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新东方英语900句 Lesson 25:InjuryCore Sentences1. What's the matter with you?2. I don't feel very well because I had a .3. How did you break your arm?4. Stella fell of the bag, and splent her .5. Steve is injured in the car accident.6. I have pain in the back.8. I walked the whole day, and my feet hurt.9. Sean was stung by the bee, and his faces swollen.10. My muscles were after the one hundred meter dash11. Paul got a cut on his arm,and it is bleeding.12. Put the around your wounded finger. Don't move, I will calling the doctor.13. Go see a doctoer soon.14. Watch your step, and don't slip again.15. My pains are gone after a sound sleep.Dialog ExerciseNumber One, In a parkA. Are you all right, mom?B. I , and my ankle were .It hurts, I cannot move.A. It seems you should go to a hospital soon.B. Is there a hospital nearby?A. Shall I help you out of the park first, then I'll call a tax for you?B. It is so nice of you to help.A. Stay here in the bench, I'll go and get a tax.B. Thank you so much.Number two, on the way home after an evening partyA. We've got to hurry up, Julie, it's almost midnight.B. Sorry, but my feets hurt so much.A. What's wrong?B. I was last Friday. I was walking a class when a man rush to me and heat me in the face. A. That's real bad. Then what happened?B. He robbed my purse, and I my anker.A. Did you go see a doctor?B. I stayed at home these days, and the paints are almost gone.A. Did you dial up 911?B. Ye, I reported the robbery later, they said this robbery keeps happening all these days.A. Oh, really. We got watch out on it. Shall we call a tax now? /200604/587018 At the Barber#39;s Shop在理发店Offering service提供务How do you want it,sir?先生,您想做什么发式?What will it be?您要理什么发式?How shall I cut it,sir?先生,我该怎么剪法?Do you want a cold wave,ma#39;am?女士,您想冷烫头发吗?How would you like it set,ma#39;am?夫人,您想做什么样的发型?Would you like to look on the computer to see which one fits you best?你要不要看电脑,找出最适合您的发型?Here are the photos of the latest hair styles,ma#39;am?夫人,给您最新发式照片。You#39;ll look very smart with this hair-do,ma#39;am?夫人,给您最新发式照片。There!Will that do?理好了!这样行不行?What will you have,a perm or a set?你要电烫还是做发型?How do you like your hair done,sir?先生,您喜欢理什么发型?Saying how you#39;d like your hair cut/done说明你需要如何理(做)头发I#39;d like a set.我要做发型。I#39;d like a crew cut.我想理个平头。I#39;d like my hair bobbed.我要剪短发。Leave some bangs,please.请留一点刘海。Leave the back long,please.我想来个面部。I#39;d like to have a face massage.我想来个面部。Give me a facial,please.请给我做面部。I think maybe this one will suit me best,what do you think,miss?我看这个发型最适合我,,您觉得怎么样?I just want a few waves-big ones,and not curls at all.我只要烫几个波浪——浪,不是那种小卷的。Please show me the pictures.请给我看看最新发型的照片。Please dye my hair red.请把我的头发染成红色。Conversations会话 /200706/14696Conversation A : On a Farm?MARTIN: I like your farm, Walter.?WALTER: Thanks. I like the farm, too. I lived in town for seven years.?MARTIN: But you liked the farmWALTER: Yes. My father was a farmer. I was a child. And then I was a student. I lived in the country for nineteen years.?MARTIN: Did you work with your fatherWALTER: Of course. I worked in the morning, and I worked in the evening.?MARTIN: Did you go to schoolWALTER: Yes. I went to high school in town.?WALTER: Some farmers