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RYAN: I am kind of nervous.雷恩:我有点紧张。SARAH: Nervous? Why?莎拉:紧张?为什么?RYAN: I dont know. I never went to a church before.I was not raised as a Christian, so I dont know what to do.雷恩:我不知道。我从来没有去过教堂。我并不是在基督教的教导下成长的,所以我不知道该如何做。SARAH: Dont worry. You dont have to do anything.All you have to do is listen. You will enjoy it.莎拉:别担心。你不必做任何事情。你只需要聆听就可以了。你一定会喜爱的。RYAN: Maybe. I know I agreed to go with you, but now I dont feel right about it.雷恩:或许吧。我知道我同意跟你一起去,但现在我感觉有些不对。SARAH: Listen, Ryan.Catholics welcome people who arent Catholics to visit the church.You dont have to pretend to be Catholic. Its okay if you just come to listen.莎拉:听着,雷恩。天主教欢迎不是基督徒的人来参观教堂。你不需要装作是天主教徒。你来聆听是没有问题的。RYAN: Really?雷恩:真的吗?SARAH: Yes. We are kind and welcoming people.It is not a secret society or something like that.莎拉:是的。我们是很亲切而且欢迎民众的。不是一个秘密社会或着其他的组织。RYAN: Alright. But will we sing?雷恩:好吧。但是我们会唱歌吗?SARAH: Yes, but you dont even have to sing. If you want to sing along, you can.莎拉:是的,但你不一定要唱。如果你想要一起唱的话,你也可以。RYAN: I dont know the words.雷恩:我不知道歌词。SARAH: There is a songbook. All the words are in the songbook.Many people have to the words.莎拉:是有歌本的。所有的歌词都在歌本里。很多人都是要看歌词的。RYAN: And will I go up to the front to have the b and wine?雷恩:我要到前面去领面饼及酒吗?SARAH: No. That is something only true Catholics do.So if you come to the church as a visitor, you only listen to the service.But you shouldnt go up to the altar for the b and wine.Only after someone joins the church, then they go up for the Eucharist.莎拉:不用。那是真正的天主教徒做的。如果你到教堂是一个参观者的身份,你只需要聆听弥撒就可以了。但是你不可以到祭台前去领面饼及酒。只有加入教会的人,他们才可以去领圣体。RYAN: Eu-char-ist? What is that?雷恩:圣--体?那是什么?SARAH: That is the special word for the ritual of the b and wine.The Catholics call it the Eucharist.莎拉:那是一个特殊的字用来称呼在仪式上的面饼及酒。天主教称为圣体。RYAN: It doesnt sound like an English word.雷恩:听起来不像是英文。SARAH: Its not. Its an ancient Greek word. It means ;gratitude.;莎拉:不是。它是一个古老的希腊文。意思是“感恩”。RYAN: Alright. Well, I feel more comfortable now.Now I understand I am welcome as a visitor.雷恩:好的。嗯,我现在感觉舒缓多了。我现在知道我是受欢迎的参观者。SARAH: Of course you are. I wouldnt ask you otherwise.莎拉:你当然是呀。要不然我怎么会邀请你。 /201304/236751Todd: OK, Laura, Im going to ask you questions about the post office in Hong Kong. OK, or just sending letters. How often do you write letters?Laura,我想问你些关于香港邮局的问题,嗯,或者说就是寄信。你多久写一次信?Laura: Well, when I was young, I wrote quite often to my pen pals, but right now, instead of sending a letter I usually send my friends e-mails.嗯,在我小的时候,我经常跟我的笔友写信,但现在,我们通常是互发电子邮件。Todd: Yeah! Me, too. How much does it cost to send a postcard in Hong Kong overseas?对呀!我也是。在香港向海外寄张明信片要花多少钱?Laura: Well, to Asian countries, it costs about two dollars, two Hong Kong dollars. To European countries it costs about three dollars.嗯,寄向亚洲国家,要花两港币。寄向欧洲国家要花三港币。Todd: OK, and when you send mail in Hong Kong, do you send it from your house, or do you..好的,那在香港寄邮件的时候你是从你家寄过去还是……Laura: Well, we have to go the post office in order to send letters or parcels.寄信寄包裹的话我们只能去邮局。Todd: Really, OK! Cause its so crowded in Hong Kong that...是嘛!那好!因为香港人真的是太多了……Laura: Well, Yes, Yes!恩,是,是!Todd: OK, and in Japan do you receive a lot of mail?那你在日本收过信件吗?Laura: Right now, no. Well, because its so convenient to use the e-mails or instant communication or telephone.还没有。因为使用电子邮件或即时通信再或电话会很方便。Todd: Yeah, OK last question. What time do post offices open and close?是的,好,最后一个问题。邮局的工作时间是几点到几点?Laura: Well, it depends on the size of the post office. For large one, so, they work longer. Like from nine in the morning until six, so for a smaller one, from nine to five.嗯,那要取决于邮局的规模了。大一些的,工作时间会长一点,大概是从早九点到晚六点;然后小一点的是从早九点到晚五点。 /201308/251831

