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长春都市丽人医院打胎多少钱吉林省长春市妇保医院在哪里A Japanese hair salon is rewriting the meaning of ;cutting edge; after taking fashion inspiration from the humble tomato: stylist Hiro has designed a hairdo called “Ripe Tomatoes”。  日本一家发廊从毫不起眼的番茄身上获得了时尚灵感,改写了;前沿;的定义:造型师Hiro设计了一款“熟番茄”发型。  The look involves cutting the hair into a rounded crop before dying it bright red. Sections from the crown are then shaped and colored green to resemble a tomato#39;s stalk。  做这个发型时先要把头发剪成圆形短发,然后将其染成亮红色。头顶的头发分成几部分,做成番茄叶柄的形状,并染成绿色。  Sadly, the red and the green fade quickly and the “leaves” are difficult to shape after being washed, so like the fruit, the style also has a “shelf life”。  遗憾的是,红、绿色褪色很快,而且“叶子”在洗头后很难固定成型,所以和水果一样,这款发型也有“保质期”。 /201305/240652二道区孕前检测哪家医院最好的 长春经开区中心甲状腺医院的信誉

吉大一院妇科检查怎么样多的情人节创意Take some time to think about unusual and memorable ways to say, "I love you" on Valentine's Day. You will many men circling around the greeting card section right before Valentine's Day, looking for a card for their loved one. This is so typical for Valentine's Day. If you want to spice it up a bit, buy the card early and send it out to Kissimmee, Florida or even Loving, New Mexico with a self addressed stamped envelope and present her with a card with a postmark that says it all.If you think about love and making memories, you can come up with many creative Valentine's Day ideas for making the day special. If you do not want to go out for the night, you might think about making a special dinner with candle lights and rent a violinist to serenade you during your and after dinner drinks. If you really want to make it special, you might even find a company that rents electric fireplaces and have one delivered and set up for added warmth and romance. You can enjoy a night in front of the fireplace after the violinist leaves.There are many creative Valentine's Day ideas that will leave both of you with cherished memories. Rent a hot tub and place it outside. You can sit in a hot tub sipping your favorite glass of wine. If you live in an area where it is cold outside, do not worry, you will stay very warm in the hot tub. If it happens to snow, this could be even more enjoyable. If wine is not your choice, try some champagne, strawberries on a little tray set up outside the hot tub within reaching distance.Creative Valentine's Day ideas that are unique and memorable are endless. Think with the heart and you will come up with something unique. If you have a family with small children, you might want to give each other a break. Hire a nanny to care for the children out of the house for the day, have a maid service come in and clean the house, then have a chef come to your home and prepare a scrumptious Valentine's Day dinner.Coming up with unique ideas for Valentine's Day is more intriguing than most imagine. Most of the time, when you think about something to do for that special Valentine's Day, it makes you feel warm inside just planning the events. The feeling is one you will remember forever. 如果要你花点时间想想什么是不同凡响经久难的忘情人节表白方式,你可能会想到许多男士挤在贺卡卖区为所爱的人选卡片的场面,这自然是最有代表性的情人节场景。如果你想加点花样,那就早点买好卡片,把它发到基希米,佛罗里达,甚至浓情的新墨西哥,别忘了信封上要写回邮地址,这样,你的她就能收到一个带着远方邮戳的卡片,而那个邮戳会让她明白你所有的努力。如果你想要滋润爱情,或者留下难忘的回忆,那么你可以考虑借鉴一下形形色色的情人节创意来让你的这一天变得与众不同。如果你不想晚上活动,那么不妨来一次别致的烛光晚餐,还要请位琴师,以便在优雅的小夜曲中与她共进晚餐并在餐后浪漫地举杯谈心。如果你还觉不够,也可以找家租借公司租个电壁炉来增添温馨和浪漫的氛围。待琴师离去,你们就可以在壁炉旁过上一个难忘的夜晚。有许许多多情人节创意可以给你们留下二人世界的珍贵回忆。比如租一套热水浴设备安置在室外,就可以坐在浴桶里悠然地品一杯最爱的果酒。如果住在天气比较冷的地方就更好了,而且不用担心,浴桶里相当温暖了,如果赶上下雪,那真是情趣十足,不喜欢酒品,那就来杯香槟助兴,还要再在浴桶边备碟草莓。独具匠心的情人节创意不胜枚举,用心去想,你也会想出好点子来。如果你家里已经有小孩子了,那就让大家都放松一回,去雇个保姆来带孩子出去玩上一天,再找个家政务员帮忙打扫房间,最后请位大厨到你家里精心调配一桌佳肴,然后你们就可以享受一顿丰盛的情人节大餐了。