don't like animals.?MARTIN: You have cowsWALTER: That's right. I like sheep, too.?MARTIN: Do you grow corn and beansWALTER: Yes. But I have cows and sheep. Do you like sheepMARTIN: I like animals. But I live in the city.?WALTER: Where is your homeMARTIN: I live in Baltimore.?WALTER: Do you have a familyMARTIN: Yes. I have a wife, a son and a daughter.?WALTER: Are they with you hereMARTIN: No, they're in Baltimore. My wife is working.?WALTER: My brother lives in Philadelphia. That's in the East.?MARTIN: That's right.?WALTER: My sister lives in the West. She lives in Los Angeles. She lived in San Diego last year.?MARTIN: Is she marriedWALTER: Yes, she is.?MARTIN: What does she doWALTER: She makes airplanes. Her husband makes airplanes, too.?MARTIN: Are your parents livingWALTER: Yes, they are.?MARTIN: Where do they liveWALTER: They live in San Diego. They lived with my sister.MARTIN: Was your sister marriedWALTER: No. She is married now. She married last year. She moved to Los Angeles. They stayed in San Diego.?Practice 1:did 引导过去时的一般疑问句,用以询问过去的事情。句型结构是:“Did+主语+动词原形+其它?”?Examples: MARTIN: Did you work last yearWALTER: Yes, I worked with my father.?MARTIN: Did she live with her parentsWALTER: Yes, she lived with her parents.?MARTIN: Did they walk to townWALTER: Yes, they walked to town.?会话 A 在一家农场?马 丁:沃尔特,我喜欢你的农场。?沃尔特:谢谢,我也喜欢农场。我在城里住了7年。?马 丁:但你喜欢农场沃尔特:是的,我父亲是农民,我从童年到学生时代在乡下住了19年。?马 丁:你那时和你父亲在一起干活吗沃尔特:当然,我在早上和晚上干活。?马 丁:你那时上学吗沃尔特:是的,我在城里的中学上学。有些农场主不喜欢动物。?马 丁:你养牛沃尔特:对,我也喜欢羊。马 丁:你种玉米和豆子吗沃尔特:种,但我也养牛和羊,你喜欢羊吗马 丁:我喜欢动物,但我住在城里(无法饲养动物)。?沃尔特:你的家在哪儿马 丁:我住在巴尔的。?沃尔特:你成家了吗马 丁:成了,我有妻子,儿子和女儿。?沃尔特:他们和你一起来这儿了吗马 丁:没有,他们在巴尔的,我妻子上班。?沃尔特:我兄弟住在费城,在美国东部。?马 丁:不错。?沃尔特:我住在西部,她住在洛杉矶,她去年住在圣地亚哥。?马 丁:她结婚了吗沃尔特:结婚了。?马 丁:她做什么工作沃尔特:她制造飞机,她丈夫也是造飞机的。?马 丁:你的父母还健在吗沃尔特:是的。?马 丁:他们住在哪儿沃尔特:他们住在圣地亚哥,他们过去和我住在一起。?马 丁:那时,你结婚了吗沃尔特:没有,但她现在结婚了,她去年结的婚。她搬到了洛杉矶 ,他们现在住在圣地亚哥。 /200602/3388

As grim as the story of the Scots in Ireland was,尽管苏格兰人给爱尔兰人造成了巨大的伤害They did leave behind something other than widows and tragic ballads.除了遗孀满国 悲歌四起 他们确实也造成了其他的历史影响The Anglo-Norman colony stopped expanding from its base in Ulster and Leinster.盎格鲁-诺曼人停止了对外的殖民扩张 殖民势力仅限于阿尔斯特和伦斯特地区And the idea of the unstoppable english empire of the Plantagenets had the shine knocked right off its myth of invincibility.而金雀花王朝企图建立英格兰帝国的美梦 也遭受重创 不败传说终于灰飞烟灭And not least the Bruces had given Irish leaders their voice of resistance an expression of national identity.而布鲁斯兄弟为后世的爱尔兰领导者树立了榜样 喊出了抵抗侵略的声音 表达了民族独立的意愿To recover our native freedom, the Irish...For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,we will yield in no least way to English dominion.为了使我们重获自由 爱尔兰人 吾之国民 倘一息尚存 誓不屈于英格兰之淫威The people preferred to die rather than to live under English rule.人们宁愿赴死 也不愿苟活在英格兰人的统治之下All these startlingly-modern sounding declarations of national community这些国民为呼唤自由 所发出的振聋发聩的声音come together as the epitaph of the idea of the Plantagenet empire of Britain.汇聚成了墓志铭 刻在金雀花王朝;不列颠帝国美梦;的坟墓上You hear this language Eloquent, fierce, righteously belligerent你所听到的这些呼喊 雄辩 狂热 万丈And you hear a voice which, for better or worse,would shout, roar and lament down through the ages.你听到的这声音 无论如何 都将在历史长河中永恒激荡Robert the Bruce outlived both Edwards,And while war would continue with England for generations,罗伯特·布鲁斯经历了两个爱德华王朝 尽管后世苏格兰与英格兰的战争一直在持续The scots had won english recognition of their truly independent kingdom.但苏格兰人赢得了英格兰人 对自己王国独立的承认This is certainly not what longshanks had imagined When he had been crowned before his namesake the confesses tomb.这显然是;长腿;国王生前未曾预料到的 当他在忏悔墓前接受加冕or when he had seated himself upon the stone of scone.或坐在司康石上意气风发 都不曾想到会有这么一天 /201611/476474

