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失明年,电子眼镜帮她看到曾孙 -- 18::39 来源: 美国一名妇女在失明近二十年后,最近在电子眼镜的帮助下第一次看到她的曾孙该眼镜售价1.5万美元每副 A Georgia woman who has been nearly blind the past years recently saw her great-grandchildren the first time with the help of electronic glasses.美国佐治亚州的一名妇女在失明近二十年后,最近在电子眼镜的帮助下第一次看到她的曾孙Fox 5 Atlanta reported that Betty Lord, of Mableton, tested eSight glasses, which operate with a high-speed camera that relays pixels in front of the user and transms them into enhanced that is then viewed with LED screens. The Toronto, Ontario-based company eSight sells them $,000 a pair.Fox 5 Atlanta报道说来自Mableton的Betty Lord测试了一副eSight眼镜,这副眼镜是由高速运转的相机将像素传到用户的眼睛上,并将它们转换成加强的视频后通过LED屏观看位于Toronto的Ontario的公司eSight以每副1.5万美元的价格售卖这类眼镜The glasses depend on remaining eyesight, and can be used people who have suffered from diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration, the news station reported. In 81-year-old Lord’s case, she lost her eyesight due to complications with diabetes.该眼镜依赖残余的视力,可用于患有青光眼或黄斑变性等疾病的人,新闻社报道说以81岁的Lord来说,她是由于糖尿病并发症失去了她的视力In a produced by Fox 5 Atlanta, one of Lord’s first responses upon regaining her eyesight was, “You need to go on a diet!” looking over at one of her relatives. The remark prompted her family to break out in laughter.在Fox 5 Atlanta制作的视频中,Lord在重获视力后的反应之一是——她看向某一个亲戚说“你需要节食!”这句话引得她家人哄堂大笑But the biggest treat Lord was seeing her great-grandchildren the first time.但对于Lord,最大的乐事是第一次看到自己的曾孙“I just can’t tell you how much this means to me,” Lord told her family.“我无法诉说这对我有多大的意义,”Lord告诉她的家人说Lord’s family has started a GoFundMe page to raise money so she can buy the glasses. As of Thursday morning, the had raised nearly $,000 of its $,000 goal.Lord的家人在GoFundMe网页为她筹钱使她可以买眼镜截止周四早上,该帐户已筹集了000美元目标中的近000美元。

  • 研究发现:看“擦边球”色情影片的人对女性的态度更消极 -- 19:1: 来源: 据英国心理协会的一项报告显示,经常看色情影片的人会对女性持有消极态度,而经常看“擦边球”影片的人可能会更加看不起女性 Previous studies have shown links between hard-core pornography and increased sexual deviance, including sex offences, negative attitudes to intimate relationships and acceptance of rape myths.之前已经有研究表明,色情影片和性异常行为的增加有关与之相关的性异常行为包括性侵犯、对亲密关系的消极态度、以及对强奸神话的接受But the effects of soft porn, including images found in tabloid newspapers and websites, are less well studied.但是对于包括小报纸和网页上的“擦边球”色情来说,相关的研究却非常少Sophie Daniels and Dr Simon Duff from the University of Nottingham said this lack of research is surprising, as people are more likely to be exposed to ’soft-core’ semi-nude images of women through the media, advertisements and using social media.据来自诺丁汉大学的索菲亚·丹尼尔斯和西蒙·达夫士表示,这一领域少有人关注的现象令人非常吃惊,因为通过媒体、广告和社交媒体等手段,人们更容易接触到“软性”色情,例如半裸的女性照片The pair looked any links between how much someone was exposed to soft-core images of women and their thinking and behaviour towards women.这两人不放过任何一个线索,积极寻找测验者在接触软性女性图片和对女性的看法、行为等之间的联系They found that people who were frequently exposed to soft-core images were desensitised to them and were less likely to describe them as ’pornographic’ than people with lower levels of exposure.他们发现那些经常接触软性色情图片的人对自己的行为不太敏感,相较于那些浏览内容更无下限的人来说,这些人不太可能说自己“色情”In addition, the study showed that people who viewed soft-core images often were less likely to hold positive views of women.更甚者,这份研究发现,那些浏览软性色情图片的人更难以对女性保持一个积极的态度However, the researchers add that it’s unclear whether the habit drives the attitude or vice versa.但是,这两名研究者还补充说,他们不清楚到底是这个习惯导致了这些人对女性的观点,还是说这些人对女性本来就是这个态度,所有才会产生这种行为习惯’This research is unfinished at this stage and certainly isn’t enough to draw conclusions about cause and effect or about any public health threat,’ said Kaye Wellings, Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health, London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine.伦敦卫生和热带医药学院的性与生殖健康教授凯·威灵斯说道:“在目前这个阶段,这份研究还没有完成而且很显然,还不能够对原因和结果、以及任何对公共卫生的威胁下定论”’There is extremely limited data available so we can’t know how robustly the research has been carried out. Those surveyed were a small sample of undergraduate students and are not representative of the population.“我们可以获得的数据非常有限,我们不知道对这个领域的研究进展如何这项研究的数据样本很小,而且全部是本科学生,并不能代表所有人口”Researchers talked to more than 1,000 children aged to as part of the study, which is the most extensive look at the impact of porn on secondary school pupils in the UK to date.在这项研究中,研究者们访谈了00名到岁大小的孩子,这是目前为止在英国就色情影片影响初中生最为广泛的一次调查Children’s charity NSPCC said an entire generation of children was at risk of being ’stripped of their childhoods’ through exposure to pornography at a young age.据英国儿童慈善机构“全国防止虐待儿童协会(NSPCC)”表示,由于在很小的时候就接触到色情,英国整整一代儿童都有被“剥夺童年”的风险A Department Culture, Media and Sport spokeswoman said the government was working to impose stricter age verification methods to websites.据英国文化、媒体和体育部门的一位发言人表示,政府正致力于在网上实施更加严格的年龄验措施They added: ’Keeping children safe online is one of Government’s key priorities. Just as we do offline, we want to make sure children are prevented from accessing pornographic content online which should only be viewed by adults.’他们说道:“保障儿童的网络安全是政府的关键优先事项之一就像我们在现实生活中所做的那样,我们必须确保儿童无法接触到那些只能够被成年人浏览的色情内容”。
  • 高温来袭说说“防暑神器” --7 ::1 来源:chinadaily 据气象预报显示,7日白天,华南、江南、华北、四川盆地以及新疆、内蒙古等地有高温天气其中,浙江、安徽、江苏、湖北、湖南、重庆等地的部分地区最高气温可达0℃部分地区体感温度高达50℃这样的高温天气在英语里有很多种表达方式,比如:sizzlingsevere heat 酷热scorching sun 烈日、骄阳blistering summer day 炎炎夏日torrid sun 灼热的太阳而持续一段时间的高温天气可以直接用hot spell来表示经历高温的网友们纷纷表示,这样的天气,每天都是“出门5分钟,流汗小时”,自己的命就是空调之父威利斯·开利给的高温来袭,你家里都备了哪些“防暑神器”?Apart from joking that they would live ever anywhere that has air conditioning and Wi-Fi, online users are also sharing and saving "magical" solutions that can beat the scorching heat.网友们在调侃“只要有空调和wifi的地方就能活下去”的同时,还分享了一些“防暑神器”龙虎清凉油 Dragon #38; Tiger balmIt contains many herbal mulas, such as menthol, camphor and mint oil, that its fans claim keep their skin cool.清凉油含薄荷醇、樟脑及薄荷油等草本成分,据说可以使皮肤保持凉爽感The balm is commonly applied on temples to keep the body cool and refreshed. Some also use it as a mosquito repellent due to its strong smell and also to ease carsickness.清凉油一般涂抹在太阳穴达到提神醒脑的功效,有时也可用于防蚊以及防晕车六神花露水 Liushen florida waterIt has a long history of dominating the domestic market as mosquito repellent and eliminating prickly heat.在驱蚊防暑界,六神花露水长期以来都是国内市场霸主风油精 FengyoujingFengyoujing is also menthol water, although not as expensive as Liushen.风油精跟六神花露水一样是薄荷水成分,不过价格更便宜藿香正气水 Huoxiangzhengqi waterHuoxiangzhengqi water, a kind of TCM concoction made by many herbs, has tested the will of millions of people with its bitter and spicy taste.藿香正气水是一种中药合剂,其苦涩的味道曾经挑战过无数国人的味蕾It is claimed that it's the best medicine to fight diarrhea and emesis in summer.不过,据说藿香正气水是夏季治疗腹泻和呕吐的最佳良药这些防暑神器,你用过几个?或者,你还有更棒的选择?(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。
  • 商场移除试衣镜 因其降低购买欲 -- :18:5 来源:chinadaily Mirrors are being removed from changing rooms in some of Britain's biggest shopping centres after new research revealed they make customers more "body conscious".一项新的研究表明,试衣镜使得顾客对自己的身材更在意,英国一些最大的购物中心正在移除试衣间里的镜子Almost three-quarters of British women (71 percent) are put off buying clothes after they have tried them on in front of a changing room mirror, a survey found.一项调查发现,近四分之三(71%)的英国女性在试衣镜前试穿之后,就打消了买衣的念头More than half of woman (5 percent) are left feeling down after seeing themselves in the mirror, the research discovered.