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吉大四院在哪里长春市那家看妇科比较好吉大三院有四维彩超吗 Experts say eating a range of fruit and veg is best, as part of a balanced diet, to protect against illness专家说吃各种水果和蔬菜,作为平衡饮食的一部分,是以防生病的最好方法。Research suggests eating at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day is more effective at preventing disease than the government#39;s current five-a-day recommendation.研究表明至少每天吃七种水果或蔬菜能比目前官方说的每天吃三份蔬菜及两份水果更有效地预防疾病Is five a day enough?每天吃三份蔬菜及两份水果就足够了吗?The government says yes - but people should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. The advice is based on World Health Organization guidelines, which are 25 years old.官方回答是足够的,但是人每天应该吃至少五种水果或蔬菜。该建议是基于世界卫生组织二十五年来的标准。Dietitians say eating five a day is enough to get the protective benefits of fruit and veg - although eating more may be additionally beneficial.营养师说,尽管吃的更多可能会更有益,但是三份蔬菜及两份水果已经足够得到水果和蔬菜中的防护效益。What counts as a portion?最重要的部分?For an adult, a minimum of 400g of fruit and veg should be eaten every day, or five portions of 80g.对于一个成年人来说,每天最少吃四百克的水果和蔬菜或者每天吃五份,每份八十克的不同的水果和蔬菜。The amount varies for children, based on activity levels and age, but a rough guide is that one portion should fit in the palm of their hand.儿童的摄入量则多样,基于活动的强度水平和年龄大小而不同,但一个粗略的摄入指南是摄入份额与他们的手掌心大小相同。Fruit and vegetables do not have to be eaten on their own and can be cooked in dishes such as soups, stews or pasta meals.水果和蔬菜不必生吃,你可以做成食物后吃如汤煮,炖饭或下面条。Can#39;t I just munch on five carrots and be done?我就不能只吃五根胡萝卜吗?No. Although carrots count towards your five-a-day, to get the most benefit your five portions should include a variety of fruit and vegetables.不行。尽管胡萝卜算在你的三份蔬菜及两份水果中,但是为了最有益于你的身体,五种水果和蔬菜应该多种多样。This is because different fruits and vegetables contain different combinations of nutrients and vitamins.这是因为不同的水果和蔬菜中含有的营养成分和维生素不同。What#39;s best to eat then?什么是最好的吃的呢?Almost all fruit and vegetables will count. Generally, raw vegetables and fruit will contain the most nutrients because cooking can remove some nutrients. Likewise, fresh fruit and vegetables are thought to be more nutrient dense than preserved ones. But frozen fruit and vegetables are still good, and dried fruit, such as currants, dates, sultanas and figs.几乎所有的水果和蔬菜都是算在内的。一般来说,生的蔬菜和水果将包含大多数营养,因为烹饪可能破坏某些营养元素。同样的,新鲜的水果和蔬菜被认为比腌制的更有营养。但是,冷冻水果,蔬菜和干果还是拥有好的营养价值的,如葡萄干,日期,葡萄干,无花果。Those in y-meals and shop-bought pasta sauces, soups and puddings are also included, but advice urges ;only to have them occasionally; or in small amounts as they are often high in salt, sugar and fat.那些已熟食物和商店买了的意大利面酱汁,汤、布丁也包括在内,但我建议主张“只让他们偶尔或少量的吃他们,因为他们往往高盐,糖和脂肪。Do tinned fruit and fruit juice count?水果罐头和果汁算在内吗?Fruit juice Fruit juice counts towards one portion of the recommended five portions per day一部分果汁算在内Yes, says the government (although the latest study did not find this). Juice should be unsweetened, and only counts as one portion a day, as it contains less fibre than whole fruits and vegetables.是的,官方说道(尽管最新研究没有发现这个结论)。果汁不应该加糖,只算一天的一种水果或蔬菜,因为它含有的纤维比整个水果和蔬菜少。Fruit must be tinned in natural juice, or water, with no added sugar or salt, and not in syrup, otherwise it will not be as healthy.罐头水果必须在天然的果汁,或水中,不添加糖或盐,不放在糖浆中,否则将很不健康。Beans and pulses also count, but again only as one portion as they contain fewer nutrients than other fruits and vegetables.豆类也算,但是只算一种,因为它们含有的营养成分比其他水果和蔬菜少。Smoothies may count towards more than one portion if they contain all the edible pulped fruit or veg, and depending on their ingredients.果汁可以算作一个以上的种类,如果它们根据其成分,包含的所有食用果肉的水果或蔬菜。What about potatoes?土豆呢?potato dish Potatoes do not count towards one of the five-a-day, but sweet potatoes do土豆不计入三份蔬菜及两份水果中,但甜土豆算。Potatoes are not one of the five-a-day items. This is because they mainly contribute starch to a healthy diet, which is a good source of energy and helps digestion.土豆不在三分蔬菜及两份水果的项目中。这是因为它们产生的主要是淀粉——一种健康饮食,这是一个很好的有助于消化的能量。They are classified in the same group as b or pasta by the government.他们被官方的分在面包或面食的一个集体中。Skins should be left on when cooking as they are a good source of fibre.表皮在烹饪时应被留下,他们是一个很好的纤维来源。