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吉林大学四院专家长春妇保医院怎么走长春处女膜修复哪家医院好 Conditions of applying a visa 签条件A: I have heard that you are going to Singapore an international educational conference next month, is it true?我听说你下一个月要去新加坡参加一次国际教育会议,这是真的吗?B: Yes, if eveything goes smoothly.是的,假如一切都很顺利的话A: Wonderful. It is really a valuable chance to get to know some knowledge frontier as well as the latest teaching skills. Isnt it marvelous? Congratulations!那真是太好了这绝对是一次了解学术前沿知识和最先进的教学方法的大好机会这是太棒了祝贺你啊!B: Thank you. But the procedures to go to another country is very complicated, it a big headache. I really do not know how to make it. I have heard that the procedures to apply a business visa are not that easy.谢谢你但是出国的手续很复杂啊,这是目前我最头疼的一件事了我都不知道该怎么办听说商务签的程序还不简单呢A: Dont worry so much. I went to attend an international meeting last year, and I know there are some requirements to be satisfied if you are applying a business visa, but it is not that difficult as you have imagined. Firstly you need to have an invitation letter, which is a necessity, because the officer in the visa office will need this to confirm that there are really some proper business reasons you to go to another country and without any ill intention.你不用太过担心这个问题我去年去参加过一个国际会议,我知道要申请商务签的话是有一些要求应该满足,但并不是像你想象的那么复杂首先你需要的是一封邀请函,这是必须的东西,因为签办公室要用你的邀请函来确认你确实有真实的商务原因要进入他国而没有任何的不良意图B: OK, I see. That means the invitation letter is the basic document I need to have. Then I will e-mail the organizer of this conference to provide me with an invitation letter.我明白了,也就是说我首先需要的是最基本的文件就是一封邀请函那么我会给这次会议的主办方发一封电子邮件,要求他们给我发一封邀请函A: And the immigration Bureau will ask you to be physically healthy, no criminal record, and no threat to the national security. That means you have to ask the personal department of our school to provide a certificate to confirm that you do not have any of the problems.并且移民局会要求商务考察者身体健康,无刑事犯罪记录,对某国的国家安全不会构成威胁所以你要到我们学校的人事部门让他们给你出具一份明来实你没有以上问题B: OK, this is not difficult. 好的,这个并不难A: So, we are almost there. It is not that complicated as you imagined, huh?基本上就是这些了没有你想象的那么复杂,是不是?B: Yes, you are right. Thank you so much. You are really helpful. I am really honored to have a friend like you.是啊,你说得对真是非常感谢你你对我帮助很大,我很荣幸能有你这样的朋友;We are almost there;意为;差不多或者几乎做完了某事;,这是口语当中经常会听到的表达方式还可以说;We are almost done.;这两种表达方式的意思基本是一样的例如:We are almost done today, please have a good rest and come back to work with all your energy tomorrow. 今天我们的任务差不多结束了,今天回去好好休息,明天精神百倍地回来工作 535PW: Today we are going to talk about the Olympic Opening Ceremony.Y: Yeh!PW: You sure are excited about the Opening Ceremony. But is it such a big deal?Y: Of course it a big deal. 奥运会四年才开一次主办国可以在开幕式上显示历史、文化,经济实力You know, to show off.P: So, I am guessing there will be lots of permances - dances and acrobatics.Y: Yes, that right, Patrick.开幕式一开始要升起奥运旗帜,演奏奥运主题歌P: It starts with the raising of the Olympic flag and the perming of the Olympic anthem.Y: 然后是各国运动员入场P: That called a ;Parade of Nations,; when the athletes of each nation participating in the Olympics parade through the stadium with their national teams. Y: 开幕式除了大型表演,最精的是最后点燃奥运圣火P: Lighting of the Olympic Flame with the torch is the climax of the opening ceremony. It awesome.Y: 说了半天,我只在电视上看过奥运会开幕式,如果能到现场那该多好P: Well, look what Ive got!Y: 开幕式门票!Oh my gosh, Patrick! Who did you knock off to get those?P: Who did I ;knock off;? Dont worry, I didnt have to kill anyone, Yang Chen. The tickets to the opening ceremony are sold out long time ago. I was given these by a friend whose brother is an Olympic athlete.Y: 你还认识奥运会运动员Cool.PW: Say, do you want to go, Yang Chen? Ive got two tickets?YC: Do I want to go? Id LOVE to go! 1870长春宽城区治疗尿道炎多少钱

长春市南关区中医院是不是三甲医院A 36-year-old New Jersey woman has started a series of surgeries to manage a chronic condition that caused her lower body and legs to swell as wide as feet.一名36岁的新泽西妇女日前开始接受一系列的手术来治疗一种慢性疾病,这种疾病使她下身和双腿肿胀至英尺宽Katia Page was diagnosed with stage 5 lipedema in April after years of misdiagnoses, according to her blog. The syndrome is characterized by symmetric enlargement of the legs due to deposits of fat beneath the skin, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).根据客凯蒂娅·佩奇的客显示,经过多年的误诊后,她在年月被诊断为脂肪水肿第五阶段据美国国家卫生研究院表示,脂肪水肿的综合征特点是由于皮下脂肪的堆积造成的双腿对称性肿大The often painful condition affects up to percent of women. The underlying cause is unknown.这种经常疼痛的病症影响了多达%的女性根本原因目前还并不清楚Page underwent liposuction to reduce the swelling of her legs, which started at 50 to 5 inches wide, Daily Mail reported. She will undergo to surgeries over three to four years, her doctor, Dr. David Greuner, told the Daily Mail.据《每日邮报报道,佩奇通过抽脂来减少双腿的肿胀,她的腿有50至5英寸宽她的主治医生大卫·格罗伊纳士在接受《每日邮报采访时表示,她将在三到四年内的时间接受到次手术Page, who is engaged to be married, first noticed her legs were swelling when she was seven years old, but it got worse when she was in her early s, she told the Daily Mail.已经订婚了的佩奇在接受《每日邮报采访时表示,在七岁时她就开始注意到自己的腿在肿胀,但情况在岁出头时更加糟糕;It the last stage and it just drastic. Some days Ill be in so much pain that I cant really do anything,; she said. ;It bad when your calf is bigger than your waistline. One calf - not both - but one.;这是最后一个阶段,疼痛很激烈有时候我非常痛苦,以至于什么也做不了;她说道;当你的小腿甚至超过腰围时,这太糟糕了是一条小腿,不是两条,只是一条小腿; 591伊通满族自治县妇幼保健医院口碑好不好 1. Can I take your order now? 现在可以请您点菜了吗?. Do you have vegetarian dishes? 餐厅是否供应素食餐?3. How do you like the steak cooked? 你想要几分熟的牛排?. Do you have any recommendations? 你有推荐吗?5. What is the specialty of the restaurant? 你们店的招牌菜是什么?6. Would you like an aperitif bee you order? 点餐之前您想来杯开胃酒吗?7. I have to avoid food containing fat salt sugar. 我必须避免含脂肪 盐份 糖份的食物8. Would you rather have sweet wine or dry wine? 您想要甜葡萄酒还是干白葡萄酒?9. Irsquo;d like a ham sandwich and two cups of coffee. 我要一个火腿三明治,还有两杯咖啡. Well done medium well medium rare rare, please. 全熟 七分熟 五分熟 四分熟 三分熟重点讲解:vegetarian n. 1. 吃素的人;素食者;素食主义者 . 食草动物adj. 1. 素食者的. 只有蔬菜的 例句:He opened a vegetarian restaurant in his hometown. 他在家乡开了个素菜馆 596长春市医院人流多少钱

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