调查发现,超过半数(5%)的女性看到镜中的自己后感到沮丧And a fifth ( percent) of women will only allow close friends and family to see them try on clothes in a changing room.五分之一(%)的女性只允许好友和家人看她们在试衣间里试穿衣Retail giant Hammerson is now taking down mirrors from its Birmingham Bullring, Bristol Cabot Circus and Croydon Centrale malls in a bid to boost the confidence of female shoppers.零售巨头汉莫森集团正从伯明翰的斗牛场购物中心、布里斯托尔的卡特广场以及克罗伊登的中央商场取下镜子,以增加女性消费者的信心Alex Thomas, regional marketing manager Hammerson, said: "One of the main reasons people come to our shopping centres is to buy clothes, whether that be a brand new wardrobe or a one off item a special occasion.亚历克斯?托马斯是汉莫森集团的区域市场经理,他说:“人们来购物中心的主要原因之一是买衣,不论是买一套崭新的行头,还是为某个特殊场合买件不会穿第二次的衣”"We want to ensure that everyone feels comtable and confident when trying on clothes, so that's why we're trialling banning the mirrors.“我们要确保每个人试衣时都感到舒适和自信,所以我们正试行不安装镜子”"We hope that women in particular will try something on and feel gorgeous and glamorous. Hopefully this will be a success and we can roll it out across our shopping centres the summer."“我们希望人们,尤其是女性,试穿衣时能感到自己美丽迷人希望这一做法会成功,这样今夏我们就会在我们的各大购物中心进行推广”The company, which carried out the research on women's approach to trying on clothes, said many prefer the opinions of shop assistants or friends to relying on how they think they look in the mirror.该公司对女性试穿衣的方式进行研究后表示,相比自己照镜子做出判断,许多人更倾向于听取店员或朋友的意见英文来源:每日电讯报译者:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮。
  • 树懒其实没那么懒:背包客拍到做瑜伽的树懒 --31 ::1 来源:chinadaily 大家还记得疯狂动物城里那只慢得让人抓狂的三趾树懒“闪电”么?这只“左手右手全都是慢动作”的树懒成了网友心目中的最萌配角其实“闪电”的性格都是根据树懒的真实形象打造的树懒虽然有脚但是却不能走路,靠的是前肢拖动身体前行,所以可以想象它行动起来有多缓慢了据说树懒全速前进可以每秒移动6厘米,每7到天才到树下排便一次,其他时间都在树上一动不动,堪称世界上最懒的动物了但是日前有背包客在哥斯达黎加目击到了一只做瑜伽的树懒,这只热爱运动的树懒着实让人们大开眼界,也许树懒并没有我们想象的那么懒Sloths are famous being the laziest members of the animal kingdom, so one particularly sprightly member of the species caused quite a stir when it was spotted doing yoga on the side of the road in Costa Rica.人们都认为树懒是全天下最懒的动物,所以当几个背包客在哥斯达黎加某条马路边看到一只热爱运动的树懒时,大家都惊讶不已The animal was caught in a stretch pose by a couple of passing backpackers, who decided to join it a few moves.一对路过的背包客恰好目击了这只树懒正在做的拉伸运动,连忙抓拍了几张照片并决定跟着这只树懒大师做做运动,活动下筋骨Aussie backpacker Claudia Moser, 33, who's currently travelling through Central America with her British partner Anthony Pace, 30, were treated to the ultimate off-the-beaten-track experience when they spotted the sloth on the side of a road.图中的女子名叫克劳迪娅?莫泽,今年33岁,来自澳洲她跟来自英国的男友,30岁的安东尼?佩斯在中美洲旅行的时候在路边目睹了这幕前所未有的景象In what appears to be the sloth taking a moment to hold his gate pose - practiced by yogis around the world - Claudia couldn't resist mimicking the sloth in its moment of tranquility.不知道出于什么原因,这只树懒一直保持着这个瑜伽经典动作,惹得克劳迪娅也忍不住跟着模仿了起来The budding photographers were luckily armed with their cameras and captured this rare photo of the notoriously slow creature set amongst the lush green surrounds.而身为摄影新手的安东尼恰好随身携带了相机,于是他很幸运地捕捉到了这一难得一见的场景——平时一直被嘲笑懒惰的动物竟然在草丛中舒展身体Claudia, from Bondi, in Sydney, said: 'We were on a shuttle bus taking us from Moin to Cahuita, when our driver suddenly stopped and pointed out the sloth on the road.来自悉尼邦代的克劳迪娅说:“当时我们坐在一辆从穆因开往卡胡塔的班车上,突然,我们的司机把车停了下来指着那只树懒叫我们看”'I couldn't believe it when I spotted he was doing my favourite yoga pose. Sloths are supposed to be lazy.她说,“我简直不敢相信它竟然做着我平时最喜欢的瑜伽动作树懒不应该是很懒的么?”'I've been practicing yoga years, so I had to join the sloth on the grassy verge and get into position. It was so much fun.“我已经练瑜伽好多年了,于是我加入了树懒的行列,在草地上摆起了那个POSE,真的好搞笑啊”'We only had a few minutes as we had to continue on our journey and I was worried about the sloth's safety. But our driver assured us he was 0 percent safe.克劳迪娅表示,“因为行程问题,我们当时只有短短几分钟的停留时间,但我很担心这只树懒的安全,但我们的司机却向我们保说它是百分之百安全的”'Apparently they only come down from their tree every six to seven days to go to the toilet. I'm sure we will see more of them as we continue our travels, but I doubt any of them will be as sporty as this sprightly sloth. '“据说树懒每过6到7天才会从树上爬下来上厕所,我相信我们在接下来的旅途中应该可以看见更多的树懒,但我很怀疑还能不能找到运动细胞这么好的!”她说英文来源:每日邮报中文来源:煎蛋网审校#38;编辑:丹妮。