But sweet potatoes, parsnips, swedes and turnips do count as five-a-day foods, as they are usually eaten as well as the starchy bit of the meal.但是,甜土豆,萝卜,瑞典甘蓝和芜菁作物算是三份蔬菜及两份水果中包含的食品,因为它们通常作为餐位食用淀粉。How about superfoods?食品怎么样?While its tempting to believe that eating a single fruit or vegetable containing a certain nutrient, vitamin or antioxidant will be the answer to our health needs, this is not borne out by science. It#39;s best not to concentrate on any one food in the hope that it will work miracles.虽然它很值得相信的是吃一种水果或蔬菜中含有一定的营养物质,维生素和抗氧化剂可以解决我们健康的需求,但这并没有科学明。最好不要期望任何一种食物会创造奇迹。Instead, dietitians say we should aim for a well-balanced and varied diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables.相反,营养师说,我们的目标应该是一个均衡和多样化的饮食包括大量的水果和蔬菜。What about other countries?其他国家呢?Many countries - including Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand - recommend five portions a day.许多国家,包括德国,荷兰和新西兰推荐一天吃五种水果及蔬菜。Some others - including Canada and Japan - recommend seven or more.一些人——包括加拿大和日本,推荐吃七种或更多。France goes as far as recommending 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.法国人推荐每天吃十种水果和蔬菜。In Australia, they say the emphasis should be on eating more vegetables than fruit and recommend five portions of vegetables and two of fruit per day.在澳大利亚人们说重点应该在于吃蔬菜和水果,以及每天吃五种水果和蔬菜。 /201411/342585乾安县治疗月经不调哪家医院最好的

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吉林省肿瘤医院妇科医院Divorcees are more likely to have a heart attack than their peers who stay married, US research suggests.美国一项研究显示,离婚人士比其他婚姻关系正常的同龄人更易患心脏病。An analysis of 15,827 people showed women were worst affected, and barely reduced the risk if they remarried.该研究分析了15827人后发现,女人的心脏状况更易受到离婚的影响,并且再婚也几乎不会减少患病几率。The study, published in the journal Circulation, argued that chronic stress, linked to divorce, had a long-term impact on the body.发表于美国《循环》杂志上的这项研究认为,由离婚引起的长期焦虑对身体健康有持久的不良影响。The British Heart Foundation called for more research before divorce is classed as a major heart risk.英国心脏基金会呼吁,在离婚被视为心脏病主要风险因素之前应进行更多研究。We aly know that the death of a close loved one can greatly increase the risk of a heart attack.我们知道,亲密爱人的死亡会增加患心脏病的风险。Now a team at Duke University has shown a similar effect after divorce.现在美国杜克大学的研究小组发现,离婚也有类似的不良结果。During the course of the study, between 1992 and 2010, roughly one in three people divorced at least once.研究从1992开始进行到2010年,过程中发现,每三人中就有一人至少离婚一次。Women who divorced once were 24% more likely to have had a heart attack in the study than women who were continuously married. The figure was 77% for those having multiple divorces.离过一次婚的女性比持续在婚姻状态中的女性患心脏病的几率高出24%。如果离婚多次,心脏病发率将增加77%。In men, there was a modest 10% extra risk for one divorce and 30% increase after multiple divorces.对于男性,离婚一次增加10%的心脏病发率。多次离婚将增加30%病发率。One of the researchers Prof Linda George said: ;This risk is comparable to that of high blood pressure or if you have diabetes, so it#39;s right up there, it is pretty big.;其中的一位研究人员琳达·乔治教授说:“这跟高血压或糖尿病的风险接近,所以就此而言,风险还是相当高的。”When it came to remarriage, the risk was only marginally reduced for women while men bounced back.而如果再婚,对女人来说风险只是稍微降低了一点,对男人来说却如获新生。;I think this is the most interesting bit in the paper,; Prof George added.乔治教授补充道:“我认为这是研究报告中最有意思的一点。”She told the B News website: ;We joke around here and call it the #39;any-women-will-do orientation#39; for men.她告诉B新闻网站的记者:“我们就这一点打趣说,任何女人都能拯救男人。”;They#39;re more comfortable being married than not married and cope with different women being their spouses.“男性觉得结婚比不结婚更舒,而且任何类型的女性做配偶,他们都能应付。”;First marriages are protective for women and it#39;s a little dicey after that.;“对于女性来说,第一次婚姻是为了寻求保护,之后的婚姻更具一点冒险精神。”But why?为什么呢?The researchers found that changes in lifestyle, such as loss of income, could not explain the heightened risk.研究人员发现,生活方式的改变,例如收入的减少,并不能解释这种风险的增加。Prof George told the B News website: ;My educated speculation is that we know that psychological distress is a constant stress on the immune system, higher levels of inflammation and stress hormones increase.乔治教授表示:“我的推测是,精神的苦闷会给免疫系统带来持久的压力,导致各种炎症发生的几率更高,压力激素增加。”