费开放。Of course, a trip to Budapest wouldnt be complete without stopping by one of its famous thermal baths.毫无疑问,来到布达佩斯一定要去一趟温泉浴场。The reasonably priced and beautiful Szechenyi Baths are a perfect choice.赛切尼温泉浴场价格合理且优美壮观,绝对是值得一去的好地方。Prague, Czech Republic.捷克布拉格。Its reputation as stag party central may have hiked up the cost of a trip to Prague in recent years.布拉格作为“男性单身派对”活动中心,近些年的旅游费用也因此增加。In fact, according to Euromonitor International, its now Europes fifth most visited destination,但根据欧睿国际的报告,布拉格已成为了全欧洲第五大最受欢迎旅游景点,but theres still plenty to do in the ;City of a Hundred Spires; without spending a fortune.但这座“百塔之城”还有许多值得游览的地方,且价格便宜。While hotspots like the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are a must on any visitors itinerary,比如布拉格老城广场和布拉格瓦茨拉夫广场,这些都是游客必去之地,much more wallet-friendly food and drink,including its legendary cheap beer,包括布拉格最有名的啤酒,便宜的食物和饮料应有尽有,can be found away from Pragues historic center in neighborhoods like Hip Zizkov.远离历史中心区,游客可以在“Hip Zizkov”等地方找到。Theres public art aplenty in Prague too.布拉格的公共文化也是数量众多。Walk its streets and youll be treated to the sight of several works by Czech sculptor David Cerny, including In Utero and Hanging Out.走在大街上,捷克雕塑家大卫·塞尔尼的作品就会映入眼帘,作品包括“子宫”“上吊”。Vilnius, Lithuania.立陶宛维尔纽斯。Significantly less touristy than many other Eastern European cities,维尔纽斯游客明显少于其它东欧城市。Lithuanias capital city Vilnius is one of the best low-cost destinations in the Baltic states.首都维尔纽斯是波罗的海诸国最便宜的度假胜地之一。There are a ton of free things to do in the city.这里还有许多免费的浏览活动。Take a simple stroll around its historic Old Town, which is home to quirky locales like Uzupis,漫步在历史悠久的旧古城,这里也是“乌祖皮斯国”居民的家园。a ;republic;of artists with its own anthem and constitution.这是一个由艺术家组成的“共和国”,该“国”有自己的国歌和宪法。You can also see the Literatu Street Project, an artistic homage to Lithuanian literary greats.你还可以领略美丽的“文学墙”,以此来表达对立陶宛文学大家的敬重。In Vilnius, even activities that arent free, arent that expensive.在维尔纽斯,即使是非免费活动也会非常便宜。For example, entrance to GediminasTower, with its gorgeous views out over the capital, costs just 4 euro.比如,能够俯瞰全城的格迪米纳斯塔,它的门票仅为4欧元。Krakow, Poland.波兰克拉科夫。Famed for its historic monuments and architecture, the beautiful Wawel Castle,历史悠久的建筑和纪念碑,追溯到11世纪的dating back to the 11th century, and the Old Towns magnificent medieval main square,瓦维尔城堡,以及老城中最具代表性的中世纪广场,Krakow is fast becoming a must-see on many a European travelers itinerary.克拉科夫俨然成为了欧洲游客的必去之地。One of the major pulls for Polands former royal capital is its buzzing, and often very affordable nightlife.作为波兰曾经的首都,其最吸引人的地方是它热闹非凡,且消费廉价的夜生活。Its said Krakow is home to the highest density of pubs and bars in the world,据说克拉科夫是全世界酒吧最密集的地方,mostly clustered around the Old Town and historic neighborhood of Kazimierz,多数都集中在了老城和历史悠久的卡齐米日。and according to GoEuros 2017 Beer Price Index, the city also boasts the cheapest beers on the continent.根据“GoEuro”2017年啤酒价格指数报告,该城的啤酒价格是欧洲最低的。Riga, Latvia.拉脱维亚里加。Brimming with eclectic historical buildings,里加有许多折中主义风格的老建筑,its no wonder that Latvias vibrant capital Riga is often hailed as an architectural pearl.难怪里加被誉为“建筑明珠”。Nowhere is this more evident than in its charming Old Town, where the restaurants may be typically expensive,老城的老建筑绝对是最多的,虽然老城的旅店相对较贵,but many of its attractions are relatively cheap to visit.