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13. Our price is set according to the quantity.我们根据数量定价。还能这样说:Our products are priced according to the quantity.Our price is depending on quantity.应用:a quantity of 一些;in large quantities 大量地,大批地14. The price of our products is unified all over the country.我们产品的价格是全国统一的。还能这样说:Our products are in the same price around the country.Our products are set at the same price.15. How do you sell the watermelons?西瓜怎么卖?还能这样说:What price do you charge for the watermelons?How much is the watermelon per half kilo?谚语:Cry up wine and sell vinegar.挂羊头,卖肉。16. Is there something cheap of this kind?这一款有便宜的货没?还能这样说:Do you have any cheaper ones of this kind?Is there something of this kind at a lower price?17. The expensive goods are not all in good quality.贵的商品质量不见得好。还能这样说:Not all the goods at a higher price have good quality.Not all the dear goods quality is fine.应用:have quality 质量好;excellent quality 品质优良 /201401/274050

Todd: Hey, Eucharia can you give us a brief history of Ireland?托德:嗨,尤查里亚,你能和我们简单说说爱尔兰的历史吗?Eucharia: Sure well, I think most people know of St Patricks day and that it is an Irish festival which celebrates being Irish. Well, St Patrick was brought to Ireland in 460 as a slave from Wales and then he left and went to Italy where he was converted to Christianity and then he went back to Ireland to bring Christianity to the Irish Celtic people. So, skipping ahead a few years. The Celtic people were always quite unique within Europe because we… the Celtic people always believed in equality between men and women and therefore there were women warriors in Ireland which used to frighten many of the potential invaders away because a lot of men didnt like to be beaten by women back then and maybe its still true today.尤查里亚:当然可以,我想大部分人都知道圣帕特里克节,这是爱尔兰人庆祝的一个节日。圣帕特里克出生在威尔士,公元460年他被当成奴隶卖到了爱尔兰,之后他离开爱尔兰前往意大利,在那里皈依基督教,后来他回到爱尔兰并向爱尔兰凯尔特人宣扬基督教。先说一下之前的情况。凯尔特人在欧洲属于非常独特的族群,因为我们……凯尔特人一直相信男女平等,所以爱尔兰有很多女战士,她们曾赶跑了很多想入侵爱尔兰的人,当时很多男性并不想被女人打,我想现在情况也是如此。Then the next biggest thing in history was the colonialisation of Ireland by England, starting in the 16th century until the early 20th century. And it wasnt taken to ily because of the nature of the Celtic warriors. It was probably the bloodiest period in history because the Celtic people did not like to be colonised, so there was a lot of fighting and battles between the English and the Irish even though the English had, to all intents and purposes, colonised, it was not an easy colonisation. But the single most effective tech that the Eng used in the colonisation came in 1822 when the English implemented a national education system. Before this the Irish people used to go and learn in schools called hedge schools, so they were outside and they were given by people who wanted to teach, so genuine academics and people learned stuff like ancient greek, latin, so most people have this tradition of speaking other languages, mathematics… So when the education system was changed in line with the English colonial system it became illegal to speak Irish in the classroom and it became illegal to speak Irish in many places. Now in my city theres a lovely trading area called The Old English Market and its called The Old English Market because there is a sign inside the door: Anyone who will speak… who will speak in Irish and not in English will be sent to jail. So it was really strictly enforced and it was a very… I cant say laudable technique but… it was a very effective way of colonisation. Nowadays in Ireland people spk English and people speak Irish, both, and its considered bilingual. All documents, all street names are written in Irish and English.