第二册 六、 Talking About Yesterday 谈论昨天的事 226. When did you get up yesterday morning? 你昨天早上几点起床? 227. At about seven. 七点左右。 228. I heard the clock, but I didn't get up until 9. 我听见闹钟了,但我捱到九点才起。 229. I woke up seven and got up right away. 我七点醒了,然后马上起床了。 230. I hurried to my office. 我匆忙赶到办公室。 231. I had my breakfast on the way. 我在路上吃的早饭。 232. I was just on time. 我刚好赶上。 233. I was 10 minutes late. 我迟到了五分钟。 234. I had lunch with a friend of mine. 我和我的一个朋友一块吃了午饭。 235. I finished my work at 6 p.m. 下午6点我下班了。 236. I stayed and did some extra work. 我留下加了一会儿班。 237. The TV programs were really boring, so I went to bed very early. 电视节目很无聊,所以我早早睡了。 238. I a magazine in bed. 我躺在床上看杂志。 239. I didn't sleep well. 我没睡好。 240. I slept soundly all night. 我整夜睡的很熟。 七、 Talking With Friends 与朋友聊天 241. Hi, Joe, is it really you? 乔,你好,真是你吗? 242. Hi, Ann. Nice to see you again. 安,你好。真高兴再次见到你。 243. It's been a whole year since I last saw you. 我整整一年没见你了。 244. Yes, but you look as pretty now, as you did then. 但你看起来还是那么漂亮。 245. Oh, thank you. How have you been these days? 欧,谢谢。这段时间你好吗? 246. Not too bad. 不太糟。 247. But you sound so sad. 但听起来你很悲伤。 248. Yes, I lost my pet cat yesterday. 是啊,昨天我的宠物猫丢了。 249. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. 听到这消息我很遗憾。 250. That's all right. 没事儿。 251. Have you seen Kate lately? 最近你看见凯特了吗? 252. No, I have no contact with her. 没有。我和她没有一点儿联系。 253. I heard she got married last week. 我听说她上星期结婚了。 254. Oh, how nice. Sorry, I've got to go now. 那真好。对不起,我必须得走了。 255. So do I. See you later. Keep in touch. 我也是,再见。记得联系哦。 八、 Talking About The Past 谈论过去 256. I used to take a walk in the early morning. 我过去常一大早出去散步。 257. He used to live in my neighborhood. 他曾与我是邻居。 258. Did you use to go fishing with friends? 过去你常和朋友钓鱼吗? 259. We have known each other for 6 years. 我们认识有六年了。 260. It has been a long time since last came here. 自从我上次来这里已经有很长时间了。 261. Have you seen Mr. Smith recently? 最近你见过史密斯先生吗? 262. They've been working on this project since last year. 他们从去年开始一直都在做这个项目。 263. I've been watching TV all night. 我看了一整晚的电视。 264. The movie began as soon as we got there. 我们一到那儿电影就开始了。 265. When I arrived at the station, the train had aly left. 我到车站时,火车已经开了。 266. The late arrival of the ship had messed up all our plans. 船到晚了,把我们的计划全打乱了。 267. I had thought he knew the time of the meeting. 我原以为他知道开会时间。 268. They had expected me to go with them. 他们原本希望我和他们一起去。 269. That was the third time that I had visited the place. 那是我第三次参观那地方了。 270. After I had finished my paper, I put it in the drawer. 我写完论文,就把它放在抽屉了。 九、 Asking About The Address 询问地址 271. Hi, Jack, where do you live now? 你好,杰克,你现在住哪儿? 272. I live at 203 Curzon Street. 我住在可胜街203号。 273. Curzon Street? Isn't Mary living there? 可胜街?玛丽不是也住那儿吗? 274. Yes, she lives just across the street. 是的,她就住在街对面。 275. How long have you stayed there? 你在那儿住多久了? 276. Just a few months. 才几个月。 277. How about Mary? How long has she lived there? 