但多数景点的价格相对便宜。The Porcelain Museum, celebrating Rigas porcelain industry heritage,该城的瓷器物馆,纪念里加陶瓷业的传承,the quirky Sun Museum and the beautiful Saint Peters Church.非传统的太阳物馆,以及圣彼得教堂。Stop by Rigas legendary Central Market for affordable, locally-made eats like pickled cucumber and smoked eel,在里加传统的中心市场购买自家制作的便宜美食,比如腌黄瓜和熏鳗鱼,and amble through the Old Town to Bastejkalns Park for a picnic when weather permits.若天气允许,你可以通过老城漫步到堡垒山国家公园野炊。 201707/516526Here with my friend Tom, my favorite Rachels English teacher, besides myself. -Of course.这是我的朋友Tom,除了我以外我最喜欢的Rachel’s English老师。-当然。Were going to have a little conversation and then turn it into a Ben Franklin exercise.我们会进行一段小对话,然后把它变成一个本·富兰克林练习。;Are you stressed about anything, Rach? Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.;“小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?我能叫你小瑞吗?”-“你可以叫我小瑞。”;Um, sort, of, but in a very good way. You know Im leaving for Europe.;“嗯,有点压力,不过是好的方面。你知道,我要去欧洲了。”;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?; - ;Im going to be gone for five weeks.;“是啊,你要离开多久?”-“我要离开五周。”;Thats a good long time.; -;Its a good long time. Im leaving in 10 days. So it feels like theres a lot to be done.;“那可是挺长的一段时间。”-“是挺长的。我十天以后就要走了,所以感觉有好多事要做。”;Are you stressed about anything, Rach?; (loop two times)小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?(循环两次);Are you stressed about anything, Rach?; Every word there was quite fast except for the word ;you;.小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?这里除了单词“you”之外,其他的每个词都很快。Its a little uncommon to stress a function word like this.像这样重读一个虚词是有点不寻常的。Normally, I think I would stress the word ;stressed;. ;Are you stressed about anything, Rach?;通常,我认为我会重读单词“stressed”。“Are you stressed about anything, Rach?”But the reason why Tom stressed the word ;you; is because I had just asked him if he was stressed about anything.但是Tom重读单词“you”是因为我刚问他有没有压力。So now, he was turning the question to me, and he stressed ;you;.所以,他现在将这个问题反过来问我,于是重读了“you”。;Are you stressed about anything, Rach?;小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?;Are you stressed about anything, Rach?; (loop two times)小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?(循环两次)A couple other things I notice about this sentence, Tom turns the T into a D, making it a flap. ;About anything, about anything.;这个句子里我还注意到了其他的几处,Tom把T音变成了D音,把它变成了一个浊音。“About anything, about anything.”Hes doing this because its a T coming between two vowel sounds.他这样做是因为这个T出现在了两个元音之间。Even though its two separate words, the T still comes between two vowel sounds,即使这里是两个单词,T还是在两个元音中间,which means its a great opportunity to link the two words together with a Flap T (which sounds like the American D).这意味着这里就是用浊音T(听起来就像是美式的D音)来把两个单词连读起来的好机会。;About anything. (loop three times) Are you stressed about anything, Rach?;“About anything.(循环三次)小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?;Are you stressed about anything, Rach?; (loop two times)小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?(循环两次)Did you notice how the intonation went up at the end? ;About anything Rach? Rach? Rach?;你注意到我的语调在句尾上升了吗?“About anything Rach? Rach? Rach?”Thats because this is a yes/no question. And yes/no questions go up in pitch at the end.这是因为这是一个简单疑问句,简单疑问句的语调在句尾要上升。