  • 项逐渐被遗忘的传统技能 -- :38:31 来源: 项逐渐被遗忘的传统技能Study reveals traditional skills that are dying out in a world of technology and convenienceA study has revealed the top traditional skills that are dying out in a world of convenience and technology. Using a compass, tying specific knots and even having clear handwriting also made the list. A lack of interest from younger generations is another factor behind the decline of life skills once deemed vital. The study of ,000 Britons, by map makers Ordnance Survey, found other skills which could soon be a thing of the past include knitting and being able to change a tyre.一项研究列举了现代社会里最为没落的项传统技能,其中包括使用指南针、如何系结、字迹清晰由于现代社会高科技带来各种便捷,以及年轻一代对这些生活技能缺乏兴趣,曾经至关重要的技能逐渐被人遗忘英国制图机构——英国地形测量局发起了一项针对00名英国人的调查,结果显示,一些生活技能可能很快就会消失,比如针织活、如何修换轮胎Instead, knowing how to use a Wi-Fi internet connection, navigate cyberspace and follow a sat-nav are now seen as essential abilities modern life.与之相对的是,如何使用 Wi-Fi联网、如何上网、使用卫星导航被视为现代社会的必备技能The study found almost eight in ten blame the decline of these skills on technology, while another 5 per cent think it"s due to children no longer learning them at school. Another 81 per cent think technology is leaving people less skilled than in the past. And a staggering 93 per cent think teaching these skills should be brought back into school so younger generations are taught them from a young age.研究发现,近80%的人将这些技能的衰落归咎于技术的发展,而5%的人认为,这是因为孩子在学校学不到这些技能还有81%的人认为,与从前相比,现代科技让人们变得越来越低能多达93%的受访者认为,学校应该重新教授这些技能,这样年轻一代才能从小学起A spokesman Ordnance Survey said: "Map ing, whether on a paper map or digital device, is an essential skill which could save your life. In recent years the sales of paper maps and the number of downloads of mapping apps have increased and it is vitally important that people can use these correctly.'英国地形测量局一名发言人表示,“无论是看纸质地图还是电子地图,看地图都是一项重要技能,说不定还能挽救你的生命近年来,纸质地图的销量和地图应用的下载量均有所增加,如何正确使用这些工具非常重要”The skills falling by the wayside:那些没落的技能:1. Reading a map看地图. Using a compass用指南针3. Tying a specific knot系结. Darning socks补袜子5. Looking something up in a book using an index rather than 'Googling it'利用索引在书中查找,而不是用谷歌搜素6. Writing a letter correctly写信措辞得当7. Understanding pounds and ounces了解磅、盎司8. Spelling and grammar拼写和语法9. Converting pounds and ounces to grams and kilograms将磅、盎司换算成克、千克. Starting a fire生火. Handwriting手写. Understanding feet and inches了解英尺、英寸. Knitting编织. Remembering a friend or relative's phone number记住亲朋好友的电话号码. Remembering a partner's phone number记住伴侣的电话号码. Indentifying trees, insects and flowers识别树木、昆虫、花卉. Touch typing盲打18. Baking b面包烘焙19. Taking up trousers把裤腿改短. Wiring a plug接插头Skills considered essential in modern day life:现代社会不可或缺的技能:1. Searching the Internet上网搜索. Using connecting to WiFi使用、连接WiFi3. Using a smart phone使用智能手机. Online banking网银5. Knowing about privacy setting online掌握网络隐私设置6. Searching and applying jobs online上网搜招聘信息、投简历7. Being able to turn water off at the mains关水闸8. Using and following a sat-nav使用导航找路9. Updating, installing computer programs更新、安装电脑软件. Working a tablet玩转平板电脑英文来源:每日邮报译者编辑:许晶晶。
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