爱尔兰历史上最重大的事件是在16世纪至20世纪初期成为英国的殖民地。但是由于凯尔特战士的天性,爱尔兰并不是很轻易就被入侵了。那可能是爱尔兰历史上最为血腥的时期,因为凯尔特人不喜欢被殖民,所以爱尔兰和英国之间爆发了很多斗争和战争,虽然事实上英国已经在殖民统治爱尔兰了,但那次殖民化并不容易。英国殖民统治时期最有成效的方法是在1822年推行国家教育体制。在此之前爱尔兰人上的是“露天学校”,他们在户外上课而且是由愿意教学的人来上课,人们会学习古希腊语和拉丁语,所以大部分人都会说其他的语言,当然这种学校也会教数学……而为了配合英国的殖民系统,教育体制进行了更改,这样一来在课堂上还有爱尔兰的许多地方说爱尔兰语都是违法的。现在我的家乡城市有个有意思的交易区叫“旧式英语市场”,称为“旧式英语市场”的原因是门口挂着一个牌子,上面写着:任何人说……任何说爱尔兰语而不说英语的人都要被送进监狱。所以当时的规定执行地非常严格,而且非常……我不能说那是值得称赞的方法,不过……那的确是一种非常有效的殖民方式。现在爱尔兰人既说英语也说爱尔兰语,爱尔兰是有两个官方语言的国家。所有的文件、街道名称都是用爱尔兰和英语写成的。1922 there was what was known as the civil war and that was the beginning of the end for the English so the first Irish constitution was written in 1935 and it stated that Ireland is a neutral country so therefore Ireland did not enter World War 2 and it was declared a Republic in 1949.1922年爆发了内战,标志着英国殖民统治的结束,爱尔兰第一部宪法于1935年完成,宪法规定爱尔兰是中立国家,所以爱尔兰没有参加第二次世界大战,1949年爱尔兰宣布成立共和国。Todd: Thanks. That was a good history!托德:谢谢你。这段历史很详细! 译文属 /201501/351748

Todd: OK, hello!托德:你好!Sarah: Hello!萨拉:你好!Todd: Hi, whats your name?托德:嗨,你叫什么名字?Sarah: My name is Sarah.萨拉:我的名字是萨拉。Todd: OK, and Sarah where are you from?托德:好的,萨拉,你来自哪里?Sarah: Im from the north of England, Newcastle.萨拉:我来自英格兰北部的纽卡斯尔。Todd: OK, so Newcastle, how far is that from London?托德:好,那纽卡斯尔离伦敦有多远?Sarah: Um, its about 300 miles.萨拉:嗯,大约300英里。Todd: Uh-huh, do you go to London a lot or have you been to London before?托德:啊,你经常去伦敦吗,或者说你以前去过伦敦吗?Sarah: I live in London. Ive lived in London for the past seven years.萨拉:我住在伦敦。我过去七年一直住在伦敦。Todd: Oh, really?托德:哦,这样啊?Sarah: Almost seven years, yeah.萨拉:差不多七年的时间了,对。Todd: OK. Which do you prefer, London or Newcastle?托德:好的。那你更喜欢哪里,伦敦还是纽卡斯尔?Sarah: Um, like them both. I prefer Newcastle because its smaller, so its easier to get around and its also cheaper. London is very expensive.萨拉:嗯,两个地方我都喜欢。我喜欢纽卡斯尔是因为那里很小,所以很容易四处游玩,而且物价也相对便宜。伦敦物价非常贵。Todd: So all your family is in Newcastle?托德:那你家人还在纽卡斯尔吗?Sarah: Um, pretty much yeah.萨拉:嗯,差不多是这样。Todd: So are they always trying to get you to go back and move back to Newcastle?托德:那他们会劝你搬回纽卡斯尔住吗?Sarah: Ah, no, no, because most of the jobs are in the south, anyway for younger people so its quite difficult to get a job in the north in teaching.萨拉:嗯,不会,不会,因为大部分适合年轻人的工作机会都在南方,在北方找到一份与教育相关的工作非常难。Todd: OK. Um, what do you like about London?托德:好的。嗯,你喜欢伦敦的什么地方?Sarah: Ah, its a very busy place, theres lots of things going on all the time. Theres also lots of things I dont like about London, but all my friends live there lots of job opportunities.萨拉:嗯,伦敦是一个非常忙碌的城市,有许多事情同时在进行。当然伦敦也有许多我不喜欢的地方,但是我所有的朋友都在那边,而且那里工作机会也多。Todd: OK, what were you doing before you came to Japan in London?托德:好,你来日本之前,在伦敦是做什么工作的?Sarah: Ah, I was in Austria for a year. I was teaching in Austria, and then I was in London teaching, in London for a few years.萨拉:哦,我在奥地利待了一年。我在奥地利教课,之后我回伦敦继续教课,在伦敦工作了几年的时间。Todd: What were you teaching in London?托德:你在伦敦教什么?Sarah: I was teaching primary school. I was a primary school teacher.萨拉:我在小学教课。我是一名小学老师。Todd: Kids!托德:孩子!Sarah: Yeah.萨拉:对。Todd: So whats it like teaching kids?托德:教孩子的感觉怎么样?Sarah: Um, tiring. Very tiring. I prefer teaching adults. Thats my preference. Ive mainly taught adults in TEFL, but in the state system in England its only been children. Its fun. Its just very tiring.萨拉:嗯,累,非常累。我喜欢教成年人。我更偏好教成年人。我主要是用英语教授成年人,不过在英格兰的体系中,那只适用于儿童。不过这很有意思。只是会很累。 /201312/269114

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