;Are you stressed about anything, Rach? Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.;小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?我能叫你小瑞吗?”-“你可以叫我小瑞。”;Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.;我能叫你小瑞吗?“你可以叫我小瑞。”These next two sentences are great examples of reducing the word ;can;.接下来的两个句子是略读单词“can”的好例子。;Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.;我能叫你小瑞吗?“你可以叫我小瑞。”The word ;can; is so fast there, as if it has no vowels at all. Just the K sound and the N sound. ;Kn, kn, kn. Can I call you Rach? You can call me Rach.;单词“can”在这里特别快,就像它里面没有元音一样。只有K音和N音。“Kn, kn, kn. Can I call you Rach? You can call me Rach.”;Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.; (loop two times)我能叫你小瑞吗?“你可以叫我小瑞。”(循环两次)Notice how everything flows together.注意这里单词的连接。We dont feel like we have five separate words in this sentence. ;Can I call you Rach? Can I call you Rach?; Its just like one long word.在这个句子里我们好像感觉不到有五个独立的单词。“Can I call you Rach? Can I call you Rach?” 它就像一个长单词一样。We do that by linking words together.我们通过连读单词来达到这样的效果。When a word begins with a vowel, and the word before ends in a consonant, this is an easy time to link.当一个单词以元音开头,而它前面的单词以辅音结尾时,就很容易连读了。Just like up here, when we used a Flap T to link. ;Can I.; (loop three times)就像这里,我们用一个浊音T来连读。“Can I.” (循环三次)Linking an ending consonant to a beginning vowel helps smooth out the line. ;Can I. Can I call you Rach? You can call me Rach.;把辅音结尾元音开头的单词连读起来会使句子更通顺。“Can I. Can I call you Rach? You can call me Rach.”Again, the word ;can; is almost lost here. ;Kn, kn. You can call me Rach.;这里的“can”就像被省略了一样。“Kn, kn. You can call me Rach.”;Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.; (loop two times)我能叫你小瑞吗?“你可以叫我小瑞。”(循环两次)We reduce the word ;can; like this when its not the only verb in the sentence.当句子里不止有这一个动词时,我们就像这样来略读单词“can”。In these two sentences, the main verb is ;call;. That means the word ;can; is a helping verb. Thats a function word, its not as important as the main verb ;call;.在这两个句子里,主要的动词是“call”。这意味着单词“can”是一个助动词。它是一个虚词,没有动词“call”重要。The word ;can; is usually a helping verb. When you pronounce it reduced, ;kn, kn;,单词“can”通常是一个助动词。发它的略读音“kn, kn”it will help you sound more American. ;Can I call you Rach? You can call me Rach. Kn, kn.;会使你的英语听起来更美式。“Can I call you Rach? You can call me Rach. Kn, kn.”;Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.;我能叫你小瑞吗?“你可以叫我小瑞。”;Um, sort of, but in a very good way.;嗯,有点压力,不过是好的方面。Did you notice? Another Flap T here, linking the word ;sort; and ;of;. ;Sort of, sort of, sort of.; So it sounded like an American D.你注意到了吗?这里又有一个浊音T将单词“sort”和“of”连接了起来。“Sort of, sort of, sort of.” 所以它听起来就像是美式的D音。I just said that when the T comes between two vowel sounds, it turns into a Flap T and can link words. But R is not a vowel sound.我刚刚说过,当T出现在两个元音中间时,它就变成了浊音T,可以将两个单词连接起来。但是R不是元音。The rule is, if the T comes between two vowels, or after an R, before a vowel, that it becomes a Flap T.规则是,如果T出现在两个元音中间,或者是在R音后,元音前,它就可以变成浊音T。;Sort of.; (loop three times) If we think of this as one word, stress is on the first syllable. ;Sor-duv.;“Sort of.”(循环三次)如果我们把它当成一个单词的话,重音是在第一个音节上的。And the second syllable is very fast. It has the schwa, not a full vowel. ;Sort of.; (loop two times)“Sor-duv.”