;Immune function is altered for the worse and if that continues for many years it does take a physiological toll.;“免疫功能遭到破坏,如果这种状况一直持续多年,就会导致健康出现问题。”She argues the sex-difference is also found in depression and that divorce is a greater ;psychological burden; for women although ;we don#39;t know exactly what#39;s going on;.乔治认为,抑郁症还存在性别差异,离婚对女人来说“心理负担”更重,尽管“我们并不知道到底发生了什么”。While tablets can reduce the risks caused by high blood pressure, there is no easy solution for the pain of divorce.尽管吃药可以减少由高血压所带来的患病风险,但要想治愈离婚所带来的伤痛却并不容易。The researchers recommend close, supportive friends.专家建议从亲密的朋友关系中寻求持和安慰。Prof Jeremy Pearson, from the British Heart Foundation, commented: ;We have known for some time that our mental health can affect our heart health.英国心脏基金会的杰里米·皮尔森教授道:“我们知道,精神健康有时会影响心脏健康。;This study suggests that divorce might increase a person#39;s risk of a heart attack.“这个研究指出,离婚会增加一个人患心脏病的风险。”;But the results are not definitive so further evidence would be needed before divorce could be considered a significant risk factor for causing a heart attack.;但结果尚未定论,所以在离婚被作为引起心脏病的一个重要风险因素之前,还需要获得进一步的据。” /201506/378457 GEMINI and ARIES:双子-白羊:This is one of your best matches. You both have a high energy, a thirst for adventure and spontaneity. Passionate, sudden and compelling, this union can last.白羊座是你最适合的伴侣之一。你们都精力旺盛,富于冒险且自发性强。只要拥有更多的和动力,这对组合可以一直走下去。GEMINI and TAURUS:双子-金牛:This is not a good connection for the Bull. Your lack of routine upsets this steady sign. You find Taureans far too dull for your liking and will tend to wander early into the relationship.看上去,牛儿并不适合你。稳重的金牛座难以适应你多变的个性让,而你也觉得他太迟钝乏味。这样一来你俩的关系必将徘徊不前。GEMINI and GEMINI:双子-双子:You can have some real good times but you seldom stay together unless you meet in later years. however, you can have some wonderful times together.你们会有一段美好的时光,但是如果没有多年后的邂逅,你们很少待在一起。GEMINI and CANCER:双子-巨蟹:The Moon child is far too moody and sensitive for your fickle ways. You are not a homebody like the Crab. You have totally different interests then a Cancer.守护星是月亮的巨蟹座人多愁善感,与你行事方法格格不入。你也不是一个像他那样的喜欢过居家生活的人。你们的兴趣太不一样,勉强在一起也不会幸福哦。GEMINI and LEO:双子-狮子:This is not a bad connection. You complement one another. The generous Lion will bend to whatever you want as long as you let your flattering silver tongue lead the way.这对组合还不错,有点互补的意思。只要你多点甜言蜜语,大方的狮子能满足你所有的要求。GEMINI and VIRGO:双子-处女:This is not the best union, the practical Virgo views you as being disorganized and frivolous. You on the other hand don#39;t think that the Virgoan knows how to have a good time.这对搭配不太理想,实际的处女座人认为你缺乏组织性且过于轻佻,另一方面,你也觉得处女座人不知道如何与你相处。GEMINI and LIBRA:双子-天秤:Magnetic union, but not long lasting. The Scales find it difficult to live in the turmoil and melodrama that you thrive on. This relationship is usually short, hot and sweet.这是很有吸引力的组合,可惜不能持久。天秤座的人很难忍受你善变的性格。你们的关系通常短暂,但热烈而甜蜜。GEMINI and SCORPIO:双子-天蝎:Scorpio#39;s jealous tendencies are impossible for you to handle. Your flirtatious ways and little white lies will drive the Scorpion as far away as possible.嫉妒心极强的蝎子让你很难应付;而你轻佻的行为也让他/她与你渐行渐远。GEMINI and SITTARIUS:双子-射手:This union can work; however, you both love to travel, therefore you may not spend much time together. You both tend to leave your fate to luck, which can make this a risky relationship.这对组合能凑合,不过你们都太爱游玩,以致于都没时间好好相处了。你俩都相信宿命,这往往让关系变得很危险。GEMINI and CAPRICORN:双子-羯:Not great. The Goat is too ambitious and organized for you. You have totally different priorities in love and in life.并不是太合拍的一对。山羊野心太大,对你并不适合。你们对待爱情和生活的态度完全不同。GEMINI and AQUARIUS:双子-水瓶:Super alliance, you are both original and like variety. This makes for a fun loving couple. This is not always a lasting union but it is certainly worth pursuing.你们是最佳的情侣档,都喜欢新鲜,热衷变化。这让你俩有很多共同话题。你们的感情也许不能持久,但绝对是值得期待的一对。GEMINI and PISCES:双子-双鱼:Insecurity usually ruins this relationship. This can be an extremely emotional union. Unique, destructive, yet passionate and lustful resulting in hurt and anxiety.缺乏安全感常常是破坏你们关系的重要原因。你们绝对是最具情绪化的一对。过于只会导致心力交瘁。 /201507/386690吉林省肿瘤医院做产检价格长春做可视无痛人流医院



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