去捕捉独特的情人节创意灵感本身就妙趣横生,超乎想象。其实,当你真心想为这个节日做些什么的时候,那一刻,你会发觉,仅仅是这个准备的过程就会让你感到从心底里生出的温暖,因为这是一种可能永远铭记的感动。 /200803/31798松原人民医院做孕检多少钱 A tourist was visiting New Mexico and was amazed at the dinosaur bones lying about.How old are these bones? the tourist asked an elderly Native American, who served as a guide.Exactly one hundred million and three years old.一位游客在新墨西哥游览,他对随处可见的恐龙化石甚感惊奇。这些化石有多长的历史?游客问一个上了年纪的当地美国人,他是作向导的。整整十亿零三年了。How can you be so sure? inquired the tourist.Well, replied the guide, a geologist came by here and told me these bones were one hundred million years old, and that was exactly three years ago.你怎么这么肯定?游客问道。哦,向导回答道,一个地质学家来过这儿,他告诉我说这些化石有十亿年了,再加上那是整整三年前的事了。 /201305/238581长春市第一人民医院如何

长春市宽城区妇幼保健所妇科专家Hundreds of youth have torched cars and attacked police in four nights of riots in immigrant suburbs of Sweden#39;s capital, shocking a country that dodged the worst of the financial crisis but failed to solve youth unemployment and resentment among asylum seekers.据外国媒体5月23日报道,瑞典首都斯德哥尔移民区连续四天晚上爆发骚乱,数以百计的年轻人焚烧汽车、袭击警察。骚乱震惊了瑞典。Violence sp from the North to the South of the city on Wednesday as groups of youth pushed throughStockholm#39;s suburbs casting stones, breaking windows and setting cars alight. Police in the southern Swedish city of Malmo said two cars had been set ablaze.22日,暴力行动由北向城市南部蔓延,成群年轻人穿越市郊,投掷石头,打碎窗户,点燃汽车。瑞典南部城市马尔默的警察透露,有两辆汽车被点燃。Local media said a police station office was set on fire in the southern suburb of Rgsved, where several people were also detained. No one was hurt and the fire was quickly put out.当地媒体报道称,斯德哥尔南郊拉格斯维德的警察局起火,有几个人被拘留。不过,火势很快被扑灭,也没有人员伤亡。The attackers have awaited nightfall before setting out, defying a call for calm from the country#39;s prime minister and damaging stores, schools, a police station and an arts and crafts centre in the four days of violence.攻击者无视瑞典首相呼吁冷静,在夜幕降临后出动。在四天的暴力行动中,一些商店和学校遭到破坏、一个警察局和一所工艺美术中心也被殃及。;I think there is a feeling that we need to be in more places tonight,; said Towe Hagg, spokeswoman forStockholm police. One police officer was injured in the latest attacks and five were arrested for attempted arson.斯德哥尔警察局女发言人特维·黑格说,“我感觉,今天晚上我们需要在更多的地方。”在最近的袭击中,一名警官受伤,5人涉嫌纵火未遂被捕。Selcuk Ceken, who works at a local youth activity centre in Hagsatra, said between 40 and 50 youths threw stones at police and smashed windows, then ran off in different directions. He noted the people were in their 20s and seemed well organized.在哈格塞特拉青年活动中心工作的塞尔丘克·切肯说,四五十名青年向警察投掷石头,砸碎窗户,然后四散而逃。他注意到,那些人20多岁,似乎组织有序。他还说,“很难说他们为什么这么做。也许是怨恨法治部门,也许因为不满个人处境,例如失业或没有住处。”;It#39;s difficult to say why they#39;re doing this,; he said. ;Maybe it#39;s anger at the law and order forces, maybe it#39;s anger at their own personal situation, such as unemployment or having nowhere to live.;本月,警察杀死一名在赫斯比郊区手持砍刀的69岁男子,引发对警察暴行的职责。骚乱似乎源自此事,并从赫斯比蔓延到斯德哥尔其他贫穷郊区。The riots appear to have been sparked by the police killing of a 69-year-old man wielding a machete in the suburb of Husby this month, which prompted accusations of police brutality. The riots then sp from Husby to other poor Stockholm suburbs.社会组织Megafonen创始人拉米·哈米斯说,“我们看到社会日益分化,社会和经济差距越来越大。这里的人正在受到最严重的打击。我们存在制度上的种族歧视。”;We see a society that is becoming increasingly divided and where the gaps, both socially and economically, are becoming larger,; said Rami Al-khamisi, co-founder of Megafonen, a group that works for social change in the suburbs.;And the people out here are being hit the hardest ... We have institutional racism.;The riots were less severe than those of the past two summers in Britain and France but provided a reminder that even in places less ravaged by the financial crisis than Greece or Spain, state belt-tightening is toughest on the poor, especially immigrants.