第二个音节很快。它有个弱读音,不是完整的元音。“Sort of.”(循环两次);Um, sort of, but in a very good way.;嗯,有点压力,不过是好的方面。Lets go back for a second. I left something important out. The word ;um;.回过来看一下。我漏掉了一个很重要的东西。单词“um”。This is the word we use when were thinking. ;Um; or ;uh;. These thinking sounds use the UH as in BUTTER vowel. ;Uh, uh.;这是我们在思考时用到的单词。“um”或“uh”。这些词里都有单词BUTTER里的元音UH。“Uh, uh.”I call this the core sound of American English. Everything in the mouth, face, neck, throat is extremely relaxed.我把这些称为美语里的基本音。嘴,脸,脖子,喉咙都非常放松。;Uh, um.; That allows the placement to be lower in the body, less in the face. Very American. ;Um, uh.;“Uh, um.” 这样相对于脸来说,重点更多地放到了下面的身体上,这非常美式。“Um, uh.”;Um, sort of, but in a very good way.; (loop two times)嗯,有点压力,不过是好的方面。(循环两次)The first syllable of the word ;very, ver-;, and the word ;way, but in a very good way;, are the most stressed.最重的音节是单词“very”的第一个音节,“very, ver-”。还有单词“way, but in a very good way”。Do you hear how fast this string of function words is? ;But in a. (loop three times) But in a very good way.; They all link together.你听到这一串虚词有多快了吗?“But in a. (循环四次) But in a very good way.”它们都连在一起。Again, we have ending consonant linking into a beginning vowel, ending consonant linking into a beginning vowel.这里我们又有辅音结尾与元音开头相连,辅音结尾与元音开头相连。Both of these links help to make it sound like one word, very smooth. ;But in a, but in a.;这两处连读都像是一个单词一样,很顺。“But in a, but in a.”Again, this T is turning into a Flap T, or, a D sound. ;But in a, but in a. But in a very good way.;这里的T又变成了一个浊音T,或者说是一个D音。“But in a, but in a. But in a very good way.”;Um, sort of, but in a very good way. You know Im leaving for Europe.;嗯,有点压力,不过是好的方面。你知道,我要去欧洲了。;You know Im leaving for Europe.; What do you hear as the most stressed syllables in this sentence? I hear ;know;, ;leav-;, ;Eur-;. ;You know Im leaving for Europe.;你知道,我要去欧洲了。你在这个句子里听到的重读音节是哪些呢?我听到的是“know”,“leav-”,“Eur-”。“You know I’m leaving for Europe.”;You know Im leaving for Europe.; (loop two times)你知道,我要去欧洲了。(循环两次)These are all the most important parts of the sentence, the content words.这些是句子中最重要的部分,实词。Content words are nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Here we have verb, verb, and proper noun.实词是名词,动词,形容词和副词。这里有动词,动词以及专有名词。;You know Im leaving for Europe.; Notice that in a content word, for example, ;leaving;, that only the stressed syllable is stressed.“You know I’m leaving for Europe.”注意在实词里只有重读音节会被重读,比如“leaving”。Even though this is an important word, and its a stressed word in the sentence, the unstressed syllable, the –ing ending, is not stressed.即使它是一个重要的单词,并且在句子里是重读单词,非重读音节ing结尾也不会被重读。So, unstressed syllables, even in stressed words, are still unstressed syllables.所以,即使是重读单词,它里面的非重读音节仍然是非重读音节。;You know Im leaving for Europe.; (loop two times)你知道,我要去欧洲了。(循环两次)Notice I use the contraction ;Im;.注意我在这里使用了缩写形式“I‘m”。Some of my students dont like to use contractions because they dont think theyre clear enough. They will say ;I am;.我有一些学生不喜欢使用缩写形式,因为他们觉得这样会不够清楚。他们会说“I am”。;You know Im leaving for Europe.; But using a contraction, like ;Im;, is just like up here,“You know I’m leaving for Europe.”使用缩写形式,就像这里的“Im”,where we took these three words and linked them together and made them very fast. ;But in a.;我们把这三个词连读得非常快。