玛丽怎么样?她在那儿住多久了? 278. She's been living there since her birth. 她生下来就住那儿。 279. Will you stay there for long? 你会在那儿待很长时间吗? 280. No, I'll move to Hollywood next month. 不,我下个月搬到好莱坞去。 281. Oh, really? I'm moving there too. 真的?我也会搬到那儿去。 282. Great. Then we can drink beer together. 棒极了,我们可以一起喝啤酒了。 283. Yes, and you may stay there longer. 对,而且你也许会在那儿住久一些。 284. I hope so. 希望如此。 285. I'm sure we'll have a good time. 我相信我们会很开心的。 十、 Asking Questions 提问题 286. Where are you going? 你去哪儿? 287. Where did you go for dinner yesterday? 你们昨天去哪儿吃的饭? 288. When will he come to see you? 他什么时候来看你? 289. When did you buy the car? 你什么时候买的车? 290. Who told you? 谁告诉你的? 291. Who will accompany you to the airport? 谁将陪你去机场? 292. Why don't you agree? 你为什么不同意? 293. Why not go out for a walk? 干吗不出去散步? 294. How did you doing spend your holiday? 你假期怎么过的? 295. How are you doing these days? 这些日子你怎么样? 296. What did he say in the letter? 他在信里说什么了? 297. What are you going to do with the books? 你打算拿这些书怎么办? 298. What were you doing when I called? 我打电话给你时你在干吗? 299. I was about to leave. 我正要出门。 300. Can you guess what I was doing this morning? 你能猜到今天上午我在做什么吗? /200612/9818[00:03.10]He neither smokes nor drinks. 他既不抽烟也不喝酒。[00:11.52]He ran his horse up the hill. 他策马跑上小山。[00:19.11]He reminds me of his brother. 他使我想起了他的弟弟。[00:26.42]He was efficient in his work. 他工作效率高。[00:33.40]He will do anything but work. 只要不是干活,他干什么都行。[00:41.94]His father runs a restaurant. 他的父亲经营一家餐馆。[00:50.43]I have something to tell you. 我有事要告诉你。[00:57.31]I smelled a smell of cooking. 我闻到了烧菜做饭的味道。[01:05.26]I want to see the film again. 我真想再看一遍。[01:12.57]I've got too much work to do. 我要做的工作太多了。[01:20.13]Let's go for a walk,shall we? 咱们出去走走,好吗?[01:27.55]Please let me check the bill. 请让我核对一下帐单。[01:35.11]Plenty of sleep is healthful. 充足的睡眠有益于健康。[01:43.06]The sun comes up in the east. 太阳从东方升起。[01:50.37]This is because we feel pain. 这是因为我们能感到疼痛。[01:58.44]What do you desire me to do? 你想要我做什么?[02:05.38]What you said was quite true. 你所说的完全符合事实。[02:13.52]You can either stay or leave. 你或者留下或者离开。[02:21.08]Your life is your own affair. 你的生活是你自己的事。[02:28.96]All that glitters is not gold. 发闪光的不全是黄金。[02:36.96]Are you going to have a party? 你要举行聚会吗?[02:44.08]Aren't you concerned about it? 难道你不担心吗?[02:51.03]Don't forget to keep in touch. 别忘了保持联系。[02:58.38]He broke his words once again. 他又一次违背了诺言。 /200810/52862

Hey guys I#39;m Stephanie from Wilton!嘿,大家好,我是威尔顿的斯蒂芬妮!Today,I#39;m going to show you how to make a strawberry lemonade poke cake.今天,我要向你们展示如何做一个草莓柠檬蜂窝蛋糕。Now poke cakes are not only easy but let#39;s be honest, they#39;re really fun because you literally just poke holes all over the cake,老实说,蜂窝蛋糕不仅简单,还很有趣,因为你真的是要在蛋糕上戳一些小洞,so if you like the recipe you see today don#39;t forget to subscribe to our channel so you access all of our s!所以,如果你喜欢今天的食谱,别忘了订阅我们的频道,这样你就可以看到我们所有的视频了!So let#39;s do this! To make this recipe super easy we are going to be using a cake mix,让我们一起做蛋糕吧!为了让这个食谱变得超级简单我们要用蛋糕粉,but if you#39;d like you can also use your favorite lemon cake recipe.但是如果你想也可以用你最喜欢的柠檬蛋糕食谱。So,start by putting the mix in your mixer所以,先把蛋糕粉放在搅拌机里we are going to use 1 cup of milk 1/2 a cup of oil 3 eggs and 1 tablespoon of lemon zest,用1杯牛奶、半杯油、3个鸡蛋和1大勺柠檬调味物,Go ahead and mix that at medium speed for about 2 minutes.