此次骚乱虽然没有过去两年夏季英国和法国骚乱那么严重,但是提醒世人即使在遭受金融危机打击比希腊或西班牙小的国家,对穷人,尤其是移民来说,紧缩政策也极其难熬。;The reason is very simple. Unemployment, the housing situation, disrespect from police,; said Rouzbeh Djalaie, editor of the local Norra Sidan newspaper, which covers Husby. ;It just takes something to start a riot, and that was the shooting.;“原因非常简单:失业、住房情况、警察无礼。”当地报纸编辑鲁兹贝赫说,“引发骚乱只需要干点事情,那就是开。”IDENTITY CHECKS身份检查Djalaie said youths were often stopped by police in the streets for unnecessary identity checks. During the riots, he said some police called local youths ;apes.;鲁兹贝赫说,警察经常在街上拦住年轻人,进行无必要的身份检查。在骚乱期间,有些警察称当地年轻人“大猩猩”。The television pictures of blazing cars come as a jolt to a country proud of its reputation for social justice as well as its hospitality towards refugees from war and repression.汽车燃烧的电视画面震惊了这个以社会公正、善待难民著称的国家。司法大臣比阿特丽斯·阿斯克说,“我理解住在这些郊区和赫斯比的许多人担忧、不安、愤怒和关切的原因。社会排斥引发许多问题,我们理解。”;I understand why many people who live in these suburbs and in Husby are worried, upset, angry and concerned,; said Justice Minister Beatrice Ask. ;Social exclusion is a very serious cause of many problems, we understand that.;实行以福利著称的“瑞典模式”几十年之后,自上世纪90年代以来,斯德哥尔一直在削减政府角色,不平等迅速增加,甚于何发达的经合组织成员。After decades of practicing the ;Swedish model; of generous welfare benefits, Stockholm has been reducing the role of the state since the 1990s, spurring the fastest growth in inequality of any advanced OECD economy.虽然平均生活标准依然在欧洲高居榜首,多届政府未能有效减少青年长期失业和贫困问题,移民社区最受影响。While average living standards are still among the highest in Europe, successive governments have failed to substantially reduce long-term youth unemployment and poverty, which have affected immigrant communities worst.经合组织的数据显示,瑞典约15%的人口出生在国外,这些人的失业率高达16%,而瑞典本地人失业率为6%。Some 15 percent of the population are foreign-born, and unemployment among these stands at 16 percent, compared with 6 percent for native Swedes, according to OECD data.赫斯比青年失业率为6%,是斯德哥尔平均失业率的两倍。Youth unemployment in Husby, at 6 percent, is twice the overall average across the capital.The left-leaning tabloid Aftonbladet said the riots represented a ;gigantic failure; of government policies, which had underpinned the rise of ghettos in the suburbs.《瑞典晚报》(Aftonbladet)称,骚乱体现了政府政策的“巨大失败”。As unemployment has grown, the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party has risen to third in polls ahead of a general election due next year, reflecting many voters#39; worries that immigrants may be partly to blame.随着失业率的增长,反移民的瑞典民主党在明年大选前的民调中已跃居第三位,反映了许多选民的担心,而移民可能是部分原因。ASYLUM NUMBERS RISING难民增加While many of the immigrant population are from Nordic neighbors closely tied to Sweden by language or culture, the debate has tended to focus on poor asylum seekers from distant war zones.许多移民来自在语言或文化上都与瑞典关系密切的北欧邻国,穷苦的战争难民成为争论焦点。Out of a total 103,000 immigrants last year, 43,900 were asylum seekers, almost 50 percent up from 2011. Nearly half of these were refugees from fighting in Syria, Afghanistan or Somalia, and will get at least temporary residency.瑞典去年移民总数为10.3万,其中4.39万人是难民,比2011年几乎增加了50%。这些人中将近一半是来自叙利亚、阿富汗或索马里战区的难民,至少将得到临时居住权。Among 44 industrialized countries, Sweden ranks fourth in the absolute number of asylum seekers, and second relative to its population, according to U.N. figures.联合国数据显示,在44个工业化国家中,在入境难民的绝对数量上,瑞典排名第四。Policing in Stockholm has aly been the focus of controversy this year, with allegations that police were picking out darker-skinned immigrants for identity checks in subway trains.今年,斯德哥尔警察行为已成争议焦点,有人指控称警方在地铁上对肤色较黑的移民进行身份检查。 /201305/241307 长春市第四人民医院门诊官网宽城区儿童医院等级



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