“But in a.”So, contractions are words we reduce and link together in writing and in speech. ;Im, Im.;因此,缩写形式就是我们在书写和说话时略读和连读的单词。“I’m, I’m.”;You know Im leaving for Europe.; (loop two times)你知道,我要去欧洲了。(循环两次)Reducing and contracting words will help you sound very American.略读和缩写单词会使你说话听起来非常美式。Theres actually one more example of a reduction in this sentence. Its the word ;for;. ;For Europe. For Europe.;这个句子里还有一个略读的例子,那就是单词“for”。“For Europe. For Europe.”I reduced that vowel to the schwa. And the schwa-R together make one sound, ;rr, rr, rr, fr, fr, fr. For Europe, for Europe.;我把它的元音略读成了弱读音。弱读音和R音一起组成了一个音,“rr, rr, rr, fr, fr, fr. For Europe, for Europe.”And again, here we have an ending consonant linking into a beginning vowel. ;For Europe.; (loop three times)这里我们又有一个辅音结尾与元音开头的连读。“For Europe.”(循环三次)So those two words glide together very easily. ;For Europe, for Europe.;因此这两个单词很容易就连在一起了。“For Europe, for Europe.”;You know Im leaving for Europe.; -;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?;你知道,我要去欧洲了。是啊,你要离开多久?This was all very fast. ;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?;这些读得都很快。“Yes, that’s right. How long are you going to be gone for?”Wow. Tom didnt even really finish the word ;right;. ;Yes thats right how long?;哇,Tom甚至没有读完单词“right”。“Yes that’s right how long?”He certainly didnt pronounce a full T. He moved on to the next sentence before he even finished that word.他当然没有发出完整的T音。他在说完这个单词之前就开始读下一个句子了。;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?;是啊,你要离开多久?So there was no real break here between sentences.所以在句子之间其实没有间隔。You probably noticed he took ;going to; and turned it into ;gonna;.你可能注意到了他把“going to”变成了“gonna”。;How long are you gonna? You gonna? (loop three times) How long are you gonna be gone for?;是啊,你要离开多久?;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?; (loop two times)是啊,你要离开多久?(循环两次)Did you notice Tom did not reduce the word ;for; to the schwa.你注意到了吗,Tom没有把单词“for”略读成弱读音。Well, I just said that thats something that we want to do with this word in order to make it sound more American.我刚刚说到,为了使发音更美式,我们会略读单词。But, I do need to add: we dont reduce words like ;for; when theyre at the end of a sentence.但是我需要补充一点:当“for”这样的单词出现在句尾的时候,我们不会略读。;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?;是啊,你要离开多久?There, they need to be fully pronounced. Even though it was still very fast, it wasnt a stressed word, it did have the full vowel.在这里它们的音需要被完整地发出来,即使它很快,不是个重读单词,它也有完整的元音。;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?; -;Im going to be gone for five weeks.; (loop two times)“是啊,你要离开多久?”-“我要离开五周。”(循环两次);Im going to be gone for five weeks.;我要离开五周。Again, I used ;Im; instead of ;I am;. That helped me make it fast and less important, compared to the more important words in the sentence.这里,我再次用了“Im”,而不是“I am”。这样,相比句子里的重要单词,使用缩写形式会让我把它读得更快。;Im going to be gone for five weeks.; (loop two times)我要离开五周。(循环两次)You also may have noticed, I also took ;going to; and pronounced it ;gonna;.你可能还注意到了,我还把“going to”读成了“gonna”。;Im gonna.; (loop three times)“I’m gonna.”(循环三次);Im going to be gone for five weeks.; (loop two times)我要离开五周。(循环两次)How do you hear this word ;for;? Listen again.你听到单词“for”的发音了吗?再听一次。;Im going to be gone for five weeks.; (loop two times)我要离开五周。