然后以中等速度大约搅拌2分钟。Spray a 9 by 13 pan with some Bake Easy then pour your batter in.把盘子的13分之9喷上Bake Easy,然后把面糊倒进去。Alright, go ahead and smooth it out.好了,把它抹平。We are going to bake this in the oven at 350 degrees for about 27 to 29 minutes.我们要在350华氏度的烤箱里烘烤大约27到29分钟。To make the filling we are going to combine 8 ounces of fresh strawberries which is about 2 cups,蛋糕的填充物需要用到8盎司——也就是两杯左右的新鲜草莓,2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1/2 a cup of fresh water in a saucepan,两大勺柠檬汁和半杯清水,把它们倒在炖锅中,and we#39;re going to cook it over medium heat for about 10 minutes just until the strawberries are soft.用中火煮上大约10分钟左右,直到草莓变软。Once your strawberries are done cooking go ahead and put them in a food processor and puree them.草莓做好以后把它们倒进食品加工机里搅成果酱。Alright now that that is done go ahead,好了,现在继续,and add 3 ounces of strawberry gelatin mix just mix that all together.加入3盎司的草莓明胶混合搅拌。So this is really my favorite part because normally in cake decorating you like to keep it all nice and pretty,这是我最喜欢的部分,因为一般在装饰蛋糕的时候需要把它做的又整洁又漂亮,for this you don#39;t have to do that,但是这个蛋糕你不需要这么做,so we#39;re going to poke holes I#39;m using a lollipop stick - you could also use a wooden skewer or fork.我们要在上面戳一些小洞,我用的是棒棒糖棒,你也可以用木棍或叉子。We#39;re going to poke the holes about one inch apart.洞与洞之间大概相聚一英寸。Once you#39;re done with that go ahead and take your strawberry mixture and pour it all over your cake.小洞戳好以后,把草莓混合物倒在蛋糕上。Now we#39;re going to refrigerate this for at least two hours up to overnight.现在我们要把蛋糕冷藏至少2个小时,或者一整夜也行。We#39;re going to finish our take off with some whipped cream,用一些鲜奶油来完成我们的蛋糕,so,we#39;re going to combine one and a half cups of heavy whipping cream and 2 tablespoons of confectioner sugar.所以,要把1杯半的鲜奶油和2大汤匙的糖粉混合在一起。We#39;re going to go ahead and whip this until it soft peaks.我们要把鲜奶油打至湿性发泡。So once you have those soft peaks go ahead and add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.奶油发泡以后,就可以加入2大汤匙的柠檬汁。Now that this is done go ahead and cover your cake with it.现在已经做好了,把它铺在蛋糕上。We are actually going to serve the cake right out of the pan like this,我们会直接把蛋糕放在盘子里端上桌,and I actually as love serving cakes right out of the cake pan because not only is it less dishes,我喜欢这样放蛋糕不仅仅是因为这会让它和菜有所区分,but there#39;s something just so wholesome about it.而且还能保它的完整性。It reminds me of when my mom made cakes when I was little and we had them to share with friends and family.这让我想起小时候妈妈做蛋糕的时候,我们和家人朋友一起享用。Go ahead and just do a nice layer of that whipped cream.继续在蛋糕上抹一层漂亮的鲜奶油。You could be done or we could add some sprinkles and what#39;s better than sprinkles a sprinkle mix!你可以做到这里就完工了,或者可以加一些糖屑,还有什么比撒点糖粉更好的呢!So,I have a mixture of a bunch of different sprinkles her pink and yellow,有不同的糖屑,粉色和黄色的,and some sparkling sugars we#39;re going to go ahead and just cover the cake with that.还有一些闪闪发光的糖,在蛋糕上撒上这些东西。This strawberry lemonade cake is the perfect recipe for your summer potluck or the fourth of July!这款草莓柠檬蜂窝蛋糕是你夏日聚餐或7月4日的完美食谱!If you liked this don#39;t forget to give us a thumbs up如果你喜欢这个视频不要忘了给我们个赞and in the comments below tell me what your favorite summer treat is!请在下面中告诉我你最喜欢的夏天美食是什么!I#39;m Stephanie from Wilton thanks for watching!我是威尔顿的斯蒂芬妮,谢谢你的关注! Article/201707/516792

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