(循环两次)Youre right, its reduced. ;For, for, for, for five, for five. For five weeks.;是的,你没听错,它被略读了。“For, for, for, for five, for five. For five weeks.”;Im going to be gone for five weeks.; (loop two times)我要离开五周。(循环两次)So, the most important words there, the loudest, the clearest, are ;gone;, ;five;, and ;weeks;. Those are the words that carry the actual meaning of the sentence.所以,这里最重要,音最高,最清晰的单词是“gone”,“five”和“weeks”。它们是句子里带有实际含义的词。So, we dont reduce these more important words.因此,我们不会略读这些重要的单词。But if we say all the other words fast, reduce them, then it makes these more important words stand out the most. ;Im going to be gone for five weeks.;但是如果我们把句中其他单词读得快一点,略读它们,那么这些重要的单词就会更突出了。“I’m going to be gone for five weeks.”;Im going to be gone for five weeks.; -;Thats a good long time.;我要离开五周。那可是挺长的一段时间。;Thats a good long time.; Tom didnt really pronounce the TH here. He reduced the word ;thats; to just the schwa-TS sound. ;Utsa, utsa, utsa good long time.; (loop two times)“That’s a good long time.”Tom并没有把这里的TH音发出来,他把单词“thats”略读成了弱读音TS。“Utsa, utsa, utsa good long time.”(循环两次);Im going to be gone for five weeks.; -;Thats a good long time.; (loop two times)我要离开五周。那可是挺长的一段时间。(循环两次)We reduce ;thats, its, whats;, at the beginning of a sentence like this a lot.在句子的开头,我们经常会像这样略读“that’s, it’s, what’s”。And look, we have an ending consonant beginning vowel to link. ;Thats a;, (loop three times) thats a good long time.; He stressed the last three words.看,我们有辅音结尾元音开头的连读。“That’s a,(循环三次)that’s a good long time.”他重读了最后的三个单词。;Im going to be gone for five weeks.; -;Thats a good long time.; (loop two times)我要离开五周。那可是挺长的一段时间。(循环两次)We have adjective, adjective, noun.这里有形容词,形容词,名词。The three content words are stressed, longer, clearer.这三个实词要重读,音要更长,更清晰。;Im going to be gone for five weeks.; -;Thats a good long time.; -;Its a good long time. Im leaving in ten days.;我要离开五周。那可是挺长的一段时间。是挺长的。我十天以后就要走了。I reduced the word ;its; by dropping the vowel. ;Tsa, tsa, its a good long time.;我通过省略里面的元音略读了单词“its”。“Tsa, tsa, it’s a good long time.”;Its a good long time. Im leaving in ten days.;是挺长的。我十天以后就要走了。;Its a good long time.; Linking the TS cluster into the schwa. ;Tsa, tsa, its a good long time. Its a good long time.;“It’s a good long time.”把TS与弱读音连读起来。“Tsa, tsa, it’s a good long time. It’s a good long time.”Again, these three words are stressed, ;good long time;.这里的三个单词是重读单词,“good long time”。I stressed the word ;good; the most. ;Its a good long time. Its a good long time.;我把单词“good”读得最重。“It’s a good long time. It’s a good long time.”Just like Tom did earlier, I didnt really leave a sentence break here, did I? I went straight on to my next thought.就像Tom之前那样,我在句子之间并没有停顿,对吗?我直接开始了下一句话。;Its a good long time. Im leaving in ten days.;是挺长的。我十天以后就要走了。Look. Another contraction. The most important syllables in that sentence: ;leav-, ten, days.;看,这里又有一个缩写形式。这句话里最重要的音节是:“leav-, ten, days.”;Im leaving in ten days.; (loop four times)我十天以后就要走了。(循环四次)Again, theyre the most important parts of the sentence for content. The verb ;leaving;, and the time amount, ;ten days;.它们也是句子里包含内容的最重要的部分,动词“leaving”和时间长度“ten days”。;Im leaving in ten days, so it feels like theres a lot to be done.;是挺长的。我十天以后就要走了,所以感觉有好多事要做。I notice the word ;it; is not very clear. ;So it feels.; (loop two times)我注意到了单词“it”并不是很清晰。“So it feels.”(循环两次);Im leaving in ten days, so it feels like theres a lot to be done.;是挺长的。我十天以后就要走了,所以感觉有好多事要做。;So it feels like.; The word ;it; begins with a vowel. Here, the word before ends with a vowel. So we can link vowel to vowel. ;So it. (loop three times) So it feels like.;“So it feels like.”单词“it”以元音开头。这里它前面的单词也以元音结尾,所以我们可以将元音连读。“So it. (循环三次) So it feels like.”Its a very smooth transition. And it can feel like I go through the glide consonant W. ;So it.; (loop three times) That helps me link them together. ;So it feels like.;这是一个很流畅的转换,它就像辅音W一样。“So it.”(循环三次)这样会帮助我把它们连读在一起。“So it feels like.”Whats happening with the T in ;it;? Its a Stop T. ;So it, so it, so it feels.;那么“it”里面的T发生了什么呢?它是一个顿音T。“So it, so it, so it feels.”;So it feels like.; The T is not fully pronounced, ;tt. So it, so it.;“So it feels like.”T并没有被完全读出来,“tt. So it, so it.”But instead, I stop the air. ;So it.; In general, we pronounce Ts this way when the next sound is a consonant.相反,我停顿了一下。“So it.”总之,当后面是一个辅音时,我们就这样来发T的音。;So it feels like theres a lot to be done.; And the ending Z sound of ;theres; links right into the schwa sound uh. ;Theres a, theres a, theres a lot to be done.;“So it feels like there’s a lot to be done.”“theres”结尾的Z音与弱读音uh连读。“There’s a, there’s a, there’s a lot to be done.”;Theres a lot to be done.; (loop two times)有好多事要做。(循环两次)How are these two words pronounced? ;Lot to, lot to.;这两个单词是怎样发音的呢?“Lot to, lot to.”This is clearly not an ;oo; vowel, its a schwa. ;Lot to.; But what about the Ts? ;Lot to.;这显然不是一个“oo”元音,它是一个弱读音。“Lot to.”那这些T是怎样发音的呢?“Lot to.”Im making the first T a Stop T. ;Lot.; So Im just stopping the air for a second—;lot to, lot to;—before releasing to make the second T. ;Theres a lot to be done.;我把第一个T发成了顿音T。“Lot.”所以在这里我停了一下——“lot to, lot to”——然后才发第二个T音。“There’s a lot to be done.”;Theres a lot to be done.; (loop two times)有好多事要做。(循环两次)We use these three words together, ;a lot to;, quite a bit.我们经常把这三个单词连在一起用,“a lot to”。Lets do a quick comparison to ;a lot of;, which we also use together frequently.让我们来快速地比较一下另一个我们经常用到的短语“a lot of”。Here we have an ending T consonant and beginning vowel.这里我们有一个辅音结尾和元音开头。The T comes between two vowels, so its a Flap T or a D sound. ;A lot of, a lot of.;T出现在两个元音之前,所以它是一个浊音T或是D音。“A lot of, a lot of.”So the T in ;lot; is pronounced one way in this phrase, ;a lot to;, and a different way in this phrase, ;a lot of;.所以在这个短语里,“lot”里的T是这样发音的,“lot to”,在短语“a lot of”里又是以另一种方式发音。Lets listen to the whole bit of conversation one more time.让我们再来完整地听一遍这段对话。;Are you stressed about anything, Rach? Can I call you Rach?; -;You can call me Rach.;“小瑞,你现在压力很大吗?我能叫你小瑞吗?”-“你可以叫我小瑞。”;Um, sort, of, but in a very good way. You know Im leaving for Europe.;“嗯,有点压力,不过是好的方面。你知道,我要去欧洲了。”;Yes, thats right. How long are you going to be gone for?; -;Im going to be gone for five weeks.;“是啊,你要离开多久?”-“我要离开五周。”;Thats a good long time.; -;Its a good long time. Im leaving in 10 days. So it feels like theres a lot to be done.;“那可是挺长的一段时间。”-“是挺长的。我十天以后就要走了,所以感觉有好多事要做。”Even with just a little bit of speech, theres a lot to study.即使这只是一小段对话,里面也有很多可以学习的东西。Thanks for studying with me.谢谢你和我一起学习。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/513420

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